Direct Response Marketing Secrets for Affiliate Marketers

Direct Response Marketing Secrets for Affiliate Marketers, Plus Sales Tips from Tommy — affiliatemarketingmc at

Over 80% of businesses fail within their first year.

What is the difference between a successful business and a non-successful business?  

When it comes to business, there are two ways of thinking: 

  1. Leading with the product 
  2. Leading with the sale. 


Leading with the Product 

“My product is great!” 

Many people think they should lead with the product. They think that if the product or offer is good, then that’s all they need and it will carry them every step of the way. But that’s not always true.  

The problem is, people don’t actually care how good the product is. They want to know the result it’s going to get them and the way it’s going to make them feel. 

“Everyone in life is tuned into channel WIIFM: What’s in it for me?” 

So instead, we lead with the sale 


Leading with the Sale 

My product with do _____ for you!” 

With this way of thinking, we follow four steps:  

  1. Inform your visitors. Let them know what you’re selling. 
  2. Anticipate objections. When considering offers, consumers will have objections. You can learn about your market’s objections by reading forums, comments on blogs, talking in groups, and just asking them. A successful marketer looks at the number one objection and answers it.  
  3. Point out what the product will do for them. Beat down objections by just being real about your offer. 
  4. Close the deal by asking for action. Ask your consumers to click, buy, subscribe, something.  


You might think, “I’m an affiliate marketer. I don’t sell anything.”  

Wrong! You do sell. If you’re an affiliate marketer, every time you get a click, a download, someone to fill out a form on your site, or even someone to buy something, you are selling.  

These are called mini sales 

(Every time I tell you to give my video a like, subscribe to my channel, click the bell to get notifications, or even go to my website, I’m doing a mini sale.) 

Every little sale that adds up in consumers’ brains will make it easier for you to do the big sale.  


Remember: “What’s in it for me?”  

These steps don’t always have to be in order, but just make sure you are always asking for the action. Whether it’s getting them to click, buy, download, optin to your list, subscribe to your channel—whatever it is, you’re asking for the sale. 

You can’t close a sale you never ask for.

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