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Shiny Object Syndrome – Make Money Online

Shiny Object Syndrome – How To Make Money Online In 2020

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The main problem when people try to make money online is that they are neither deliberate nor consistent.

We have all heard the story of the tortoise and the hare.

Where the tortoise starts out to win the race deliberate, steady, and consistent.

He may not be the best fastest racer out there… and clearly the hare can beat him if he really tried.

But he keeps on going anyway… because he knows he will get to the finish line.

The hare on the other hand gets distracted easily.

He suffers from what we call in marketing… the shiny object syndrome.

So he starts out to run the race not really focusing on a proper direction.

He is just kinda flying by the seat of his pants not really committed to any one thing.

His confidence is super high and he says – oh well that ole tortoise can never win… look how slow he is… look how tired he looks.

And the hare starts off running… but quickly gets distracted by anything in his way… an interesting new path, something to eat, something on the ground that captures his eye.

The tortoise has his goal… and his goal is to reach the finish line.  He does not waver… he does not get distracted.  He is super laser focused on where he wants to be at the end of the race.

And maybe when it comes to making money online you are a little bit more like the hare than you would care to admit.

Everything seems new and shiny and right… and it feels like eventually you will find the one thing you have been missing… the one thing that will take you where you want to go.

But you have no real focus, you have no real direction, and because of this you have no consistency.

You struggle and fight and get frustrated and feel like giving up.

You look at things like facebook ads, or amazon, or dropshipping, and oh yea theres clickfunnels, and clickbank, and youtube, and blogging, and whatever new thing comes in your email box for that day.

And all these things look and sound really really good… and you might signup for a few things.

You might even set a few things up.

But if you are really honest with yourself… you have no deliberate direction.

You see the funny thing about this online marketing stuff is that everything works!

You could do dropshipping… ive done that and it works.

You could start a blog… those work too… thousands of people are making money with those.

You can even do clickbank, or clickfunnels, or whatever other click is out there.

And those all work and you can make money with all of them.

But you are distracted… you are unfocused.

And you have no direction… so you are hung up on ideas, concepts, opportunities… and you never really pick a solid direction… a solid starting point and a solid goal.

Oh sure you may say, marcus I have a goal… I want to make $100,000 a year.

But do you really have a goal… or a pipe dream.

Meanwhile the tortoise is still going… he has a goal, he knows what the track looks like, he knows that if he sets out to do just one or two things each day to get to his goal… hes gonna reach it.

And its very important to realize that the tortoise knew his starting point and end point.

Some “hares” of internet marketing think they have a start point.

They think starting points are with a course or a tactic or an opportunity.

These are not starting points… these are ideas… and no matter how many ideas you have… ideas are not a business and ideas are a dime a dozen.

You see everyone has an idea.  Like your uncle who has crazy ideas every year and says we should make this or we should make that… and you go… ohhh good idea… that’s a million dollar idea.

But you don’t realize that there are no million dollar ideas because ideas do not make anything.

Implementation makes money… deliberate focus, deliberate action everyday makes money

These are the things the hare focuses on… and he jumps and hops and gets excited about the new idea and the latest greatest tool or course or tactic.

But he never sticks with one long enough to make any headway.

And he wonders why “nothing is working”

And he wonders why “everyone else is getting results”

And he gets discouraged.

But the tortoise sets out and says… hey maybe those tactics will be good… but only when I get to where I need them… maybe those ideas are cool… but how do they fit in with my current plan.

The tortoise has a current plan.

He knows… if I have this plan and I do something every day I can get where I want to go.

He knows that if he has a solid niche market… he can make a blog post or a video or an article every day… and at the end of the year he can have 365 of those working for him.

And he knows that if each of the 365 things he did get just 10 visitors a day or 10 views or whatever it is… he will now be getting 3,650 people a day to view his content.

And he knows even if he sucks at selling and didn’t go thru the great 10x guru course or the high ticket closer course… he can still probably get 1% of his visitors to buy something.

And if 1% of his visitors but something and he gets 3650 visitors a day… well then he can get 36.5 sales per day… and if each sale only makes him $10… he can make $365.00 a day.

And now he is at $10,000 a month or $100,000 a year with a pretty simple deliberate plan.

He also knows that once he gets those visitors which is not hard to do.

He can always improve… if one piece gets a more traffic he can tweak it a little and make it better and maybe get 2 or 3 percent to buy… and that little increase can be the difference between making $365 a day and maybe $1,000 a day.

Ive been doing this 20 years and I see this happen all the time.

But it never happens to the hare… because he never focuses, he never sits down and says this is the direction I am taking.

He says… oh im going seo, or dropshipping, or youtube…

But he never says… THIS IS MY NICHE.

Because if he is gonna do dropshipping… what is he gonna drop ship?

If hes doing seo? What keywords and market is he going for?

If hes doing paid traffic… what are the niches he’s going to dominate?

And at the end of the year he looks at all the started projects he did, and all the courses he bought, and he wonders why lame ole tortoise who isn’t as fast as him is getting results.

What the hell!

But he fails to see that the tortoise understands something very simple and life changing.

The tortoise know that little gains over time add up to BIG gains!

He knows if he wants to lose weight… the key is not to try every diet under the sun… because more often than not… they all pretty much work.

He knows… hey if I workout 10 minutes 20 minutes or 30 minutes a day… and cut out a few things from my diet… I can lose weight and not be a fat turtle.

And he celebrates the small wins… like his first lost pound or his first 10 pounds or whatever it is.

Not because 1 pound or 10 pounds is a big deal… but because he knows if he can lose 1 he can lose 50 and if he can make $1 he can make $100,000.

Its all a simple math problem.

But we don’t like math and we don’t like small results.

We are like the hare and we want it now… we want money fast and quick and we want to be skinny and we want to be happy right now.

And we neglect the actual “STUFF” it takes to get there.

And we don’t realize that the tortoise isn’t doing anything mind boggling, hes not moving mountains and trying to reach the moon.

He’s just doing one deliberate thing each day to reach his goal.

The same goal he set out to do in the beginning.

So as this new year approaches… you have to ask yourself… where would I be right now if I started out jan 1, 2019 with a goal to focus on a few things each day to make money.

Well I can tell you from what I have seen you would be way ahead of where you are now.

Like someone I am listening to recently… adam… he started out with nothing in 2019 and now has a site producing 30K a month or more with free traffic.

Or lots of youtube friends I met that are now making a killing with little videos… they just started and grew and started and grew and revised and revamped.

And you look at them and say why cant I have that.

You can… but you have to be willing to put your feelings aside.

What if I fail… failure is not an option for the tortoise.

What if it doesn’t work perfect and my first content flops… you learn and grow and tweak.

What if what if what if…

But what If it does? What if you have a plan so solid… that if you follow it – IT WILL WORK.

Sure… there may be some rocks in the road… and the tortoise will go around them.

The hare will run into them and bump his foot and cry and say… oh no this running stuff doesn’t work.

and that is what 2020 is about… FOCUS… DELIBERATE ACTION.

Putting aside the quick fix and the shiny objects and focusing on what really works.

And if you want to join me on a special Affiliate Marketing 2020 Action Plan Training… check out affiliatedude2020.com and signup for our special action plan call… it is going to be a special get you focused training so you can be like the tortoise and focus on deliberate action.

At the end of the call you will know what you need to do to get where you want to go.

Its not hard, its not crazy technical, its actually very simple and straight forward.

The question is… are you going to be the tortoise… or the hare?

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Regal Assets Affiliate Program

The Regal Assets Affiliate Program Offers A Unique Opportunity To Earn 3-5% On HIGH Volume Investment Accounts For Gold, Silver, Crypto, And More.

They offer high payouts, including pay-per-lead, pay-per-call, and revshare for the life of the customer.
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Becoming a regal assets affiliate

There is always a thorough screening process and not every affiliate is accepted. This ensures that there is quality in the program and the reputation of the company stays the best in the industry.
Once you are approved, you can access clickagain.com together with all the required materials, affiliate links, lead forms and landing pages.
Affiliate resources consist of:
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-Text Ads and Banners
-URLs and PDFs.The PDS is used to sign up.
-Swipe files that are essential for email marketing autoresponders.
-SEO tools are necessary for converting keywords for AdWords and also SEO.
-Images and videos. Videos can be used to upload and get opt-ins.
-Landing pages with affiliate links.
There are enough resources to get you started and it is advisable to begin with a single traffic source and also mastering it if you are not an experienced marketer.
If you are ready to sign up for the regal assets affiliate program, you can go in and wait for the approval and kick off your banking in the commissions.
Reasons why regal assets offer investors a great deal
-No hidden fees

Regal assets have acquired a lot of accolades and praise, not only its customers but also from celebrity investors and industry insiders.Gold trading firm regal assets are known to financial professionals and investors because of their firm foundation in knowledge and customer service. The company has adapted as the market has changed; employees hone their skills while incorporating trading and financial experts. These experts get training continually due to challenges, market changes and also strategies.

How people can make money with the regal assets affiliate program

For people to qualify for gild IRA, the firm needs to have an existing 401(k), which has to be moved over after that.

Here are two options:

-The first is the obvious one; you can simply transfer your existing IRA to a gold IRA. Their only requirement is to be transferred between two custodians, which can be done at any time. Therefore the distribution check should be made out in the name of that new custodian to whom you are transferring the current IRA account over to.
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Currently, the regal assets offer two types of personal investment packages:

1. The first is the $5,000 merchant package that targets individuals who want gold or silver-backed investment. They can easily liquidate this when required
2. The other option is the $10,000 knighthood package aimed at individuals who want financial coverage for their whole family. Professional investors or individuals who want to invest more money for higher returns, regal assets give them four different packages.

-The $25k legacy portfolio that is designed with Cryptos and metals that have a chance for immediate profit.
-The $50k kingship portfolio that is designed to assist in keeping customers protected from inflation.
-The $100k dynasty portfolio that is aimed to support an individual’s retirement plan. This package offers the best return, protection against economic uncertainty and stability against inflation because regal specialists design it.
-Finally, there is a $250k coronation portfolio, which is aimed at high net worth individuals requiring a package that will assist them in building wealth in a long period of time.

A flat fee of $250 will apply to retirement accounts regardless of value. Regal assets surrender delivery, administrative storage and other fees for the precious accounts during the first year.
Investors are only changed from the second year and therefore, those who are starting up don’t have to worry about paying a lot of money without even making anything.

– The use of segregated storage

Regal assets uses segregated storage for clients and this means that if you purchase bullion, bars, or coins, those assets are stored in a separate storage space instead of mixing with the silver and gild of other investors.

This segregated storage is made possible by the partnership with top vault providers and it is insured. Even if some companies that give this type of storage system, they are costly, whereas regal assets are cheap.

