DIY Sales Funnel and Landing Pages with WordPress Full Tutorial EASY!

Hello and welcome to today’s special Wednesday morning live training!

Today we’re gonna be doing a live demonstration!

I want to kind of preface this because these live demonstrations are actually extremely difficult to do. A lot of stuff going on. Got to make sure we got you know codes hidden and things like that. They’re very difficult to do so bear with me. We’re gonna try to do our best.

We’re gonna show you exactly how everything works and we’re gonna try to set up a landing page and an affiliate marketing funnel in WordPress in about an hour.

We’re gonna show you everything we use. I’m gonna show you the tools, the software, the tutorials, the things and everything like that. You’re gonna get the whole deal, the real deal, step-by-step. Take you by the hand. Show you how to set these things up. Does that sound good? If it sounds good tell me your name and where you’re listening from and say, “Marcus, that sounds good!”.

If you can hear me type something in the box. Let me know and we are gonna get this show on the road. We are gonna go through and show you guys the real deal like what does it take to actually make this stuff work? What does it take to make a landing page that’s going to make you money?

A lot of people tuning in. If you are in North Carolina or where the storms hit, our condolences go to you. Hopefully everything is okay. Stay safe. Watch the webinar later unless you’re totally bored and you can’t go back to your house.

Then by all means let me entertain you for an hour so let’s go ahead and dive right in! Let’s talk about how this works.

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So let’s dive right in. Let’s cut past off junk. Let’s get to what this really is about.

This is about creating a funnel.

What is a funnel? What does a funnel look like? How do we deal with funnels? Well the idea of a marketing funnel is to capture visitors and get them where you want them to go. Because what are we? If we’re affiliate marketers, basically what we are is traffic directors.

Our job is to direct traffic to various different place. We’re gonna go through here and I’ll open up my little sketch pad thing here. You guys can see what I’m talking about so you

could see it mapped out before we actually build it and then we’re gonna go in and we’re gonna build it with WordPress.

So here’s the idea. This is our little sketcher program. Our DIA here is to take our traffic. They come from whatever like let’s say you get them from Google, Facebook keywords, YouTube, whatever you get your traffic. This is your traffic. Now your traffic is going to come in and your traffic needs to go somewhere.

In the olden days they used to preach a thing called direct linking where you would just take your traffic and you’d link them directly to the affiliate offer.

If you were like doing a Clickbank offer, you just pop this bad boy into your traffic place and you’d send them directly to the offer. Pretty basic. Now the downside of doing that is you can’t presell people. I am solely relying on that site to convert and at the end of the day if they convert 1 percent, even if I make money, 99 out of every hundred clicks is being wasted which sucks. That’s why we don’t like to do direct linking.


There’s another method. The second method is what’s called a landing page.

A landing page is where you go through and you make a little site. So you got your page here and you’re like, okay I’m gonna make a site. The direct point of the site is ultimately to get people to that link. So it’s like direct linking but we’re like kind of preselling them. So I’d be like, “Hey man you know you want to lose weight, check this offer out! it’s really good I tested it out. I lost 5 pounds.” Obviously make it true and everything like that but you’re kind of preselling the offer.

The idea again is to take my traffic, go to landing page, then let’s hope they buy. There’s some waste there. You’re gonna waste some traffic and some people are not going to be interested. You got to deal with that.

So third option is what’s called a funnel.

You can have a simple funnel. We’re gonna keep our affiliate link over here. You can have a simple funnel. A simple funnel would be maybe I have a video here or something like that or an image. So we’d have our video and would be like, great I’m gonna teach you how to lose weight. Then we’ll go in and we’re like well you watch the video. Now I want you to put your name and I want you to put your email in the box.

This gets people into your stuff. This allows you to email them which is good because I could be like, hey man I noticed you filled out the form to get my free report on how to lose weight and you didn’t order the thing yet I was just checking why. Maybe you should go order the thing. Here’s the link.

You could also send them a tip. Tip number one, drink lots of water. Tip number two, you know play basketball. Tip number three, don’t sit on the couch eating chips. Watch TV on a treadmill. Obviously I’m making this up this is not to be used or taken seriously but that the idea is we’re gonna give them some tips.

On the webinar we’re gonna show you how to do all this. Now your funnel is designed to get these people. They come in. They go to your browser or your site. They put their name and email. That takes them to a database. I can take all the people who are on the database and I could email them. I can make money as I email them which is great. That’s good! That’s like how to make lots of money if you want to do that.

