Free WordPress Theme And Tutorial For Affiliate Landing Pages And Opt In Pages

Best WordPress Theme For Affiliate Marketing Website For High Conversion

Hey guys, its Marcus here from and today what we’re going to do is talk about why I love using WordPress to handle all my Affiliate marketing squeeze pages, landing pages, pre-sale pages, all the pages and everything that I use for my affiliate marketing business. Now, the below screenshot is my Affiliate marketing dude main site and this is actually made using WordPress.(fig 1)

Now does it look like a normal WordPress blog? and that’s the point. What I’m going to do today is to show you how to make your blog look like this. Show you how to make millions of dollars with simple pages on blogs, simple opt-ins and things like that. And I’m also going to give you a free theme that will help make your blog convert better and give you a space to put all your affiliate marketing stuff (This is why we start with the hub site.) We’re going to show you how to use WordPress to manage your entire affiliate marketing business and we’re starting right now.

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Now let’s dive right in into the topic because I know it’s kind of itching and we’re going to scratch that itch here.  So what we’re going to do is to talk about why this works, why do I use WordPress. Now you might have noticed a lot of hype around different shopping carts systems like Katra, clickfunnels, and all this stuffs. Now, these are good and I use them all the time. So what I do is I use WordPress to host all of my pages and all of my contents that I’m going to serve out to my market. So for right now, what I do is that I drive traffic to this page and this is a WordPress page that allows me to get people to opt-in so that they become a part of my list.

Now if you’re on my list, you should have seen this and how it works. What happens is here is that when they go here, they’ll have a choice between a couple different pages that are about the topics the site is about. So I got like, download your tools, about Marcus, how to become an affiliate, products, and start here first. So we use those as a way to get people in. Currently, this page is converting on cold traffic from all over the place. We’re converting about 36%. That means if 100 people come into this page, 36 of them opt-in. Now the rest of them click other things and eventually opt-in, not all of them but a good portion of them do.

Behind the scene is what you don’t see because we just clicked this, and you’re going to see this (fig. 2).  You’re going to see the opt-in page and everything. You’re going to see the product, start here first, and all other stuff. But what you’re not seeing is behind the scene I actually have a ton of content. Right if I actually go into my affiliate marketing dude WordPress dashboard, (fig 3), and I go into “my post.” You’re going to see tons and tons of content. we’ve got a lot of pages of content.

For example, we have one on Clickbank affiliate marketing for beginners (fig. 4). This one here has a video and it has content. So this is a great one for me to send out to my list, for me to rank in the search engine to get traffic, perhaps you use paid traffic tool, whatever. It’s got content on it and it works. So, what I do is every week I send this out to people on my mailing list because they like this kind of stuff. So, we’re killing two birds with one stone and we’re having a place to put all of our contents. That’s really easy to set up. I’m going to show you how to do this in a really cool way.

In order to do this, what we need to do first and foremost if you have not set up your hubsite and your hubdomain, go to and set that up. Once you set that up, you’re going to be right there. Now after you set that up, you’re going to be to your dashboard (fig. 5). Now what I’m doing is that I’m setting this for you with this guide so that you can see how it works on the domain After this article, you’re going to get the and you’re going to download the theme that I am using so that you can build all these stuff on your own and have your own affiliate marketing money machine where you put all your content and make all your money, which is pretty cool.

And again, what we’re doing is using this for content; we’re using all those other tools like kartra, clickfunnels, and everything like that to sell stuff. If you’re an affiliate marketer, all you need is this theme, and maybe an autoresponder. So what we’re going to do is we’re going to go ahead and start. So, again,, you’re going to use that, you’re going to install your blog and boom; you’re going to be here. This is where you are after you start your hubsite and you start your blog. As you can see if we’re going to pull up right now, we’ll get nothing. Now this on its own isn’t going to do anything for anyone. What we’re going to do is to spice it up a bit and we’re going to control it.

