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How to Make Money on Fiverr + Important Marketing Lesson 🙂 — affiliatemarketingdude at 

Today I’m going to show you a simple, easy way to make money with Fiverr. This is a cool tactic that has a good marketing lesson attached to it.

The other day I was looking for someone to create a bunch of buttons for me, like “Search” buttons and “Buy Now” buttons, things like that for our new plugins to give you guys some options to have on your site. To do this, I went to Fiverr. Fiverr is a website where you can outsource things really easily.

I was going through, searching for people to make buttons. I typed “PayPal Button” in the search bar.

I came across all kinds of people that were willing to create PayPal buttons for $5, or $10, or whatever it may be. They help you create them, or help you integrate them, things like that.

Lots of people are looking this up.

If we look at the Google AdWords tool, we see that every month, 8,100 people are searching for “PayPal button”. With “PayPal donate button”, 9,900 people every month are searching for it.

And look at your competition. It’s pretty much not even there.

“Create a PayPal button” “PayPal code”, “Create a PayPal button”, “Payment link button”, “PayPal donation”. There are thousands of people looking up PayPal buttons.

I want to let you in on a little secret. The secret is that no one wants a PayPal button.

“But Marcus, didn’t you just say that people are looking for PayPal? You just told me that thousands of people want PayPal.”

The secret is that no one really wants a PayPal button. What they want is sales and donations. The button is a vehicle to get them those sales and donations. They want to get the payment.

That’s what we call intent-based marketing. What’s the intent behind someone searching for a PayPal button? They want to make sales. Keep that in mind.

On Fiverr, these services are being sold. People are selling these every day.

Now, let me show you something really cool. In the tools that you have in the Simple Sites course, we have a PayPal button generator. So if you want to make $5, you can use the tool. But you don’t have to have the course–I’ll actually provide the tool for you for free.

You can find the tool here:

If you’re using the tool from the Simple Sites course, then this is what the tool section looks like.

[smart-affiliate-ads group=”5″ position=”random” limit=”3″]

Scroll down the page and click on the Buy Now Button Creator.

On the next page, you can choose your payment processor.  We choose PayPal because people want the PayPal button.

Then you choose the button you want, or you can make a custom one.

You put your item number in, the item name, your price, and your PayPal email (your client’s email). Then you can see that it generates a code.

This is the code that your client is looking for. So go ahead and copy this code.

They would take this code and place it in whichever type of website software they use.  So let’s say we wanted to put it on the home page of Affiliate Marketing Dude. In the Pages section on our site, we find the page where we want the code to go, and we click “Edit.”

Inside the text box, we go to the Text Editor in HTML, and we paste our code where we want it. Then we hit “Update”.

Now we have a fancy PayPal button.

This is really easy and something you can start right away. And you can do this with tons of things, not just PayPal buttons. We have other button generators as well.

So you can use this tool, you can go to Fiverr, and you can sell PayPal buttons all day long to your heart’s content. You can make $5 over and over again. All I ask is that when it works out for you, you come and buy my stuff, so that you can learn to make even more money.

There is an important lesson we can learn from this: you can make money on the internet really easily.

And here’s where the cool part comes in. When you create your PayPal button and you deliver it to someone, you can include something like a little guide on how to use it. Then in the guide, you can say, “Hey, by the way, if you want to learn how to increase your sales, or increase your donations, go to this website,” or whatever it may be. It could be an affiliate offer, your own offer, etc. (Just make sure to check Fiverr’s terms of service when you try this.) The fortune is in the follow-up.

Once again, to get the button creator, visit this link:

For more information, visit

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