What we do after they put their name and email in is we could then take them to what’s called a thank-you page.

Then we’re like, hey check it out! Thank you so much for requesting your special guide on how to do webinars while having a cold.

Now, I want you to click the link and order the product. You just go straight for the order on the Thank You page.

You can have an elaborate funnel or a simple funnel. It would be like just collecting name and email. An elaborate funnel might be pay, put your name, put your email and then order something. Maybe you have like a book funnel or maybe you have a sales funnel. You’re getting people throughout the loop.

Does everyone get the benefit of having a funnel? Does everyone get that like you direct link, you’re kind of hoping that you know it works? You have a landing page. It’s a little bit better. You can pre-sell them, see what they click on. That’s good! Or you could build a funnel, capture people, make lots of money.

So now that that is described, let’s dive right in and let’s talk about how to build these. What I did before we started is I set up a brand new WordPress. This took me about 30 seconds to set up, bought the domain, blinked it to the host, push the button. WordPress is there and here we are. I have a new WordPress site coming soon. I can log in. If you don’t know how to get to this step, go to It has the directions. It teaches you how to do this and boom there you go!

Now that’ll teach you how to get to this page. Once you’re on this page, you just go ahead and log in. So we’re gonna log in, easy, simple.

So first of all, we go here. Just go to your site and it’ll have the admin login. We’re gonna go in here and we’re going to click. Now you’re gonna see how the funnel stuff that I have is way better than anything else out there when it comes to WordPress. Why? It’s because it’s designed for the marketer in mind that wants to get conversions.

If you want to get conversions like if you want to go out there and not make money and have no one, opt-in and just have a blog. Lots of people have blogs and they make no money but if you actually want to make money and do this, I would highly recommend you use the plugins we show you.

Here’s what we’re gonna do. We’re gonna go in here. We’re gonna click login. Once we go to login, we’re gonna have this page. This is our basic WordPress member page admin site. This is where you go.

First thing we got to do is click launch. That’s gonna take our page and instead of showing this ugly welcome site, we’re gonna go like this. A lot of people go through and they’re like, Marcus I don’t want to make my site live yet. They don’t make it live which is kind of a pain in the butt because it’s like,

So first and foremost, regardless of what you think because a lot of people are like I don’t want to make my site live because whatever reason make the thing live, seriously just make it live. No one’s gonna care. No one gives a rip unless you’re doing something that’s not good. What that’s gonna do is it’s gonna give us this, like cactus picture pretty simple. So there we go. We got our cactus that means our site is live. This is what it looks like. It doesn’t look like a funnel. It doesn’t look like anything. It just looks like a welcome to my blog.

Next, we are going to go to our settings. We’re gonna go to general. Under general settings, we’re gonna type in our site title if it’s not already in there and we’re gonna put our tagline. Tagline would be like how to lose or how to get six-pack abs or something like that. Everything else looks good. Automatically makes it secure which is good. Hit save changes.

Next, we’re gonna do writing. Underwriting everything looks okay. Then we’re gonna go to reading. This is very very very important. Our home page displays by default. It says your latest post, we want static. We’re gonna choose sample page because that’s the only page on a brand new blog. We’re gonna hit save. This is crucial. This is what makes the funnel thing work.

Now we’re gonna go to discussion.  We’re gonna go to permalinks. Under permalinks we want not day in name. We want post name. This is what we want right here. Hit save changes. We went post name. It’s gonna take this from posts to the sample page. When it loads, it’ll be a tada! There we go! A sample page. Put our little tagline. Everyone on the up-and-up type. If you’re on the up-and-up, this stuff’s basic, don’t over complicate it. Don’t go do stuff that I don’t tell you to do. Don’t type weird languages in the thing here or we’ll have to meet you. Because we don’t understand that so try to keep it English.

So sample page there we go. This is our basic structure so those are the first things you want to do.

Next we’re gonna go through plugins.

In the new WordPress they have this Guttenberg plugin. I’m not a fan of it yet might be later. I’m actually going to a seminar about that just because I was curious and I need to get out of the house but we’re gonna deactivate Guttenberg. We’ll just keep it deactivated. We need our site to look good.

Now what we got to do is we got to make it party. We got to have a pretty looking blog. You can’t have a stupid looking one. Now mine are stupid looking but they’re also very very basic and easy okay so we’re gonna go through here. We’re gonna take a look at this and we are going to make a theme. I took the liberty of downloading all the stuff that you’re gonna want to download when you do this stuff. All of these are included in today’s offer and they’re also included in our mentor program or simple sites program.