Quick processing time and fast shipping

Let’s say you have decided to store all your bullion in a safe at your residence. You can safely so that with regal assets because they will transfer assets to your home in seven days. A guarantee backs the delivery time frame by the company; thus, you are in good hands.

Gold IRA rollovers

It is advisable always to get a company that understands the IRA rollover. This is because even the simplest mistake, such as not buying the best coin that is approved by IRA or even submitting the wrong tax document, will end affecting of your wallet. You can be assured that whatever you invest with them is safe because 95% of the regal assets’ business is composed of IRA rollovers.


If you want to make it big in the affiliate marketing world, the regal assets affiliate program is the best choice for you. It is amongst the highest paying affiliate programs that come with a lot of benefits. You should give this affiliate program a trial even if you are looking for a profitable product after your retirement. Regal asset affiliate program promotes expensive products with a high commission when you sign up for the program using the link. When individuals invest in precious metals, they invest in a huge sum of money. This gives them a chance to get high commission. When applying for the regal assets affiliate program, you should have marketing experience such as PPC through Bing, SEO, Google AdWords, Facebook and others.

Youtube Affiliate Marketing – Making Money With Affiliate Links On Youtube

Youtube Affiliate Marketing – Youtube Affiliate Links Guide

How To Make Money On Youtube With Affiliate Marketing.

First of all we need to understand what youtube is:

  1. Youtube is a video uploading site (duh right)
  2. Youtube is a KILLER traffic method for affiliate marketing

So now you know that the main goal of making money as an affiliate marketer is to drive traffic to relevant affiliate programs that will generate money.

The easy way to do this is thru the youtube adsense monetization program.  This is where youtube places ads on your videos and gives you a percentage of what the advertiser is paying.

NORMALLY what I see across the board with this method of monetization is an average of $0.002 per view.

Now at $0.002 per view… you are gonna need a hell of a lot of views to make any money with your youtube videos… take for example and say we had a video with 10,000,000 views.

(disclaimer… my largest video has 450,000 views so you can see that this can be hard to get)

But if your video did get 10 MILLION views… you would expect to earn about $20,000!

Woooo hooo marcus… $20 Grand!

Well hold on now… because to consistently make videos that get 10 million views is damn near impossible… even pewdiepie is only averaging 4 million per view and the only one I see consistently pulling down 10 million views per new video is MR Beast!

You Can See These Results On Social Blade

BOTH of these guys have been doing this forever, have huge channels with 25 and 100 million subscribers… so to get up there with them will take a lot of work.

So if you wanted to earn $100,000 a year with youtube monetization… you would need to be generating about 50,000,000 video views or more per year.

So what gives… why does someone like MR beast or pewdiepie show earnings of $10-$20 Million Per Year Or More?

Well here’s the deal.

Most youtubers DO NOT rely just on monetzation… monetization is one of the lowest amounts you will ever make with your youtube channel.

I have a channel with approximately 2,000 – 3,000 daily views and if I relied on monetization alone I would barely be able to afford lunch every day.

HOWEVER… with that same channel I have been able to earn millions of dollars.


Here is how it works.

Youtube Affiliate Marketing And Affiliate Links.

How to build your audience and get them to do things that make you money.

Now most people think OH hey… you know what I need a sponsor.

BUT sponsors will not start seeking you out until you have a lot of views… A LOT OF VIEWS!

So what you need to first do is understand what your viewers are all about.

If you have a channel about music and one of your videos about the Ibanez fancy new guitar is getting a ton of views… then you need to specifically target that video and make some affiliate links for that guitar.

That way you can get paid each and every time someone watches your video and buys the guitar thru your youtube video and your affiliate link.

NOW… you could go up there and start slapping affiliate links on your videos and hoping for the best… I have a friend who does youtube affiliate marketing with amazon and he makes about six figures a month with his affiliate links.

AGAIN… he has a ton of traffic so if you are a new youtube affiliate marketer… you will need to be more strategic about this.

Let me show you how this works.

Lets say you have a channel about meditation music or guided meditation… this can be an easy market to break into… and you can get a lot of views.

take a look at these two examples.

One has 313 Million total views (and its said based on the normal monetization numbers hes probably making around $100,000 per year) now that is just an estimate if he was only using ads on videos.

BUT what if he offered the MP3 download version of his video on his site and asked people to enter their name and email to get it.

Well then he would be getting THOUSANDS of people every day to join his mailing list.


If you can take that mailing list and send them links to affiliate offers for meditation music downloads, audible subscriptions, books, courses, therepy offers, relaxing supplements, ect…

Then you can start making a fortune.

This starts to add up very quickly once you have the mailing list going… and the cool thing about this is that you can now email your whole list everytime you come out with a new video… you can put that new video up on your blog in about 3 minutes and add some affiliate links to each post to drive even more sales.

So now instead of making 0.002 cents per viewer you are able to make a HELL of a lot more.

For example… there are affiliate programs on clickbank for meditation, manifestation, happiness exercises, and more… and these pay up to $139 on average for a sale.

Or you can look on offervault for affiliate links for your youtube channel and you will see things like

Stress Relief Essential Oils $40 payout

There are also meditation courses you can link to directly that offer 40% per sale PLUS recurring revenue for various meditation programs.

You can promote the audible software and get paid on a free trial.

Or you can simply put all your audios together from your videos and sell those as a custom mp3 pack.

Its really quite simple to do if you use youtube as your traffic method.

The magic to making this work is creating your own website with your own domain name and giving people a REASON to click your link on youtube.

For example I like to say… for notes from this video you can download a PDF on my website.

Or for links used in this video check out whatevermysiteis .com

Using this method I get over 100 leads every day from just one of my channels.

I find that I can usually get about 10% of the viewers to click and about 50% of those to opt in.

Meaning if I make the video and get 10,000,000 views like the example above… I would be getting 1,000,000 clicks and 500,000 opt ins.

Some people do this in a broad way by having the same link on every video.

If they have a money making tutorial channel they may say something like “my favorite money making method here” and have the link.

Some people like my friend just put straight amazon affiliate links in their description and say something like “check out my gear list below” and they list the stuff and put affiliate links to each item.

NOW I am not a big fan of this particular youtube affiliate marketing method because it does not make room for a proper affiliate disclaimer and your visitors never come to you directly so you would be leaving a lot of money on the table.

The best way to do this is by having a dedicated opt in page for your video that is easy for people to type in.  for example I use affiliatedude.com/ whatever.

So if I have a video about paid traffic I would make it affiliatedude.com/paid

Or if it’s a video I know will do well I will get a separate url for it like freetrafficskills.com or something like that.

This allows me to track everything and change it at a moments notice… so every traffic teaching video I have will lead to the traffic giveaway opt in page… that way If I ever need to change it – I simply change the one page and it now is updated everywhere.

This is important because affiliate links can change… and you want to be ready if they do.

Can You Post Affiliate Links On Youtube?

As of writing this 12.27.2019 youtube is ok with affiliate links as long as you have a proper disclaimer and you are not spamming them with junk videos just to get clicks and views.

You need to make sure you ALWAYS follow all the rules and terms.

Treat this like a business because it can make you a lot of money if done correctly.

Here are the steps to start youtube affiliate marketing.

  1. Locate a niche that you can get traffic in… not something like funny videos… that is to broad… maybe something like meditation music for anxiety or something (if you already have a channel skip to the bottom of this report)
  2. Find some affiliate offers you can run that people watching your videos would be interested in
  3. Make some targeted videos and post your links

NOW I realize youtube is a big place and some videos will SEEM like there is nothing to offer… like funny cat videos… how can you monetize a funny cat video or a recipe video.

Well the first obvious solution would be to sell cat supplies or something or recipe books for the recipe market.

As I always like to say… obvious makes little money.

But if you get a little creative then you can see how this works really really well.

For example what if I told you that you could get paid $1.60 every time someone downloaded free recipes?

Well you can 😊 this affiliate program I found at offervault pays $1.60 per download and it gives the users a free recipe toolbar so they can find their favorite recipes.


This is the exact method I used to turn “junk traffic” into millions of dollars with the myspace craze back in 2005-06 where I promoted an affiliate offer for smiley faces and music players and got anywhere from $1.35 up to $3 per download – the cool part is the visitor doesn’t have to pay for anything… they just download the toolbar thru my affiliate link and I get paid.

There are tons of these programs available if you search for “browser extensions” in offervault.

From video converters that pay $2.50 per download to internet speed tools to weather toolbars you can put on weather videos that one pays $2.50 as well… they even had PDF tools, radio browser extensions, games, coupons, and more.

This is how MR beast makes a ton of money promoting the honey discount ap… he has them as a sponsor but imagine if he was paid per install as well?

There are toolbars with helpful forms, tv streaming, watching sports online, and a whole lot more.

The list goes on and on from toolbar affiliate offers to giveaways…

Imagine you have a makeup channel and you want a way to make money.

You can get paid to give away free make up samples like dove soaps, mac cosmetics, beauty boxes, and more… some of these pay as much as $8 – $15 to give away free samples.

The cool part is they convert on a simple form… you don’t even have to sell anything… you can just get people to fill out the little form to get free samples and BAM you get paid.

Like this one here where it pays $2.40 for a makeup sample… all the user has to do is put in their email and hit submit for free samples and you get paid.


or maybe you have a travel channel… you could promote vacation gift cards or travel rewards credit cards on your youtube channel.

You could promote simple free dating site signups if you have a channel about dating or something like that.

You could even find affiliate offers for home improvement for a home repair channel.

Or suppose you have a workout or exercise channel… you could promote all kinds of offers…

The possibilities are endless and you can make a lot of money with youtube affiliate marketing EVEN if you have a small channel.

Check out my free youtube affiliate marketing course below and learn even more about how to make money with affiliate links and youtube affiliate marketing.







Seven Linktree Alternatives

Linktree Alternatives Watch This First

If you’ve tried marketing your business on Instagram, one thing you probably know is that you can only place a single link in your bio. This makes it unappealing for individuals looking forward to promoting different things at the same time. But, all is not lost, and as a savvy marketer, you shouldn’t accept any limitations but instead look for the best link-in-profile tools such as Linktree.

When Linktree was launched in December 2016, it took the Instagram world by storm. It worked really good and this made brand influencers, online creative, entrepreneurs, and marketers to hop on Linktree train. Even though Linktree is free, it lacks some features that make it unfavorable. In this article, we will tell you what Linktree is, why it may not be favorable, and the best alternatives that will take your business to another level.

The First Thing I Noticed With Linktree is the uniform buttons… these get BARELY any clicks so if you are trying to direct your instagram traffic and get people to click on things that make you money this will not do…

Notice the coloring and the look and how it all blends together… there is no real “benefit” to clicking.

