Google Keyword Planner Niche Finding Tips And Added Keyword Research Feature For 2019


To most people trying to get started with affiliate marketing,

this page right here is one of the most difficult pages on the internet…

It’s The Keyword Tool

it stares back at you and says nothing

It just looks and looks, as you try to think of a niche that may be profitable


In this video I’m gonna show you my secret method for finding untapped niche markets in seconds + I’m going to show you something brand new that they added to the Google Keyword Tool for 2019 which goes back to an old thing that we used years ago called keyword clusters

We’re gonna go ahead and dive right in!!

  • Show you how to find niches
  • Show you that secret hidden new tool in the Google Adwords Tool
  • Show you how to make money with affiliate marketing

We’re starting right now!

Here we are on the Google Adwords Keyword Tool. Most people come to this tool with an idea of what they want to do…

They say “Maybe I’m gonna go for weight loss”. They type something in here like WEIGHT LOSS. They HIT ENTER to do a search or get started…. 

Then it’s gonna come up with various different keywords that are out there and they’re gonna see for stuff like weight loss. It’s gonna be anywhere from a $1.84 per click to $5 per click. VERY VERY EXPENSIVE! This is something that we really can’t get into unless we have a product that’s paying us like $300 or more.  It’s easy to see why people get frustrated, especially when you look at the fact that most products on  Clickbank and affiliate offers only pay $27 to $24 even $35 for tea at the highest per sale.

That means that you would have to get a sale at $5 a click, every 8 clicks.

That’s like a 15% conversion rate which is DAMN NEAR IMPOSSIBLE! I can see why you’d be frustrated trying to make money online. If you’re gonna try to go the Free Traffic Route, You’re gonna see that for weight loss, there’s a lot of competition.

You can see here that we have over 2.5 billion web pages competing. There’s no real way to compete for something like this. Internet marketing is a little too complicated… It’s too crowded… How do we get involved in this?

Now, you could go for long tail keywords. That would be something like “The Best Way To Lose Weight” but you can see this:

on the low side – a dollar to a click,           on the high side – $5 a click

When you search for Google again, you’re gonna see a lot of competition! THERE’S STILL ALMOST A BILLION WEBSITES COMPETING! which means that you with Your New Little Website are OUT OF LUCK


What’s The Secret To Making This Work? Go to the Google AdWords Keyword Tool and Use A List Of Trigger Words

One thing you need to remember is that, as a marketer, my job, first and foremost, is to market things that make me money; not things that I think are cute or fun. I will sell good things that the market says they want! If your market doesn’t say they want them then you’re not gonna make any money because they don’t want it but a lot of people miss out on this fact.

I use this trigger word list:

Now, I want you to notice that this trigger word list has nothing to do with any market. We don’t know if they have a leaking faucet, or a leaking air conditioner or if their radiator is leaking. We have no idea.

So we type this into the Google Adwords Keyword Tool like this and then we get our results.

There’s a lot of stuff here.

Now, notice how compared with the weight loss stuff,  there’s actually a lot more words here with low competitionWe can actually go here and look at something like a leaking roof  which might look like it’s pretty competitive but it’s actually not!

We could look at something like a leaking showerhead – low competition; It’s $4 per click! But we’re actually gonna go to google and we’re gonna see if there’s any advertisers there. If there’s no advertisers, it’s probably gonna be a lot cheaper.

Not a whole lot of competition here!

This is something that we could probably get into relatively inexpensively. If you need a way to make money teaching people how to fix their leaky shower heads, YOU CAN ACTUALLY GET REFERRALS TO PLUMBERS.


If you were to go here on offer vault and look for plumbers, you can see that these guys are paying by the phone call and by the lead! That means that this guy is gonna pay you $28, not for a sale, not for someone to whip out the credit card and buy something, but for a phone call! That’s right! All they have to do is call a phone number for a specified amount of time, usually between 90 and 180 seconds and BOOM! You get $25! Just like that!

Just think of how easy it would be to set up a site about all the things that could be leaking in your house. You setup the site – You get some cheap traffic – and BOOM!! You Sell Leads To The Plumbers. Through the affiliate networks, it’s actually pretty easy and it’s all automatic! All I do is advertise the phone number that the affiliate network gives me and I get paid every time someone calls!

Let’s go ahead and dive into the new addition to the Google Adwords Keyword Tool

…which i think they added for 2019

When we type in the word “LEAKING”, it gives us related terms to try.

This shows us various terms that are related to the term we typed in. For leaking, it says plumber, roof, water heater, water, roof repair, toilet, hot water, heater. This is important because these are Showing Us What Google Thinks Is Relevant Based On Other Searches. You can see a lot of them are Based On The Stuff People Are Searching For.

Now this is based on a concept that used to be in google called the Key Word Cluster Tool/Google Wonder Wheel.