These are all the plugins and themes and tools and wonderful things. If you want to get them, cheapest way to get them is go to MarcusMentor.Me. There’s these plugins and like a bunch more. There’s these themes and a bunch more but an effort to not confuse myself, I just put the four that we need in here. So check this out! 

We’re gonna go to webinar theme. We’re gonna extract it. As a rule of thumb, do not ever extract plugins. Don’t need to the plugins. These plugins up here we’re gonna leave them zipped because that’s how you upload them. We’re only extracting the theme because we want to change stuff.

How many of you guys are like, “Holy crap that’s a lot of files! I’m confused. I give up. I don’t want to be an internet marketer anymore. Marcus this is too difficult. What’s an archive and if you open these it gets even worse!” Good thing we don’t have to know what this means.

All you need to know is to go to images and you just need to look because I made this for you to make it easy. I want you guys to look at this and if you wanted to change the logo on your theme, what do you think you would do? What do you think you’d do if you wanted to change the logo on your theme? Look at your screen. We’re gonna see if anyone gets this very difficult question right you’d probably go to logo here and change the file. Pretty easy right? So we’re doing a belly fat site. I could just go here. I could open this. We’ll open it in Snagit editor. The Snagit program actually comes with our landing page program.

Yes, I’m actually buying you someone else’s software when you join my course. You can get that at It’s a course. We’re going to teach you how to make all this stuff in detail and go through the ins and outs of how to make highly converting landing pages as a bonus for joining the course.

I’m gonna pay out of my pocket for a fifty dollar program for you because I think it’s that important that you have it! All you got to do is change your logo. If you want to make a logo, what I use is Snagit and I also use the program The Laughing Bird.

You can get a list of all of these at and that should work. The laughing software is actually extremely easy to use. In this program I use it to create special pages or special logos. I’m gonna put the direct link in the box. If you wonder how I can make these so fast and so cool it’s because of my plugins. Let’s just check it for WordPress funnel cool it.

See how easy that is! My stuff rocks. My plugins are great. That’s my plug on the plugins. We’re gonna make a little logo. We’re gonna make like a belly fat thing. We could choose any of them. I bought all of them which you should buy all of them but get them through my link because you get bonuses over at

We’ll go through and this actually is really good for YouTube thumbnails as well. This is what I make all mine in so we could go through here and we’ll just do like logo templates. We’ll make a logo so belly fat, let’s see here. We’ll go here find something that looks cool. Let’s use this. We’re gonna go here Super T, we will get to that in a minute. Now this logo has nothing to do with belly fat.

We’re gonna go to I think we should be able to just copy this and let’s see. Let’s actually download it just so we get the better resolution. We’re gonna download this guy, save picture as and we’ll save it and their pictures and belly boom! There we go.

All we have to do is go to our laughing logo thing and we could do file import and we’ll get him. I’m gonna do it the easy way. The easy way is to use Snagit capture. This little capture box will come up like this and we’ll just go. We’re gonna copy this dude and we’re gonna put him over here in the laughing bird. Then we’re gonna do something like Lose stubborn belly fat, excellent. He’s got his popcorn. He is ready to lose his fat and let’s make a little bit bigger. There we go!

You can make it fancy. I don’t spend a whole lot of time on my logos because it doesn’t matter. This is what I made my logos in so like landing page dude affiliate marketing dude video hacks. All my logos were made in this and guys it’s a thirty dollar software. So go to, get this software, buy all of his stuff. Just trust me. I’m trying to get him to make one link for all this stuff but I’m still waiting on it so we can go through and we could make an outline if we want to. When you’re done, watch how easy this is.

We go back to our Snagit. Capture to do, capture. Here’s our logo.

How many of you guys are like, “Dude are you kidding me? Did you just make a logo that looks pretty cool in like four seconds?” But you guys get the idea right? If you like that type, you could do a lot fancier than that.

Now all we got to do is go to our logo here. Size it up. You could make it a little bit bigger if you want. Let’s see whose stubborn belly fat. I’m gonna do something a little bit different here because the sizing on this is a little weird. I’m gonna use these shapes. I’m just gonna make a white shape. Get rid of the outline. Go get rid of the shadow. We’re gonna make another one. We’re gonna take our dude. Put her dude in here. Shrink him down and there he is! Again you can take your time on these. You can make him as good as you want or as lame as you want. Totally up to you! It doesn’t matter to me but make it bleed into your message. Everything’s got a lead in your message so there we go!