Notice this example… which one do you think will generate more clicks to the offers?

If You Said #2… You Are Correct.

After testing hundreds of millions of visitors i have found that big and bold and stuff that stands out will win the click over boring and mundane.

PLUS with linktree you do not have TOTAL control or brand ability.

Brand ability is where you get people to recognize you over and over again.

If i have a linktree url in my description… that is creating brand awareness for linktree… NOT ME.

So what I do instead is get my own domain name… in this example i got affiliatedude.com nice and short for people to remember.

Then I Get Webhosting and Install WordPresss (this takes about 2 minutes)

Once I Am Done I Can Use The Free Theme At SocialProfitTools.com and create a simple theme.

Then I Use The SocialProfitTools plugin and i can make my boxes and links.

This is all trackable and changeable and now that i have my own website and domain name i can simply host whatever i need to, videos, pdf’s, order pages, anything i want and its all on the same simple theme which converts FAR better than linktree links.

And This Method Will Only Cost About $70 Per Year (they give me my domain free when i get hosting)

Advantages of using a link-in-profile tool

Before we delve into the best Linktree alternatives, it would be better to tell you why you should use link-in-profile in the first place. Link-in-profile tools are important Instagram marketing tools for any influencer or brand, and offer the following benefits;

· Cross-platform promotion- This tool is used in cross-promotion whereby you link out to any other social page of your choice

· Increased click-through rate (CTR) – If you give your Instagram audience more options to click on, chances are that they will click through and boost your CTR which is a popular Instagram metrics

· More targeted – With more links to choose from, it’s possible to carry out more targeted Instagram campaigns using different links that target different buyer personas

· More affiliate sales – Link-in-profile tools allow you to add one or more affiliate links to the custom landing page and your branded or personal links

· Better branding – These tools promote visual identity and better branding as they allow you to insert brand images on the landing page

What is Linktree

Linktree is the most popular and oldest link-in-bio tool you can find on the market today. In simple terms, it is a tool that assists in the creation of a free landing page and generation of a link to that page, which you can easily place in your profile. This bypasses the one-link limit to Instagram and directs your audience to a page with multiple links.

Setting up and using Linktree is a walk in the park and you can effortlessly paste the links and rearrange them using a drag and drop interface. What’s more, the user’s interface is super clean and cannot be cluttered even if you share more than 27 links. Since Linktree was launched, there have been other similar tools determined to offer extra features you can’t find from Linktree, such as the option to add images to your links.

Pros and cons of Linktree


· Clean display

· Simple setup

· It’s branded with your Instagram page

· You can add as many links as you want

· It can include basic statistics


· Few themes available in the free version

· Detailed statistics and social links are only available for pro users

· Has limited customization options

Best Linktree Alternatives

Linktree is undoubtedly an undisputed leader as long as Instagram bio link personalization is concerned. However, there are other Linktree alternatives with better features hence worth trying. If you are wondering which link-in-profile tool you can use over Linktree, keep scrolling as we won’t leave any stone unturned, and here is the list.

1. Campsite.bio

First on our list of the best Linktree alternatives is campsite.bio, and for good reasons. This tool is similar to Linktree, although it has more features that make it more accommodative. The links in Campsite have images, and this makes it a go-to tool for individuals with a soft spot for visuals.

Campsite allows you to add unlimited links to your profile page and move around them without encountering any technical problems. Besides, you can easily add links to your other social media pages and look completely natural. What’s more, you can customize the fonts, font-weight, color, and even social icons on your landing page, and this makes Campsite the best tool for branding. The landing page is similar to that of Linktree and includes a space for your profile name and picture, and interestingly, you can add your brief introduction underneath.

Features of a free Campsite tool

· Ability to add brief information and change the title of your Campsite

· You can easily see links analytics and the times they’ve been clicked

The premium features include

· All the free plan features

· Allows you to use a custom domain such as ‘links.yoursite.com’

· You can hide the Campsite branding and manage the metadata such as title, images, and description

· You can easily schedule the links for them to go live with your other content or posts

· Integrate with MailChimp and Google Sheets to expand your email list

· You can include the Facebook Pixel ID for retargeting

· You can view your traffic if you integrate Campsite with Google Analytics

2. ContactInBio

ContactInBio is yet another popular link-in-profile tool and the best alternative to Linktree. According to experts, Linktree and ContactInBio have similar basic landing page designs, but the latter has extra add-ons that make it exceptional.

First things first, ContactInBio comes with an option to add a contact form directly to your landing page to improve how you communicate with your audience. Besides, it has a clean and easy to use interface, and what makes it outstanding is the ‘live preview’ feature that allows you to view any changes as you make them.

ContactInBio comes with different content block options that are easy to add to your landing page. These blocks include text block, image carousel, social media buttons, and video blocks. The free themes are outstanding and give you detailed statistics of how many people visit your page daily, the date, the country they come from, and the language spoken.

If you’d want to capture your Instagram audience’s details but you don’t have a website, ContactInBio will be your ideal tool. It has full landing page capabilities, and whether your online shop sells makeup kits, artworks, or clothing, ContactInBio can offer your audience an easy opt-in platform and keep other links to your social media and shops on the landing page.

Features available on ContactInBio free plan

· Seven pre-designed background themes to choose from according to your personal preferences

· Ability to customize your texts, links, and button color styles

· Allows you to auto-import images and links from Linktree

· You can connect various accounts and switch between them with ease

Features of premium ContactInBio (business option – $7 per month)

· Comes with all amazing features in the free plan

· Supports Facebook Pixel ID integration

· Has a video uploading feature which allows you to add a tutorial video to send to your followers on YouTube

· Ability to customize your landing page colors and designs

· You can add and change the image of your business or profile photo

3. Link-In-Profile

Link-In-Profile is pricey and it’s a bit different from the other two tools we’ve covered in that for it to work, you must add a clickable link in your Instagram posts. The setup process is easy and straightforward, and one thing that stands out is that you won’t have to edit your landing page constantly to add new links. Link-In-Profile is a go-to tool for influencers who do a lot of sponsored posts and working on new campaigns using new affiliate links.

Once you set up Link-In-Profile, add a link in the caption; it will remain active and this tool will pull the image onto the custom page automatically and make it clickable. If your followers click on the image, they will be directed to the link you added in the caption on Instagram, which in turn, increases your traffic and more money.

Benefits of Link-In-Profile

· More visuals than other Linktree alternatives

· Perfect for accounts with multiple links

· Automatically updates with new links every time you post to Instagram

· Well-optimized for both desktop and mobile

4. Swipop

Swipop is among the best Linktree alternatives that allow you to create a page filled with several links. What makes this tool stand out is that it can be integrated with Stripe that makes it easy to sell your premium content from the same page. Swipop is an ideal option for influencers who want creative methods to monetize their accounts. You can sell early access to YouTube videos, access to VIP photos, and even PDF guides directly from your Swipop page. What’s more, clicking the ‘eye’ button on top of the links distinguishes visible or invisible links and therefore, you can easily set up various links in advance and activate when need be.

Benefits of Swipop

· Comes with a professional design

· Setting up is easy

· Allows you to sell premium content

5. TapBio

TapBio seems complicated, but it’s easy and one of the best next-generation Linktree alternatives. TapBio adopts a unique interface famously known as card-based that uses cards over blocks. In addition to creating just one landing page, you are allowed to create multiple cards with every card hosting a different set of links. For instance, one card might pull videos from your YouTube channel and the other pulling all your Instagram posts with a link in the caption to be turned into clickable posts.

Benefits of TapBio

· Interesting and quirky design

· Custom background image on every card

· Can automatically pull data for cards from linked YouTube and Instagram accounts

· Comes with dozens of customization options

· Short custom URL

6. Shorby

Shorby has been around for quite some time now, and it has gained popularity due to its retargeting feature that allows you to make shortened and traceable Shor.by links to retarget any audience that clicks on them. With Shorby, you can easily create a landing page with several links and generate a link to that link. The landing page comes with a colored background and will be branded with your profile name at the top. Interestingly, you can include social icons that link to other social media networks. If you’d want to make the most out of your IG bio, Shorby is the right tool for you.

Benefits of Shorby

· Unlimited links

· You can add social icons

· Comes with a professional design

· Link tracking and retargeting


LNK.BIO is not as popular as other Linktree alternatives, but that does not make it inferior. This tool comes with a simple yet elegant interface that you’ll like. It gives you an option to schedule any link you’d like to appear on your profile. This feature makes it even better for anyone with a paid campaign approaching to schedule the Instagram link to go live as soon as posts go live.

LNK.BIO can pull Instagram profile photos automatically and allow you to add custom images that go side by side with any link you add to your landing page. What’s more, it’s possible to edit your links, for instance, to change the image without necessarily deleting the entire link.

Benefits of LNK.BIO

· You can include as many links to your page as possible

· Keeps track of how many times your link has been clicked

· You can see the analytics page and how often your page gets viewed

· You can add a tracking code as well as extended bio

· Links can be added to other social media pages

Bottom line

Whether you find it better to stick to Linktree or any of the above mentioned Linktree alternatives, it is necessary to find a way to make the most of your Instagram bio link. We are in the 21st century, and utilizing the advanced technology will ensure that you don’t only connect with friends from all corners of the world on Instagram but also advertise your business, drive traffic and make money. With Linktree alternatives, the profile spaces are short, but if you utilize the link properly, you’ll create more space to tell your followers who you are. Instagram bio links can be compared to ABOUT PAGE, and if you want more followers, you must show your audience what you are.

SEO Niche Hacks And Affiliate Keyword Research

Niche Hacks And Keyword Ranking Tips

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The BIG Secret To SEO Starts In Having The Right Keywords.

If You Have The Wrong Keywords You Are Dead On Arrival… So You Must Select The Right Nichehacks For Your Keywords.

Niche Hack Tip #1: Find Competing Sites In Your Niche And Run Them Thru A Tool Like AHREFS, SEMRUSH, Or Neil Patels Ubbersuggest.

Then you will want to pull a competition and ranking report to see what they are ranking for and what the traffic looks like

Nichehacks Tip #2: Sort the keywords by volume and difficulty.

In all the keyword tools you will see a KD or competition score… usually the lower the number the better… we want words that rank 0 – 10 for competition because these will be easier to rank for with a new/er site.

Some words that are easy are usually reviews, review, and other long tail keywords that have lower competition scores.

Niche Tip #3: next you will want to make a ultimate list of non competitive keywords and start making content for them and make sure the words have an intent that you can use to get buyers.

For example some of the words i use that may not seem “relevant” to my niche but have good intent are words like “linktree alternatives” or “bluehost affiliate program” or even on this page i am working on ranking for niche hacks, niche hacks reviews, and other things related to nichehacks.

