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Step One: Find A High Ticket Market That People Need Help With…

Step Two: Dig Into The Market And Find Out What They Want…

Step Three: Find The Right Medium For Your Market…

Step Four: Choosing The Right Offers

Step Five: Creating Your Resource

Step Six: Setting Up Shop

Step Seven: Get Some Traffic, Test Everything Out

Special Bonus Guide – How To Make Affiliate Profits Fast

OK… lets face it, for some of you this program was a good chunk of change.  This guide will help you understand not only how to make your investment back fast but also how to turn this little process into a business that makes you profit for years to come.

Do NOT over think this… over thought leads to info overload which till lead you to inaction.

Which will eventually make you give up on this business – I’ve seen it happen a thousand times.

Follow these steps, set something up, and if you need some help or want me to walk you thru everything personally go to and sign up for my brand new simple sites desktop software course where I personally walk you thru everything.


Please remember the results you will see in this report are marcus personal results after doing this business for over 18 years.  Your results will vary based on your work, there are no guarantees of income, and the average would be affiliate marketer never makes anything at all.

Our First Goal: is to determine what we want out of this business…

Let’s say you just want to start by making your investment back (which for most was around $1,200)

Take your initial goal and divide it by 30 (the number of days in a month)

So your target @ $1,200 is to reach approximately $40 per day.  If you set this up properly to work every month like I am going to show you… at the end of the year you will not only have made your initial investment back but also an additional $14,600.  Pretty cool right?

Keep in mind that is just focusing on making $40 a day to start.

Now let me ask you this…

Are You Willing To Do What It Takes?

It may take a little work…

It may take some digging for information…

It may even take some interaction with your visitors…

But… then again when was the last time you were paid $15,000 per year to do a little work from home?

Here’s the deal.

Making money online is driven by the ability to make the right offer to the right group of people.  An offer can be literally anything.  It doesn’t just have to be “SELLING STUFF” although don’t put that down… lots of money is made in sales.  For the purpose of this guide, your offer can be to get someone to click, download, enter their email, fill out a form, try a free product, or even buy something.

Much Of This Is Known As CPA Marketing… cost per action… where you are paid based on what the visitor does.

It is absolutely imperative that you understand WHERE the money comes from.  As an affiliate marketer your money is going to come from companies who want CUSTOMERS.  In business the most expensive part of marketing is what we call “Customer Acquisition Cost” this is where you see people on t.v. selling stuff and you wonder… how do they make anything selling that for $19.95!

They make money because they are acquiring a new customer and using that for future profits.

Let’s face it… you have this guide because you are a customer of mine.  It is much easier for me to sell you something else than it is to go out and convince a new customer that my products are as awesome as they are. 😉  So I may be willing to break even or even lose a little bit to gain a new customer.

This is what we call “buying a customer” and since you are an affiliate… that customer acquisition cost gets passed on to you. Pretty cool huh?

This is exactly how I have been able to get paid…

  • As much as $5 for getting someone to download a free toolbar
  • As much as $100 for getting someone to fill out a mortgage application online
  • As much as $9 PER CLICK to get someone to click on an ad
  • As much as $2.50 to get someone to enter their zip code
  • As much as $1,200 to get someone to buy a $3,000 product

You can clearly see that the money is out there… in step two we will talk about how to get it.

There are literally thousands and thousands of companies and individuals willing to “buy customers” thru creative means such as downloads, reports, opt in forms, videos, and more.

You can find a list of these companies in the “profit centers” tab of your Simple Sites Desktop.  Please make sure you follow the instructions in this guide before you apply to these companies or it will be very difficult to get accepted.

For a detailed tutorial on how to get accepted please see the profit centers section of your simple sites software:

Step One: Find A High Ticket Market That People Need Help With…


How many times have you gone to the store to buy something, or called tech support, only to find out that the salesman or support person HAS NO CLUE what you need or how to even work the product they are selling.  This is not only frustrating for you, but also for thousands of people across the world.


You can see here that people are searching for solutions.  Image one shows people looking for compatible memory for their computer, compatible toner for their printers, compatible dvd decoders, and more.  Image two shows people searching ways to get the best video quality formats for different devices.  Image three you have people who want to configure certain things.


