Is Amazon Affiliate Marketing Best for Beginners?

 Is Amazon Affiliate Marketing Best for Beginners? — affiliatemarketingmc at YouTube.com. 

Amazon has what’s known as an affiliate program. That means you can sign up as an Amazon affiliate. You get a special link, then you take your traffic and send them to that link. Amazon handles the rest. You sell products through your website, and you get paid. You don’t even have to ship anything – people just go to Amazon and buy what they want, and they handle shipping by themselves.

Can you make money with Amazon affiliate marketing? We’re talking about how to make money with the Amazon affiliate program. We’ll talk about the good, the bad, and the ugly. There are a lot of affiliate programs out there, and there are a lot of affiliate offers on Amazon. So, it’s very important to look at them.


Amazon Affiliate Marketing: The Good

Everyone knows about Amazon. Everyone has probably gotten a shipment from them at some point. People know it’s a trusted source, and they know they’ll get their delivery on time.

It’s also a big program. It has tons of different products. It has both low-cost and high-priced stuff. Amazon is making millions of dollars a day, hundreds of billions of dollars a year, and the guy who started Amazon is now the richest person on the planet. There’s lots of money here.

It’s easy to get traffic with Amazon. This works well if you are just starting out, and you have a very refined niche, and you don’t know how to monetize your traffic.


Example: Calico Critter Market

When my kids were little, my wife wanted to get them these toys called Calico Critters. She went and spent a fortune on these.

For an affiliate marketer, the Calico Critters’ keywords are very inexpensive, and you can get a lot of free traffic really, really cheap. There probably aren’t other affiliate programs in the world that have Calico Critters. Amazon is the best choice here.

If you have a niche that is very refined, Amazon is your way to go.


Amazon Affiliate Marketing: The Bad

The Amazon Affiliate program has a really low payout. Your commissions are usually 4 -8 percent of what you sell. So if you sell something that’s $1,000 dollars, you’ll probably get between 40 and 80 dollars. You also want to think about the CPM – how much money are you making per 1,000 visitors?

Let’s say you are selling a laptop, and it costs $1,000 dollars. If you send 1,000 people to your Amazon affiliate link for your laptop, you might get a 1% conversion rate – so you make 10 sales. If you make $10,000 in sales, you get paid around 400 dollars, or you have a 400 CPM. In that case, each click is worth 40 cents.

If you are using paid traffic, the results can be even worse. If you went and bid on Google for keywords with “laptop” (“big laptops”, “small laptops”, “cheap laptops”, etc.) it would probably cost you 80 cents to $1.20 per click. That means you’d be spending $800 to $1,200 to get that traffic. If it costs you $1,200 to get 1,000 clicks, and you only make $400 at the end, that is bad business.


Example: Calico Critter Market

As mentioned before, a refined niche like Calico Critters could work for Amazon. But you’d still have a very low CPM. It would be a very low earnings-per-click because these toys are very cheap, and you’d only be making 4 – 8 percent commission on something cheap.

If you sell $100 in calico critters a day, and you get 4 to 8 percent commission, you’d make 8 dollars on a good day. That would take a lot of traffic to get those 8 dollars, because not everyone is going to buy.


Amazon Affiliate Marketing: The Ugly

We know the payout for Amazon is very low, but when you starting making a whole lot of sales, the rates are even worse.

I recently went and looked at some of the top Amazon affiliates who make a lot of money. I took a look at how much they’re making per click.

One top Amazon affiliate sold over $8 million in Amazon stock from his traffic. The amount of traffic that came to his site was 2.8 million visitors. (That’s a lot of traffic – some people struggle to get 1,000 visitors per month.)

The money he made was between 4 to 8 percent of his sales. Let’s say he made approximately $400,000 – $500,000. You might think that’s pretty cool. But this is very important to realize, because people don’t pay attention to this.

In order to get 2.8 million people to Amazon, he probably needed 20 million people or more to come to his website. That’s a 10% click through rate, which is still pretty high. But in order to generate that, his effective CPM is less than 10 cents a click.

If this affiliate has 20 million visitors, and he’s only making $500,000, the amount he’s earning per click is so low that it’s not even funny.

