Go From Beginner to $1,000 a Month: Bonus Fast Profit Tips

What would I do if my back was against the wall and I had to make $1,000 a month, each and every month within the next 30 days?


Well, today, I’m going to show you exactly what I would do, and walk you through everything so you know what you need to do.


Now, I got to tell you, this is a business. It takes some work. There’s some little tweaks that need to be made. Not every niche, not every customer, not every affiliate offer is the same.


What you can expect is real-world information on how I run my blogging business and how I’ve helped many other people do the same. I’ve helped lots of people get financially free over the years by learning this simple stuff.


I think if you follow along and you really dive in, you should be able to get some results.

Bonus Fast Profit Tips


We know you want to make fast profit. We know you want to get to that $1,000 a month or more.


You can do that a lot more if you really focus, and if the niche has the potential.


Here are some steps you can take to make some profit fast.


Solo Ads and Direct Banners


Run some solo ads and get some direct banners.


Direct Email Questions and Answers


What do I mean by that? On your thank you page on your site, you might usually try to put offers on it. Instead of doing that and selling directly from it, use it to ask your audience a question.


You could say, “What’s your number one question about weight loss?” Or “What’s your number one question about computers?” Or whatever your niche is about.


Whatever their question is, you can answer it in another email, and with it you can send an affiliate link. Boom!

Live Chat and/or Phone Number


You could do live chat or a phone number. Chat with your audience.


You really want to make money? Sit there and chat all day and sell stuff. People will come onto your live chat and they’ll say, “Hey, I’ve been trying to do x. What do you think is good?”


Then you can tell them to click here, get this, or whatever it may be. Make sure you put a disclaimer with it. For example, if you’re recommending a weight loss product, make sure you tell them that you’re not a doctor, and you’re an affiliate.


If your niche is making money online, maybe someone will tell you on live chat, “I’ve been trying to start a blog. What do I do?” You can tell them, “First, go get web hosting.” Then they’ll go do that, and boom, you could get an instant $100 commission.


Run Webinars and Trainings


Webinars and trainings can make real profits.


If your niche is weight loss, you could get a bunch of people who want to lose weight, and make a little webinar with little slides, and sell stuff at the end. It’s not that hard.

Or you could do a training, or hire someone to do it, or get other people that you’re an affiliate of to do a webinar.


I got people all the time who do webinars for my list. I don’t even have to show up. I just tell them, “Dude, here’s the code for the webinar. Let me know how much we make.”


These bonus steps are very important, and they can really give your business a boost.


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