Go From Beginner to $1,000 a Month: Start Aggressively Getting Traffic

What would I do if my back was against the wall and I had to make $1,000 a month, each and every month within the next 30 days?


Well, today, I’m going to show you exactly what I would do, and walk you through everything so you know what you need to do.


Now, I got to tell you, this is a business. It takes some work. There’s some little tweaks that need to be made. Not every niche, not every customer, not every affiliate offer is the same.


What you can expect is real-world information on how I run my blogging business and how I’ve helped many other people do the same. I’ve helped lots of people get financially free over the years by learning this simple stuff.


I think if you follow along and you really dive in, you should be able to get some results.


Start Aggressively Getting Traffic


By now, you’ve started your blog. You’re building your content, offer pitches, and giveaways. You have some emails and some blog posts. The next step is to start getting some traffic.


We’re not out here waiting for the search engines to pick us up. We’re not waiting for the traffic gods to bestow upon us the traffic.


We’re not waiting for the algorithm to be on our side.

This isn’t about just trying to get traffic. It’s about building and aggressively getting traffic, of course in an ethical and non-spammy way.


If you’re not that good at SEO, or your site doesn’t get ranked, what are you going to do?


There are lots of ways you can go about getting traffic. You could do it by email, banner ads, contextual marketing, search ads, web-based advertising, social media, mobile, incentivizing, or banner ads.


You could do native ads, videos, and forums.


If you’re not getting traffic, it’s no one else’s fault but your own. But that’s okay, because if it’s your own fault, then that’s a good thing. That means you can fix it.


You could make backlinks. And not the crappy backlinks, like getting a million backlinks for $5. You should get real backlinks. You can even get backlinks from your top competitors. If you pay enough, you can get whatever the hell you want.


Traffic is your own fault. Now, what are you going to do to help it?

Here are some tasks you can do to help your traffic. Each of them take about 15 minutes to do:


  • Set up a new blog

  • Buy a new domain name

  • Create content for blog / site

  • Create a blog post

  • Record an audio

  • Write an email

  • Make a step-by-step list

  • Create a blog theme

  • Submit a press release

  • Find ten new keywords

  • Make an infographic

  • Sell from a new angle

  • Create a squeeze page

  • Make a slide video

  • Make sites for clients

  • Make a new video

  • Set up a simple forum

  • Write a letter

  • Test your market PPC

  • Find PDFs for market

  • Make a list of downloads

  • Set up a “grid”

  • Buy a solo ad

  • Answer questions

  • Content for flipper sites

  • Create backlinks

  • Restructure content

  • Create webinar notes

  • Interview someone

  • Create a member site

  • Organize info

  • Make an excel calculator

  • Run a banner ad

  • Write a book chapter

These are the 15-minute tasks you can do every day to make it work. They’re not that difficult.


We actually teach you how to do all these in the Simple Sites course, which is really, really amazing. We teach you all of it. You can get that at www.SimpleSitesBonus.com.


I guarantee, if you stop trying to make money online, and instead you focus on doing these the right way, every day for 15 minutes a day, you’re going to outrun the guy who’s spending 8 hours a day trying to make money online.


You’re going to outrun them by far, because these are the tasks that get the money.


To learn more, go to www.AffiliateMarketingDude.com.


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