Every Youtuber Needs This To Grow Fast And Earn Money


Every YouTubeR needs this.

That’s right. If you’re serious about growing an audience on YouTube and actually making money from it you need these three things.

It’s without question. You gotta have these things. If you want to grow and I’m going to show you exactly what these three things are and we’re starting right now. Hey guys welcome back. I’m Marcus a.k.a. the affiliate marketing dude. And today I’m going to show you the three things that every YouTuber needs to have if they want to grow and build a business from their channel. And if you like this kind of stuff. I’d appreciate if you’d subscribe because then you can get my latest videos and join us live and ask questions here when we do live trainings to teach you all about how to build your audience online. For right now let’s dive into those three things that you need to grow your audience here on YouTube. Number one the first thing you must have is a good domain name. This is a name that’s going to establish you in your market in your niche with your viewers. So it’s got to be something easy to remember. Here on my channel I use affiliate marketing do dot.com and affiliate dude dot.com. See how they’re easy to remember and they go with my channel. So whatever your channel is whatever the objective is. Put that in a domain name that’s easy to remember. Make sure you use a dot com because sometimes people don’t know the difference between dot coms and all the other stuff. So get a dot com to stand out. This is very very important and crucial because it’s going to have a place for your visitors to go and watch other videos get other tutorials and everything like that. Oftentimes here on the channel you’ll see that I recommend some things or I give a lesson and then I say go over to my site to get the download PBF of the lesson that you just learned. This is a great way to get visitors to go to your domain build up domain authority get traffic and bring him back over and over and over again. So get a good domain name. Very important. And by the way I actually have a special set of instructions on everything I’m talking about in this video that you can get over it video hacks dot com. That’s a video hack Ask.com you can get the list. Let’s dive in to number two. Number two is very important.

That is an auto responder an auto responder is a way to take your visitors that are watching your videos here on YouTube. And when they watch your videos you usually have a link in the description that link in the description is going to go to your domain name which is going to have your audio responder. Now what is an auto responder an auto responder is that thing you see on sites where it says put your name and email for more info. And it’s got like a big submit button.

 Now what this auto responder is going to do is going to capture all the names and e-mails of the people that are checking your site out and want to learn more about you and put them into a database. This database is extremely important because you could use this database to send emails when you come out with a new video thus building your audience building rapport with your community and starting like a little group of people who know like and trust you and want to get more content from you. This is extremely important because every time you come out with a new video you can now send it to all your visitors instantly. You are going to have new eyeballs on your video. Those are eyeballs just for clarification. Now in addition to having videos and everything like that you can also send emails with links to offers and various things you promote. So let’s say you have a tech channel you have a tech channel that talks about all kinds of tech things and cameras and recorders and all kinds of stuff like that and you get these people watching your videos. Now what’s going to happen is a very small percentage is going to click the links in the description. Extremely small an even smaller percentage is actually going to buy the product. So instead of putting that link in the description straight to an affiliate offer what I like to do is I’d like to say go get a PDF download of what I just talked about with the links to the best places to buy these products with links. Very cool and best prices. So now they’re going to go over there they’re going to put their name and email and I can send them offers over and over and over again as long as I want it as long as it’s something relevant to whatever my channels about. [00:04:25][93.1]

[00:04:26] And because of this your viewers are going to be extremely happy.

[00:04:36] Thus growing your audience making you more money and growing a community in your niche very important. Now the third thing every YouTube needs is a custom three director. A custom redirect or something that’s going to build links on your site. For example I like to use affiliate dew dot com because it’s very short. Now I could make a video and say go to affiliate dew dot com slash money and I get set up a link very quickly in about three seconds that will direct them wherever I want them to go. Now this is very important because I can change the link at the drop of a hat. I could see how many people click the link and it’s a link on my domain instead of one of those big Liza crazy link redirects. That’s really hard to type in. Imagine trying to tell people go to a bit dot l y slash one two three. Question mark q r w 5 4 7. Instead I just say go to affiliate News.com slash money or something like that. Very very simple. So a custom redirect or something that’s going to catch the eyes of your visitor in the description of your video and even something you can mention on the video on the screen. Just like on this video how I tell you to go get the PDA download of all these things where to get them how to set it up and everything like that over a video hack Ask.com. See how easy that is very simple very easy to set up the redirect and boom I can get you to go there and get that PDA off and build everything up. And this is how my latest videos get more eyeballs on them. This is how I make more money and this is how I engage with my audience in a real cool way. As a bonus step number four what I would also do is set up a WordPress. [00:06:18][102.2]


What a WordPress blog is going to do is it’s going to allow you to post your latest videos and get extra search engine traffic. So instead of just getting traffic from YouTube now you can post your video on your blog with a little description and boom it’s going to start to rank in the search engines. People are going to start to binge watch even more and the amount of visitors that go to your site is going to skyrocket. [00:06:41][18.2]

 You could literally set up a WordPress blog in about 15 minutes. I’m going to show you exactly how over at video hacks dot com. So we’re going to go over here. You’re going to learn how to set this up and then what’s going to happen is now you’re going to have tons of pages for each of your videos. I show you how to post the video on the page in a very written in a very easy way and then you put a description and imagine what’s going to happen when you now have all these video pages on your site on your blog that are getting search engine traffic getting visitors back to you. And boom. Now everyone’s going to start to recognize you as an authority in your niche. These are the four things that a YouTube are absolutely needs in my opinion to grow make money and become a influencer. That actually makes change which is really cool. If you want to learn how to set all these up and get this list. I have a special guide for you that’s going to walk you through it. You can set everything that I just mentioned up in about 45 minutes using this guide going to video hack Ask.com put your name and email on the guide. Not only are you going to see exactly how this works but you’re also going to be able to set this up in a very very quick way and be off and running. Literally like right now. Thanks again for watching. I’m Marcus. Make sure you subscribe and hit the bell if you like this video. Post a comment. Give us a light and check out the next video that’s going to pop up around here somewhere. All about how to grow your YouTube channel make more money and pretty much do all that kind of stuff. So if you like that. Check out that other video. It’s going to pop up around here somewhere. Thanks again for watching. I’m Marcus a.k.a. the affiliate marketing dude.

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