A lot of people will not be able to generate 20 million visitors. It’s very difficult to do—one in a million are able to do it. In order to do this, you either have to have a lot of money, or you have to do a lot of work. And for all that work, this is a very little amount of money.

Remember that this is a targeted market – the amount should be way higher. You would do better if you were to make a site on Calico Critters, and you got a bunch of visitors to actually buy the toys wholesale, or dropship them. You would do way better than this.

Let’s look at another example: Another top Amazon affiliate got 15,000 clicks, which generated $3,809 dollars. For the amount of traffic he sent to Amazon, he was making pennies per click. That sucks.

Another Amazon affiliate got 27,097 clicks to Amazon, and he only made $790 dollars. How many visitors did he have to get for those many people to go to Amazon? 270,000 visitors? If I were making those kinds of numbers, I’d quit and go do something else for a living.

This is the kind of stuff that make people quit affiliate marketing. It’s the stuff that makes people think affiliate marketing doesn’t work, because these kinds of programs pay so low.


Final Thoughts

So, what’s the verdict? Is Amazon the best way to go? If you have no other options, Amazon is probably the best way to go. If you’re in a niche where you can be more creative and make it work, then I’d like you to look at some other options. You can make a lot more money doing different things.

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18 Tips for Social Media Marketing

How To Use FREE Social Media Traffic From Instagram And Facebook To Make Money  : Influencer Tips – affiliatemarketingmc at YouTube.com


1. Create a plan for each social media channel

What’s your plan? Your plan consists of who you’re going to talk to. Who do you want to reach? Who do you want your followers to be? If you refine your market, who do you want to come to you and see what you’re doing well? You might think you want every follower you can get, but some people don’t want what you have to offer.

Do research on what other people in your market are doing. What do people respond to? If you see a marketer with a bunch of people following him, look at what he’s doing. How is he interacting with his audience? What is he posting? What gets the most engagement?

Find your market based on what you want. Just like doing keyword research, you’re doing the same thing here. You can go to Google and search for Facebook groups. Search your niche on Facebook and see if there are groups out there. Get involved and start talking.


2. Post consistently

Be consistent. People need to anticipate what’s going on. Sometimes you can do your content all in a couple days and then roll it out over time. Some people say to post four or five times a day. No matter what it may be, figure out what your market wants. Give something that’s going to be engaging. Look at what’s going on in your market—what kind of hashtags people are using, what kind of search terms, etc.

A lot of people start and quit too early. They’ll post some things and people won’t seem to care. But realize that marketing is an experiment—you put something out there, you test it, you see if it’s going to work. You never really know until the market speaks, until people you like engage with your content. Consistency is going to make you grow.


3. Don’t be spammy

This is a huge mistake that people make everywhere. People just put content out there for content’s sake. Don’t post a bunch of junk. You want to make valuable stuff that people are going to like or interact with, content that people are interested in.

There are people I follow on Facebook and Instagram, and all they do is post offers. They may make a few dollars a week, but they are alienating their audience, and it’s not really what they want. You have to prime the pump and get people interested in your stuff and get them ready to buy. Focus on your market and give them what they want. Ask yourself, “would I value that post?”


4. Use good images and text

This is another one that so many people get wrong. Many people post things that you can’t read. It’s really hard to look at the text, or it’s something that only makes sense to them. Create posts that people will respond to, that people will get value from, that people are going to engage with. The good posts are really easy to look at, and you can tell right away what they are about. Make sure that your posts stand out (for the right reasons).


5. Measure and analyze

Look at what you’re doing. When you create posts on social media, you can usually see what’s going on. You can see how many likes, how many people looked at it, even where they came from. With these insights, you’re able to see what’s working and what’s not working. That’s really important. What’s giving you the engagement? Look at your stats.


6. Don’t be afraid to jumpstart with paid ads

If you’re new and don’t have a lot of engagement yet, you may be afraid to get into paid ads. But if you want to jumpstart your social media business, or social media group, or whatever it may be, you can do it with paid traffic.

The goal with paid ads isn’t to make money back right away, although you can still do that. You want to get targeted followers that will now watch everything you do. You can do paid ads through Instagram or Facebook itself, or you can go to other people who don’t know the value of their traffic, and you can do something on their channel as well.