There’s our logo. File save. What that’s gonna do is it’s gonna save the logo over top of the old logo one. There you go!

Now background. We want a cool background. We don’t want something like if you upload the theme as is it’ll just say logo and background so you got to change this stuff.

We’re gonna do a background. We can go back to clipart or to go clipart. Let’s do beach people that like to lose weight. Let’s go here and we’ll do the beach. Let’s see how big this one is. You want something really big so that it fits. The way that I made this theme for you is it keeps everything static while the page moves. You guys will see once we upload it.

So we’re gonna go like this. It’s gonna load. Hopefully we’ll get rid of the dude. I think the dude will go away because it’s kind of big so we’re just gonna save this and I’m just gonna save it where I have my theme. Theme images and then we’re gonna change it over top. Let’s see where’d it go. So we’re gonna do page that jpg and that should save it over it. Let’s see if it does.

Now in our file we should have the two images, page and object. Let’s go ahead and open this and snag it and just give it a little trim because we don’t really want the dude here. So let’s do this file save and that should work. If it looks funny, we’ll just go back and change it.

Once you’re done changing the two images, how many of you guys are like dude two images? I can change two images. If you can change two images, type two images in the box. If you don’t think you can do it then don’t. Yes the replay will be up. I think they’re pretty much instant as soon as we’re done.

When you’re done, you’re gonna take all this. You’re gonna highlight it and we are going to right-click on this and we’re gonna hit send to zip.

If you guys join my landing page class, I’ll actually have my guy who makes notes, make a totally cool printout note thing with screenshots for you. If you want to join it, There will be a manual going through this webinar and the other webinars.

So there we go. Webinar theme. There we go. Check it out! That’s it! Like all that code stuff, we didn’t need to know nothing.

So we’re gonna go appearance themes and this is themes that I include. There’s tons of them right from stuff like social media themes to themes like for opt-ins to themes for one-page sales page. Everything is ready for you!

We’re gonna go upload theme, browse, we’re gonna find that webinar theme. So there we go, webinar theme! There we go. Check it out! It should work so get rid of belly fat fast, did you do lose stubborn belly fat? The only thing not working is our background image and it is working so check it out!

So we got a logo. We got a theme. Spend as much time on this as you want. So here’s the first part of your funnel. Now again all these themes are in my stuff so you could get that!

There we go! Now we got to go and add some plugins.

These plugins are also part of the landing page course and they’re part of my mentor course and simple sites. If you don’t yet have the landing page course and you like this webinar, go join the landing page course at You’re gonna get themes, plugins, tools. You get all kinds of stuff so let’s go through the plugins.  

We’re gonna go to plugins. We’re gonna go to add new, upload and we’re gonna go back to our web team stuff. We’re gonna start with AFD links. Your version of a VFD links will be called click voodoo because all our stuffs being rebranded as voodoo. I just didn’t have time to get the new version but it’s pretty much the same thing. So yours is gonna be called click voodoo. We’re gonna go here and we’re gonna go like this and click install now. It’s going to give you something to track your links. So we’re gonna install it and it’s gonna pop up here. Again yours will be called click voodoo and it’ll be a lot fancier than this because we upgraded it but that’s what it’s gonna look like.

This allows you to track your legs. This is the one that I will use to make this link right. If you guys were wondering how I fix that link so quick and made everything work, this is what I do. Let’s just call it CB fat loss, Clickbank fat loss. That’s just for me. That’s what I remember.

Next we’re gonna get our link. We put our big ugly Clickbank link in there or Beck’s bounty link or whatever. They’re always ugly so what we do is we pop it right in here. Shortened URL. There you go!

Now watch what happens! It goes to the offer. Really easy! You use this for everything like I could put tons of links in there and it has a tracker so I could see that I clicked it. I got a click. Wonderful!

So that’s the affiliate marketing dude tracker plug. It’s super easy to use. I designed these. I spent a fortune building these for you. Use them! They’re great! They work. That’s the first plug-in you want to have so that you can do that.

Now all I need to do is remember my domain/belly. That’s it but isn’t it easy to go to instead.

Now you can have as many as you want. It’ll track them. It’ll make it easy. You can use them in your emails. You can use them everywhere. I use this all the time. I’ve owned plugins. I actually built my plugins for me but I’m very kind and I give them to people who pay me to be part of my courses. So that’s the first one. Affiliate marketing dude tracker.

The next one over here is plugins. Add new. Upload. introducing funnel voodoo, our brand new funnel plugin which is awesome!

