google make money from home $4,000 a month?

Can you really make four thousand dollars a month online from Google using a simple, easy underground strategy?

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Are the marketing gurus telling you the truth about what it really takes to profit online?

After making money online for over 20 years, I decided to dove deep into the world of online so-called gurus that promise you huge money with little or no work. And what I found was shocking.

We followed up on one easy money method and found ample proof that it does not work and wasted the time of hundreds of thousands of would be moneymakers.

Another so-called secret was nothing more than a pathetic con job to get you to spam your affiliate links for his product.

Countless others are teaching methods that will get you banned by the search engines and even in legal trouble.

So today we will be revealing the scams, shady tactics and downright con jobs. Plus, we’ll be showing you a real world solid method for earning as much as four thousand dollars a month or more ethically online.

Now, in preparation for this training, I actually went through and I watched a bunch of videos that promise you’re going to make a bunch of money. And I looked at him with my 20 year experience of affiliate marketing.

And what I saw was quite shocking.

So in this training, what we’re gonna show you is part one, the bad advice videos, why it doesn’t work, why it’s going to waste your time at best and at worst, it could get you in some legal hot water.

Part two, we’re gonna show you what’s really going on behind the scenes.

Part three, we’re gonna show you a super legit way to make this work in real world without worrying about all the other junk.

Let’s go ahead and dive in to the bad advice videos.

This is one of the bad advice videos that showed you a hack that’s gonna get you four thousand dollars a month.

Now, this video had over three hundred and seventeen thousand views and lots of engagement. That means three hundred and seventeen thousand people watched this and said, hey, this looks pretty good, but we’re gonna have to see if we need to click the B.S. button. So if we do, let me know and we’ll push it.

Part number one, you look at it and you’re like, I watch the video and you say, hey, this seems like a good way to make money online. Seems like a good way to profit. After all the guy’s videos actually ranking for the keyword, he tells us. And he says, this is all you got to do. You make a simple video about a university name, says nothing about the university, says nothing about anything. It’s basically a one minute piece of junk and spam. But he says, hey, that’s pretty easy. You can make these and all you gotta do is link them to an affiliate offer. And he tells you to link him to his affiliate offer. So the idea is, let’s take these people looking up this university. What spam with a junkie video. Send him over to my affiliate offer. And when they buy, I get paid. I mean, you get paid. Right. So you get paid. Not just me. That’s what he tells you. And he says when people buy, you’re going to do it. Now you look it up and you say, well, if I look up Bowling Green State University review, check it out. Like the top result is one of these spam videos. So, Marcus, this has to work, right? I mean, this is pretty good, but.

We got to push the B.S. button, so we got to look at this because it’s total B.S. Now, when we look at it, we see that there are actually two results ranking for Bowling Green State University review. So there’s a spam video. Don’t make spam videos. Spam videos are bad. And they say, hey, watch this. You shouldn’t go to the university. You should buy this affiliate course. All right. So first of all, we’re going to talk about the problems here.

But you might say, Marcus, dude, these guys are on the first page and it literally takes three minutes to make these videos. And you might feel like a kid at a fair. Right. Remember, when you go to the fair and you throw the dart at the balloon and the balloon pops and you hold your hands out to get the big giant grand prize teddy bear, and you’re like, I pop the damn balloon, give me my prize. But the problem is later they pull out like a kazoo. Right? You’re like, I’m going to get the giant teddy bear for my girlfriend. And they give you a kazoo and you’re like, what the hell, a frickin kazoo. And that’s kind of what this is like. You feel like you got the grand prize, but all they gave you, as Tommy Boy says, is a guaranteed piece of shit. So you don’t any one of these videos, you don’t even get the kazoo.

You get nothing.

Because here’s how it works.

First of all, people that are looking for university reviews and putting them to make money online, that’s not a targeted offer.


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That’s like throwing darts at a dog dartboard and you’re missing every single time. You don’t even get the kazoo. You don’t even get the crap. You get nothing. So it’s not a good fit.

Now, here’s the problem. And this is something I have a huge problem with. When people tell you advice to send the stuff to their product so that they can make money without a regard for you. Because here’s a deal. I don’t know if you’ve checked recently, but college is kind of expensive. My oldest daughter just started college. And I got to tell you what, the first thing they ask you is, where’s your frickin wallet? That’s it. I said, where’s your wallet? Get it out and get out the wallet and the wallet and the wallet after that, because college is expensive.

So by telling someone to make videos in this niche spammy videos that strike one, strike two, you’re not even going to make the amount of money you should be making.

I’m going to show you how instead of making a three minute spammy video, you could take an hour and make a good video and actually get lots of rankings and lots of traffic.

