Google Adwords, Adsense, and the Content Network

Adwords, Adsense, and the Content Network — affiliatemarketingmc at

Adwords: A program that was developed by Google where you can bid on a search term and get traffic.  

When people type a search term into Google, there are paid advertisements that come up. If you are using Adwords with this search term, then you are paying per click for traffic from this keyword to go to your site. You only pay if someone clicks on it.  

People get nervous with paid traffic, and they’re always afraid they’ll lose money. There’s always a chance that this will happen, but remember that you control everything. If you want to only pay 1 cent per click, or 5 cents, or 10 cents, or a dollar, you can. 

You can also put a cap on it. For instance, you might only want to bid 5 dollars a day or 10 dollars a day. When you reach that limit, the ad shuts off and the ad starts over again the next day. You can also pause it and change it as you go along. It’s very flexible. You just have to pay attention.  


Adsense: A program where you put ads on your sites, and you are paid per click for these ads.


If you have the Adsense program running on your site, it generates ads automatically based on the content of your site. Google pays you a portion of what the advertisers are paying them per click.  

For example, if the advertisers are paying a dollar per click, I might get paid 50 or 60 cents per clip, depending on the rate. 

You get a code from Adsense and plug it into your site.    

You can log in and see how many clicks you get and how much money you make.  


Content Network (also called the Display Network): You bid on Google, and you also bid on Google’s partner sites. This is all done by either keyword or domain name.


Content Network traffic is always cheaper than actual search traffic.  

Most of the traffic that Google gets is from other websites.  

When you go to Google and search for something, and you click on a paid ad, a lot of them have Adsense on them.  



Adwords: You pay Google for traffic. 

Adsense: Google pays you for clicks that you generate.  

Content Network: You pay Google for traffic via other websites.  

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