Create a Content Marketing Empire

Create a Content Marketing Empire

Want to learn how to build a content empire and make a bunch of money, put it in your bank, and live happily ever after? Well, that’s exactly what I’m going to show you.


If it’s structured the right way, and if you put in front of the right people, content can make you a lot of money.


A lot of people say that “content is king”. People put a bunch of reports and articles and stuff out there, and they think that hopefully they’ll make money.


And what happens is this:


They forget that the whole idea of content is to do something.


You want to write content for a specific purpose, a specific idea. You’re not just writing content to get ranked in the search engines. You’re writing content so that you get people to do what you want.


You don’t ever want to put pen to paper without knowing how you’re going to make money in a very specific way.


When dealing with your content, you need to have an agenda.

When there are political debates going on, people spin their ideas into whatever they want. And after the debates, they go into something called a spin room. That means that they literally tell you what to think about what you just saw.


As marketers, we want to do the same thing. What we want to learn is mastering the art of the spin.


We also want to think about the concept called categorical reference. People are constantly fitting new data into old folders, with old ideas and old beliefs.


And since there’s so much new data, we’re constantly deleting  and filtering information. We often feel overwhelmed.


What does this have to do with marketing?


Your customer, your visitor, your reader is doing the exact same thing with your content.


And the key is to find things that people don’t know they’re looking for, and spin it into what you want.


People just write content to try to get people to look at it, and they don’t focus on what they’re going to do.


Because if you just write articles and put ads on them, or put affiliate links, or whatever it is, that’s not going to cut it. You have to spin people. The article needs to be designed to sell what you’re offering. So whatever you’re trying to push, it needs to be made in a new way.

Always be ethical, always be honest. Always share the truth. Always give good offers. But with that said, you can spin your content to what you want it to be. Very important.


I do this all the time. Here’s an example.


One of the videos I’m going to make is about using credit cards to fund your business. This isn’t necessarily something I would normally create, because that’s not really my bag. But people are looking up using credit cards to start a business. And I’m like, “Hey, I could spin that into affiliate marketing by showing people how inexpensive and how risk-free affiliate marketing is.”


On my webinars, people always sat that you can’t just set up little sites and make money, but that’s absolute BS.


People think that way because they’re focusing on what the majority of people are doing, which is making some content, and  hoping and praying that the search engines pick it up, or get shared, or whatever the case is.


But this is exactly what I’ve been doing for 19 years, and it works.


It’s all about spinning the marking to your point of view.


When I got into the multi-million dollar market of smiley faces, cursors, and background downloads, I didn’t market them as “background downloads”. I marketed them as “make your MySpace profile awesome.” See the difference?


If I had gone for “backgrounds” or “layouts”, I probably wouldn’t have gotten much traffic. It probably would have been a lot more competitive.


But because I went the other route and spun it, it was very successful.


Spin marketing plus market flipping plus anticipatory marketing equals big success.


If you can spin your market, flip them into what you want (the stuff that pays), you can make it work.


If you want people to follow you and support you, you need to keep them reading. You need to keep them looking. You have to keep them on your site.

You can’t just write a crappy article or get some article outsourced. Your content needs to do something. It needs to get them in.


You can build an empire focused on creating good quality content, and not just content that talks about stuff.


We don’t want to be Wikipedia. Wikipedia is always begging for money, because they’re not flipping the damn market. Do you know how much money is sitting on Wikipedia?


If they allowed two ads, it’d be insane. But they always send emails asking people to support them because they’re going to go broke.


And you’d think, why are you going broke if content is king?


It’s because content isn’t king. If content was king, Wikipedia wouldn’t need your money. Plain and simple.


So many people think that content is king. But the truth is that content with a directive is king.


If you do this in the right way, you could literally sit at your house all day, and just write content and put it in front of people.

But there’s another key element. You want the money to get people to your site. And the cool thing is that this traffic can cost pennies. People are literally paying pennies a click for their ads, and everyone else is fighting for expensive traffic.


Guys, this is what I’ve been doing for a long time. The key is that you have to do it in an advertorial style. Your content is written to get people to take action on what you want them to take action on.


Do you know what one of my number one keywords is for the “make money online affiliate marketing” niche?


It’s not really related to affiliate marketing, but it’s my number one highest converting keyword.


The word is “AdSense”.


People are always looking to put AdSense on their website. I tell them, “Here’s how to put AdSense on your website. By the way, did you know you can make more money with affiliate offers?”


That’s super non-competitive.


The keyword “affiliate marketing” is really competitive, around $10 a click, but “Adsense”, “put ads on blog” or things like that are really cheap.


If you get this, your marketing is about to change. It’s going to start to make sense. But you can’t waffle it, you can’t mess around. You have to go through and have a good hook, and suck your people in.


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