Be careful with paid ads where you don’t own traffic. If you spend money to advertise on someone’s page with a lot of followers, don’t tell those people to sign up for something, or send them an affiliate offer, or try to sell to them right off the bat. These people don’t know who you are, and you don’t know who they are or what they’re really interested in. You don’t know what they want to buy. Instead, first go through that advertiser’s feed and see what gets engagement on their page. Then, post something of value.


7. Get in on the community

This is by far one of the most profitable things that I’ve found with social media. How do you get in on the community? On Facebook and Instagram, you have groups of people that are interested in certain topics. You can join Facebook groups and reverse-engineer them to see what the leaders are doing. Their goal is to get engagement, too.

You don’t even have to create your own community. You can just go provide value in others. Now, it’s very good to create your own community. When you have your own following, it leads to exponential growth. But if you’re new, get involved in what’s already going on. Be helpful. Get into groups and start interacting. Communities are already happening. There are big ones, small ones, communities on everything.


8. Start your own community

If you’re wanting to get in on community, you might as well start your own community. Social media groups can be very, very effective. There are millions of people on social media just waiting to engage with your content. A lot of people don’t realize the value of their Facebook groups.

Getting 1,000 people in a Facebook group isn’t a big deal at all. Anyone can get 1,000 people in their group if they do it right. You could trigger it with paid ads, and you can actually get your group to rank in the search engines. Name your group a search keyword—it’s not that hard to do, and it’ll start to get picked up pretty easily. This is a lot like forum marketing, only it’s faster and more interactive. You can branch out and have audiences everywhere, and you’ll own your market.


9. Interact

Interact with your market. If you have a community, interact with them. Make them feel special. Welcome them and say hello. Make them want to contribute. Because when they do, they contribute to your society, and that makes you money. You get value and your followers get value. If you interact with your audience and get involved, you can figure out what they’re interested in. People will literally tell you what they want to buy, and you can go and sell it to them. You can find the right people that can say yes to your offer.


10. Collaborate

Collaborate with other people. You could say to someone, “Hey, I want to feature you on my channel,” or, “I want you to feature me on your channel,” and maybe pay them for it, or do it for free once you get a bigger following. Nothing is as powerful as an endorsement from someone that other people like. If you tell people to go follow you, it’s not as powerful. But if someone endorses you and tells their audience to go follow you, that is very powerful.


11. Use keywords and hashtags

Keywords and hashtags tell you what people are searching for. What are people hashtagging? What are they looking up? What do they want? Be careful with how many hashtags you use in your content. Some people frown upon using a whole bunch in a single post. Also be careful with how many words you use per single hashtag. Your words have to be something that is searched for, and there are search tools you can use to help with that.

Don’t use hashtags that aren’t related to your market—make sure they match what you’re doing. Some people use hashtags to try and show their audience things that they don’t necessarily like. Just stick to your market, and you’ll get a die-hard fan base that is totally into your stuff, and you can sell like crazy.


12. Syndicate your content

Make some content, and then make it different for different platforms. You might make a video, then write an article about it. That article can go on your blog and get you traffic. Then you can take that article and break it up into a little image quote for Instagram. These things can take you literally only minutes to do. You can use one piece of content, like a webinar, and have people watch it, then read it, and have people look at tips on your social media channel.

Right here, I have 18 tips that I’m showing you. These can be turned into 18 different posts helping people with social media marketing. If you don’t want to repurpose your content yourself, you can have someone else do it for you. They can transcribe your content or make a PDF. They can make notes for you, and do a blog post, and make images about different quotes that you use in the content. You’ll have content everywhere.


13. Sell while providing value

If you make content and sell while you’re doing it, you can do it casually and be authentic, because you know that it only benefits the user. In my webinars, I sell to you guys all the time. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that if people get the Simple Sites course, they can learn to do this and they can make it work. People do it all the time. People tell me that they bought my course and they found a lot of success in it. I know that if you use it, it’ll work for you too. If you want to learn this stuff and learn how to do affiliate marketing and social media marketing, go to SimpleSitesBonus.com and get it.