It would show you related words related to the term you’re looking at. This gets really good when you need to find affiliate offers and subcategory keywords.

As you’re going through here, you can see exactly what’s going on

You Can Even Isolate These By Competition!

If i want to isolate these by competition, I can just go over here to competition. Type in LOW, HIT APPLY and BOOM! I’m only gonna get words that have low competition! This is your Golden Ticket into cheap easy-to-tap niche markets. You always want to focus on giving the customer good value so if you have a site about leaking showerheads,  make sure you give them a good value and then tell them why they would need a plumber.

If you have a site about leaking shower heads….

Tell them why they would need a plumber

Do the research!

Figure Out What These People Want.

Make A Site!

Drive People To Those Offers on The Affiliate Networks

And Start Making Money!

Let me show you some more of these trigger words to show you how this works…


Let’s use something like “during…”

You could see right at a glance that you got a lot of pregnancy words. This would be perfect for pregnancy books, courses on parenting, all kinds of stuff like that because if you know someone’s gonna have a baby, you know that babies are kind of expensive.

So we can actually see that we can get involved in this and we can help people get the answers they need and lead them to stuff that’s going to make us money.

For example, we could get them over into health insurance, you can see health insurance is paying a lot of money and, obviously, with a baby you need health insurance. It’s a good idea, right? You can see these guys are paying per sale, per lead…

A lot of stuff going on, you can get paid big time! Just For Generating Leads For Health Insurance which is crazy!

Let’s go over the word “printable”

You’ll notice that if we use the word printable here like this, sometimes the results are gonna be kind of limited. There’s not a whole lot here. What I like to do in this case is that I like to use the tool on the Free Toolbar.  If you were to go to the free toolbar that we have over at AffiliateMarketingDude.comYou’re gonna get the keyword research tool and you can put the word “printable” in. This is going to give you a little bit more data about your keywords so that you can use them to find other niche markets.

Let’s Go Ahead And Research

As you can see, we have a lot more data to choose from:

  • Printable coupons
  • Free coupons
  • Grocery printable coupons
  • and different things like that.

When you find something that looks good, it’s best to take this and put it over into your Google Keyword Planner. If we find something like “printable coupons” and we go to our google keyword planner like this and isolate the word “printable coupons” and Hit GetResults.

You’re gonna see that we have lots of words like “printable coupons” and things like that…

They’re still pretty Low On The Competition so we can use a lot of these different words that wouldn’t come up normally just by typing in “printable”

I want you guys to get used to how to use this tool and what these different things mean

What I like about this new “Related terms to try” is the fact that we can actually click on these terms!

I can click on coupons and it’s going to do a research just for the word coupons! Now we can see the different coupons or we could go through and use the word “voucher”. That’s not a word I would have thought of! It’s going to give us other words that are available that people are searching for! Isolate that word and see what’s related to it. What Google Thinks Is Related

This is known as Related Search or Latent Semantic Indexing to what you have. It’ll pair in all together and will be good for SEO. It’ll be good for pay-per-click … And good for spotting really, really untapped niche markets…

For example, I can use those words and type something in like “promo”.  We can see what people want. There’s also different things like coupon toolbars, money saving toolbars, So we could see that this stuff works really well!

Getting Used To The Google Keyword Tool,



So that you can see how to use this!

The main things you want to look at is:

  1. Your Location

You want to choose where you want to be. If you’re only advertising in the United States, then you’ll want to type in USA. It’s gonna isolate the results just for the USA. It should drop the numbers a little bit, then we can go in and see what’s going on there.

  1. Your Language

If you’re doing English or a different language, then we go through Google And Search Partners or just Google

  1. Google and Search Partners is going to be every search engine that uses Google
  2. Just Google is gonna be just on Google

I usually turn on Google And Search Partners because I do a lot of related search


Next: We Have Our Plan Overview

This is all for stuff that’s in your account

Related Terms To Try is very good to use to find different related keywords

Keyword By Relevance is the actual keyword that people are searching in Google

Average Monthly Searches is how many times a month the term is searched. This gives you an overview.

Competition is just for paid search. This has nothing to do with organic free search engine rankings or SEO.

Ad Impression Share shows how much of the share you’re getting once you start running an ad

Top Of Page Bid means that to be on the top of everyone that’s usually what it’s gonna be.


I like to start on the low range. I always like to start low to see what’s out there and to see if i can get traffic because 9 times out of 10, I usually can.

That’s basically how it works! THAT’S THE GOOGLE ADWORDS TOOL!!

That is the new thing you want to take a look at…

  • Use the related terms
  • Use your keywords here


Use your Trigger Words over at

Find Yourself Some Niches! I got some cool stuff here that you can use. 

You can DOWNLOAD THE TOOLBAR to get the other search tools

stay tuned for videos!


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