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Hey guys it’s Marcus here with a little update!

I just want to refresh this for you and show you since we submitted our ad about a little less than a half hour ago. It did go live just a couple minutes ago on Bing and in those couple of minutes.

Watch what happens here.

We’re just going to reload this page and show you how much it makes and let’s just keep this thing going.


So there you go! We got 12 bucks in revenue in just a couple of minutes!

We’re going to watch this throughout the day and check it out!

  • We’ll show you what’s going on.
  • We’ll show you how much it’s making.
  • We’ll also show you how much we’re spending.

Hey guys! Here we are again about 38 minutes after the ad went live.

You can see that we are now at $25.88.

It looks like we got 6 downloads for United States ones and 1 download for Canada.

I’ll keep you updated and we’ll follow along the site to show you how much money it’s making throughout the day.


Okay guys here we are 10 minutes later.

I wanted to give you a little update because I wanted to show you something really cool!

So right now, we’re gonna go to sort because right now the Niners are going to be playing in about 40 minutes and right now we have the Raiders playing so we can just drag them up here.

For people who want to watch the Raiders we just go ahead and drag them up there, hit update.

Now on our site, we will go to football games online, will reload it.

I know Chrome’s kind of weird but we’ll have the Raiders move up and these guys here are playing so you can kind of drag them around and play with them there and see which one gets clicked on most and you could see through the manage tab. 

Let’s go ahead and click the manage tab there!

Here we have:  215 IMPRESSIONS, 67 CLICKS, and you can see who’s getting the most clicks! You could track it like right now the Dolphins have 8, the Saints have 8, Steelers 6, Seahawks and on and on we go. You can monitor this live and make even more money by just keeping on track of what people are doing and everything like that.

So we’ll come back with an update! Check on the money and check on how much we’re actually spending to get this because we want to be transparent with you and show you that here we are 13 years after starting this business and the stuff still works live so you could see it working. Here we are back with you.

The site slowed a little bit. We had a little bit of delay in our affiliate reporting. I was expecting a little bit more income on this one but I’ll show you why it was a little bit less but still nevertheless here we are at close to five o’clock.

We set this site up I think at noon or 12:30 I think it went live. Just about five hours or so something like that.

You can see here on our stats, let’s go ahead and go to reporting, and this is an account that I use just for this stuff here.

We can see we’re at $69.88 on this particular offer.  And if we go to MSN ad center we can see that for this particular one we paid $36 to get it. Not too bad.

If we do 69.88- 36.68, we have a NET PROFIT OF 33 BUCKS.  Not too bad.

 I mean if this keeps up all the time, which I know we can improve on it, THAT’S A THOUSAND DOLLARS A MONTH INCOME  which isn’t bad and that’s for five hours. So obviously tomorrow we’re gonna do probably more than that.

I want you to take a look at your stats because YOUR STATS ARE WHERE THE GOLD IS.

So we could see 161 clicks. We can see the impressions are 17,000 so all we got to do is INCREASE THE NUMBER OF CLICKS. We’re paying 23 cents a click which isn’t bad and we can see here all the keywords that are getting us traffic.

What you want to look at is what’s getting traffic.

  • So NFLis our King.
  • We could see that our average position is 1.84.
  • So like if I took this NFL word and I was to change my ad around, that would work better.
  • You can see everything else pretty much drops off there but the NFL one is big.

Now if you go to our grid tracker you can see that our impressions on the ad, once this thing refreshes, IMPRESSIONS ON THE AD ARE 410. Now you’ll notice 410 is a lot bigger number than we have on this one, we have like less than 200 clicks, 161 clicks here which means that basically more people were clicking on our ads here.  More people would come to this page than actually click.

I want you to look at this number specifically because we have 132 people who clicked the offer.  Because they’re clicking the grid, they’re clicking the offer and you can see in our never blue stats 220 clicks, so we’re getting a great great great wonderful amount of people clicking the ads.

That’s what this grid tracker does, it gets people to click because most people would see 220 or most people would see the 161 clicks to the site but then their site would see maybe 50 clicks go to the offer.

If we only had 50 clicks to the offer at 31 cents a click we would be losing money and we wouldn’t be making money.

Very important. So you want to look at that.

What we’re gonna do in our next video is we are going to take a look at these, see where the impressions are coming from, like Steelers is definitely one we can use you know NFL we can we can improve on this make it its own ad group different things like that.

  • So we want to improve on this.
  • We want to make it better.
  • The key is get more traffic and then make that traffic convert.

If we get more traffic like if I double my traffic, tomorrow I have doubled my earnings!

Now if I double my earnings on the offer, like if I double my conversion, now I’ve quadrupled the money I made!


Alright so have fun with this!

I’m going to keep you updated on this site

and if you’re interested in bootcamp, hit me up on live chat.

Get in that guys.


I just talked to my buddy Jim who is our bootcamp junkie. He’s in every bootcamp and he made like 300 bucks or 270 bucks on his sports site today and his was all free traffic.


So check it out!

We’ll have some videos from him obviously those stats are not typical of what everyone gets but my students get results so if you want results become one of my students,

go to 

Check out the rest of these videos and I’ll see you on the inside!



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