PLEASE NOTE: this does not just work for techie items… so if you are not a techie don’t freak out J this works for just about anything…

There are litterally thousands and thousands of things that people are searching for every single day to get information and help on what they need.

Think of search engines as a question / answer type model.

I go to a search engine to research a vaccum… if the review, information, and price is sufficient ill buy it from that site.

The Key To Search Marketing Is The Word WHY!

Why are they searching… what is the intent behind the search and how can we help them with it while getting paid in the process.

So in step one… you will need to do some keyword research and come up with a good word with around 1,000 – 5,000 monthly searches (or more) and a low to mid competition score.

Use these trigger words to help find these niches…

Buy Compare Price Cheapest Fastest
Best Convert Compare Does Problems
Recall Replace Solution Steps Software
Walkthrough Questions Problems Instructions Lower


Keep in mind this is not a complete list and never will be… it’s just a starter list… many more trigger words will come to you through your keyword research.

We have a BIG list in the simple sites course with a video on how to use them

The goal in this step is to find a “direct” keyword.  Something you can take and lead directly to a product or service that pays a handsome commission.

For example… I know that you can get really good video quality for youtube using the Microsoft expression encoder, pinnacle software, and some other software as well.  This is something I can directly lead the searchers for “best video quality format” into.

So make sure it’s a direct match and not something off the wall.  This will make the process much much easier and while all the wanna be internet marketers are trying to tackle niches like “weight loss” and “make money” you will be skating by under the radar helping people directly and making money.

After you find your perfect keyword you will want to check the offers to make sure there are some options that PAY WELL… not lower commissions like amazon or bestbuy… though for some markets we can use those if the numbers fit.


To Find The Best Highest Paying Offers Use My Power Search Keyword Tool Here:

Now we want to search for a domain name directly matching the keyword as close as possible.  If your word is “best video format” you would want or or even or something like that. Try to fit your keywords and maybe something extra like buy, find, best, go, ect…

Use This Link To Get Your Domain Name And Set Up Hosting

By now you should have a keyword and a domain name picked up.

For my example I’ll be using the keyword “Buying Cars with Bad Credit” and the domain name or something like that  J Let’s move on to Step Two…

Step Two: Dig Into The Market And Find Out What They Want…

Now its time to focus on the user intent. Ill be using this word intent many times thruought our work together simply because if you know WHY someone is doing something online… you can help them and profit big time.

For example… think of the different intents going on in the following activities:

Checking Email

Watching Videos On Youtube

Searching For Recipes

Searching For Solutions To Problems

Checking Out A News Site

Downloading Something

Checking Facebook

Looking On Forums For Answers

Each of these activities has a different intent attached to them.  People check facebook to see what is going on with friends and family – not necessarily to “Buy Stuff” they watch videos on youtube for entertainment and education… not always to see ads.  If you can determine the behavior and intent you will be a much better marketer.

Once you determine what they want, then its time to put out your net.  Your net is your advertisement, search engine ranking, emails, videos, or whatever you are using to get them from what they are doing to your site.

So here is what we need to do… first determine what they their intention is by searching this particular keyword.

In my case they are looking to purchase a car and are worried about how to do that even if they have bad credit.

The more you know about your market the better.

Just give it a little thought and see what it is they want… you can even do a google search to find out more, check out forums in your market, see what they are talking about.

Also look for clues within the search term…

If they use the word buy or buying… they are probably looking to purchase

If they look for fix or repair… they got something that’s broken

If they look for remove or get rid… they want to get rid of something or remove a virus or gum or something

If they look for tips or definitions… they are researching

If they look for recipes… they are gonna cook

If they look for printable… they want to print something

If they are looking for play… they are looking for game rules or games to download

If they are looking for jokes… they want to laugh

And on and on we go…

This is why my complete trigger word list works so well in finding niches… because you start with the intent.  I know that NO MATTER WHAT if someone uses the word learn in a phrase they want to learn something… if they use download… they want to download something.

It’s very basic yet so many people miss this step simply because they have not been taught how to do it yet… now you will be a much better niche finder.

