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You want to make some money online. You sit down to create content, and you don’t know what to write. Maybe you should outsource it? Maybe you’ve tried to create content in the past, but it didn’t make any money.

Today we’ll be talking about content. How to create it, how to outsource it, and how to make money with your content and affiliate programs.

What does it mean to create profitable content online?

Marketers often ask:

• How much content do I need on my website?
• How many pages do I need?
• Should I outsource it?
• Should I write it?
• What should I do with content?

Sometimes we think that if we had a lot of content, we’d make a lot of money, and that’s not always the case. Sometimes you see people with thousands of Youtube videos and they barely get any traffic or make much money. Others will have thousands of articles and they’re not making money.

Content is one of the thorns in the side of internet marketing.

The question isn’t, “How do we create content?” But rather, “How do we create quality content?” You want to focus on quality over quantity.

Before Content
First, start with keyword research related to your niche. This is going to drive your content topics. Instead of first blindly creating a bunch of content loosely related to your niche, you’ll target based on your keywords.

Once you have your keywords, think about the type of content you’ll want to have. You need to consider:

– Who the content is for. Your niche should help you figure this out.
– What the content is for. What is the point of the content? What is the ultimate goal?
– What you want visitors to do. Do you want them to click on affiliate links? Opt in to your site? Watch a video? Buy something? Decide what you want your visitors to do before you create your content.

Types of Content
Now that you’ve thought about what your content will be, what is the best way to create it? What is the best type of content here?
These are some different types of content you could use:

• Checklist—This is an awesome, easy way to create content.
• “How-to”—Like “How to build a website”
• Video tutorial
• “Best” list
• Product review—Be honest. You can also do a breakdown or several different products.
• Report—Have a goal or an outcome.
• Link—A lot of people think that links aren’t very valuable, but in fact, they’re incredibly valuable. Sometimes a customer doesn’t want something excess, but just a simple link.
• Link list—You can create a PDF of this list. This is very useful, because it can draw people back to you.
• Guide
• Article
• Schedule
• Chart
• Progression
• Calendar

Your content should be deliberately created to get people to click your links. You might think that people can easily look up this information somewhere else. But people who are searching for it don’t know how to get it.

Outsourcing Content
Once you know the type of content that you want, you may decide to outsource it. One site you can use it For a little bit of money, you can have someone write an article for you, or create some other type of content for you. But remember to be very specific with your instructions.

When you get this piece of content back, the content isn’t ready to go until you make it ready to go. You have to look at that content and see if it’s exactly what you want, and you’ll have to add links to the content so that you can make sales.

Creating Content
When creating content, focus on quality over quantity. What is quality content? Quality is subjective—it’s in the eye of the beholder. And who is the beholder? The people searching for the keywords. You have to write to them. You have to solve their problems. Then, once your solve those problems, take people to the next step.

You might be new to internet marketing, but there’s still someone who knows much less than you do. And you can help them out, whether it’s building them a website, or finding out information for them. Your job as the content creator is to do the research for them.

There is no answer to how much content is enough. You’ll know when you’ve solved the problem. Be concise, focus on what works, and along the way, take them to things that make you money.

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