Remember, the results are not guaranteed. I don’t know how the results are for most people. Most people actually do nothing with my course, and they don’t make any money. I don’t know what you’ll make, but if you want to learn, this is where you want to go. So just as I’ve done here, sell to your audience while you’re providing value to them.


14. Create a purpose for each post

This is very important. What are you posting? Why are you posting? Before you create a post, or make a video, or build a website, figure out what you want to do with it. Maybe with one post, you want people to engage. With another post, you want to get more followers. With another, you want to sell. There should be a purpose for everything you do.

You’ll want to mix it up to give some real value. Give some tips, give some cool stuff, focus on getting more followers, and then sell. Don’t try to do it all in one post.


15. Make fun contests and challenges

I did a contest recently on my Instagram that was really fun, and I also put it on my Facebook and it worked really well. The idea was to show my audience two mobile ad pages, and to see if people could guess which page would get the most clicks. Now, I knew what most people were going to choose. It was pretty obvious which one was going to get more clicks.

But when people answer, they feel good. They feel like a marketing expert. People love this kind of stuff. Then, you can go and reward those people who participated. You can give some money away, and it’s well worth it. Or, if you don’t have money to give away, you can give away other stuff. You can do a shout out in a video, or recognize people some other way. People love to be recognized.


16. Watch what others do 

Look at other influencers’ engagement. Look at how many followers they have, and how many people view their videos, and how many people interact. These are important things to know. You might see that people are usually certain kinds of ads, so instead of doing that, you’ll do something else that will work for you.


17. Research good and helpful content for your market

Do good research. You don’t have to know a lot about anything up front. There is a guy I collaborate with who has over a million subscribers. All he goes is research what other people says and posts it. You want to be careful, because you don’t want to get into legal trouble with copyright issues. But you can do research and share with your audience, and you can bring your own value to it.


18. Build momentum

Go for momentum. Go out there and figure out what people want. Get right in front of them and get them into your stuff. Get them to interact and build some momentum. If you do that, it will spiral, and you’ll start to grow. You’ll get engagement. When you post, people will look at your content, and you’ll get followers. Then the next time, you’ll get a little more. And the next time, you’ll get more. You’ll still be getting some traffic from the old followers, and it will start to spiral and work really well.

To learn more, go to www.SocialProfitTools.com.

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The Above Form Actually Uses Kartra

Is Kartra Right For Your Business?

Do you want to make money on the internet and you want the right tool to be able to make that happen? Then in this article, we’ll be answering all your questions about the brand new kartra tool and how you can use it to make money online, plus we’re going to be talking about the pillar of internet marketing success. And you know that’s important because I used the word “pillars”. That’s a really important word. So let’s start right now. Today, we’re going to talk about all the pillars of internet marketing, including:

  • How to make money
  • How to get started
  • How to do it the way so that you’re not losing money

That’s very important because a lot of people start internet marketing and try to do affiliate marketing or business online and they just waste money. Things don’t convert the way that they want them to or they’re not making what they think they should. And it’s difficult, disheartened and it’s very much of a struggle.

Today, what we’re going to do is to talk about one of the brand new, most-awesome (in my opinion) internet marketing product when it comes to being able to turn a profit online.

We’re going to talk about how it works, how it is the pillars of making money. We’re going to talk about how everything fits together so that you finally understand and actually go turn a profit.

Now, this is for you if you’re checking out the software and you’re new. If you haven’t seen my channel before and you like this kind of stuff. Make sure you click the subscribe button, put a notification so that you get all the icon for all my videos, and training and everything.

Now, this is for you if you’re there and you’re like, “Marcus, I want to make money online but I don’t know how,”. Maybe you’ve been doing internet marketing for a while, or you know you should sell things online and you don’t know where to start or where to go.

If that’s you, get your pen and we’re going to get started and go through everything. We’ll talk about how all this fits together so that you can actually have to make things work.

A Little Bit About Me

I’m Marcus and I think I should let you know that I’ve been doing internet marketing and affiliate marketing for almost 20 years. Well, that’s a long time, and I’m only 38 years old. That means I’ve been doing affiliate marketing and internet marketing for most of my life. And well, I have to tell you that I started in the days when we didn’t have tools and things. We have to build our pages from scratch. We have to use things like, “what you see is what you get” Editor.