Keep in mind when finding the intent… there are two types of marketing…


Interruption marketing is where you are catching people off guard in the middle of what they are doing.  This can be something like an ad on facebook or on a popular game site… the user did not go to the site to find you or your ads… they went for another purpose… but since you know something about them you can always create good interruption ads that will take them off what they are doing and bring them to you.


Direct marketing is where you are going after them directly and focusing on giving them exactly what they want and seeking a response right away, wether it is a email, download, click, sale, or whatever your goal is to get them to do something right away.

Use the worksheets in your tools to write down your keyword, domain, and intent of the searchers.

This brings us to step three…

Step Three: Find The Right Medium For Your Market…

In this step we will be finding the right traffic method for your market.  Notice I said the right one… not just the one you want because someone told you it was cool, or the one you want because you are afraid to buy traffic.  If you are afraid to buy traffic you will need to get over that really fast.

Plus I’ll be showing you some ways to get super low risk traffic where you only risk a few bucks the first day and evaluate the process.  Paid traffic is all about evaluation.  If you ever hear someone lose $1000’s on pay per click it’s because they are not evaluating the users and learning about them.  You can learn a lot with a few hundred clicks.  The goal is to make your money back fast or close to it.

So here goes… time to find the right traffic for your niche…

Let’s have a look at my niche…

First off lets hop over to the google search tool and search for our niche in detail…

Ok… so these numbers tell us the amount of searches per month (third row) the price per click (last row) and the competition (second row.)

So you can see on this one that I have my work cut out for me cause it’s a super competitive market.

However I want you to realize that when dealing with paid traffic #1 its very targeted, and #2 google is completely out of its mind when it tells you the approximate CPC or cost per click.  Usually its half the amount sometimes even less when you see words below a dollar.

Don’t ask me why… but test it out and you will see the same thing.

It could also be because one guy is bidding way high and the rest are not.

So at this point we must ask ourselves… can I sustain a ppc cost of $2-3 per click?

Well that all depends on what you are getting for what can be sold… for example in this market I am going to create my own product and price it at $197 PLUS there are affiliate offers like car loans, car quotes, insurance, ect.  Basically this is a high profit margin market.

So I would take my INITIAL MAIN OFFER and divide by 100.

In my case $197/100 = $1.97 so if I can get traffic for less than $1.97 I will be doing ok.  ALSO I can structure the offer to get people to opt into my site and collect leads.  This allows me to follow up with them later and ask them to buy and participate in other offers.  The key is to provide value to them.  I have found that a good lead in a good market can be worth about $1 per month each person.


So that’s the paid traffic route… let’s see what google says is important in our niche based on what they serve on the first page of the search engine listings.

Remember the search engines always tell you exactly what they want and what they think is relevant.

So we can see from this screenshot that on the first page of google, they have two article directory sites listed.  Which means articles are important.  Now we would want to go to the article site and see what kinda traffic or views he would have… (also note that article sites have adsense on them which you can also use to advertise on very inexpensively using the google content network)

So we can see that the first article site says this for the particular article:

Submitted On June 23, 2009.Viewed 120,859 times. Word count: 381.

Now there are several ways to “borrow” this traffic.  You can go on the article site and see if there are ways to advertise… for example I see chitika ads and google ads… good news for us… or you can see if there is a way to comment or link a similar article to his article and piggy back of his traffic.

Please note that on the front page of google you have some BIG players so we will have our work cut out for us if we plan on doing traditional seo.  But we are going to use easier better methods.

Lets check page two…

Here is some good news… whenever you see youtube in the top 20 or 30 results that means google thinks youtube is relevant… and since google loves itself more than anything we can use this to our advantage.

Lets see how many views they have…

Again this is all the traffic research phase where we are planning our takeover.

Next you will want to check the top sites and see if they offer simple banner ads.  Many sites will have buysellads or something where you can buy an ad for a set price per month.

ALSO… since we see that most of his traffic is from youtube search… we can set up a youtube sponsored video… these are like regular videos and paid ads combined.  But you don’t have to deal with quality scores and stuff because you are paying for people to watch your video on youtube.

This is super inexpensive and easy to do.  All you do is make a video answering the markets biggest question (see the youtube tips in SSBP) and run an ad.