So our brand new funnel plugin. Activate and guys like you could get these in our mentor program for 70 bucks a month. You can download all the plugins and you can quit the next month if you want. You won’t get the updates and everything. You won’t get the training but you could do that which means you’ll be paying like I don’t know 4 bucks a plugin which you could do that.

What if the offer goes down? Well if you were using the old method, you’d be like host. I’d be host. I’ve been hosted a lot of times by actually getting Google rankings on my affiliate link instead of my site then the offer went down and I was messed up so instead, you just go in and you’re like oh my the offer went down and you go to your affiliate dude tracker plug-in. You click on the little pencil and you put your new offer in here instead.

So back to the funnel voodoo. We had a drum wall. We had everything going cool. You can get all these plugins at MarcusMentor.Me. So it says in the description that I wrote for this plugin, it’s an awesome tool!

The funnel voodoo is what makes the funnel process on WordPress work. So we’re gonna go to funnel voodoo and check it out. By the way, I paid a guy on Fiverr to make this and I actually splice them together in the programs.

Here it is, funnel voodoo. Welcome! You’re gonna notice on your funnel voodoo plugin which I should charge a lot more for this but right now I’m not. You get eight different opt-in pages. What’s an opt-in page? You get eight affiliate pages you get eight ad pages for Adsense or whatever. There are their ads. You get eight Thank You pages. Eight sales pages. Why are those there? We’ll show you in just a minute.

Here’s what we’re gonna do. We want to take this. We got our page. It looks good. It’s got our popcorn eating dude. He’s ready to go to the movies and lose weight from our site. We got our sample page. We got all this stuff over here. How do we turn this into a funnel? We go to the funnel voodoo.

We click on opt-in. We click on enable. We ignore the title because it doesn’t really matter. We click on pages. We want it on the pages then we put some content. We say, get my belly fat busting guide here. We Center it. We make it big. We make it big and we make it red because red stands out. Then we’re gonna go through and we could put some arrows or something.

There we go! Let’s edit this. Open with snag it. I want these smaller file save.

The title doesn’t matter. That’s just for you so if you want to know what it is, it’ll just keep for you. You’ll be like, Hey this is the opt-in for the Guru class or this is the opt-in for whatever. It’s just for you. I bet you could put whatever you want in there. Now we’re gonna hit insert. Now we got our title Get my belly fat busting guide. This is like using Microsoft Word.

Now we’re gonna do Aweber. If you’re not using Aweber, just click this tab and put your code in here. Go to text. Put your code in here. If you’re using Aweber, watch how easy this is. Put your list name. Put your thank you URL. Your Thank You URL is going to be a post on your site. We’ll go dashboard. We’re gonna go to a post. Did you do open a new tab? We’ll go to the post and we’re just gonna view it and we’re going to copy this link. This is our post. We’re gonna put this in here. Now we choose three bullet points. These are bullets that you are going to give them so they’re gonna get your belly fat busting guide. That means you’re gonna learn the secrets to stubborn belly fat and you’re gonna discover the seven foods not to eat plus I’m gonna give you get my free weight loss calculator.

We’re gonna choose the white theme because we have a layout that has a white column over here. That’s it! Save. Then we just go to our parents. We go to our widgets. In your widgets section, you only have to do this one time to take all these out. Take them all out and all we want in there is funnel.

Now they go to your Thank You page. So there’s a basic funnel.

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We’re ready to go theme. I could make a little bit longer because this little edge is bugging me. That’s all I got to do.

Make it like probably three pixels longer. Now what we want to do is want to make our page. We got to make content here because obviously no one’s gonna opt in if it’s like, “Hey this is an example page and bla bla bla.”  There we go!

What we’re gonna do is we’re gonna click edit now. Editing a page is really really easy. We change the name of it and we’ll be like how to lose belly fat. We could put our content in here. I’m a big fan of video based opt-in pages. They work great but you can also use image and content based pages as well. So if I was going to use content based pages, I’d be like, “Learn the seven foods not to eat so you can lose stubborn belly fat!”

If I was going to do this, what I would do is I would make a PDF or I’d make a guide and I would take a picture of the guide. Let me see if I can find a PDF real quick. I would just take one of my PDF. So let’s say we’re just gonna use this as an example, but we’re gonna say we use my PDF that you get. The PDF that you get of the book I was just talking about. What I would do is let’s pretend this was about belly fat. I would just take a picture of this and snag it right like this. Then I would take and use this. I would make something like this. I’m gonna make it more square because that’s how the site looks. Let’s make this white. Then I would put our guy here.