Back then I use to use the “front page tools like frontpage express that came with Windows 95. I use that for many years up until about 2006 and then I graduated to frontpage 2003. So I got into all this stuffs and I started looking at it and trying to understand how to do this. For me, I built a lot of pages, got a lot of conversions, and make lots of money. I understood how things work.

So, when we get into internet business and internet marketing, there are several things we’d want to take a look at and pair together. One of the things we want to pair together is Traffic and conversion.

Traffic- Where Can You Get Them?

You can get traffic from Facebook, Facebook ads, Google organic SEO, or Yahoo, Banner ads, Google pay per click, Instagram, Twitter. You can get traffic from anywhere people are hanging out. Now I utilize a lot of these traffic methods. What I want to go through is why these are important and why these tools are going to help you.

Why are these tools going to help you and why does it deal with the fact that I’ve been using them for almost 20 years. What it has to do with it is the fact that we need to understand what’s going on.

We’ve got to look at the fact that I’ve been building these pages and the reasons why I’ve been building these pages instead of using some fancy software is because they get a conversion.

Blog, A Backbone For Traffic

Now I have several things I want to accomplish. What I do is that I accomplish this with my blog. A blog is very important and a lot of people neglect to have a blog. The reason I have a blog is that I can repurpose my content. Let’s say it’s a video, article or someone outsources something for me and I put it on my blog. And they start to rank and get traffic.

Now to me, this is a very important part of a business. Sure, you can set up a page and sell lots of stuff. Sure, you can run a pay per click into something and sell a lot of stuff. But the fact of the matter is that, no matter who you are. Even if you’re the best marketer in the world, you’re still losing people. Even the best marketer in the world, gets a 10% conversion rate, or even more. Even if you converted half of your audience, half of the people are still leaving without doing anything. So we’re going to look at this and understand this. That’s why I look at blogs and that’s why they are important.


Now the first pillar is traffic, next pillar is conversion. Conversions are very important things. Conversion is the act of taking a visitor and getting them to do something. You convert them (Like in churches, they try to convert the congregation). So, we’re trying to convert the traffic into sales so that we can get paid. We can convert them into a “lead (Obviously, we build a mail list). That’s huge. We can convert them into sales. We can convert them into a trial offer. So we look at this.

Building my pages in a long time, I have ranked in search engines. I’ve got hundreds of million visitors, I’ve bought banner ads. I’ve spent way too much on banner ads (I spent up to 1.5 million- 2 million on paid traffic). And so, here I am I look at this and I’m like okay, “what do I want to do because I don’t want to get the next lead greatest tool and have to re-do everything at the expense of my bottom line.

I’ve got a profit margin and I’m like okay “what am I earning per click? If I drive a hundred people to my site whether it’s from my blog post, pay per click ad, Facebook, “What am I earning per click? And how can I earn more per click on the same customer? It’s very important; there are two ways to make more in business. Here is the deal.

  1. Get more customers.

Pop up the traffic amount. Like when I just did my affiliate site, I make like 30 bucks in a day. I feel like that’s awesome. Now let’s 10x it and Buy ten times the traffic, get 10 times the visitors and get ten times the sales. Boom, done deal. Very easy scale.

  1. Get the current customers to buy more

Well, it’s okay. You can say I can get more customers, get more people to buy more. Can anyone see how both can really work well? What if I get more customers and make more pro-customer? Well, then my wallet is going to be pretty big.

So when we do this, we’ve got traffic methods, blogs, landing pages, order pages. Order pages are very important. Let’s say you’re the dude with the headphones. You’ve got your customers and your headphones are great. Let’s say you changed a few things on your order page. And because of that you now sell three instead of two for every external visitor. Now you’re selling 33% more despite the tweaks on your order page. Now, this stuff happens, I literally changed my order page 15 years ago.

This guy had a script that was complicated and a pain in the bud and I paid him to install it. And I still couldn’t figure it out. So I headed to my programmer to fix it and figure it out. I changed the page and I now got 3 orders for everyone I was getting. So that’s 3 times the sales because of a tweak. No!

Think about this, I didn’t get in extra traffic, I still spend the same amount of traffic, and now I’m making three times as much overnight, because of few tweaks. Tweaks are the things you need to learn because if you can get traffic, and you can drive it to your blog, landing page or order page, then you can make money.