Now i know that the intent of these keywords can easily get people interested in things i have to offer like linktree i can use to get people to go for hosting and since linktree alternatives has 600 searches per month… if i can get 100 or 200 to my site and get 10% to signup for web hosting… that is 10-20 signups $ 100 a pop… that means my little article would generate $1,000 – $2,000 per month… and if we are super conservative and say i only get 1% to signup that is still $100 – $200 per month NOT including sup category keywords (we go for those too) so we are looking at $1,200 on the low end and $24,000 on the high end… and that’s for about 1 outsourced article with about 20 minutes of tweaking and editing.

So you can see this stuff is not that hard to do at all.

REMEMBER your articles will not rank right away and when they do rank… rankings change and fluctuate… so if you rank 54 you can always improve… the name of the game is to put stuff out there… see where it lands, watch your traffic and improve.

That is what i am doing with the $1000 Content Test… and we are getting new traffic every day so far just 20 days in… and not that many of the articles have even hit google yet… when they do you will see the traffic rise very fast and sharply and that will produce an income boost as well.

So getting the right niche hacks and niche keywords is KEY!

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How To Promote Clickbank Products

Over the past years i have made hundreds of thousands of dollars promoting clickbank products.

I have promoted everything from how to make money online, to tattoo designs, to weight loss, beta fish, and even a lottery guide.

clickbank tattoo website

Here is what the clickbank tattoo website looked like.

It is important to note that clickbank is NOT always the main center of attention of these websites or my business… i use the offers as a supplement… in this tattoo market the main offer was a email submit offer and the tattoo johnny affiliate program where i generated profits every day.  I was also able to get between 1-3 sales of the clickbank offer per day as well.

ClickBank is part of the network of affiliate marketing systems that enable you to earn income through product advertisements. Affiliate marketing refers to marketing of other people’s products or services to get commissions. For instance, if you have a company that sells kitchenware, then you may help the company reach its customers by marketing the products in your website or YouTube channel. The company then reaches an agreement with you on the commission you’ll earn per product or service sale. The moment you drive a visitor and he buys items from the company, the company pays you commission. This is made possible by the unique link that a company gives to its affiliates.

So if you’re new to the affiliate marketing niche, then you may be wondering now of where to get affiliate products or vendors? their payment methods and whether they’re legit. This is where ClickBank and other affiliate marketers chip in.

ClickBank and how it works?

ClickBank is an affiliate networks that hosts thousands of digital products such as videos, e-books and software. It is simply a marketplace that connects product vendors and affiliates. The company was founded in 1998 and is based in the United States.

ClickBank works in that if you are a vendor, you create a product and market it through ClickBank’s system. The company then distributes the product to a marketplace where thousands of affiliates can check you. The company then assigns unique links for every product and affiliate so that when a sale is made they’ll be able to channel their commissions to the account that made the sale.

Are we on the same direction? Well, most people start off as affiliates and later become vendors. As a ClickBank affiliate, you can earn plenty of income in a short time if you focus on the right promotional tips. To sign up for ClickBank affiliate program you’ll only need to navigate too their official site. you’ll then sign up for free and search the marketplace for a list of products to market. In each product, ClickBank generates a unique link for you that enables you to earn commission for ever sale you make.

Besides, ClickBank is a large affiliate network with some of its affiliates earning 5-6 figures per month. Joining and earning more from the ClickBank program are two different ventures. To earn high commissions with ClickBank you’ll have to know of the best ways to promote ClickBank products.

ClickBank Gravity

When it comes to ClickBank gravity, many affiliate markets argue on what it means for the affiliate business. The topic is trending on top ClickBank forums and social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

When you open a product in ClickBank’s marketplace, you’ll see a variety of options beside it with one being its Gravity. To be specific, ClickBank gravity refers to the number of sellers marketing a certain product. When each affiliate makes a sale, then ClickBank adds 1 to the gravity. If the affiliate makes a sale the next day, then the ClickBank adds 1 to the gravity. If the affiliate fails to make a sale the next day, the company adds 0.96 to the ClickBank gravity. The number ranges between 0.01 to 1 for each sale in a period of 12 weeks.
So if a product has zero gravity, then it means there were no sales for the past 12 weeks. If the gravity falls below 1 then it means no affiliate sold the same product in the last two days. Higher than 1 gravity means more than 1 affiliates sold the product in the last two days.

For products that have over 100 gravities it means they’re high quality and hundreds of affiliates are earning from the sale of the products.
However, you should not pick the product basing on its gravity. For starters, a low gravity product could sell better than a high-gravity product. This is possible since 10 affiliates could be making one sale per day for a product while other 100 affiliates make the same one sale per day. The difference between the two is a 10 and 100 gravities yet the sales remain the same. That is, the gravity is not an indicator of how the product sales but instead number of affiliates selling the product.

How to Find ClickBank Products to Promote

how to promote clickbank affiliate offers

With ClickBank it’s important to select the right products so that you’ll have an easier time marketing and getting more clients. You don’t have to waste your time and resources on products that hardly sell due to factors such as low quality. You should also get the products that match your site’s niche so that you’ll hardly vouch them to your audience.

To select a ClickBank product:

1. Find A Niche of Your Interests and Expertise

The first step in selecting a ClickBank products involve identifying the ideal products to advertise. Affiliate marketing involves more sales and if you lack the passion and dedication to promote then you won’t make any cash.

Considering ClickBank has over 13,000 listings you may have a hard time trying sorting through the products. The niche you choose should contain the products you are familiar with. That way, you’ll find it easier to market the products with a touch of authenticity and detailing.

For finding good clickbank niches i like to use my trigger word method which you can learn more about here.


Download marcus trigger word list here.

2. Review Your Sales Channels

When you join ClickBank, you can either look for products to promote on a new website. Alternatively, you can promote them on your existing blog or site. if you are looking for ClickBank products to promote on your site, its important you get the products that match your site. this is because unrelated products will disinterest your audience.
Also, the products you market on your blog should be useful to your site’s visitors as well. If for instance your site is dealing with medical Cannabis, then marketing CBD products will work because your visitor is interested in the niche. But if you market products like mobile phones, then its highly likely your site visitors.

3.Choose The Products to Market


After selecting the ideal niche to market products from, your next task is creating a spreadsheet that includes the details of the product such as product name, gravity, price and link to its information page. Your spreadsheet should cover all the products of one category. If you want to promote products from other categories, create another spreadsheet.
ClickBank has a variety of sort options you can use to get your ideal product. Search your products by sorting them using the right search parameters so you’ll find your products quickly. ClickBank sorts the products by default using popularity. Focus on the gravity metric option and use it to pick your products.

4. Comparing the Key Metrics to find your best product

You should not market a single product but instead focus on multiple products. This gives you the chance to compare how the products fair in market sales to deduce the best products in each category. ClickBank has several metrics for each product including the initial sale, average sale, gravity and average rebill. It is important to pay attention to commissions and gravity.

5. Research on the vendor’s pitch

Once you are through with a list of products to market, you’ll need to analyze the products well. The product’s suitability does not end with a high commission or gravity. Rather you need to analyze the product and see if they excite you.
You’ll also need to check the vendor’s pitch and possibly market products with plenty of information. In affiliate marketing, little information means lower quality and most customers dread such products.

How to promote ClickBank Offers as an affiliate

1. Use of Banner Ads

Ads are the most effective way of marketing ClickBank products. However, to place banner ads you must have a blog or website. However, when posting a banner ad on your website, you should match it with a related article. It’s not advisable to put your ads in unrelated articles as failing to pre-sell your product could result into your readers getting bored. Also, since website traffic related to your offers, placing the ads on the right places helps your site to safeguard more conversions. These banners contain the affiliate links and when visitors click them, it leads them to the vendor’s site where the can purchase the products.
Also, if you don’t have a blog or website, then you can buy ad banners space in other sites to place your ads. You should choose sites within the same niche that have a higher traffic. It’s also best to place your banner ads on different sites so you’ll get conversions from different sites of the same niche.

2. Social Media Marketing

The last decade has been a hallmark of rise for most social media platforms. Facebook and Twitter are the topmost platforms you can count on to promote your ClickBank products. Facebook currently has 2.45 billion monthly active users while Twitter has more than 300 million users worldwide. Considering the huge demographics, you’ll easily find market to promote your products on these two top social media platforms.
The secret to making it in Facebook and Twitter is hang a large social circle. Once you have an audience, start crafting eye-catching product-review style articles that markets your products. Ensure your articles have eye-catching titles so you’ll attract more readers. Also, you can market the ClickBank products on Facebook online groups such as Online marketing and other related categories.

3. Article Marketing

Article marketing is a technique that site owners use to market affiliate products. In article marketing, you write articles basing on a certain topic and recommend products of some companies. If you built yourself as an authoritative site, then chances are rife that visitors will purchase your products,
Before you delve deeper into article marketing, you should establish trust and rapport with your audience. You should also have a large number of visitors to earn substantive commissions from marketing the affiliate products. When it comes to article writing, you can write product reviews or blog posts on related topics. You can even look for guest writers to write their own articles and paste affiliate links strategically at the article.

4. Email Marketing

Email marketing is another form of marketing that is useful in turning readers to potential customers. Besides, you don’t have to send individual messages to your email list but instead send general mails that target all customers. Before you pitch your products to your customers, you should start with pre-selling elements to avoid the situation of aggressive sales pitches.
When marketing the product via mails, tell your customers why they need the product and how it’s useful to them. Also, include the unique features, benefits and drawbacks of the product. These should come in series of products with the last containing an affiliate link.

5. Participate in ClickBank products forums

there are many forums online that are related to ClickBank products. It is at these forums, that customers and affiliates meet together to post suggestions and reviews. Establish yourself as a credible in these ClickBank forums. Once you have the trust of the forum members you can go ahead to promote the ClickBank products. But for this strategy to work, your trustworthiness and expertness should not be in doubt with the forum members.

Creating affiliate links with ClickBank

To create your ClickBank affiliate link:

i. Log in to your ClickBank affiliate account
ii. Navigate to the ClickBank marketplace
iii. Search for the product you want to promote (the best way to search for the product is via its keyword. Alternatively, you can search for it in the product categories)
iv. Locate the product on the search results and click the “Promote” button (a new window will appear)
v. Click the “Create” button and ClickBank marketplace will create a unique product link for you.

ClickBank is one of the top affiliate programs on the internet. It allows you to earn more by marketing products from different vendors. With over 13,000 product listings you’ll hardly miss a product to market. Join ClickBank today and enjoy huge commission on the sales you make

Killer Niche Market Examples – Sinister Keyword Hacks

How To Find The Most Profitable Niche Market Examples – Crazy Method Revealed!

