Grow and Profit with Social Media (Webinar Bonus Tips and FAQ)

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Bonus Tip A: Focus and refine your audience

Make sure that your audience is refined and you know who you’re talking to. It’s better to have 1,000 really refined people follow you than 1,000,000 untargeted people. Don’t be spammy—focus on the visitor more than you focus on your product. Focus on what they’re interested in and help them out.

If you have a mom that is trying to raise a bunch of kids, she doesn’t want to see ads for new diapers or bottles or something like that. She’s trying to raise her kids. So you could give her some tips. “Tip #1: Here’s how you can put all the kids down for a nap.” Give her tips that will help her.

If you’re a time management person, give your market some tips on time management every day. “Tip #1: Get involved in this.” “Tip #2: Put a timer on your social media.


Bonus Tip B: Give people a reason to follow and anticipate your posts

Why should people listen to you? Why should they follow you? This goes back to your target group of people. If you’re targeting the mom trying to raise a bunch of kids, think about that market. What would that mom appreciate you for posting? What would she like to see? Focus on that.

Don’t just have people follow your posts: make them anticipate your posts as well. When I don’t do a webinar or a live training when I’m scheduled to, people get all twisted. They ask where I am and what is wrong. They know I’m supposed to have a live training on Wednesdays and Fridays at 10 am. They anticipate it. You should get people to do the same.



How much time do you spend doing your social media?

I spend about 20 minutes a day on social media.


Do you normally start with YouTube, and then your content gets broken into other formats? 

Sometimes that’s what happens. Sometimes not. At this point in the game, I have so much content, there’s always stuff to put out. And that’s part of the snowball effect. So as you go along, that will happen to you as well.


I don’t want to do video. What’s the next best way to start?

If you’re doing social media, the next best way to start is to do images. There are lots of people who have huge followings just based on Instagram images.


Is the Social Profit Tools program part of the Simple Sites course?

Social Profit Tools is separate from Simple Sites. If you opt-in now, you’re not committed to the program. You’re just opting in to get the details.


What is your webinar setup?

It’s pretty basic. I have three monitors all hooked up to one computer. I use the OBS Studio, which you can use for webinars. Then I have another monitor so I that can read comments and check things and go back and forth. I have another monitor on the Lazy Susan.

(We actually got this because the kids thought the word Lazy Susan was hilarious. So it was funny for like a week, and then it ended up in the office. Which is actually perfect, because when I’m at my desk I can read the monitor, and when I’m at the blackboard, I can just spin it and still read it. So it’s really cool.)

Then I have a cheap $100 webcam and a mic.

I also have my big camera set up behind my screen. It’s hooked up through HDMI and just goes to a video capture card, which then goes to the computer.


What kind of camera do you use? How much does it cost?

The camera is a 4K Cam, and I think it was $600.


Is the mic a radio mic? 

No, this is actually a $95.00 wireless mic. It’s awesome and I love it. I’ve tried tons of them, but this one works really well and I think it sounds good.


I only have two monitors. Should I get a third one?

They’re only around $50, so yeah, I would get a third one if you can.

(I’ll put all the tools that I use on the Social Profit Tools program. The reason I’m doing that is because I’m an affiliate marketer, and if you buy the tools I use, I want you to go through my affiliate link so that I get paid. That’s how marketing works right there.)


How do you get motivated?

You might wait and think that you need to feel motivated. But you need to forget about waiting.

You motivate yourself. When do something, you’ll then create motivation. Test something. Work something out. Help someone. Motivation starts with motion. Move your ass and your brain will follow.

If you’re not motivated, get started anyway. Go out there and get something done, and you will start to get motivated.


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