I don’t think everyone is saying I’m a scam. Does everyone on this webinar saying that, right I don’t think so, there’s about nine people that got my product and didn’t like it for whatever reason that happens. We’ve sold our product to 18, 000 people and some people are gonna be irritated. I mean this just isn’t for everyone. So let’s put this guy here and we’ll go like this. By the way, if you guys wonder how my training is like, do you like my free stuff because if you come on my webinars, guarantee it so there you go!

Let’s go here and we’ll just kind of mock this up for a PDF for this. Go in here like this and we will do lose stubborn belly fat fast. It will put some little teaser. Copy here. Now watch how easy this is. So you’re like, lose stubborn belly fat fast. You could even do like a teaser down here and be like however many pages. So they could see how many pay is it’s gonna be. So there we go and we could just do like this. Then we could take and make like a shape. I think there’s an arrow here or something like that. This is basically what I’m doing on the affiliate marketing dude opt-in page which is cool. We’ll do that and then what we can do is we could go like this and it’ll put a text here then we could just kind of outline the stuff they’re gonna get. So be like, get free diet plans, what not to eat guide and something else. Go like that. Just kind of tidy it up. I’m gonna make these black because I don’t want them to stand out above this. I’m gonna make a big huge image here and I’m gonna put free download.

People love free downloads. I’m gonna put this list in a PDF because everyone loves downloads. I don’t know why, like you could download the same thing that you could watch but people just love it. Let’s make it green. Maybe green to work. Let’s say free download. Go like this. Make a little shape and let’s see you should be able to do this and you’re gonna get this software when you get the landing page dude course so which is awesome!

I’m really picky about how this stuff looks because it will affect your opt-in rate. This is just a sample but that’s kind of the idea right and then we’ll just do like file save and we’ll save it as a fat book. You know what, just do pictures, save it as pictures and then we could just put this in our content here. We’re gonna show you one other cool thing to use as well.

So we’ll do this add media and we’ll just upload, select and this is super easy if you guys just do what I’m doing. It’s not that hard to do. We’ll show you how to do this as well.

So there you go! Insert into page and up. Always do full size because it’s better if you do full size and then shrink it here, otherwise you’re kind of stuck. So we’ll do like that should work and watch what happens.

Now, it’s like hey check it out! You’re gonna get this book. You see how it’s like where do your eyes go? Getting their eyes to the opt-in is like the biggest key. So I’m just gonna make this a bit wider. Update and there you go! You can make simple landing pages in literally seconds! It’s really easy! It’s taking a little bit longer because I’m on a webinar here but you guys get the ideas. Everyone gets the idea of how this works. Then when you do your opt-in page and your everything like this. So you’d have your page. Now what I do is I usually have like four or five pages across the top.

So I do like how to lose belly fat. I’d do another page which is like foods. Publish. We’ll do another one and again when you look at your keywords you want to kind of go through and be like okay these are the keywords. These are the pages. Like keywords and pages should be the same. Now when you set this up, this way, this is the difference between a lot of other funnel builders and my stuff.

A lot of other funnel builders are great for just funnel building so if you’re gonna just build a funnel and you’re like,” I want five-page funnel, I want them to order and then done! That’s what I want.”, go use it!

For sales and everything like that, those are gonna be the best bet. Now I have custom things that work and the reason I use them is because we use them with WordPress. So when I use them with WordPress, all of my content is always automatically repurposed. If I make a little blog post and I send it to my mailing list, boom Google is gonna pick it up too and it’s gonna get ranked. There’s gonna be traffic coming in. I actually found this out because I am kind of not smart when it comes to duplicating things but I found this out about three to five years ago and I was like, man I’m making all this content for my mailing list and I send it out to them and it’s great but once I’m done, it’s done. My content life span was like that. My content lives on forever. People are coming in. People are buying. People are ordering. People are clicking things. People are ordering affiliate products all day every day. There’s people like right now there are hundreds of people on my sites just right now I’m looking at my live chat right now there’s tons of people all over the place.

So if you’re gonna get a high ticket niche, go buy it! Let’s see you on that page. Go buy it. If you’re gonna get the landing page, to get that right, so that’s the deal right now. It’s like this stuff’s living infinitely and like the person said earlier you could change your links, you could put whatever you want, you have control, we’re giving you control and we’re making it easy. Did anything that I did today go above your level? Did you get it conceptually?

