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1. Dating Advice
Every day, people look for love advice; there is no denying the high demand for dating advice.
Volume – 2900

CPC (USD) – 1.79

2. Education
They say education is the key to success and it’s one of the most successful AdSense keywords.

Volume – 135000

CPC (USD) – 1.51


3. Chargers

With so many people using phones, it is no surprise that they are constantly in need of charging.

Volume – 1000000

CPC (USD) – 0.61


4. Bankruptcy
Because so many people apply for it each year, knowing about it can help you earn money.

Volume – 90500

CPC (USD) – 10.03

5. Makeup
There’s no doubt that many women look for makeup tips and tricks online on a daily basis.

Volume – 246000

CPC (USD) – 1.91

6. Retirement
If you want to live comfortably in your golden years, it’s never too early to start thinking about retirement.

Volume – 74000

CPC (USD) – 2.45

7. Pension

Paying into a workplace pension is a good idea for many people, even if they have other financial obligations, such as a mortgage or loan.

Volume – 49500

CPC (USD) – 0.99

8. Gardening
If you have knowledge of gardening, creating an Adsense website around it can be very profitable.

Volume – 49500

CPC (USD) – 1.32


9. Green Living
Living a greener lifestyle is one of today’s hottest trends.

Volume – 6600

CPC (USD) – 2.67

10. Couponing
Whether you focus on newspaper coupons, online discounts, or related topics like how to stack coupons, your website can generate a lot of traffic and income.

Volume – 4400

CPC (USD) – 1.59


11. Cooking
Cooking knowledge will bring in a lot of money for all sites that focus on this subject.

Volume – 60500

CPC (USD) – 1.55


12. Rehab
Because of the high volume of search traffic, keywords related to rehab are an excellent choice.

Volume – 49500

CPC (USD) – 11.3

13. Marketing
With such a large industry as marketing, it’s no surprise that so many people want to learn more about this business concept.

Volume – 90500

CPC (USD) – 3.21

14. Dog Training
The Adsense keyword for dog training are a fantastic place to start for your pet marketing.

Volume – 40500

CPC (USD) – 1.89

15. Condos
Earn extra money through Condo keywords.

Volume – 27100

CPC (USD) – 0.65

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16. Cosmetics
Start a blog for it if you have any knowledge of cosmetics, beauty advice, makeup techniques, or ways to look good. Target popular keywords in this market to increase your AdSense revenue.

Volume – 27100

CPC (USD) – 2.23

17. Weight Loss
Since getting weight loss ideas from blogs is completely free, information seekers frequently turn to weight loss blogs for their needs.

Volume – 135000

CPC (USD) – 2.76


18. Statistics
Everyone is curious about different kinds of statistics so why not turn it into a blog and earn from it?

Volume – 74000

CPC (USD) – 2.4


19. Law
Due to the high level of competition in the legal industry, most legal services are very profitable.

Volume – 90500

CPC (USD) – 13.08


20. Finance
Advertisers won’t mind paying more for ad clicks because the sector has a high return on investment.

Volume – 368000

CPC (USD) – 2.48

21. Cryptocurrency
Consumer interest in cryptocurrencies has skyrocketed as more financial transactions move online.

Volume – 450000

CPC (USD) – 3.31

22. Loans
High search volumes in the loans niche are another reason for higher AdSense payouts.

Volume – 368000

CPC (USD) – 4.83

23. Lawyer
Because the majority of legal services bring in a sizable amount of money, it is a competitive industry.

Volume – 90500

CPC (USD) – 6.26

24. Back Pain
Back pain is a huge market, and most sufferers are VERY motivated to find relief.

Volume – 90500

CPC (USD) – 1.87


25. Herbs
People have been interested in herbal medicines recently.

Volume – 27100

CPC (USD) – 1.07


26. Affiliate

With the boost of Affiliate Marketing, no wonder it’s also on the top list.

Volume – 27100

CPC (USD) – 1.53

27 Online Banking

Since there is competition in the online banking market, publishers must be ready to fully research the niche if they want to succeed.

Volume – 246000

CPC (USD) – 8.51

28. Facebook ads
Facebook Ads have been a popular way to promote everything.

Volume – 40500

CPC (USD) – 10.11

29. Corporate Law
In order to locate attorneys or find answers to legal questions, people are increasingly turning to online content first.

Volume – 4400

CPC (USD) – 9.03


30. business travel
The goal of travel and lodging service providers is to turn interested parties into paying clients.

Volume – 90500

CPC (USD) – 7.16

31. Vacation
Services like flight booking, adventure gear shopping, hotel booking, and travel packages are all quickly moving online.

Volume – 135000

CPC (USD) – 1.22

32. Flight Booking
Major players in the travel industry are once more loosening their purse strings to spend on advertising as people start travelling internationally again.

Volume – 22200

CPC (USD) – 1.64


33. Food Blogging
Because more people want to be successful in the field, publishers now have more opportunities to train people in blogging.

Volume – 1000

CPC (USD) – 1.74


34. WordPress Blogging
As more people turn to the internet for information, blogging has developed into a significant marketing tool for companies as well as a primary source of income for some people.

Volume – 720

CPC (USD) – 6.11


35. Bluehost blog
Blogging has developed into a significant marketing tool for companies as more people turn to the internet for information.

Volume – 170

CPC (USD) – 25.56


36. Minimalist blog
Minimalism has been a trend these days.

Volume – 480

CPC (USD) – 4.74


37. Web Development
The market for web development is expanding quickly, and advertisers are increasingly drawn to the niche.

Volume – 18100

CPC (USD) – 9.56


38. Python development
Online web development solutions searches are carried out by millions of people, providing publishers with a prime opportunity to draw traffic.

Volume – 590

CPC (USD) – 6.99


39. Web Hosting
It goes beyond just creating websites. It is one of the highest-paying AdSense niches as a result.

Volume – 22200

CPC (USD) – 17.5

40. Health and Fitness
You might want to think about the health and fitness niche if you’re looking for one of the most lucrative Google AdSense markets.

Volume – 12100

CPC (USD) – 2.42


41. Real Estate
Readers expect a high level of granular detail about the subject matter, which can sometimes be challenging for smaller publishers to provide as the field evolves quickly.

Volume – 170

CPC (USD) – 25.56

42. Digital Marketing
Businesses need to find more effective ways to market their products and services online as more industries move online.

Volume – 110000

CPC (USD) – 6.93

43. Paid surveys
More people are earning money online thanks to the booming internet economy, and more people want to do the same.

Volume – 170

CPC (USD) – 6.93

44. Breaking News
When there is a new update, news websites frequently experience immediate traffic.

Volume – 1220000

CPC (USD) – 1.13


45. Mortgage
The banks could make significant profits from just one potential buyer thats why the CPC for this niche is very lucrative.

Volume – 135000

CPC (USD) – 8.42


46. Car Rental
People use rental services to borrow a car they can’t afford to buy because they don’t want to be limited to their one vehicle

Volume – 823000

CPC (USD) – 2.55


47. Smartphone Apps
Due to this trend, mobile app development companies are making insane amounts of money.

Volume – 210

CPC (USD) – 1.27


48. Farming
Using your experience to write on a farming blog is a great strategy if you have any knowledge of farming or anything related to it.

Volume – 27100

CPC (USD) – 2.61


49. Foreign Exchange Trading
You can significantly increase your AdSense income by concentrating on keywords related to forex on your blog.

Volume – 1000

CPC (USD) – 4.58


50. SEO
Due to the rising demand for search engine optimization, SEO companies are spending a lot of money on marketing and branding.

Volume – 135000

CPC (USD) – 6.17

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