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We have a guest speaker today, his name is Sean Cannell and he’s the author of Youtube Secrets!

Sean Cannell has had a lot of milestones when it comes to online marketing. He’s making 100,000$ a year from Amazon! For affiliate marketers, this means that Sean knows how to bring in lots of traffic.

Sean Cannell is also going to share to us tips and his experience with his journey in earning money online – specifically with a platform like Youtube. Cannell started out editting videos during the hardest season in his life. Since he wanted to start getting passive income, that’s when he started videos on youtube.

“I used Amazon because it’s the everything store.” – Cannell

Cannell started doing videos on different trends and niches – one of these strends was ‘giving gifts to friends’. In most cases, there are actually a lot of people who would search that up on Youtube. So he started reviewing and showcasing a lot of products in his room.

  He also did commissions for a variety of different products which range from health drinks, gold coins and just plethora of different products and he would get around 15 – 20% commission for this.

 Sean would earn at least a 200 – 300$ a month from one video that he made a few years ago!


Affiliate Marketing makes you a earn a lot more per view – There are a lot of Youtubers out there who have thousands of subscribers that can easily make them 6-figures of views a day. If you can make 2 cents for every 10 views then you can definitely earn a lot with all of those views.

BUT you can definitely earn more if you’re also reviewing products and you’re earning a commission of 20% – 30% for each product that you’ve sold!

It’s a win-win situation!

You have to think about the intent of the viewer –  One of the reasons why people search for reviews for products is because they want to know if that product meets their expectations or their needs.

This is actually a good opportunity to show them the pros and cons of the product as well as showcasing them the product!

Keep track of what’s trending and people will definitely flock to your videos! BUT REMEMBER – Make sure what you’re making a video of is also a part of your niche!


Start narrow then go broad – The best way to know your audience is to know what they’re clicking on.

  • In most cases, these people are looking for solutions to their problems – which could be technical in nature or It’s something really specific that they’ll stumble into your video.
  • Once you gain momentum, you can start having a more broader audience who can definitely relate to your videos.

Know your audience – This is actually really self-explanatory. One of the best strategies when it comes to reeling in views is to know who your market is!

You have to constantly be on the watch for the latest trends and you have to keep evolving so that you can compete with other Youtubers and online marketers

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  • It’ll hold your hand through the different strategies when it comes to a plethora of different things that’s related to youtube
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    • WordPress

There’s also more advanced tactics and strategies that should help you out

  • Mastering searchability
  • Levelling trends
  • Any many more!

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