We’re not talking about codes. We’re not talking about fancy market or speak. We’re not talking about all the junk that’s out there. We’re talking about stuff that’s designed by someone who’s simple. You just get the simple stuff and you just go through and you click.

So now when you’re doing this, you make your other pages. Your pages are gonna be across the top. You can see now we have foods that make you fat. I would have some content. They’re easy. Make another one.

Now on your thank-you post, this is the page they come to when you say thank you. Now we edited the way that the sidebar works since funnel Voodoo’s taking over and these should go away. In funnel Vodoo, all I have to do is like put my banner ad or whatever it is I want.

If I go through, let me see if I can find one real quick. I think I got the wrong size but I’ll find one for you. So if I get a code, I’m gonna show you the codes. These are my affiliate codes. So I went into the affiliate programs. I got the code. This is the code. So when you go into Clickbank, when you go to wherever you get your code, this is what it looks like. So if I have like a banner code, this is for the keto banner ad.

If I wanted to put a banner ad, watch what happens. This is where the magic really happens with this plugin. Let’s just say it was over six figures. So what we do now is we go in and we’re like, well I want something on the thank you page. I’m gonna choose my Thank You page and then all I do is I put my code. So I’ll put my banner in here. There’s my code straight from the affiliate offer. Ain’t choose posts. If I only want it on this post, I just hover over here. I look at the post number. Post dashboard likes to be slow today. Post all post and to edit. We put post in there. Got our banner in there. If you want to do a title just be like banner max bounty. Enable and again you get eight different ones of these. It’ll show the banner there. So let’s see if it actually did that. You can Center it and do whatever you want.

The cool thing about this is like the banners only on this page. These people still see this stuff. So your content is all behind the scenes which is awesome so if you look at this on affiliate marketing dude, this is what I’m using. This is a WordPress site. A lot of people are like, that’s not WordPress. Well I ought to know. I made it. It’s WordPress. On this page, we have the opt-in down here. This is all controlled by the same plugin that I’m giving you guys as part of the course.

This is another plug-in for landing pages that I showed you guys last week, where you could actually go into like an image. They can go through and boom they click! Then the last slide says, hey put your name and email to get more stuff. You could literally put this on your page. This is called slide voodoo. All you do is you upload your images.

Sign up and you’ll learn how to use this stuff! Literally takes just minutes to make and they work like a charm. I don’t use builder. All I use my own custom stuff and the reason I was showing you this is because you have the pages here but behind the scenes. Watch what happens. If we go to Google like this and we’re like watch all my content, so we have content out there. Every day people come from my ranking for Wix Affiliate. So for Wix Affiliate we have a ranking.

There’s a content. It’s on the same blog like all of his contents on the same blog but I’m able to manipulate and put things where I want them, have ads on there. Here’s another plug-in. Super super easy and all of these get picked up. All of them get me traffic. There’s people right now on tons of different pages and it’s super super simple to use. Then when you build it, out it’s like you go through and you say, okay well I want to write an email. You’re gonna write an email and you’re like I want to write an email about I don’t know something I found to lose weight or whatever.

That’s how you do it! You could go through and add that plug-in. Let’s do plugins. Add new. We’ll do upload. It should get better in a minute. It might be our internet speed but if I lose you go order at Make sure you get that before we end so you can get all that stuff. So we’re gonna go through and I’ll just do a browse do slide voodoo. You can upload that plug-in and go from there as well. So that would be the slide voodoo plug-in which is really easy. So you would just go here and you’d be like okay manage and then you just upload your image. It’s like it’s so easy. It’s not even funny. Submit and then I would just go to, save a picture and add the image.

The cool thing about the slide plug-in also is you can put content below each and everything. So if I go in and I’m like okay like this, okay there we go, I can put content here and say eating and apple day is great but without these exercises it won’t help much. So you could do something like that or you could put studies show that eating an apple a day. Then under these exercises I’m gonna put my affiliate link. I would link this to my affiliate link for that offer. Then we hit submit and boom you have your slide thing ready to go! You would just put that in your page and you can put that there and lead people back. Does that make sense to everyone?

Go to, We’re gonna give you guides on how to do it. You’re gonna get the plugins. You’re gonna get the software. The only software that I’m not getting you is obviously web hosting. You would have to buy the laughing software yourself but we have a link to that as well on this page. So get yourself in landing page dude. It’s a great course. It’s gonna walk you through everything. Everything’s recorded so you’ll get all that as well.

