Google Keyword Planner Niche Finding Tips And Added Keyword Research Feature For 2019

To most people trying to get started with affiliate marketing, the keyword tool is one of the most difficult page on the internet. It stares back at you and says nothing. It just looks as you try to think of a niche that may be profitable. Maybe you’ll go for a weight loss or mortgage, or something like that. But time and time again, you find everything way too competitive.

In this training, I’m going to show you my secret method for finding an untapped niche market in seconds. Plus I’m going to show you something brand new that I think they added to the Google keyword tool for 2019 which goes back to an old thing we used a few years ago, called keyword clusters.

So we are going to go ahead and dive right to show you how to find niches, show you that secret hidden in the Google Adwords tool and show you how to make money with affiliate marketing.

Now here we are on the Google Adword keyword tool. Most people come to this tool with an idea of what they want to do. They say, “maybe I’m going to go for weight loss” and they type in weight loss and then they hit enter to do a search.

And then it’s going to come up with various different keyword. And then they see that “weight loss” is anywhere from $1.84/click to $5/click. This is very expensive and something we can’t get into unless we have a product that is paying us $300 or more.

So, it’s easy to see why people get frustrated especially when we look at the fact that most products on Clickbank and affiliate offer only pays anywhere from $27, $35 to $40 at the highest per sale.

That means you have to get a sale at $5/click for every 8 clicks. That’s like a 15% conversion rate which is damn impossible. So I can see why you’ve been frustrated trying to make money online.

Free Traffic

And then if you try to go through free traffic, you are going to see that when you search Google for weight loss, there are a lot of competition there.
There are over 2.5 billion web pages competing. So there is no real way to compete for something like this.

So the average affiliate marketer would say “well, internet marketing is a little too complicated and too crowded, how do I get involved in that?”.

Let’s Try Long Tail keyword

Now you can go for something called ” the long tail keyword”. For example, “the best way to lose weight”.

As you can see, on the low side, it is $1.8/click and on the high side $5/click. Then when you search for Google again, you’re going to see a lot of competition.

There is still almost a billion website competing, which means you and your little website are out of luck.

Secret To Making It Work

So what’s the secret to making this work?
What I’d do is to go to the Google AdWords keyword tool and use what I call a list of trigger words. One thing you need to remember is that as a marketer, my job first and foremost is to market things that make me money. If your market doesn’t say they want them, then you’re not going to make any money. So what I do is I use this trigger word list.

What I want you to notice is that these trigger word lists have nothing to do with any market. So what we’ll do is to type our trigger word into the Google Adword keyword tool. And then we get our result.

As you can see, there is a lot of stuff here. Now, compare it with the weight loss stuff, there is actually a lot more word here with low competition, which is pretty cool.
We can actually go here and look at something like” leaking roof, leaking shower head”.
Now, let’s go to Google and see if there is any advertiser there.
There are only 3 advertisers. So not a whole lot of competition here. This is something that we can probably get into relatively inexpensively. And of course, if you need a way to make money teaching people how to fix leaking shower head, you can actually refer them to plumbers.
You can go to offervault and type in plumbers.

These guys are paying by phone calls and by the lead.
Now let’s go ahead and dive into the new edition of the Google Adword keyword tool which I think they added for 2019.

When we type in the word called “related terms to try” . These shows us various terms that are related to the word we type in. So for “leaking”, we have ” plumber, roof, water heater, water, repair, toilet, water heater, e.t.c”.

This is important because they are showing us what Google thinks is relevant based on other searches. As you can see, it is kind of inherent. This is based on the concept of Google called the keyword cluster tool. It will show you the keywords related to the term you were looking at. This is really good when you are looking to find affiliate offers and sub-category keyword.

So even if you don’t know what you’re doing, you can actually go to the related terms and get ideas. You don’t have to be that smart to figure it out. Google is actually doing the work for you (yay).
You can also isolate your search by competition. This is your golden ticket into cheap, easy-to-tap golden market.

Now you should always focus on giving your customer good value. So if you have a site about “leaking shower head”, make sure you give them good value and tell them why they will need a plumber. Do the research, figure out what these people want, make a site, drive people to these offers on affiliate networks and start making money.

More Trigger Words

Let me show you some more of these trigger words to show you how these works.
We can go in and type in the word “during”.

On the result, we’ve got a lot of pregnancy word. These would be perfect for pregnancy books, courses on parenting and all kinds of stuff like that. Because if you know someone is going to have a baby, we can actually lead them to something that’s going to help them. We can lead them to stuff that is going to make us money.

For example, we can get them over to health insurance. We can see health insurance offers on offervault.
You can see health insurance is paying a lot of money. They are paying per lead, per call, per sale. A lot of stuff is going on there. You can get paid just for generating leads for health insurance.

Let’s go over and try another word ” printable”.

Now, sometimes the results can be limited. So what I like to do in this case is to use the tool on the free toolbar.
So if you want to use the free toolbar that we have over at, you’re going to get the keyword research tool and you’re going to put the word “printable”.

Now, this is going to give you a little bit more data about your keyword and you can use them to find another search market. So let’s go ahead and research this one here.

As you can see, we have a lot more data to choose from. Now, when you find something that looks good, it is best to take it out into your Google keyword planner. So if we find something like “printable coupons” and go into our Google keyword planner, and isolate the word “printable coupons” and hit “get results”, you’re going to see that we have lots of words like ” printable coupons”.

And they are still pretty low on the competition so we can use a lot of these different words that wouldn’t have come up normally just by typing in the word “printable”. So I want you to get used to how to use this tool and what this different thing means.

Now what I like about this “new related terms to try” is the fact that we can actually click on the terms and it’s going to do a research just on the term. So it’s going to give us other available words people are searching for.

As you can see, this little tool is good for deep keyword research. We can actually go through and use the word “promo code”, isolate that word and see what Google thinks is related to it. This is known as ” related search” or “latent semantic index”. There are different words which are similar to what you have and good for SEO, pay per click, and for spoting a really untapped market.
So for example, if I want to go to offervault and look for what to promote, I can actually use those words and type in words like ” promo”.

Now getting used to the keyword tool, I want to give you an overview before you go to so that you can see how to use this.


Now, the main thing you want to look out is your location. You’ll want to choose where you want to be. So if you’re only advertising in the United State, then you’ll want to type in the “USA”. We can put that in, then it’s going to isolate the results just for the USA.


The next is your language which is English if you’re doing English( or a different language if you’re doing a different country).

Google and search partners

Turn on Google and search partner when you want to do a lot of what’s known as related search.

Plan overview

This is all for stuff that is in your account.

A related term to use

This is also good to find related keywords.

Keyword by relevance

These are the actual keywords people are searching on Google.

Average monthly searches

This is how many times the terms are searched for.


Now, the competition is just for paid search. This has nothing to do with organic free search engine ranking or SEO. So that’s basically how the Google Adwords tool works.

Use your related terms, use your keywords, use your trigger words over at and find yourself some niches with offervault. I’ve got some cool stuff over at that you can use. You can download the toolbar to get the other search tools. So thanks again for reading, I’m Marcus.

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