Gamestop Reddit Stock Price Manipulation

everyone is talking about the manipulation of the gamestop stock price…

but they are missing something even bigger…

pay close attention and lets see if you catch on…

you see back in the 80s and 90s the “wolf of wallstreet” jordan belfort used to manipulate stock prices all the time.

they would take a stock worth like 5 cents a share… OVERPRICE it and sell it to lots of “investors”

driving the stock price thru the roof…

then they would sell what they got for 5 cents when it was $20 per share…

and since they had a major stake… the price would then tank

and everyone would get screwed out of thier money.

except the wolf… which is why he went to jail.

now in order to do this… belfort and his team of sharks ran call centers

they would get lists of people interested in investing…

call them up all day long… pump the stock as the best thing since sliced bread… and make money illegally hand over fist.

NOTE… and pay attention to the rest of this video…

back then… they had to have a call center…

call centers are expensive

call centers take work

and call centers are anoying as hell.

BUT now… we live in a world where elon musk can tweet about something he bought on etsy and all the sudden the stock price goes thru the roof.

now… musk does this in an ethical way unlike the wolf did.

but the end result is still the same.

some dude on the internet says something… and all the sudden… the sheep go running to buy buy buy.

hoping they are not the last ones stuck with some worthless stock (more about this later)

and this is where it gets interesting…

elon musk tweets… stocks soar…

reddit investors talk… stocks soar… even against the wall street big wigs short position (yea they lost like 100% of thier investment)

the wolf calls people… stocks go up…

trump tweets… stock prices change…

and what most people are missing while they are getting all googley eyed one way or another about the game stop stock… is…


yes… where once you had to have a call center… now it can be someone with a tweet, or a youtube video, or a facebook post, and they send people like crazy to buy something or change thier behavior.

britney spears likes this new pickle brand… we better pick that up… i mean she sings so they must be good pickles

trump likes felet of fish… we better all get fat… because you know… maybe ill get rich eating like him.

the moral of the story… social media sells like crazy

wether you are selling an idea, a religeon, a business, or a stock… PEOPLE ARE LISTENING.

and if you want to make money with social media… the good news is that you do not have to be as big as elon musk, tweet as much as trump, or even eat pickles…

you can start a small tight nit group interested in a specific topic and rake it in bigtime.

all you need to do is figure out what people want… build a following… and genuinley try to help them out.

there are people making money with this simple method all the time…

tech review channels
news opinion blogs
product buying guides
method testers
stock advice sites
financial tip groups

you name it… there is a group of people wanting to belong, wanting information, and definitly not wanting to get left out.


so while everyone else is talking about the stock price of gamestop… look at the bigger picture.

social media DRIVES behavior.

how can you start using social media to make money and affect people in a positive way.

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