There are millions of websites on the internet right now, who are not making the right pages and they are losing tons of money. Now you can’t tweak if you haven’t made anything, you can’t change something if you have nothing to change.

How would you feel right now, if you had a website and you’re making $100 in a day?

Sure you’ll feel comfortable and happy. But how will you feel, if after a year I tell you that, “hey you’re making $100 a day for a year, but you can put 90 more into your pocket by changing one thing?

Yes, you can. It’s all about focusing on two things, getting more customers and getting the current customers to buy more. Now the way to do this is by following and learning about your visitors. When you know about them, how will you focus on them, how will you understand them? How will you know these people coming from SEO are clicking on this keyword, maybe I’d show them this.

Now, There Are Several Things You Need For Your Business


One is a way to get leads. Even if you’re doing affiliate marking, you’ve got to find a way to generate leads. That you’re here reading this article is because I generated a lead. Whether it’s a subscriber on You-Tube, or email from my list, or someone who follows me on Twitter, Instagram or whatever. That’s how I get the leads.

You have to have a good lead management system. You need to have a way to communicate with people and it’s going to be easy. And because here is the deal, in marketing you’re going to focus on a lot of things.

You’re going to focus on HTML, codes, lead capture, links, and affiliate programs. Al these are the things that you need to be able to make the most of your traffic. And we look at it and we focus. If you can get these out of the way, life will be way easier.

The reason people say getting traffic is hard is that they are not focusing on the conversion. Because if your site is converting, it wouldn’t matter how hard it took to get traffic, you’ll get it because you know it’s going to convert.

The problem is you don’t know that your site is going to convert, you don’t know if the flow is going to work the way it worked. What you’ve got to have is a good sales process or sales funnel.

Now, what’s the idea of a sales funnel and sales process? It is simply to weed down your list.

So, I’d be showing you a software. To get the software, you can see it here and I’d be recommending it because I actually used it. I never recommend things I don’t use.

This tool is going to do everything, you don’t need an auto-responder, and lead page creator anymore. The name of the software is Kartra and you can get it here.

Now, here is the deal, remember how I said the blog is important to me. The blog is important to me because if I go to my software now, it tells me who the people on my site are.

Right now, there are like 50 on that page, and 70 on another page, and all that. The reason why it works is because I put up my contents and nearly drive people back into it. Now the reason I like this tool than any other tool is because you can embed stuff on your blog and pages. It gives us the control.

A lot of other tools out there just have you point your domain to the tool and they take over everything, which to me I can’t stand. I can’t stand it because I want control of everything. I want control of my traffic. I want to know if this is getting traffic, then I can switch it at the drop of a hat.

So let’s dive in into the kartra program again. So, I’d talk to you about the bonuses we have for you. What I do is different. I give you bonuses based on the product you’re getting. What I do is that I give you training on how to use the actual software because I use it myself. So the first bonus we’re going to get you when you stay passed the trial is that you can go to Kartprofits.com right now, sign up for the trial. And then stay passed the trial. And we’ve been giving you the following bonuses:

  • Full training on How to start your online business($127)
  • We’d do a niche market research live class($127)
  • 3 ways I’ve made a ton of site with membership sites($1,997)
  • I buys a domain for your niche( up to $1000 value)
  • Special interaction welcome call, pay per click class ($1277 value)

Does Kartra work with my niche site?

Yes, it works and it’s seamless. It’s so easy to implement and we’re just cool.

Aside from marketplace offers, can I have my own affiliate offers inside this offer?

Yes, you can. It’s very easy to do that as well.

How To Make Things Easy

Let say you are a salesman. For me, I used to sell computers back before I got into internet marketing I sold computers for about 5 months and I was really good at it. I sold a lot, like $20k worth in one day.

Now if I was standing there and I have to go get the computers, plug them in and show how to build the computers, I won’t be able to sell anything. Today if I have to do everything by hand, I wouldn’t have time to sell stuff. It’d be a pain in the neck. So what we’d do is to learn how to make things way easier.

