Drop Servicing VS Drop Shipping – Make Money

Drop Servicing VS Drop Shipping – Make Money

What Is Drop Servicing?

drop servicing is all about finding people who want a service, outsourcing it to a place like fiverr, upwork, or even your own team of outsourcers…

and selling the service for a profit…

How Does DropServicing Work?

drop servicing works by finding gaps in the market place between people who want some service done and the people who do the service…

you are the middle man and you pocket the difference.

What Are The Keys To Making Profit?

  • BE Unique
  • Bundle
  • Bonus

How To Find Buyers?

SEO – takes some time and can be kinda competetive

PPC – gonna be tough on some keywords… it can be done but you have to be super creative.

Forums – you could go post answers to questions on forums and have a custom footer/signature linking to your service site.

Facebook Groups – there are tons of facebook groups that help people with certain topics from wordpress, to clickfunnels, to paypal, to social media stuff.

List Of Top Drop Servicing Niches

  • Search Engine Submissions And Back links
  • Blog Writers, Articles, And Content
  • Social Media Content
  • Custom WordPress Themes
  • Explainer Videos And Whiteboard Videos
  • WordPress Repair And Fixing
  • Gateway Pages For SEO
  • Infusionsoft / Clickfunnels / help and services
  • Lead Capture Page Design
  • Logo Designs And Packages
  • Newsletter Content
  • Paypal Buttons And Shopping Carts
  • Social Media Management

You’ve heard of drop shipping, but what about something easier, less risky and a whole lot more profitable? Oh, yeah. And you can get tons of hot targeted traffic for free. Introducing drop servicing. So if you want to learn all about drop servicing, how it works, how I’ve made over seven figures with it, plus three secret tactics that you can use to boost your earnings and start making money right now. Well, then stick around.

Today, what we’re going to do is talk about drops servicing.

Now, I’ve got to tell you, if you like these kind of videos and you want to learn more about how to make money on the Internet, make sure you subscribe and click the bell notification icon. That way, you get my latest videos about making money and you can join us live every week on Wednesday when I’m here to answer all your questions. Now let’s dove right in and talk about what is drop servicing.

Well, drop servicing is a lot like drop shipping. Only instead of selling a product, you’re going to be selling a service, which could be a lot more profitable when done correctly.

I’m going to show you three killer ways to make this even more profitable and set it up in less than an hour. So drop servicing is all about finding people who want a service.

Outsourcing it to a place like fiver up work, higher writers or even your own team of outsourcers.

And then you take that service and you sell it for a profit.

For example, here are some keywords people are looking up related to SEO articles. They want some articles for their web site that are going to get them search engine rankings. Now we could go through and we could get these articles written for anywhere from three dollars to 50 dollars depending on how big the article is. Now, I can take that article and I could sell it for maybe 50 or 100 dollars or even more depending on what the customer is looking for. This is very easy to do because most people don’t want to do the work of finding the right person to write the article and make sure it’s OK and they don’t know how to do it and everything like that.

So we’re going to do that for them, be the middleman and pocket the difference.

It’s very, very easy.

All we need to do is set up a PayPal button, which you could do in the simple site’s course. There’s a PayPal button generator. I simply put in the item number here, put in the item, name the price, my pay out email and boom, I put this code on my site and instantly they’ll be able to buy the service and I can do all the stuff there. How does drop servicing work anyway? Well, drop servicing works by finding gaps in the marketplace. And I got to tell you, there’s a lot of gaps.

We’re going to show you some in just a minute.

And the gap is between the people who want a service done and the people who do the service. You are basically the middleman and you pocket the difference. Some examples of services could be how to add your Web site to Google. This could be back linking or submission services hiring blog writers.

You could see lots of people searching for these things content for Instagram, which you could get extremely cheap. I recently purchased 100 different Instagram post content for less than 30 dollars. Now I could resell that for a pretty penny. There’s also people looking for custom WordPress themes, explainer videos, which your little videos that explain a topic how to fix their WordPress site and do various things on WordPress. This would be under programing or coding. Actually, a lot easier than it sounds. How to build gateway pages for search engine rankings linking infusion soft with WordPress, which again is pretty easy, but people will pay a pretty penny to fix their site and make it work. There’s also designing and setting up lead capture pages logo design, which gets a ton of searches newsletter content. Actually, a friend who outsources newsletter content and has a huge recurring revenue business model known him for several years and he’s done really well using this exact same tactic how to setup and sell an e-book, articles setting up a PayPal shopping cart, which is super easy. Social media management, which pays thousands per month and on and on we go. So as you can see, this is an extremely easy way to start making money online almost instantly. And you could literally go out there and find tons of people willing to provide these services and charge more for the services and pocket the difference, which is pretty cool. But there are some keys to making this work. If you really want to hit a home run and make lots of money.

The three keys are number one.

Be unique.