The key here is to find out where the traffic is and DELIBERATLY go after it. No excuses, no floundering, just do it and get as much targeted traffic and move on.  If your article or video doesn’t rank right away, rig the game and point some links to it or do something to MAKE it rank.

Internet marketing is not a game of chance. It is a calculated marketing strategy.

Remember this is all search based so we will not be tackling facebook or any interruption marketing methods at this time… we will later… but not now.

So go ahead and write down the top ways you can get traffic in your niche.

Step Four: Choosing The Right Offers

Here is where we get to the fun part… the making money part J

Now that you have a cool market its time to list all the offers that would fit that market.

For example, lets say your market is sample hardship letters…


The key here is to think of all the things this person would need or want.

If someone would want a sample hardship letter we would want to know why… do some research and you will find the answers pretty fast.

In this case people want:

  • To modify a home loan
  • To short sale their home
  • And we know they are probably struggling to make their payments

Now… believe it or not there is a lot of money in this market.

Many times people don’t know the options that are available to them and how to utilize them.

Your goal is to educate them, help them, inform them, and point them to the answers THRU your affiliate links to stuff that helps.

The Best Places To Find Offers Can Be Found On My Power Search Keyword Tool Here:

You can use refinance forms (these pay upwards of $60 – $100 per lead).

You can link them to books about how to get a home loan modification.

You can show them how to sell their home without a realtor.

You can teach them ways to budget.

You can lead them to credit counseling companies.

What we just did is take someone form a super low competition market to something that is very high priced per click…

You could make a small fortune with this even if you just had adsense on the sites.

This is my special “Flip The Market” method.

Where you can take someone from a simple search term like hardship sample letters and lead them to other cool stuff that pays you big time.

You can take this as far as you want as long as its still relevant and not to “off the wall.”

For example… sending them to a Lease Purchase type product so they can learn how to buy a home after foreclosure would be a great fit.  Sending them to life insurance… probably not so good.

Affiliate Programs And Offer Finding Tips:

Make sure it has a high pay with low barrier of entry… no $1 on a $100 sale… we want MORE!

Make sure the landing page FITS the market you are getting traffic from (keyword is a plus)

Make sure the payout matches the work or investment for traffic

Make sure there are no “leadaways” taking your traffic (adsense, phone numbers, ect)

Look at the earnings and use the calculator in simple sites to determine your expected EPC


Make sense 🙂 good lets continue.

Step Five: Creating Your Resource

Now, what you want to do is create the “what they want.”

In my case I would do some research and make a sample hardship letter, some videos explaining the process, perhaps a PDF guide, and a bonus.

Like this…

Download these free sample hardship letters and I’ll give you some training videos, pdf’s, and I’ll even give you my bonus guide “surviving foreclosure.”

Once you have all these things created you can repurpose your content to fit whatever you need.

It really is this simple… search engine marketing, youtube marketing, and any other direct response type of marketing works because it is based on a question and answer model.

Person A goes to the search engine and asks a question… how do I find _____________

Person B (us marketers) help them find the answers and put them to things that make us money.

TRUST me this step is well worth it.  Even if it takes a day or two for you to produce some good quality resources for your market, in the long run you will have something that makes you money over and over and over even when you are not working.

Here are some tips:


This is where you search for resell rights products in your market.  These are products that other people have already created that you can purchase (usually for less that 10 – 20 bucks) and you get the rights to sell them, give them away, or even use them on your site.

What you will want to do is get these products and build resources around them.  Take a look at the table of contents, see what’s in there and find a way to help people with questions they have.

For example if one chapter is: how to budget your money

Here is a screenshot of the traffic for this term based on the googleadwords tool at the time of this writing.

you would create a short little video, tip sheet, report, article, or whatever showing people different ways of budgeting.  this is where you get into the real opportunity of internet marketing and you will find that it is literally endless.

there are so many topics people are searching for each day and you can focus on the main topic, the sub topic, anything you want, and your resource will bring people back to you over and over and over.

It’s like having tons of little salesmen out there working for you 24 hours a day, not complaining about sick days, vacation days, or even wanting to get paid.