So it’s very easy to do and what I want you to do is that setting things up with this is so easy. The way that these guys build kartra is that they set it up the way that we market. But it is not based on the way that we market. It’s confusing, it’s overwhelming and it doesn’t do the things we want.

This is based on what works. So these guys have gone through and looked at probably too many marketing campaigns to know what works. So it is based on what converts and not what you like. If you sign up for the kartra program through my affiliate, I’d be compensated which is why we’re giving you this killer bonuses.

I’m going to show you three ways I have made a ton of cash with membership sites and how you can do that too.

I’m going to buy you a domain name for your niche. We’d get you a valuable one based on a domain appraisal. That’s up to $1000 value and that’s why you have to stay past the trial.

We’re going to give you a special interactive welcome call. And I’m going to be giving you my six webinar classes to show you how to drive paid traffic into the stuff that you’re setting up here.

Get signed up. If you have troubles with it reach me on a live chat and I’ll help you out with it.

How to create a form in an insanely easy way with kartra

Go to this page ( as shown in the picture below

Click on the clone form and build and make a name. Then go into confirmation. You can choose either the single/double confirmation. Then follow the instruction and you should finish with the page below

And lastly, you have two options, either to make it a script or a jobber). Get more info here.

I’ve tried other platforms and this is the only platform that makes it easier.

And that’s all!

Mark said that I think that you can launch an entire campaign?

Yes, you can launch your own business from this site. It is super easy even if you’ve never done it. For example, if you have an idea and you’re like you want to sell a book online, software or even a membership site.

Now here is the deal, that’s easy. I can also do the same thing with an order form. For example, let’s say you want to sell a product but you don’t have an idea. You can literarily go to your merchant account like PayPal and then go click it and you’re done.

It is super easy, you integrate it…done deal. It is very easy to get a merchant account for your business with kartra.

For example, let’s make a product here. We just go to add new.

Then it displays

. Then we fill in the forms with the name of the products we’re selling and hit the next button. The result should be

On this page, if I want an affiliate to sell my stuff then I click on it, and that’s done.

Can I Use Kartra Instead Of WordPress?

Yes, you can. My personal recommendation is using both together. You need multiple avenues. You cannot just put everything on one thing. Sure, some do it, but I like to have control over my stuff. I like to use different avenues. So you can do that too. Now if you’re just selling stuff like I’m just selling a stapler. So “on” our Kartra, as shown below,

You fill in the info and click next and boom you’ll see something like this.

And then we fill other info ( See more info here).

So, there we go congratulations, done. All we have to do is link it to a product. Again, sign up for this course; you’re going to get some bonuses when you stay past the trial. Now they give you one hour trial. But stay past it because I’ll be teaching you how to set your business up on it. So once you stay past this trial, you’re going to get all these bonuses.

  1. The first bonus is on how to start your own online business if you’re brand new and you don’t know what to do. Here is where to start and you can start here.
  2. We are going to give you a niche market research and a live class. If you’ve got an idea and want to sell something, bring it to me. I’ll give my opinion on what to do
  3. We’d show you how to set up your own info profit business. That’s a $2000 value. We’ll be showing you how to do that.

Now, we just showed you how to make a membership site. How would you feel if you have some content people wanted? Think about that for a minute. If I have a content people wanted, I can make this ready to go, they can order, and done! I can have my business automatically set up.

Does it do tracking?

Yes, there are tons of tracking. It actually has a very good tracker because it tracks at the customer’s level

Can you promote and sell anything without a niche site?

Yes, you can sell something without having your own website on this. Not recommended. I would at least have my domain name but you can do that if you want to.

Okay, so you get the bonus no 3, on how to set up your own info-profit business. I’m going to show you how I make millions of dollars with info profit business. Basically, I’m selling information.

I’m going to show you three ways I have made a ton of cash with membership sites and how you can do that too.

I’m going to buy you a domain name for your niche. We’d get you a valuable one based on a domain appraisal. That’s up to $1000 value and that’s why you have to stay past the trial.

We’re going to give you a special interactive welcome call. And I’m going to be giving you my six webinar classes to show you how to drive paid traffic into the stuff that you’re setting up here.

Get signed up. If you have troubles with it reach me on a live chat and I’ll help you out with it.

I’m at the beginning level, can I have multiple sites?