There’s tons of people providing these services online. So what’s gonna make you stand out? What’s the secret sauce that you have that no one else offers? So if you’re doing SEO articles, maybe you could do the keyword research for them and provide articles based on the research keywords that you find and provide them as a package deal. Or if you’re doing videos, maybe you can even script the video for them. Spend an hour, write a little video script. Have it outsourced and charge maybe five hundred or a thousand dollars for a simple little video. If you’re doing the technical stuff like pay pal, buttons, infusions, soft and WordPress, maybe you could meet people where they’re at and provide services and solutions directly for what they’re looking for rather than just all in one services. I can provide how to fix your WordPress admin or something like that, or how to make PayPal work with infusions off or something like that. Maybe order buttons, shopping carts, things of that nature and charge a lot more for him. Or if we’re doing logos, maybe I could provide like a different service where I provide a logo and a website design or a logo and a WordPress theme or something like that. So being unique is one of the major keys to making this work.

The next big profit key is bundle.

Can I bundle various services to make this work?

This is a lot like the example I told you where we do the keyword research and then we get the articles for them. We’re bundling two things together, one where I do the research and two, where we get the content and we’re able to charge for five, even 10 times as much because of the service that we provide. Or if you’re doing logos, maybe you can provide logos and themes or if you’re doing shopping carts, maybe you can do shopping carts and PayPal or shopping carts and infusion soft or something with click funnels or something of that nature. And there’s lots of gaps in these marketplaces. If you just do the keyword research for how to do whatever on infusion soft or how to add a button to click funnels or how to create an entire funnel or something like that where you’re providing a little bit extra. And if you bundle these services together, you’re able to make a lot more. And it’s not that hard to do.

Now, the third key to making this work is to add a bonus.

What kind of bonus offer can I give them? Maybe I can give them a one hour call where I train them, how to set up their articles on WordPress, or maybe I bundle it with me actually setting up the content on their WordPress. Or maybe I bundle the video with how to upload it or something like that. Or maybe I provide some bonus videos on how to use the stuff that I just delivered to them. Adding bonuses is a great way to get more people to buy more stuff in a very easy manner. And remember, if you’re unique, you bundle your products and services and you add a bonus, you’re literally unstoppable and you set yourself apart from the other people doing the same thing in your industry.

Now let’s talk about how to get traffic and find buyers.

First off, you could do SEO, you could build a Web site and try to get ranked in the search engines for various different keywords related to your service. There’s lots of keywords you could go for for people looking for how to fix WordPress or how to fix their infusionsoft after their click funnels or their click bank or their whatever.

Very, very easy to find people like that.

And it’s not that hard to rank for these terms because there are so many specific terms to different specific products and platforms that it’s literally endless. Now, the problem with SEO is that it could take some time to get ranked sets a little bit. So you’ve got to wait. And I’m not a big fan of waiting. So if you don’t want to wait, the next option is using paid traffic. This is where you pay for traffic from the search engines or Facebook or whatever it is. You could simply pay for traffic that has people in your audience looking up keywords or in certain groups that are looking for different ways to fix certain things or create content or manage their social media. And you can get in front of them and sell your services very, very easy and very fast. Now, the downside to this is that sometimes these words can be kind of expensive. And unless you’re selling something for five hundred or a thousand dollars or more, it’s probably not going to work that well. But if you are in the thousand dollar range, you can probably make this work in an easy way.

Just keep in mind that some of these words will be anywhere from a dollar to ten dollars or more per click. That means you pay for people to visit your website, and if they don’t buy, you still have to pay for them. So it’s a little risky.

Now the next two methods are really cool and they have virtually no risk involved.

This is where you could go through and you can go to forums where people are asking questions about specific things like how to fix WordPress or where do I get logos or how do I design a custom theme or things like that where there’s literally tons of forums and millions of people viewing them every day. And you could simply go on these forums and post answers to the questions and then have a little footer or a signature that says, hey, if you like this stuff, go over to my site to see some services we have or hey, if this is too difficult. Click here and my team, I’ll do it for you or something very simple like this. I’ve used forums to make lots of money and it’s very easy and there’s virtually no risk. All you gotta do is post some answers to questions.

And of course the last method, which is super risk free, is to use Facebook groups.

Right now there are thousands, maybe millions of Facebook groups for various topics around these things, how to manage social media, how to do YouTube stuff, how to set up a website, WordPress, click funnels, infusions, soft, anything, you name it. And they’re out there and they’re looking for solutions and they ask questions in these groups. You could simply answer the question in the group and then say, hey, contact me if you want to have us do this for you and save yourself some money or something like that. Very, very simple. Very easy. And you can get customers like that. I’ve used Facebook groups to make a lot of money and get a lot of customers simply by answering questions that people are having in a group. Now, in addition to just answering one guy’s question, you’re also going to be seen by everyone who’s watching that thread and everyone is a potential customer.

Now, over the years, I’ve used Drop servicing to make a lot of money.

I first started off in the year 2000 when I would do exactly what I taught you, which is to do the keyword research and to provide content for people and put it on their Web site to help them get search engine rankings. I was able to do this and I was outsourcing these for 50 to 100 dollars and selling them for 500, 1000, even 2000 dollars a pop for doing the work for them. And I didn’t even have to write any content. Everything was outsourced.

All my customers were happy because we provided good work and found good people to do the stuff that we needed done. And this dropped servicing model is a great way to get to six figures a year or more. Now, I’ve got to tell you, the results are not typical, implied or guaranteed. I don’t know how much you’ll make, but I do know this is a pretty straightforward method. And if you do it, you should be able to get some results.

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