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Super Easy Way To Find TONS Of Niche Market Examples!

We’re going to show some methods for finding these free niche markets and these traffic methods that you can use in a really, really cool way.

I’ve been doing affiliate marketing for over 20 years. And the first time I ever got my first search engine ranking, I was happier than a pig in the slop because I found out that getting those search engine rankings would bring me free traffic that I didn’t have to pay for, which would sell things.

I’ll never forget the feeling the first time I sold stuff off of free search engine rankings. I was at a party at my dad’s house for 4th of July and I came home from that party after spending all day just hanging out and having burgers, swimming and everything like that. And I came home and I was like, wow. I made three sales for seven dollars each. I made twenty one dollars while I wasn’t doing anything. Now, some of you might look at that and say, well, twenty one dollars, Marcus, that’s not much at all. How are we going to do this? Well, that twenty one dollars, because I looked at it differently than most people do. Turned into a lot of money. And fast forward, I actually started my own search engine ranking company we worked with, like limousine companies, cigar companies, all kinds of companies that wanted to get search engine rankings. And we got them forum, which was really cool. And so as I was getting them, I noticed that these people were getting a lot of traffic. And then I started trying to get rankings for my own stuff to sell affiliate offers and different projects that I was involved in. And so I met a friend in 2002 and we decided to stay up all night, several nights in a row, not a good idea, and tried to figure out the search engine ranking thing for tons of niche markets.

And it was crazy because I realized that getting a search engine ranking for a term that gets a lot of traffic could be the difference between making nothing and making a thousand dollars two thousand or more per day. And I’ll never forget what it was like to hang out with that guy and be like, Hey, dude, let’s try to get this ranking for this term. And so we got the ranking and we woke up in the morning and we had the ranking and we were like, holy crap. We made like nine hundred dollars off of this ranking like that. And it was really, really cool, really easy to do. And it wasn’t that difficult.

So what we’re gonna do in this training is run to show you how to find the most profitable niches in a crazy method that I’m going to reveal.

So first and foremost, into the sinister stuff, what you want to do. Step 1 is you want to use what I call a keyword jogger. What is a keyword jogger? Well, a keyword jogger is something you put in Google to figure something out.

Like if I put PDF report how to feed my cat, I’m going to get PDF for how to feed my cat. If I put site: and my website name, I only get all the links from my Web site.

If I put something like Click Bank Affiliate Offer weight loss, I’m going to get all the click bank affiliate off for weight loss.

Or maybe maybe you use a keyword jogger like, you know, places to eat near me and then you put your zip code or your city.

That would be a keyword jogger. It’s something added to a search term so that you can figure something out even more detailed when you’re doing research. You can even do like research papers on certain topic.

Now, some of the keyword joggers that you can use to find niche market examples that people are already doing right.  These will help you find tons of niche market examples.

You can go to Google, you can go to Bing, whatever search engine you fancy and you could type these in. Now, these are kind of sinister. So pay close attention.

Step 1: Use A Keyword Niche Jogger

Keyword Niche Joggers

“amazon affiliate disclosure”

“affiliate disclosure”

“affiliate disclosure” + niche

“affiliate links on this website”

“website uses affiliate links”

“hop.clickbank.net” + niche


“may be compensated” affiliate

“Amazon Services LLC Associates Program”

“participant in the Amazon Services”

niche examples

First of all, you can go now again when you put your keyword jogger in. Make sure you put it in quotes. You got to put it in quotes. Otherwise, this won’t work.

So what you’re gonna do is you could go and you could search for Amazon affiliate disclosure in quotes.

What happens here is you’re going to find all the people who have Amazon affiliate disclosures on their Web site.

Why that matters is because those are people who are making money with the Amazon affiliate program that have links and that have a disclosure that are serious about it. And you could actually take that link and you could build a list of all the people that are in your certain niche or in any niche or whatever for that very important. Right. Another keyword jogger you can use is affiliate disclosure.

Now, why in the world would someone have the words affiliate disclosure on their site? Well, they’re either teaching you about affiliate disclosures or they’re an affiliate marketer and they put their disclosure on there. Right. Think about this for a minute. These are things you can use to go figure out what’s going on out there, figure out why where people are getting traffic, whether they’re making money and what’s going on. And it’s going to get even more sinister than this

If you want to get even more niche, you can put affiliate disclosure in quotes and then put plus niche.  This will show you tons of affiliate site niche examples you can use to model after.

What I do is I like to go to like Alexa.com

this is important because when you go and you do these keyword joggers, you want to find out if the guy’s actually getting traffic.

So if I go to Alexa, scroll down to the bottom where it says browse top sites and I put something in like my site affiliatemarektingdude.com i get a ranking and it shows me some of the keywords the site is using to get traffic for that specific niche.

The Lower The Alexa Ranking – The Better!  Shoot for under 100,000 for big niches and under 500,000 for smaller ones.

This will help you determine if the niche market example you chose has enough traffic to make a decent amount of money.

Now, what are these going to do?

These are going to show you sites that are popping up. Obviously, the ones that are up on the top are probably going to get more traffic, but you want to go through them and look at all the stuff that’s going on out there, because you’re going to find that there’s tons of niches because a lot of people here like they think, oh, a niches are like, you know, weight loss, credit, make money.

And that’s about that’s about as deep as they think. They don’t think that there are literally people out there making more money than you’ve ever thought you could make with a site about ping pong tables.

I found a site about ping pong tables. We were able to get a keyword report and be like, boom. These are the keywords it goes for. It’s not competitive. You just go down the list. You make the content or outsource the content and you start getting traffic very, very fast. So this is something that can work again. These are the keyword joggers you want to go through. Spend a few hours, go through him, learn exactly what’s going on out there and start to search the web in a different way, because up until now, you’ve been searching the Internet as a consumer.

I never search the Internet as a consumer. I search the Internet as a marketer and as a marketer. I want to know what’s going on. And as a marketer, I know that every time someone searches for a keyword, someone’s making money out there somewhere. Every search engine term that’s typed in, someone out there is making some money.

And we’ve got to realize that.

The reason affiliate marketing and search engine ranking is not working for you is because it has this illusion that it’s too competitive.

It’s a complete and utter illusion. There are terms you can get in any market right now. If you do it right!

Now here’s an example niche market.

Step 2: Look For Interesting Sites

You Will Find Interesting Example Niche Topics With Low Competition

niche market examples

didn’t even know a bamboo pillow existed, like I thought about a bamboo pillow. And I was like, that does not sound comfortable at all. I have bamboo in my backyard and I sure as hell don’t want to go to bed laying on bamboo pillows.

But take a look at this. I didn’t know this existed, but this is a niche bamboo pillow. Twenty six thousand searches a month. Miracle bamboo pillow. Seven point three thousand searches about bamboo memory foam pillow. One point nine thousand searches a month. Essence of bamboo pillow, one point three thousand searches a month. And on and on we go with lots and lots of keyword traffic.

Well, this is important because of this number here. This number is defined as a KD or a keyword difficulty or SEO difficulty, depending on what keyword you’re tool you’re using.

Well, this is important because if I go for something like mortgage, these are gonna be like ninety five to one hundred. (lots of competition in that niche)

The zeros mean it’s really, really easy to rank for!

Using This Method I Even Found Non Competitive Niche Examples For: Pool Cleaning Equipment, Baby Registry, Air Fryers, Ping Pong Tables, Non Alcoholic Beer, Rescue Pets, Pet Supplies, Recipes, Crafts, Car Seat Laws, Strollers, And On And On And On We Go…

This guy was selling like blenders and vitamin things. And it’s like vitamins versus ninja keyword difficulty of two.

They’re gonna buy either the vitamin C or the Ninja. They might as well buy it through my affiliate link if they’re going to buy it because I like to get paid. Right. And we look at it in each of these words. So look at the vitamins versus ninja, ninja versus vitamin. That’s the same one. That’s the same word there. Here’s the same one here. Right. And we look at this and we’re like, holy crap. There’s a ton of stuff going on.

Check out this one. Artificial grass for dogs.

Right. Who would have thought that this niche would have that much traffic in it? These people are actually looking for like artificial grass for their dog.

Here’s another one I found. This is for people looking up water softners. Right. Best water softener. Eight thousand searches come up. Water softener reviews a thousand. Look at some of the less competitive Whirlpool water softener reviews. Martin, water softener. And on and on we go really noncompetitive. And you could see we wouldn’t even know that these niche markets existed.

But take a look at this. I actually found an example niche that was talking about motherboards, right? People were looking for motherboards. For their computer, this guy’s got this traffic here. Thirty five hundred searches a month. Keyword difficulty of two. This is saying the average cost per click is 50 cents. That means that that traffic theoretically would be worth thirty five hundred times 50 cents. That’s 1750 a month. Now, you can do a lot more than that. If you do it right. This is just like the generic run of the mill traffic thing.

OK. You also have like motherboard for a 7770, and these are very, very noncompetitive. So we go there and we’re like, wow, I could just go down this list and I could start plugging away at these keywords, start getting traffic.

Now, using this method, I found noncompetitive words for pool cleaning equipment. Right. You look at pool cleaning equipment. That stuff’s expensive. I know I had to buy like some thing for my pool cleaner thing and I was like a thousand bucks. You sell that. You get a good commission, right?

And that’s pretty cool, right? It’s like, OK, lots of low competition words. Now, here’s the deal. OK. And this is what you’re not seeing because we’re going to talk in a little bit about how this is the tip of the tip of the iceberg. Right. Like you’re seeing this little tip and below the ocean, there’s a lot of ice. And that ice is more keywords, because if I go in there and I do just water it whirlpool water softener. Right. If I rank for that, there’s going to be lots of other keywords like Whirlpool 5 0 8, water softener review, Whirlpool fifty five, all the different models and all the different stuff. So there’s lots and lots of traffic out there. And these people looking for reviews are like actually looking to buy stuff, which is absolutely crazy. Right. So this is like the gold, right?

Because if I could do the work and work my butt off and make a site about all these different blenders and all these things, I could go through and be like, OK, I’m going to kick ass. And maybe I could spend 45 minutes a day writing an article for a keyword. At the end of the year, I’ll have 300 articles if I take sixty five days off. Right. And those 300 articles could be getting me traffic. And if each article gets me 10 visitors a day, that’s 3000 visitors a day. Ninety thousand visitors a month. Ninety thousand visitors. If I get a conversion rate, let’s say ninety thousand times. Point five percent. OK, that’s forty five sales. If we do even better, which I know you can if we do like 1 percent sales, it’s like 90 sales. Right. And that is crazy. Like 90 sales of a vital mix thing every month. That would be life changing income for a lot of people if you do this right. That’s not even including the other stuff that you can make money off the mailing list. The other things that are out there, the ad since the ads, the banners, all this other stuff. Right. There are tons of ways to monetize your traffic.

