Copy and Paste Ads to Profit $100 – $500 a Day FreeAdForum

Copy And Pase Ads With FreeAdForum / TheFreeAdForum

Let’s talk about what it takes to make up to $500 a day or more online by cutting and pasting your ads on the internet.


We’re going to show you a method that everyone else is teaching, and then we’re going to show you a better method (and why it works).


First, some warnings for you.


A lot of videos out there have misinformation and things that could get you in trouble. And the last thing you want is to not get paid, or worse, get in trouble for not having the right disclaimers or something like that. Most people are teaching methods that only leads to trouble.


Don’t Go for Shitty Web Traffic


One warning is about shitty web traffic.


Some videos will tell you that you should go over to places like / thefreeadforum and different things like that.


But if you do something investigating, you’re going to find out that FreeAdForum / thefreeadforum isn’t always the best.


You want good, quality traffic. You want people who can actually afford and buy your product, and you want people who actually want your product. You want people who are actually coming to the site to look at the ads, not just coming to post them.


A place like FreeAdForum has a ton of ads and not a lot of traffic, and the traffic is mostly coming from places like India and Egypt and others like that. And usually those countries can’t really afford your offers, so it’s not really that good of traffic.


Another website people talk about is This has a really low ranking, and most of its traffic comes from India and Nigeria. A lot of people know that these aren’t the best places to get traffic. They can’t really afford a lot of the stuff, and they’re not really into it.


This all leads me to believe that most of these sites are automated places that put out ads, or they’re people trying to spam with ads, which mean they’re not really legitimate places to get ads at all.


Have a Good Disclaimer

Another warning for you is that you need to have a good disclaimer.

You need to tell people that you’re an affiliate for the offer you’re promoting, that you get compensated when people buy something. If you don’t say that, you could get in trouble.


Obviously, my review of a product is going to be different if I’m getting paid to review it, versus if I just like it or something like that.


Besides having a disclaimer for being an affiliate, you also need disclaimers for any claims you make.


If I saw I make $1 million on the internet, I need to back it up, and say that most people don’t make that, but here’s what you can make.


Here is a sample disclaimer:


“The results are not typical, implied, or guaranteed. Average user results may vary”.




“This product not intended to treat or cure anything whatsoever. Talk to your doctor before you do anything.”


Promote Legitimate Offers


You also need to promote legitimate offers.


You have to have a good, legitimate offer, otherwise you’re on the line for it as someone promoting it.


Follow Terms on All Traffic Sites

You need to follow the terms on all of your traffic sites.


One example is using Craigslist. Craigslist is a good place to get traffic.


However, you have to follow the terms and conditions of their site. They don’t want people spamming it, they don’t want it filled with just a bunch of affiliate links. So you have to do it a little bit differently.


All of these things can be done legitimately. Usually when you o them legit, it takes a little but more time, but you make a lot more money in the long run. And you don’t’ have people banging on your door, saying that you’re in trouble.


Find an Offer

You can find an offer in many different places. You can go to ClickBank, and you can find offers for anything.


You can find an offer for making money, if you want to teach people how to make money, or you can find people looking for fad diets, like a belly fat diet or something like that.


And the offers will tell you how much money you’re going to make. If you want to promote them, you can just get a link from ClickBank, and you can copy and paste it wherever you’d like to advertise.


Another place you can go to get offers is Max Bounty. When you’re finding offers, you want something generic and high-converting.


Find People Who Might Want It


Next, you have to find the people who might want your offer.


Now, you can do like the other guys are saying, and you can go to FreeAdForum or places that get a bunch of traffic that probably isn’t going to convert what you want.


A Better Way: Forum Marketing


This is how a bunch of people teach you. But let’s talk about an even better way to do it.


Instead of doing what everyone else teaches, you can actually look up forums of people who are actively looking for answers based on what we want, instead of just free classifieds and things like that which are spam havens and just a bunch of junk.


You can actually go to Google and search for a forum that’s related to the offer you’re promoting. So if you’re promoting an anxiety offer, you could search for “anxiety forum”. If you’re doing an acne offer, you could search for “acne forum.”


There are literally forums for every offer you can think of.

When you go to a forum, all you have to do is provide some kind of tip. Maybe you could answer someone’s question. And you’re going to make an ad for your offer. Then, in your footer is where you’re going to copy and paste your ad.


You can do a direct link, but remember that you need a direct link and everything like that.


And here’s a pro tip. Instead of direct linking, you can get a domain and do a redirect. So if your offer is for something to do with anxiety, you can get a domain such as, and you can redirect it to wherever you want your affiliate link to be. Or it could be its own website.


If you set up your own website, you want to consider allowing your visitors to opt in. I would recommend doing this, because you’re going to make a lot more money in the long run.


But I understand if you want to just do something super lazy, super cheap, and super easy. You could just set up a page with a redirect, or you can make a splash page that says “click her to get the offer” or whatever it may be.


If you want to learn more about this stuff, check out and check out my brand new affiliate marketing toolbar. It’s awesome. It has all the tools you need to start learning how to make money online.

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