So go find some resell rights stuff, break it up, make some resources, sell the product, and promote affiliate offers.  Get creative and focus on helping people.


In this method you will want to look at all your competitor’s sales messages and strip out all the bullet points.  Make a page of MASTER bullet points… you will want 30 or more depending on the market.

Research and investigate each bullet.  You can even take a trip to the bookstore, amazon, or the library and look at the back cover of books in your market.

For example here is a list of some bullets from “how to win friends and influence people”

we can see using our keyword tool… people are searching for these…

The first one was getting people to like you…

Then we have winning people over…

And of course, changing people…

Each of these have great potential for a resource.

Here’s the big key… the internet is a big place as I’m sure you realized, and most people DON’T KNOW HOW TO RESEARHCH PROPERLY, or don’t have the time too.

As knowledge increases and more information becomes available free this is going to get worse and worse.

Think of a time when you felt overwhelmed with the information coming at you.  Wether it was legal stuff, taxes, how to repair something, finding a simple recipe.

It is really insane and people are screaming “MAKE IT EASY, MAKE IT FAST, MAKE IT ENTERTAINING!”

So give the people what they want… and get rich 🙂

Remember… your job first and foremost is to become a killer information gatherer.  Document, research, find out, learn, help, grow. 🙂


Here is a fun little one that works wonders.

  1. set up a simple 1-3 page website based on a topic.
  2. put a question form or live chat button on the website
  3. save all the questions people ask you
  4. make resources on each question

In a month you will know so much about your market that you can BLOW THE LID off your new business and make a ton of money.  This is the exact same method I used to take a business from a small $242 its first month to over $2.5 MILLION DOLLARS.

ASK your visitors what they want.  Everyone likes to talk about themselves, become a good listener and get rich, just help them in the process.


Here is a fun little method where you go into your market and look for “off the beaten path” search terms that people are looking up in the process of learning something.

For example, if someone was looking for a loan modification… you would go to your favorite search engine and look for “loan modification glossary.”

What this will do is give you words that people are looking up most likely because they are in the process of a loan modification.

You will see things like:

Annual Percentage Rate (APR)
Debt-to-income ratio (DTI)
Principal Balance Reduction

The list goes on and on and on… and again… when we look these up in our search tool, we see that many people are in this process and need help, have questions ect…

Here are the results for deed in lieu…

Here are the results for principal reduction…

So you can see in this market there are TONS AND TONS of keyword possibilities and ideas that you can use to make your profit resources.

NOW… keep in mind when you do this… you are now getting traffic dirt cheap or even free that can be directed to things like…

Refinance: many people do not know that the current rates are so low that a refinance may save them from this issue without harming their credit… you can get paid $40 – 100 for a mortgage lead form.

You can also help these people by sending them to credit reporting offers, rental offers, and many other things that someone would do after foreclosing, short selling, or modifying their homes.

So get started… make some cool resources to help your market out and let’s get this show on the road.

Step Six: Setting Up Shop

Now its that time… time to set up your site / blog to deliver your resources to your market in a really cool way to you can promote affiliate offers, adsense, and your own products.

Step One: Go To right now and follow the directions for getting your domain name and web hosting account… this whole step will be about 15 minutes and about $6 a month or $70 per year.

This will prompt you to choose a domain name…

Step Two: Search For Your Domain Name (enter .com, net, or org like this

Make Sure You Enter Like This (availible TLD = .com, .net, .org, .me, ect)

Examples could be but use your name 🙂

For Me I Would Use or something

If You Cannot Think Of A Name Right Now… Don’t Worry just click

After Choosing Your Domain You Should Automatically Be Directed To The Correct Plan If You Used

Go Ahead And Choose Your Billing Options For Hosting…

You DO NOT Need Any Add Ons… However You Can Choose Privacy If You Want To Hide Your Information From The Public.

The 36 month option is the best deal but any will suffice.

Then finish the hosting signups and follow to the next step.