OK, how hard would it be to get 10 visitors a day from an article? Not that hard, right?

And what I’m doing is I’m just going down the list. Right. I go through, I use my keyword joggers, find interesting sites, run them through the program, look at words I know I can get, do a deep dove on the words I know I can get and start focusing.

Here’s the example niche I talked to you about with air hockey tables and ping pong and all that. Right. Look at that. Air hockey table on and on we go. Lots and lots of stuff. Ping pong, table reviews. Best table paddle. All this other stuff.  This is a great niche market example here.

Step 3: Run Interesting Sites Thru A Rank Checker

ahrefs / semrush / ubbersuggest

Step 4: Build A Master Keyword List Of Easy Rank Niche Market Examples

Notice in this niche market example i took out all the competitive search terms and went for non competitive ones i know i can get.

And so what I did is I took a list and I did my research. It took me, you know, three or four hours to do the research. And I came up with a master list of easy to rank for words. And I was like, well, I go for like Wayfair affiliate, click bank alternatives, all these other keyword keywords related to affiliate. Now, the traffic here, if you’ll notice, the traffic is valued at like anywhere from two bucks a click to like six dollars eight dollars a click. So it’s very, very good traffic. Every click I get is worth it. OK. So if I can go in here and be like, well, you know, let’s see if we can rank for some of these.

And we actually already started ranking for some of these.

Then once I get that list, I go through and I make content and get traffic.

You Can Outsource Your Content OR  If you want to write, literally, you could do it in 45 minutes a day. It’s not that difficult.

Step 5: Make Content And Get Traffic

Pay Per Lead Affiliate Programs And Pay Per Call

Pay Per Lead Affiliate Programs Are A HIDDEN Gem In The Affiliate Marketing Industry.

Some people refer to it as just PPL while others associate it with other affiliate programs such as the Cost Per Acquisition, Pay Per Action, Cost Per Action and Cost Per Lead.
PPL is an extraordinary promotion style that allows users to generate more profits when they embrace the right channels and affiliate marketing. With common affiliate marketing, an individual usually obtains payment when his or her client purchases something.PPL enables you to place an affiliate link to your blog comfortably, and this will help you to receive payment when a visitor clicks on your link and later on purchase an item.

In other instances, Pay Per Lead Affiliate Programs allows user to receive payment when you get a referral from a client. The amount you earn per lead is, at times, substantial and this will consequently motivate you to promote these programs.

For you to join this affiliate program, you only need to sign up or create an account for free, or you can decide to establish an email list for you to generate income from PPL. Most customers prefer joining affiliate programs that don’t require them to use their substantial money to sign up.
PPL Programs allow users to receive payment on any certified lead that an individual creates for his or her Affiliate partner. It usually works differently from other forms of affiliate marketers. It doesn’t require you to have a successful sale for you to get paid.

For your visit to allow you to earn income from PPL, he or she may need to conduct the following.

• Provide their emails
• Enter his or her zip code
• Download a file or software
• Sign up for a free trial
• Create a mailing list

You have to ensure that your qualified and certified lead participate, visit and to a great extent, purchase an item for your partner to allow you to get more money. Note that, various PPL sites pay differently, some pay for qualified and certified leads; others pay according to traffic you create on their website. Other PPL program adds a bonus to their partners who have increased their sales.

There are various PPL types in the world, and therefore, you need to understand all their terms and conditions before joining them. This will help you to have full information on their service and how you can reap big from them.

The following are the top PPL programs known globally.

Personal Capital
This is one of the top PPL affiliate programs that pay its partners very we. It pays high commissions to its clients, and so far, it has received positive reviews from many people.
Note that, this affiliate program can comfortably pay about $100 in every qualified and certified lead. This implies that for every individual who creates a valid account and signs up with Personal Capital, then its partner receives a hefty amount.

The good thing is that Personal Capital is a fully budgeting tool that can be accessed freely through online platforms. Because of its nature, this software makes it easy for partners to persuade their clients to either download or create an account with it easily.

You need to know that for you to receive a commission of $100 for your qualified and certified lead, then you have to put asset worth of about $10,000 to the link connected to Personal Capital.
This affiliate program can be accessed on FlexOffers.It is an outstanding network of affiliate programs where one can get the best deals of affiliate marketing.

National Debt Relief
This is one of the best PPL programs that allow people to minimize debts, control their big interest rates and consequently transform their lives positively. National Debt Relief promise to assist people in reducing their mounting debts by about 50%.

Promoting this affiliate program allows users to feel acknowledged and persuaded that they are marketing a company that also caters to the interests of other people. Improving it will guarantee you some cash to help meet your daily expenses.

Every time you promote this institution to an individual who initiates consultation with this organization, be assured that you will receive $27.50 for your action. National Debt Relief has a condition that new clients should have a minimum debt of about $7,500 to help you earn a commission.

The tool is easy and straightforward service to market. It is entirely free and sincerely helpful. You can take advantage of its nature and promote it to individuals with promising debts; this will allow you to earn more money.

American Debt Enders
This program is known for providing encouraging PPL affiliate marketing programs. They assist individuals who feel the pressure of owning significant debts to get the required tips that allow them to get rid of their debts fully. They ensure that your bank account is well secured, make sure that creditors don’t target your asset, among other functions.

They provide free service to people, and therefore, you can comfortably persuade people to join this tool as quickly as possible. Every time you take an initiative of referring a new client to this program to establish a consolidation free debt quote, you increase your chances of getting more commission. At this point, you will receive payment of about $10 in every certified lead but when a client becomes a paying client then you are assured of getting $125 as your commission.

The affiliate program also motivates its partners by providing free phone offerings. These allow their clients to communicate with individuals regarding their debts. Doing this will guarantee you an extra commission of $41 every time your referral communicates through the provide phone line.

It is a budgeting tool that allows users to get the best options for affiliate marketing deals from a wide range of internet stores. It can also assist you in obtaining refunds once the prices of your service drop; additionally, it can help you get compensation when you receive late deliveries of your products. The tool is compatible with online market providers such as Home Depot, Walmart, Amazon, among other stores of online products.

Paribus is fully free and can be accessed from the internet. It can help you save a huge amount of money and it is also easy and straightforward to create an account or sign up with it.
This tool helps you to earn a commission of $2.50 every time you refer an individual to create an account with it. The more you refer more people to this tool the more you increase your chances of getting more money. The program can be accessed freely from FlexOffers.

It is one of the best-paid survey affiliate programs that can help you solve your financial issues. Most organizations nowadays have realized that data is an essential resource and therefore it helps them to plan adequately and run their activities well. Therefore, institutions have decided to invest in paid surveys to individuals, they pay people a lot of money to get their views and opinions on a particular subject.

Swagbucks allow people to generate income by watching videos and surfing through the web. Many people have found interest in Swagbucks because it gives them a chance to earn money.
Swagbucks allows you to earn $3 every time a new person creates an account with Swagbucks, at times you can acquire a $5 bonus when you work extra hard to get more people to sign up.
Swagbucks can be accessed on ImpactRadius, which has better deals in affiliate marketing.

American Consumer Opinions
It provides outstanding offers for people to earn more income. Interestingly this affiliate program allows you to receive payment of about $1 every time you get a new person signs up for this tool. Your referrals can help to get extra money because it is simple to create an account with it.
You can find the content of this affiliate program on ShareASale, which offers outstanding deals regarding affiliate marketing.

Mr. Rebates
This organization provides an excellent PPL affiliate program that assists clients to improve the source of their livelihood. The idea about this program is unique because it is the only tool that allows you to use the money to get more money. The concept requires you to spend more money through online platforms and consequently, this will help you to get paid via Mr. Rebates.

The program is integrated and compatible with online marketing providers such as eBay, Amazon, Dells among other sites of online shopping.

Mr. Rebates’ program is easy to understand work with because it allows individuals to earn about $1 every time they refer a new client to this site. Customers only need to create an account with it and this will allow you to get your commission. You need to persuade so many people to create an account with it so that you can receive more money.

Rank Pay
This one is an SEO offering and serves customers well. Many people and institutions use this platform to easily and quickly rank their information. The affiliate program allows you to pay for content if it only ranks. When you put keywords of content to this site, be assured that it will be ranked and you will pay for the services.

It is one of the simplest and workable affiliate programs; it can allow you to receive payment of about $25 every time you receive a qualified lead. Clients only pay when they receive favorable outcomes, it offers no-risk policy because it provides a win-win approach to both the customer and the affiliate.

Creative Live
It is the trendiest program in the education industry. Most of the courses provided in this affiliate program are paid. The topics usually range from music and art to e-commerce. Here, there are also free courses that can help you improve your knowledge and skills. The courses are interesting and amazing.

Once you refer an individual to this affiliate program and he or she sign up with the program, be assured to receive $1.This is regardless of the course that your customer picks, whether free or payable. When your client purchases something from the site then you will obtain 40% of the product sale.

The most interesting thing about this affiliate program is that it contains other PPL programs within its content. It allows you to get more money every time you refer new affiliates to it. You can comfortably earn income by promoting and selling people’s products on this program.
When you work hard, ShareASale Can give you more money, for instance, you can acquire $1 every time you refer, but there are other instances where you can earn as much as $150 in every referral.

Affiliate Manager
This program allows you to control your affiliate program; it also ensures that you can build a network with your affiliate program and also recruit others in the future. When you refer an individual to this program successfully, then expect to receive $1.Where the new referee becomes a buyer of an item in the program, then you may end up receiving $150 in every sale.

This program suits individual who have specialized in the affiliate industry as their niche.

How People Can Make Money With PPL Affiliate Programs
For you to make money with affiliate programs, you need to have talent and hard work. Success in this activity requires you to put more effort and time. You have to be creative and consistent for you to generate income through the online platform.

The following are essentials you need to earn a formidable income through PPL Affiliate Programs.

• Motivation and time to understand the industry you have chosen to market to your customers
• A blog to allow you to make advanced changes to your platform
• A domain that is easy to recall
• Enroll in one affiliate program to see progress

Final Thoughts
As an individual who purposes to earn income from the PPL affiliate marketing program, it is essential to focus on programs that allow your clients to create accounts without spending their money. This will help you to feel comfortable and also will enable you to convince more people to join your affiliate program and generate more income.

Free services, membership, and accounts are refreshing to embrace when dealing with affiliate programs because you don’t risk much.

$200 An Hour Sleeping??? Passive Income Secrets!

Passive Income Secrets

I just made over twelve hundred dollars while sleeping.

Let me get cleaned up and I’ll show you how this whole passive income thing works.