So second of all, it’s not a good fit, right. These people are like looking up university reviews because they want university reviews. They want to learn about the college that they’re planning on going to planning on spending tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of dollars for. And by sending them some crappy click bank course. Not that I’ll click bank courses are crappy, but by sending them some quick clickbank course, it’s not a good fit.

You might as well send them something that’s going to make money and we’ll show you how that works. We’re going to map the process out and show you how the whole thing works, which is why you need to smash that like button, subscribe, click the bell and follow my stuff, because I guarantee this is probably the most valuable affiliate marketing channel on the Internet. Guaranteed, in my opinion.

Thirdly, let’s take a look at how many people actually search for Bowling Green State University review.

Well. I might need my glasses here, but I think that’s a big fat goose egg. Which is why you’re going to see these guys get no traffic. So check it out. Third, it’s basically a big ploy to get you to promote his course. Now, I don’t know if his course is good or bad. It’s probably pretty good. He’s been doing it a while. I have no idea. Haven’t checked it out. But this method alone does not work.

Number four, the videos are not getting traffic.

Look at this guy. He put his video up nine months ago. He got four views. Four. You think you’re gonna make money with four views of this guy? You know, this guy did a little bit better. He got 14. Here’s a guy with 13. Here’s a guy with 17. Eleven. Three hundred and twenty two. Zero views. Hundred and sixty six. Wow. He’s he’s crushing at their right. And we look at this and it’s like, how does this even work? Now, part number three. I’ve been doing this 20 years.

Even when I watch videos that make us push the B.S. button, I still find good ideas because there’s a good idea here. But it’s not executed properly. First of all, he tells you to spam. Second of all, he tells you to go for keywords that are junk. And third of all, he tells you to send them to an affiliate offer that’s not related. Well, let me show you how to do this the right way. How many you guys are excited type excited in the box. If you are ready to learn the right way to do this, because check it out.

These universities get hundreds of thousands of searches a month, hundreds of thousands. That’s a lot of traffic. That’s a lot of money. Even if you narrow it down and go for ones with low competition. This number, the lower the better. Lower competition, easier traffic.

They still get lots and lots and lots of traffic. If you had a site, if you had videos in this market and you were getting traffic and you put them to the right offer, you could make a lot of money. Hopefully, you guys can hear my cool little buttons that I spent a small fortune on.

You can make a lot of money with this. Here’s how it works. Right. Lots of traffic, lots of low competition.

Now, some people in these markets are making videos that do really well. This guy’s got ninety eight thousand visitors or views. Hundred and seventy five thousand. Hundred and thirty five thousand. Seventy eight thousand. Twenty three thousand. Seventy seven thousand. These guys are doing it the right way. Check it out. Here’s what you want to do.

You want to make good quality videos about each school, provide financial information, how much it costs, what to expect, how to sign up. What kind of scholarships they take. All that info. If you don’t want to do the work, you can outsource the work. But if you do the work, it’ll literally take you like an hour at the most. So there you go. That’s number one.

Make good quality videos. Hey, we’re going to talk about this university. Here’s how to get accepted. Here’s what they specialize in. Here’s what the people have to say about them. For more information, go to my blog. That’s part number two. You’re going to create a blog or Web site with helpful affiliate links. Now, instead of sending them to some crappy clickbank course that doesn’t fit what they want.

Why not make real money?

You guys want to make real money or do guys want to mess around?

I think we want to make some real money.

Here’s how you do it.

What offers work best? Well, you got to think about it. These guys are going to get student loans. They’re going to get scholarships. They’re going to get applications. They’re going to have fees. They’re going to get dorms. They’re going to get couches and things. Whatever you get. I don’t know. I didn’t go to college. I’m not smart enough to go to college. But at any rate, I make a pretty good living doing what I do. Take a look at this scholarship. Owl pays 28 dollars a lead degrees for careers.

Twenty dollars for a little phone call scholarship offer.

These guys are promoting things that fit. They help people get scholarships. They help people get the degrees. They help people find schools.

Are you starting to get the picture yet? A

nd if you do this, this is a direct target fit offer. Here’s another one. College info email only Leonski student loans, degrees for careers. On and on we go match schools to find the right school for you. Two degree college bagger. All of these are paying lots of money. Some of them like this one is fifty five cents a click like a dude. Seriously, you click, get a hundred clicks, you get fifty five bucks, get a thousand clicks, you get five hundred and fifty bucks. Really cool. Now check out the terms and conditions on the offer.

Make sure it fits what you’re trying to do. But you guys can see this stuff works. There is no sense in me telling you to promote something that’s self-serving for me so I can get money to at the detriment of you. I want you guys to go out there and get money and figure out how to find things that fit what they’re doing. And we’re going to map this out and show you how it works. This is the basics of my market flipper trigger word method. I teach us in my simple sights 2020 course.