Yes, you can have as many sites that you want.

Will the bonuses be one and done? For example, if I miss 4, will there be another class for 4.

Yes, all the classes are recorded. Yes, if you miss one, you can get that.

How do we link it to my autoresponder?

You don’t actually need it. You can actually use direct email server, they already have it here. It’ so simple! You just go to “campaigns”, as shown here

Then you set up like a broadcast or sequence, a shown here

,and follow the steps in this video.

Can it be used with the downloadable toolbar?

Yes, it can. They recommend setting up with our own domain email.

Can I also sell digital products from other networks?

Yes, you can set up things to integrate with this. Whether it’s your shopping cart or your auto responder as well.

I like the video server, its rock on. I pay a fortune for my video hosting but check this out (59:12). You can easily add a new video and that’s cool. After uploading you can embed the video if you want, you can tag them if they want the video.

Also, you don’t have to host your video on YouTube.

By getting kartra, can we get rid of Aweber?

Depends, you can actually use both or you can only use kartra if you want. Like for Affiliatemarketingdude.com. I’m actually using Kartra for this.

Do they have a good template for Affiliate Sites?

Yes, they have tons of templates so you can use the templates over there.

If you want to set up the right way. If you’re tired of being unserious, Kartra can really help you set things up

If I signed up yesterday, can I still be on the call?


Is using PayPal a payment system of the Kartra?

Yes, it’s seamless and so cool.

It’s a game changer, and very inexpensive for the stuff you’re getting.

What do I do to make order forms on Kartra?


You Can Put These Wherever U Want 🙂

So what I do is to code all these junks I’ve been doing this for a long time. In Kartra, it’s still easier.

Katra is best if you’re selling your own product rather than selling an affiliate marketing products. My idea of the bonuses is to show you how to sell your own products. Whether its digital, whether it’s a download or an outsource thing

How do we get the bonuses if we signed up for the last couples of days?

As long as you sign up with my link, I’ll be getting in touch with you with the bonuses.

Can I host multiple domains to Kartra with the 89 package or am I limited to one?

What I’d do is to use this with hosting. Don’t let this overtake your hosting. Because your hosting Is like your place you have all you stuff you ever blog on.

With the 149, you can have 3 domain sites?

Yes, and that’s on their platform. You can have as many sites as you want, with your hosting and everything on other places which is what I do. I don’t have a domain with them. I use my own stuff.

You can always do video, post on money blogs, and all that

Let’s see If I can take a small screenshot to show you how this works.

Open our video page, add new, and upload your video

And follow the instruction as shown here

Hi Marc, did I hear you right about the pay per click class as an added bonus when you sign up?

Yes, we’re going to give you the recordings of the pay per click class. This has been one of the best classes I’ve ever taught because it’s all about pay per click traffic. So, we’re going to give you that as bonuses as well.

How do I handle those that have bought under the high ticket niche?

You can also use this with it.

I want to set up a membership site, any ideas?

You can either do the plug-in partnership deal or you can ether talk to me about that on live chat or you can use that as your niche. When you sign up for kartprofits.com and you can find your niche.

The standard package has up to 2500 contacts, what does that mean by contacts?

It means email addresses for your mail. 2500 is plenty enough for you to start with. If you have any question, feel free to let me know, his software is going to be a game changer for you if you’ve been struggling with the tech stuff. Kartra focuses you on what works. You don’t want to get hung up on all the junks. You want an opt-in box, sales pages and all that.

When you get to kartprofits site, there’ll be a video. Click on Request invite, put your info, and request invite. They’d actually send you an email for you to sign up. Remember you’ll be enjoying this great bonuses when yu sign up through me:

  • Full training on How to start your online business($127)
  • We’d do a niche market research live class($127)
  • 3 ways I’ve made a ton of site with membership sites($1,997)
  • I buys a domain for your niche( up to $1000 value)
  • Special interaction welcome call, pay per click class ($1277 value).

If you have any question, feel free to check me on live chat.

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The Above Form Actually Uses Kartra

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after you join (yes i am an affiliate) i have known the guys who made this and worked with them before… its insanely awesome… put a ticket in at pcmoneymaking.com with your receipt for some bonuses and my training on the software.

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