First and foremost, what we need is a theme that we can use to control all our stuff (Maybe has a logo at the bottom, but something that converts.) We’ve got to have something that converts. Something that gets our visitors to click on our offers, go to our affiliate pages, check out our mailing list, and everything. We’ve got to get them to convert; we’ve got to get them to do stuff because when they don’t do stuff, we’re not going to get paid. And that sucks, we want to get paid, that’s all the point. So let’s talk about how to get paid.

How To Get Paid

Start with your theme

First of all, what you want to do is you want to start with your theme. You have your theme available at You can go there, get it, put it on your blog and you’re good. So we’re going to go here (fig. 6). This is where we’re going to be right after we’ve started our blog. You’ll go to appearance>themes>add new>Upload themes. You’re going to choose the file you download from, install now and then name it something cool.

You can then click “activate”, as shown here.  Once you activate, you’re going to notice that the theme changes. So you’re going to reload the page. You’re going to see, “welcome to WordPress, hello word, logo here, background here (fig. 7). It’s not pretty, right, we’ve got to do some stuff here to make things pretty. Now, the reason it’s like this is because its actually going to help you convert everything in a very easy way.

Add A Logo

First of all, what we got to do is to add a logo. You can make a logo for $30, you can make a logo for free, and it’s completely up to you. This is a logo that I created in literarily like 5 seconds that I’ll show you right now. The way that I made this theme for you is super easy. All you got to do is upload 2 data files and I’ll show you how to do that as well. It’s going to be on C-panel and we’ll show you how to do it. So, what we’re going to do is we’re going to upload the file logo. png and background.png.

For me, what I’m going to do is I’m going to use this pretty background and the logo I created. We’re going to upload it instead of having this background and this logo; we’ve got our own stuff. So I’m going to go ahead and click on upload (fig. 8), We’re going to go ahead and upload. Then when you’re done uploading those images, you just hit refresh and boom, now your page is beautiful with a cool background.

Now, what you need to keep in mind is that these themes and these layouts that I designed for you are based on testing of over hundreds of millions of visitors to my website and blogs. This is based on what works. You can go out there, you can get a pretty theme, you can have a beautiful website but is it going to convert for you? What I’ve seen is, No it’s not.

A hundred and hundreds of other platforms that have tested this are also saying the same thing. Pretty blogs don’t convert; you need something that’s going to draw the visitor to exactly what you want them to see, which just so happened to be what gets you paid. So let’s go ahead and talk about how this works.

How Does A WordPress Blog Work?

So now that you have your page set up like this (fig. 9) with your logo and your background, what we’re going to do is to show you the platform of how a blog works. First of all, we’re going to go into settings>general (this is where you’re going to change your keyword and other stuff). So if I do simple WordPress themes for affiliate marketing (fig. 10). It’s super easy as shown here.

The next thing we’re going to do is we are going to go to “reading” (fig. 11). I’m going to go ahead and choose “front page display’ and hit the change button. Next, we’ll be going to permalinks; and under permalinks, we’re going to choose “postname”.  That means that if I make a post about something, it’s going to be a keyword in the post and that’s good for search engine rankings. All what that does is that it changes from this WordPress page to your simple page.

Also if you want to have no sidebar widget, all you got to do is to parent> widget and you’re going to see all that stuff. So if I take the search box out, (fig. 12), you’re going to see the search box now disappears like magic and you can do that for others too. This works really easy for affiliate marketing stuff

We can now go in here and edit the pages. So we’ll go to pages, find the sample page and click edit. Now what we want to do is we want to name our page what we want. (Fig. 13).

Next, we can design what we want to put, like, “Download your free high converting theme plus get a free plugin and some other stuff to help you profit online with affiliate marketing.”, and update it. Here is what it actually looks like (fig.14). Imagine how easy it’s going to be if you have a new affiliate offer.

Now let’s say you want people to opt-in, all you got to do is to go to your favorite autoresponder. We can use kartra, we can use clickfunnels, or whatever we want. Clickfunnel is a little different because you have to like link up to them.