Here Are The Steps To Create Your Blog: (Click Here For DETAILED Video Instructions)

Plugins You Need

  1. All In One Seo Pack (in the wordpress directory)
  2. Affiliate Marketing Dude Tracker Plugin (
  3. Squeeze Blogs Plugin (

Next Go To and login… you will see…

Then Click “My Sites”  Then “Create Site”

Enter Your Site Name: if you picked a niche domain on use the main keywords for that niche site… ie if I got my title would be Get Leads For Mortgage… then my site tagline would be some other keyword phrase related to the first one or a slogan telling what they will get on my site.

Then Choose The Domain To Install To And LEAVE THE DIRECTORY BLANK.

You do not need any of the extra plugins so click those off.

Once it is all done installing make sure you save the username and passcode to a safe location and go to to login (that is actually gonna be your site name so instead of yoursitename… use your actual domain 😊

Add the regular settings on your wordpress panel


Step 1:  Set Up your Blog

Write your site title. On the tagline use a different keyword by using the micro niche finder.

Step 2: Set Up your Pages

Pick the keywords

“We could do job application cover letters which will appear on the About Us section.”

Step 3: Set Up your Post

Start your first post

“It must be about the main keyword. Find information and com


 Step 1: Add The Plugins Below…

Search and install “All in one SEO Pack” FREE
“this one helps you get ranked by giving you control of titles, keywords, and meta tags”

Search and install “Redirection” FREE TO MAKE LINKS (USE CLICK VOODOO) If You Can “It allows you to take any page, post, anything in your blog and take it somewhere else”

And Add my special “Funnel Voodoo Plugin”
my voodoo plugin allows you to have control of each widget so you can direct your visitors and make the search engines happy by giving relevant info.

And Add my “Smart Affiliate Ads Plugin”
this plugin allows you to place and create custom ads and offer links.

Install my “Slide Voodoo Plugin”
this one allows you to have a cool slide box that tracks and increases sales and opt ins.

All My Plugins Are Available With My Mentor Class At

Step 2: Set Up Widgets

Set Up Your Opt In Widget With Opt In Code / Adsesne / And Profit Centers

Set Up Your Thank You Widget With A Special Offer

Set Up Your Sales Widget With A Buy Button.

Check The Blog Profit Webinars For More Info, Plug-ins, And Tips.

Use These Videos To Set Up Your Profit Centers And Site “Flow”

Choose a theme or make a theme that is at least 900-1000 pixels wide with a sidebar of 225 – 325 wide.  You can have a header image but only if it does not distract from your marketing message and content.  EVERYTHING must be set up to get people to the things that pay you.

It can be getting them to join your newsletter / list, getting them to click on offers, driving them to adsense, getting them to download stuff, or whatever… just as long as its focused and gets their attention.  You Can Get My Customizable theme at

If your goal is to get them to opt in ie. join your newsletter or list… make sure the eyes are drawn to that part of the site.

To add the optin box is super easy using an aweber account (signup here) and funnel voodoo.

If your goal is to get them to an affiliate offer make sure it stands out and points them to it directly.  You cant beat around the bush and expect them to know what you are talking about in your sites.  You have to get their attention in three seconds or less or they are gone.

Remember just because they clicked an ad or search engine listing doesn’t mean they HAVE to be on your site.  No one is forcing them to read your content and they wont just read it because its there.  You must give them a reason right up front.

You Should Read My Site, Click My Ads, And Join My List BECAUSE ______________________

Make Your Sites / Blogs With This In Mind And You Will Do Well

Now make a page for them to opt in with… create a thank you post with your offers on it.

Then upload your resources… and BAM… you are ready to test.

Other Tools To Use:

Get Web Hosting And WordPress Here

Get Marcus’ Favorite Autoresponder Here

My Favorite Membership Site Software

Also check out my 300 click test plugin “voodoo ads” in your plugin section.

Step Seven: Get Some Traffic, Test Everything Out

The 300 Click Test:

Hopefully by now…

  • you have your niche market
  • you know what you are going to sell
  • you know how you are going to get traffic
  • AND you have your site / blog set up

Now its time to test everything and see what they click on.

If you need help on this what i would recommend is using the monetize plugin.

What this does is allows you to put little “content teaser” ads on your site.

The goal of these ads is to entice people to click so you can see exactly what they want.

Once the ads are on your site the plugin will track clicks on each one, rotate them, and give you a laser focused idea of what your market really wants.  PLUS this is done in a super cool way that doesn’t look like hype, or like a blatant advertisement.