That’s better. Now, before we go any further, let’s define what passive income is.

Passive income.

“Income where you are not taking an active role in your business.”

So last night while I was sleeping, obviously I wasn’t very active in my business yet. I made money anyway.

This is defined as passive income.

If it’s sustainable over a period of time.

And that’s what we’re talking about today.

Now, if you cannot spend 15 minutes time watching this video, then you most likely are not serious about making passive income online, because over the next 15 minutes or so, I’m going to show you exactly how this works.

You can do it with no money or you could do it with money. We’re going to talk to you about the differences there. And we’re gonna show you exactly how to build a passive income online very, very fast. And we’re starting right now.

So let’s talk about how this works and break it down in a real world way. First of all, we know that passive income is income that’s derived from something that you’re not actively involved in. This could be the stock market could be if you own a couple of stores, restaurants or franchises.

Anytime you’re making money where you’re not actively involved, that is passive income. Now, a lot of people look at this and they’re like, well, how can I make passive income if I invest a thousand dollars in the stock market at the end of the year, I might have a thousand eighty dollars. That’s not really going to get me anywhere.

So how do you build passive income without having to invest a bunch of money?

Because we know that franchises cost anywhere from 80 thousand to several million dollars to start. And again, you’re not going to see your money back for like three years. So here’s an easier way and a more simple way that you can follow to start making passive income on the Internet first.

We’re going to talk about the difference between assets versus labor.

Now, most people are trained that you have to go to work to make money. This is how I was trained for most of my life. I’d go to work. I’d make a certain amount per hour. And at the end of the day, you just take the amount you earn times the hours. And that’s your check. Minus taxes, of course. Always got to pay your taxes. And so my income was completely limited by the time I could work. But one day a certain question popped into my brain and that question changed my life. The question was, what if I could sit down and do something today that would make me one dollar a day every single day without having to do anything else.

Now, most people would look at this and they’d say, a dollar. What the hell are you going to do with a dollar? Marcus Well, think about this for a minute. Most people go to work and they earn anywhere from like 15 to 20 dollars an hour.

If you work a full day at twenty dollars an hour, that’s a total of about one hundred and sixty dollars for the day. Now, on the other hand, if I spend my whole eight hour day figuring out a way to make a dollar a day online every day, that means for the first year I am going to make three hundred and sixty five bucks. Now I might not get that three hundred sixty five dollars right away, but at the end of the year I have made two hundred dollars more than you working the same amount of time. Now this starts to compound. And as we know, I think it was Einstein said that the most powerful force in the universe is compound interest. And this is how it works, because here’s the deal. At the end of the day, if you go to work and make one hundred and sixty dollars a day, you’ve got to work again tomorrow to make that.

But if I take the time and say I’m going to spend the next day figuring out a way to make a dollar a day online every single day, now I’m at 360 five times to two dollars a day. Pretty cool. And I don’t have to work. The next day I get my two dollars. Like clockwork. Now, if I were to do this every single day for an entire year, I’d be making three hundred and sixty five dollars a day at the end of the year. That’s like eleven grand a month. And again, it’s all automated.

Once you set it up and the cool thing about this is it doesn’t really take eight hours to set these up. And not every piece you put out is going to generate a dollar a day. Some of them might do a thousand dollars a day. One hundred dollars a day, 50 cents a day. But by playing the odds, I think you could make a lot of money. And now that we know the difference between assets and labor, labor again, going to work assets, creating something that makes you a dollar a day or more every single day without having to work again. Passive income.

Now, let’s talk about the difference between physical assets and digital assets.

A physical asset could be something like a house that you rent out and get income from an apartment building that you rent out or a restaurant. You make money from or perhaps investing in the stock market. Now, a digital asset is something that you create that lives in the online world pretty much forever. You could create a piece of content, a video, an article, something that gets people in that makes you money day in and day out. Now, the difference is, in order to invest in the stock market, you’ve got to have a bunch of money and you’ve got to have a risk. If you to buy a franchise or a restaurant, again, lots of money to start, lots of risk, even if you had real estate. You got to put your neck on the line for that loan so that you can make the passive income.

Now, with digital assets, everything’s digital and it’s online. It’s virtually risk free and it costs next to nothing. And ten days ago, I started a little challenge to show you exactly how this works. Now, you can do this two different ways. You could either invest lots of time, create the content yourself, or you can invest money and have other people create the content based on your research. If you have other people create it, you could do a lot more in less time and build a lot faster if you build it yourself.

Again, it’s going to take time. It’s going to take work. But nonetheless, we’re getting paid for it.

And what I did 10 days ago is I invested 1000 dollars to have people write content for my Web site based on various keywords that get traffic that I know that I can rank for pretty easy, right. So I went over to get website content dot com and I ordered the articles and started putting them up on my Web site. And guess what? Just 10 days later, we’re getting rankings and we’re getting traffic now for that thousand dollars. I was actually able to get over 50 different articles based on keywords I knew I could write for. And if you don’t have a thousand bucks, don’t worry, you could write these yourself. I wrote one today just to test it out. Now, the reason I had other people write these articles is to show you that anyone could do this, because now if I take these articles and I put them on my Web site, all 50 of them will put five here.

All right. If each of these articles is out there and gets me some visitors every single day and I can generate one dollar each off of each article, that means X thousand dollars invested would be 50 times three hundred and sixty five or fifty dollars a day. That would be an average of about fifteen hundred dollars a month or eighteen thousand per year. Pretty good return on investment, isn’t it? Now, again, the results are not typical, implied or guaranteed. Some of your articles won’t rank and won’t make anything. Some of them will do really well and maybe make fifty dollars a day on their own. You just got to play the numbers and you’ve got to really focus on what keywords you know you can get. And we’re gonna show you exactly what keywords to go for and how to figure them out, because it’s actually pretty easy.

You see, when I set out to do this test, which were actually tracking here on my site, and if you want to track it, go over to download my notes. Dot com. Put your name in email and you’ll get all the tracking and updates and everything like that. Also, make sure you subscribe and click the bell because we’re gonna have follow up videos. But when I did my tracking, what I wanted to do is I wanted to pick a pretty competitive market. The affiliate marketing industry is pretty competitive. So I went out there and I found some keywords based on what is affiliate marketing and everything like that. And you could see that a

lot of the keywords are very competitive. This number here is the keyword difficulty and this is on a scale from zero to 100. Zero means it’s very easy to write for. So you could see like making sense of affiliate marketing. That’s pretty easy. No one hundred is really hard to go for now. Anything that’s like under a 10 is pretty decent to go for. And you can see we got a couple of them here. So what I did is I went through a bunch of competitors, looked at their keywords, looked at what was out there for affiliate marketing and ran them through the program to see which ones had low competition. So you can see here this list is like the edited list where we have really low competition won. Most of the ones on the first page are zeros and these are the words that I went for. Now don’t get convoluted into thinking this only works in affiliate marketing because we’re gonna show you some other examples as well. But first, I want to show you how I’m doing in this market. Just 10 days after starting this challenge now, you could see that 10 days after starting this challenge, we started ranking for words like AdWords versus ad sense. Now, it’s not a top ranking yet, but it’s doing OK.

And I expect it to grow over time. We also started ranking for things like Amazon affiliate program review, Amazon log in and different things like that. Again, not 10 that top 10 rankings yet, but I expect them to grow and they’re already getting traffic and we’re already getting sub keywords as well. Now, I did notice that the Bing search engine picked us up a lot faster and ranked us higher for some of the words like free classified ad sites. We’re ranking like number two for that. Also, I got a number two ranking on the Wix affiliate program review view keyword as well. So you could see this isn’t that hard to do. You just have to find keywords that have some decent traffic, as you can see in the list here.

They have decent traffic, right. Like 600 people a month searching for that. Sure. That’s pretty good. Pretty easy to make a dollar a day or more with that kind of ranking. OK. And again, if you pare all these together, it shouldn’t be that hard to get to the results you want. If you go for the right keywords. Now, again, remember, the affiliate marketing industry is really difficult. But what if we looked at a different industry? What if I went out there and looked at an industry that was about pianos? Now, this is just one of the competitors. And you could see in this industry we have a lot more traffic like this keyword Yamaha P 1 1 5 has 12000 searches a month. And the keyword difficulty is like 2, which is nothing. Right here we have another 113 hundred searches a month for three thousand seven eleven thousand four. And on and on we go. As you could see, very, very little competition. And it just keeps going and going and going. And there’s lots of traffic. Now, you might say, well, markets, how are we going to do this? Obviously, affiliate marketing, you could sell your course and your programs. Well, let’s just take a look. If I was to do a Google search and look at one of the places you could buy the piano that they’re looking for, we could see it’s anywhere from four hundred ninety nine dollars here on VH. Photo six fifty eight, twenty four. And on and on we go. Now the beach photo. Now beach photo has an affiliate program.

And you could see with that affiliate program you make up to 8 percent. So if I was selling a five hundred dollar keyboard or piano, I’d be making forty dollars to 80 dollars depending on whichever package they bought every time it’s sold. And if I get one to buy out of every hundred visitors, then you could see that with this list, I could start to drive a lot of traffic and make a lot of money with it. Now, this doesn’t just end at affiliate marketing and pianos. It goes from everything to relationship help to how to lose weight, to ABS, to drones. I saw a guy doing drones where there’s tons of stuff as well. So all you’ve got to do is go out there and look at the keywords that have low competition. Now over at my site, download my notes dot com. I don’t have a special report where you can find the keyword tools to use.

You can find the different tools to find competitors, different things like that. And you can learn how to put the content on your blog because it’s actually. Really, really easy. You can see that what I did is I went over to get website content, dot com ordered some articles, and when I get the article, all I have to do is download the article, which I have a folder for. Go ahead and navigate to the article you want. So if I’m doing the Costco affiliate program one, it’s going to come up like this. I could just copy this and copy it right into a post on my blog. Of course, you want to make sure the articles are unique. Which is why you want to write them yourself or pay someone to do it. Which is what I did for the Wicks affiliate program, one which right now is ranking on MSM number one. Getting traffic right now and boom.

There we go. Right. All I had to do is a little bit of formatting. Put some of my affiliate links in there and you guys can see it’s extremely easy to do this. And if you continue at it, you’ll start to get results. Again, the name of the game is finding the right low competition keywords that lead people into stuff. Obviously, if I go for like Wicks, I could probably get them into web hosting or if I go to Blue Host, I can get them into affiliate marketing or if I go to like a web or I could get them to sign up for a web or something like that. And I could and I could start making money very easily because these markets are literally not tapped and it’s crazy. For example, here’s one I just put up this morning that talks about the wealthy affiliate stuff, which if you want to read my take on it, go on over to the site. I just put this up this morning. It already got picked up in Amazon. And this is one that I took literally like forty five minutes to write. It’s a good overview of how things work and some keyword stuff as well. So you’re going to definitely want to go check that out, but really, really cool. And you can do this over and over and over again with any niche market. And you could see the rankings start piling up very, very fast. These are some of the new ones that are growing each and every day that we continue to do this. And next week, we should start getting picked up even more in Google and start getting more results and more traffic.