The idea is to find traffic that you can get inexpensively or free. A lot of times you could get it free. I get tons of free traffic right now. I’m getting free traffic right now on this here video.

You get the cheap traffic. You flip them to things that are expensive.

You get a guy looking for how do I apply for this college?

Ready To Get Started With Marcus’ Coaching… Use These Links

You flip them to things that pay big money.

And we look at this and it works really good. Take a look. It doesn’t just work in the college market. If you learn the flipper method, the trigger word method, you could do this anywhere. Check out credit score. What’s the highest credit score you can have? I mean, seriously, how hard would it be to make a video on this literally like. Well, I think it’s an eight 20. I don’t know. I don’t study credit scores, but I think it’s an eight twenty. Or you can make a video on a six 19 credit score, six 17. What are these guys looking for?

Well, you can make money by getting them over into a credit check. Credit score. All right. Check it out. They check their credit for free and you get like 50 bucks, 40 bucks, 30 bucks. They just check the credit free and you get paid. Or you could do credit repair, credit repair if a guy’s got a 620. You know, he should probably repair his credit. And here’s an offer. Hundred and forty dollars a call. Are you starting to get it yet? Start to make sense. Very simple.

You got to focus on the things that work. Look at all this non-competition traffic. Right. The highest number is one hundred. These are zeros. You can get this traffic super easy. Or maybe you go into a market like air fryer’s like, hey, man, I want to do air. Fryer’s can make videos on all the different types of air fryers. Super, super simple. Now, here’s a deal. Don’t make a crappy video. Spend a couple more minutes. He says it takes three minutes to make his video. Spend 20 minutes.

Spend an hour.

Why? Let’s say I spend all day making a video about six seventy one credit score. All right. That gets six hundred searches a month. All right. If I could get 200, 300 people to view my video a month, right. That’s only half if I can get that many people to view my video each month.

That’s 10 people a day. I’m sure maybe one or two will probably get an offer or go to my site. I mean, pretty simple. It’s pretty direct targeted. So we’ve got to look at it and say, well, is it worth it? Let’s say you got 10 sign ups a month from it. Right. One every three days. That’s not that hard to do.

You get one sign up every three days. That’s forty dollars. That’s four hundred dollars a month. How many of you guys would spend a day making a video that would generate 400 bucks a month? Right now, obviously results not typical, implied or guaranteed. We teach you the real deal stuff. Most people make nothing because most people do nothing.

But I think you get how many guys you do that, like 400 in the box type 400 in the comments. If you’re like, hell, yeah, I would do that. I’d spend a whole day if I could make four hundred a month because that’s four grand a year. If I spend the next day. That’s eight grand a year. Spend the next day. And I build this giant business out of it. And this is how it workes.

So you got to stop messing around with the ideas and the shady junky tactics that other guys show you and do the real world stuff. If you like this smash out like button, cause we’re gonna dove into it. Air fryers. Tons of traffic. Minimum wage. You want to get people like say you’re dead set on it and you’re like, I want to promote a click bank, make money course.

Well, you could go for minimum wage and say, are you tired of making minimum wage? Well, here’s the minimum wage in California. I think it’s like 15 bucks an hour now. Here’s the minimum wage in New York. Here’s the minimum wage in Florida. And there’s lots of weird laws like I actually found out in Florida. It’s not mandatory to get a break, but you could work eight hours with no break. I don’t know why whoever whatever politician decided that needs like a little wakeup call.

But at any rate, that’s kind of weird. Right? And we look at it and it’s like we can make videos on this stuff. It ain’t that hard to do. And we don’t need to spam. We could make good stuff go through minimum wage. Look at all this traffic application. People looking to fill out applications. There’s fast for application. Right. You go to YouTube, look at fast for application. There’s tons of videos. Teaching you how to apply for fast for loans is not that hard. You just got to do the research. You can’t be lazy. You can’t sit out there and spam stuff. I get it all the time. People spam my Facebook group. They spam my comments. And they’re like, hey, go check out this quick bank course so I can get 30 bucks. And they don’t even write ads. Right. They’re not providing any value and they never build anything worthwhile. If you build something worthwhile, you can make it deliberately to get the traffic to make you lots of money. If you do it right now, here’s a deal. There are tons of things like this. You can get the simple site software. You can learn all about trigger words. Go to simple sites, bonus dot com. But you’ve got to do the work. So let’s map it out. Let’s show you how it works.

Let’s show you how it how it fits. Here’s what you’re gonna do. You’re going to make videos about your topic. So you make one about, you know, whatever college, how to get degrees, how to get student loan, financial help. How to do all this stuff. And you’ve got to think there are people like me, like when my daughter went to college, I had no idea what to do because I never went to college. And I don’t know nothing about this, that you just go to school and know you do. But there’s a lot to it.