It’s almost like you are just saying… here is the content of my site… what are you most interested in and BAM they go to an offer or another page based on what they want most.

Here is what the report looks like:

You can see here that the data is worth its weight in gold.

We have 9,454 total impressions (people who came to the site)

784 Clicks (people who clicked one of the ads)

8.29% CTR meaning that’s the percentage of visitors who clicked the ads

Then we get into the important part…

I can see that my top ad was “copy marcus’ profitable sites” meaning the majority of my visitors just want to copy something i have done.  That got their interest, that intrigued them.  That got them to clicks.

The second most popular ad was “Special CPA marketing webinar” so i can see many people are interested in learning about cost per action marketing with affiliate networks.

The third most popular… which wasn’t “THAT” great was learn the tech skills… that one wasnt a blockbuster at all coming in just over 1% which was almost 1/3rd of how the top ad performed.  So not many of my visitors are interested in that.

And the last one was “simple sites 2015” not a real blockbuster there either.

You can run this test in any market.

if you are in the recipe niche… you could have ads that say:

Fast Easy Recipes

Don’t Know What To Make

Gourmet Meals For Moms

1000s Of Recipes Free

After your test you will know exactly what is most important, what gets them to click, and what drives this market.  Armed with this information you can make a fortune 🙂

NOW here is the key… after you get the top performing ones, the ones that win by a landslide, its time to rotate out the bad performers with new ads and see if they can compete with the winners.

This is how you hone in and better your market.

My advice is to pay for traffic in the beginning for this test, link the ads to affiliate offers so you can try to recoup your money or even make a little.

This is how you earn while you learn about your market.

In high ticket markets you can do this just as well.

You can even ad “market sherlock” plug-in which will allow your visitors to ask questions.

Just say… what is your number one question about _______________

the plug in will take all the answers and organize them so you can see what people are most interested in as well.  Then you can even reply to the email and link them to stuff.

For example… if someone says “I’m having trouble converting an flv file” i can respond and link them to a software that helps with that thru my affiliate link and get paid.

When I first started doing this i was getting a 50% conversion on my emails, meaning if i emailed 10 people back from the question they asked… 5 would buy.  That was on a $297 product!

You can do this as an affiliate or with your own products.

To get good paid traffic watch the videos in your traffic section for setting up paid traffic accounts also check the Traffic Webinars videos on the simple sites desktop.

If you do not want to try paid traffic at this time use the following services to get “indexed” in the search engines fast if you are not already indexed.  For free traffic tips check out the traffic webinars.

If you are not sure if google has indexed you search for so if your domain was you would go…

if no results come up you are NOT indexed

if you see your site listed… then you are – super simple.

Here’s how to speed up the indexing…

Step 1: Go to “” and purchase the “48 Hour Google Listing” for a guaranteed listing.

(For traditional method, do a Google search for “your keyword” and look for directories or places that you can link your site to)

Step 2: Go To Forums And Post Helpful Answers While Leading Back To Your Site And Resources

You may also go to “” and post a video that links back to your site

Keep in mind this test can be used when buying email ads, banner ads, running youtube videos, paid traffic, article marketing, or whatever.  It really is limitless and at the end you will know what your visitors want.

After you run this test make sure you go thru the data, refine your marketing message and put the offers they like in front of them more and more.

So for me if i was to make a page, offer, or even a product where people got to copy my sites, it would be an instant blockbuster and make me a lot of money.

If you had a site about digital cameras and you found that most people want a pro camera for about $1000 you can put that stuff in front of them.

Remember, marketing is not a guess, its a super calculated method of finding out what people want and giving it to them.

ALSO: once the test is done be sure to go back to your affiliate offers and see which makes the most money for you, then you can work on pushing them more and making more.

Be sure to check out the DVD content for the “Make Your Investment Back Fast” guide and follow along.  PLEASE do not overcomplicate this, just do it.

Use this with your simple sites big profits home study course and you will be lethal 😉

Stick with it and if you need help you can get me on live chat (i try to be on there at least 1-2 hours per day) or in the members area. Enjoy, Marcus

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