Let’s take a look at another niche. Here’s one that’s selling drones. You could see lots and lots of traffic, very low competition there. Here’s one going for Eragon, comic office equipment. And you could see some of these are really good on traffic, like best office chair under one hundred dollars. Sixteen hundred searches a month. Very little competition. And that guy is like ready to buy an office chair. People looking for mice and big and tall chairs and all kinds of things like that. Here’s one doing kitchen supplies of all things. Again, much less competition than the affiliate marketing industry. So you guys could see that I’m in one of the more competitive markets and we’re getting results. So definitely check out download my notes, Scott, get the report, get the tools to learn how to find the competition and everything like that. Then make sure you subscribe and click the bell. Because on Wednesday, we have a live training. Actually, this week we’re going to go over how to find these niches and find the noncompetitive keywords that you could start building passive income with in a really easy way. And it’s not that hard to do. You just got to go down the list, start getting the traffic, start, get in the rankings, start getting the sales and sit back and relax.

Thanks again for watching. I’m Marcus. Subscribe click the bell and I’ll see you in the next video.

Wealthy Affiliate Scam – Wealthy Affiliate Reviews – The Shocking TRUTH!

The Truth About Wealthy Affiliate Scam Review Sites

Today we are gonna be talking about the controversial “Wealthy Affiliate Reviews” which seem to look like honest impartial people trying to help you with a buying decision… but once we unmask what is going on… i think you will see something a lot more sinister going on here.

So Lets Dive Right In…

FIRST: if you were to do a search for “Wealthy Affiliate Reviews” you would see over  93,300 search results in quotes… that means that each of the 93K pages has the words “wealthy affiliate reviews” on it… why is this important… keep reading and ill show you more…

wealthy affiliate reviews

SECOND: if you search for “Wealthy Affiliate Review” same thing… about 10,300 reviews for that one…
wealthy affiliate review
Why Is This Important?

wealthy affiliate scam

Lets have a look at a super popular brand “panasonic” who makes THOUSANDS of products… they only have 28,900 reviews… and they are a HUGE company.

So why would a Niche Site in the make money online affiliate marketing niche have WAY more reviews than a nationally recognized brand?


You See The Wealthy Affiliate Scam Reviews have been a thorn in my side for quite some time.

Because they NOT ONLY tell people to write reviews about how great their product is (and it may be a good product… i’m not sure… i bought a year long membership a few years back and found it to be really confusing and all over the place and most of the content is user generated) this post is not a wealthy affiliate review… but rather to talk about their black hat review tactics.

So if you have a bunch of affiliates all writing great glowing and wonderful reviews JUST TO SELL THE PRODUCT AND MAKE COMMISSION.

well then that really isn’t a good review at all is it? at best its biased… at worst… its nothing more than a paid actor!

but of course they don’t tell you that part.

Most people just search the web and take the advice of the first person who looks legit and helpful… like those “hey i stop internet scams so come buy my wealthy affiliate program bullshit sites.”

I even had a student i taught back in 2009 who ACTUALLY made money with my program and the methods i taught him (i even bought the guy dinner and took him to the cirq de sole show FRONT ROW… on my dime… why is this important…

Because the guy later started a site with the wealthy affiliate method BAD talking my program and products so he could STEAL my traffic unethically.

And this is what i have found to be the case with wealthy affiliate reviews… they are not reviews at all and their students DON’T EVEN BUY THE PRODUCTS THEY REVIEW!

This was a “grey hat” method popularized by the rich jerk back in 2004-05 where he said to get a list of your biggest competitors and write reviews on their product negatively to get people to buy your product… or even run an ad saying “product one is a scam” and point them to your product.

This is a highly unethical practice and from what i understand wealthy affiliate used to even have a LIST of products to write reviews on… mine was included on that list and now i am here with dozens (maybe even hundreds) of websites that have FAKE reviews leading people to buy the wealthy affiliate program instead.

Now i do not know the makers of the program but i do know this is something i would never teach any of my students because at best its a bit shady.

What is happening is a HUGE mistrust… where someone is searching the web for honest reviews of a product and then being led to misinformation by someone who has never even purchased the product (yes i went thru most of the negative reviews on my product) and one person purchased (he didn’t even rank well) and the rest did not purchase at all.

This makes them fake reviews soley made for the purpose of getting people to rank for keywords.

Now this is important… so if you have a fake review site like this or engage in these practices… A friend of mine actually sued someone for writing a fake review for a product she did not buy and won $90,000 for that lawsuit… for ONE review.  That is how serious this is.

But hey… the owners of wealthy affiliate “TECHNICALLY” have nothing to worry about because they sick their little army of affiliates on the products to do their dirty work… and boy is it dirty… and each one of those affiliates could be subject to a lawsuit… YES every one.

So if you are a business owner with FAKE negative wealthy affiliate reviews being made on your product… you could actually sue them.

To take this even further wealthy affiliate even gives you a little chart to use on your website for your fake reviews:

wealthy affiliate scam

Funny thing is… 9/10 reviews i found on my product were all ranked 3/10 or 5/10… so these guys are just making up the numbers which is insanely unethical.

Its like if you had a restaurant and i had a restaurant…. and we were both on yelp getting reviews.

And all the sudden i told everyone who visits my restaurant to make a review of the other restaurant and say the food was cold, service terrible, and they should come to my place instead of yours.

That is pretty low down and dirty right?

But this goes even further… this is like if they took the food and put cockroaches on it and took a picture and put it on yelp!

And said… oh my god cockroaches… better eat at marcus’ place i never get roaches there.

Slimey as hell isn’t it?

So when you search the web to find reviews on products and you see bad reviews that promote the wealthy affiliate program… be SURE you run away fast because chances are AT BEST the person never bought the product… at WORST its a total fake review.

And if a company is teaching this as a method to “Make Money Online” well lets look at that as well.

When you buy a program or course about how to make money online and one of the top methods is to promote that money making program for commission… well that is not a good course at all… that is a scheme.  A scheme designed to make the owners very rich at the cost of the affiliates who PAID TO PROMOTE THE PRODUCT!

See where i am getting here… this is a round robin circle jerk thanks for buying my product now the secret is to go sell the product.

This reminds me of a buddy my dad had back in the 80s… this dude was a millionaire and shady as FUCK!

Among ripping people off and kicking them out of the homes they owned… (more on that later) this guy also ran ads in magazines that said “Make $3,000 Weekly… send $10 for details” and when you sent $10 he sent you a copy of the ad and said go run the ad to make $3,000 weekly.

This is not a business! Fake Reviews Are Not A Business.

This Practice Is Unethical And Shady As Hell… So Next Time You See Wealthy Affiliate Honest Reviews… think twice!

So now that you know what we are dealing with here… lets talk about what it really takes to succeed in affiliate marketing:

First of all… most affiliate courses out there are going to tell you…

  1. find something you are passionate about
  2. start a blog about it
  3. get some affiliate links
  4. get traffic and sit back while you get rich

THIS IS NOT THE CASE… the first step one is flawed at best… why… because if someone goes out there and says i like finance… they will choose the finance niche without any clue how competitive it is or how hard that market is to break into.

So from the get go… you are already doomed! You picked the wrong market… and most people unknowingly continue in this market trying to get traffic… never get much… never make anything and then give up.  Wealthy affiliate teaches this model as well which is why 90%+ never make anything.

think about it… if they have over 1,000,000 happy customers… are you telling me 1,000,000 people are now making a full time living because of the wealthy affiliate program.

Success Tip: what wealthy affiliate stumbled apon and what i would venture to say many of thier students are doing… is in fact tackling the right niche in the wrong way.

they are going for reviews… namely reviews of internet marketing products.

now this is a really cool way to make money… reviewing products… but please be ethical and review the product, give honest feedback, and have an affiliate link for people to buy thru.

its actually quite simple… review sites are a big part of the internet economy and will be here to stay.

HERE is the way to really start your affiliate marketing business:

  1. find a niche market and research the hell out of it to find out what keywords people are using to find answers to problems the product solves
  2. select your traffic method based on research about what is ALREADY SHOWING UP for those terms… be it paid traffic, free, youtube, reviews, ect.
  3. go after that traffic DELIBERATELY knowing what you can get.

Here is why the “wealthy affiliate review” model works…

Below is a list of keywords ranked for by a wealthy affiliate scam review site… each review takes the viewer to believe that product X is a scam and they should try wealthy affiliate instead…

review wealthy affiliate rankings

Pay close attention to the “KD” highlighted column… this shows how hard it is to rank for a given keyword.  you can also see the monthly search volume and all kinds of other data.

What is going on here is these review terms (because the products are not as popular as honda or panasonic) they are easy to rank for… in these instances we call them “low hanging fruit” because they are easy to rank for.

And wealthy affiliate knows that if thousands of their minions write thousands of fake reviews they can sell millions in products.

Take a look at a competition report for the term affiliate marketing:

affiliate marketing keywords

With the exception of affiliate marketing jobs, affiliate marketing reddit, affiliate marketing for dummies, and a few other super long tail keywords… this entire list is super competetive… the KD is in the colored box… 0 = easy 100 = damn near impossible.

and if you have a new site… you can see how its easier to write reviews and rank for review products.

BUT LETS NOT throw the baby out with the bathwater… we can use this for some good here…

we can actually rank for review terms that we actually write honest reviews for and sell the products… like “drone reviews’ or cannon lens 500 reviews or whatever floats your boat… there are tons of ethical amazon product review sites, software review sites, and all kinds.

but dont do fake wealthy affiliate reviews to shit talk other products just to promote your own thing… you dont have too… there are plenty of keywords without having to stoop to black hat methods… and remember at the end of the day YOU are liable for YOUR marketing… not wealthy affiliate… they just keep the bulk of the cash while you make pennies and have to deal with lawsuits for fake reviews.

End of rant… check out some of my stuff below if you want to learn more about ethical affiliate marketing and how to earn a living online…

PS: after writing this i found several people on quora complaining about the same unethical wealthy affiliate reviews

quora reddit wealthy affiliate bbb

quora reddit wealthy affiliate bbb

To Give You An Idea Of How DEEP These Keywords Can Go… Searches Also Show Up For Wealthy Affiliate Scam, Wealthyaffiliate bbb, is wealthy affiliate worth it… and on and on we go.

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