So you’re going to make all these videos on all this stuff that is around the same type of topic. You’re gonna take that video content. You’re going to put it on your blog. OK. Now, on your blog, in your video, you’re going to say thanks for watching my video about whatever university. Please go to my site. University money tips, dot com. And download your free checklist to get scholarships. Simple. You make a free checklist or you find one somewhere or you have someone make one. They put their name in email for the checklist list and then you can e-mail them other stuff that’s going to help them with college. What this is going to do, ladies and gentlemen. It’s going to build a business. It’s not going to be messing around. And then you take your video and you make a little blog post about each video. It literally takes you like five minutes. I do it all the time, like after this video.

I make a little blog post about it and another blog post. And then you’re going to double dip and you’re gonna get search traffic, too. And then people are gonna like your stuff. And then you say that Marcus guy’s pretty swell. He gives us lots of content and they’re gonna say, dude, your content rocks. I need to buy something from you. Right. And you’re gonna help him out. That’s the goal. Help people out. Stop looking for shortcuts. The shortcut is to actually do it. That’s what the shortcut is. It’s not that hard. Right? Right now, we’re getting traffic from all kinds of things. Right now, students are getting traffic from all kinds of things. And you’re going to build this out and it’s going to funnel them back. And then you’re gonna send him emails and say, I just made a video about how to get accepted here. I just made a video about applying for student loans. I just made a video about student refinancing. And you will start to build and grow. And there are people doing it in this market that are making high six figures, not like one hundred and one thousand. They’re making like close to a million dollars a year. Again, results not typical, implied or guaranteed. Nobody ever makes money on the Internet. All that stuff. Right.

But you got to look at it realistically. If I could get forty dollars for a credit application or a credit check, if I can get ten of those a day, that’s six figures a year. If I can get 20 of them a day. Now you’re closing in on like 300, 400 grand a year, if my math is correct. I don’t know. It’s like 10 am. But you’ve got to look at this. You’ve got to make it work. You’ve got to make it simple. And it’s not that hard to do. You just build it out. Now, if you guys are completely lazy and you don’t want to build it out, we actually have a program for you over at affiliate marketing. Do dot com slash done? We’re actually create the content for you. All you have to do is follow my instructions and build a video about it. It’s like I’ll go through, I’ll get you a niche. I’ll get you a high value domain, 20 video titles, 20 pieces of content, 20 something. You just assemble it. That’s all you can do. So if you can assemble this program, I’ll work for you. Now, this program is expensive.

So it’s only for the serious people. And you could get it over. An affiliate marketing Newcomb’s less done. Now, if you want to learn about affiliate marketing, subscribe. Click the bell. Watch the videos on my channel. Tons of free stuff for you. My goal is to give you so much free stuff that you say, dude, Marcus, I want to buy something. And if you do want to buy something, head over to simple sites, bonus dot com. You can get my entire training course that walks you through everything about affiliate marketing.

You go through, you click the icons. If you’re new, you click new and you start here. It takes you through everything step by step if you want to go through the hundred thousand dollar fast start plan. This is a video designed to show you how to make a thousand dollars fast. Is it guaranteed? Of course not. Nothing in life is guaranteed. But if I had to make a thousand dollars fast, this is what I do. Now you’ll notice also that along with the training, you actually get tools, right? So you can click the button. It’ll open up a tool like this. You could use the tool while you’re going through. There’s also tons of money getting tools, all kinds of stuff. I spent a small fortune. We got WordPress plugins, all kinds of stuff that’s designed to help you make a living online.

Now, one of the things that we just added in the 2020 version is the video archive. There’s tons of stuff in here, you guys, if you want to make money online. This, in my opinion, is the best course available anywhere. And it’s super cheap because it’s beta testing right now. So if you want it, go to simple sites bonus scheme. Now, the video archive method literally has videos on everything you want. So if you’re like Marcus, I want to do this method, go in to the video portion. So there’s one about like video course somewhere around here. Right. And it actually shows you how to do. There is video traffic. Right. It actually takes you through and shows you exactly how to do this method. And it’s very simple. And there’s videos and there’s trainings. There’s a video I did with some top YouTube ers in the niche. Right. I mean, tons of stuff. Really cool stuff. You go in there, you watch the trainings, you make it work. But guys, stop watching the junk videos that teach you junky stuff that doesn’t work like those videos. You’re going to make five hundred dollars and every five seconds. Come on. I think we’re past that. I think we know it doesn’t work. You got to do the work. You got to map it out. You got to follow this step. And here on this channel, I will show you things that I’ve personally tried that have personally worked for me, that I know will work for you. If you put forth the effort so go to simple sites bonus scheme, make sure you make decent content and promote promote good, relevant offers. Thanks again for watching. I’m Marcus. The affiliate marketing dude subscribe. Click the bell and check out our other videos.

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