We’ll do a follow-up training as well on this topic so that you guys can see how it works, start to finish but the idea of a funnel is very simple. The idea is to have your pages up front then when they opt-in, they go to a specific page or post. So they’re gonna come in. They’re gonna opt-in. Then on the page we’re gonna have our affiliate offers and then on our thank-you page this is where we would say stuff. The landing page dude product is a live course so you’re gonna get your logins and your info on the live course shortly.

On the thank you page, you can put “Download Your Pdf Book Here.” Then “Hey thanks for joining, be sure to watch your email. So you’d put your email here. Then I do something like check out these killer weight loss offers. Then you put the offers here. so I would go through and I click text and I would put my offers here. So these are my max bounty offers. I just put these here. Then this would be my thank-you post.

The landing page dude course is only 147 bucks which is like nothing if you take into the fact that I’m getting you a fifty-dollar software. That’s like 90 bucks. You taking the fact that we’re giving you plugins. That’s even better. I actually really like this banner. I thought this was a good one and you can shrink them up as you go through and we’re gonna teach you all this as well.

So we’ll just go through here and shrink this down a little and update. I’m not a fan of this banner. I probably get a better one but that’s the deal! If you want to learn to make stuff like this, I can tell you that hands down the landing page stuff is the skill that has been the most useful throughout my affiliate marketing career. If you guys want to learn that, that’s what you do, you just go do it, you make it work and we’ll help you with it which is cool. So

This is what you get, basically what I recap. So you’re gonna get won’t learn the secrets behind Marcus’s six and seven figure landing pages. We’ve got some pictures of them. In just four short weeks, Marcus will teach you everything he knows about creating landing pages that get results. So you can start testing fast! this is a fast-paced course designed on getting you results in addition to the course. Marcus is also hooking you up with over 329 in plugins, tools, themes and special landing page graphics and he’s gonna buy you a copy of his favorite image software so you can make hot converting images for your landing pages in seconds. Just like I did on this call, and also show you how to use it. You can go buy it from the makers site, the maker of that software right now for 49.95 or you can get landing page dude and get it free! He will also teach you skill, her banner ad creation secrets that have made him tons of money and gotten him traffic for less than 1/10 of the price of his competitors.

When you sign up for hosting the way that we show you, you’ll get $200 in paid traffic coupon. So you could test your landing pages on the house. I basically just like put 600 bucks in your pocket so it’s a no-brainer. These landing pages work for free traffic, paid traffic, video traffic, social media banner ads, email marketing, you name it! Get started today and learn Marcus’ number one skill in detail.

I have dropped the price to $147 for this webinar. I’m gonna change it again after the webinar so get in now and save 70 bucks. We’re gonna try to get the logins and everything out this evening. I’m gonna try to get them out this evening if not tomorrow morning. It is a live course so you’ll want to go there. Kojo if you want help on specific stuff like that, you would need to be a member and you would need to submit that as a support ticket with all of our courses. We give you live chat so you can talk to us on live chat. You just scroll down and you click here as long as you’re a paid customer. Obviously we can’t help everyone in the world for free. That’s what the webinars are for like this stuff’s free. If you guys enjoy it, buy my stuff.

We’re gonna package it in a way that’s like, go here do this, you have a page. So if this gave you a lightbulb moment, if you watch this training and you’re like dude that made sense, then definitely get the landing page!

It depends on what you do with the site like I can make sites ranked that don’t have it in the title. You just have to make sure that you fit it with your keyword and we’ll teach you a little bit of ranking stuff but mostly the ranking you would want to go to like the Marcus Mentor Program for SEO stuff and all that.

If you guys liked it, we’ll do more stuff like this and go there. Again these kind of things are really hard to do on this type of platform so we try to get them so that you guys can learn.

Make sure that if you’re a mentor program, you go request your shirt and book. It’s not automatic. You got to go in and request it. So go into your mentor login, request your shirt, put in your size, and you’re good! So get yourself signed up. Make your landing pages. Use your plugins. You guys are gonna love these plugins. They are really cool. They’re really easy. They’re very point-and-click. As you can see there’s not a lot of fancy stuff going on. Good deal there! You guys definitely want these plugins if you’re using WordPress. Super easy SEO friendly. Get you ranked everything. Go sign up and have fun! If you have any questions about this, put them below. I’ll make some more videos and we’ll see you in the next training! You guys have about 9 minutes to sign up for landing page dude. After that I’m gonna change the price back and then you can still join but it’ll be pricier. Thanks again for watching! Let’s have fun! Let’s make it work and we’ll see you in the next live video.



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