I can go to Aweber, generate my code. And follow the steps as shown in this video. I don’t need to know what all this stuffs means, all I need to know is to know what my list name is and what I want to send them afterward. If afterward, I want to send them to a different post or different page, I can go into post> and follow instructions as shown in the video. In the end, it should be like this (fig 15) beautiful squeeze-in page where you can opt in here. And when they opt in here, they’re going to be taken to the post we just created for how to do affiliate marketing (fig. 16).

So, now let’s set this up so we’re actually going to show you how the affiliate marketing side of things works so you can make pages and posts for affiliate marketing and just start getting paid. Okay, on this one it’s very important to use the thank you page to reiterate what was going on in the welcome or the opt-in page. So on the opt-in page; I was giving them the free theme. I’m like “hey, get the free theme here”. Now in order to use this theme, I know they need to have a blog and they need to have a web hosting, so my first big affiliate offer should be web hosting. So I’m going to go to the “comment” here and delete them. You can also disable all comments if you wish to. It’s completely up to you. We’re going to go to “post” and click on edit post.

Again, this is super easy, drag and drop just like put things where you like and you’re ready to go. So we’re going to go to the Edit post> and follow the instructions as shown in this video.

The idea here is to let this page guide you because this theme is going to allow you to make things really easy for your visitors which is the key to making money. Now if you confuse your visitors with too much stuff you’re not going to make money.

Other Benefits Of Using Simpleblogtheme

I want to show you the other benefit of this. In one of my blog, 17), you can see on the main page that these links here I use it for Instagram and stuffs like that. But behind the scenes on this blog, I actually have a lot of stuff. I want to show you this because this is going to show you how I run this.

So behind the scene are the hub pages and you can see all the pages. So instead of saying, “hey, go to my site, I can now make it smart. I can now be like, “okay, hey check this out, you want to learn how I made $18,000 this month promoting one simple offer that only costs visitors a dollar”. You’ll be like, “yes I want to learn how”. Go to And then now, they just go to, they watch the little video, opt-in and here we go! Now o can have tons of these pages for tons of different things. For this one here, I have a Clickbank. So I did one for Clickbank stuff (fig. 19). I’m like “hey, you want to get Clickbank tips? Put your name and email in the box. I did one for pay per click. If they want to get a paid marketing evaluation, get your custom paid marketing evaluation. That’s on affiliatemarketing

So as you can see, it’s really easy to use. So in this example (fig. 20). If I have like and I want them to go to the hosting page to learn how to do hosting. All I need to do is to go and “Add new post” and type “hosting’ and the hyperlink would be Its super simple, super easy and you can keep everything on track and you can keep track of everything in one single area. It’s very easy! So it’s very important that you set this up like your hub site. If you use the plugins that we give you as parts of simplesitebig profit or any of our classes you’ll make a success as an affiliate.

And once you set this up on one side, you can use it on everything so it works extremely well. You can put an advertisement, you can put anything you want on your blog that serves the customer and makes you money. So I highly recommend setting up a blog like this using one of the simple affiliate marketing WordPress themes that we’ve created for you at You can go to; you can get one of these themes and set it up so that you’re ready to go. As you can see its super easy to make these types of pages and it’s super easy to make everything work for you. You can add new stuff at the drop of a hat and literally make money, instantly. Disclaimer, not everyone is going to make money, most people do not make money. There is always a risk in business, you can always lose money but I think if you follow this step and learn exactly how to do it, hopefully, you’ll get some success.

My average students probably don’t do anything with what I teach, but we’ve had some people who have done extremely well, some make a few hundred of bucks a month, some people make a few hundred thousand dollars a month, and a lot of people in between. So if you’re interested in this, go to and get the theme, it’s free, and set up your hosting. Get everything set up and you can start promoting affiliate offer, right now. Thanks for reading. Check out affiliatemarketingdude for our toolbar. Make sure you go to our Youtube page and subscribe, put your comments and questions in the question box below. I’ll happily respond to all your questions and requests. Thanks again for reading.

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