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Pop quiz, what is the number one most expensive item on a business’s marketing list?

We’re going to answer that in just a minute, but first, I remember it like it was yesterday, I was looking for new products to promote on search engines and different traffic methods. And I came across this crazy affiliate offer seen here called low rate source that paid me seven dollars and fifty cents whenever someone came to the site and filled in these little dropdown forms, they didn’t have to buy anything.

They didn’t have to put their name and email in a box. All they had to do is choose their property, location or their state, the loan type, the property value and their mortgage balance. And I think one of the forms actually had them rate their credit from bad to good.

Then as soon as they hit that submit button, I got seven dollars and fifty cents.

So I thought, hey, this is pretty cool. I don’t have to sell anything. I don’t have to generate leads.

All I got to do is get people to take this little quiz thing and I get 750, which I thought was pretty cool. Now I wanted to make money fast with this.

So what I did is I went to the pay per click search engines like seven search. And back then we had find what and go to and stuff like that. And I got some traffic to this offer that we’re looking for, like mortgages and rates and prime rate and different things like that.

And I funneled a bunch of people to the site, sometimes as many as three hundred visitors a day or more. And because this had such a low barrier of entry, a lot of people actually took the quiz. And I don’t know how many actually became a lead because that wasn’t my business. They paid on the first form.

And I noticed I was getting about one out of every five visitors that were looking for mortgage stuff to actually fill in these little drop boxes, hit the button and I got paid, which means if I take the seven dollars and fifty cents, divide it by five, which is how many people it took to get a conversion, I get a per click value of one dollar and fifty cents, which to me meant if I could get targeted traffic for less than a dollar fifty, I’m golden.

But you might be asking, Marcus, why would this company pay you seven dollars and fifty cents for people to just click on dropdown boxes?

Well, I think that question is very important to be answered so that you understand how this works, so that you know exactly what’s going on and you can use this method to make money. First of all, if we were to go to the Google AdWords keyword tool and type something in like mortgage rate, you’re going to see that this is a very, very expensive traffic source.

Right here. We have these where it’s like refinance rates, which was the number one thing that form wanted, was reached by people. We have refinance rates, which is showing twenty three dollars a click.

What does that mean?

That means that if we go to Google here like this and we type in refinance rate, the people that are paying for ads are paying up to like twenty three dollars a click or more.

And the only thing they know about the visitor is they typed in refinance rates.

So if they’re willing to pay twenty two dollars for one click, then seven dollars for someone to actively fill out a form that actively has to do with refinance and mortgages is a no brainer. Hence the paper lead offer. And the idea behind this entire thing is they are using this lead offer to get new customers.

They want new people that are interested in refinances and mortgages and stuff like that so that they can build their business. Which takes us back to our pop quiz. The most expensive marketing item is new customer. Aquisition. The cost to acquire a new customer and if you start to understand this, you will have a much easier time making money online with these paper lead offers. And now we need to understand why these offers work and how to get them to work in the best way so you can make the most money.

First of all, they work because of relevancy. They are relevant to what your market wants. So if I’m out there getting people information on mortgage rates or refinance rates or different Fed rate updates or whatever it is that’s going to be relevant to the mortgage one, or if I’m getting people looking for audiobooks, I can get them into Audible, which pays like ten dollars a lead, which is pretty cool. So we’re going to look at the relevancy where it has to be closely related to what we’re offering.

If you have a tattoo website, your offer should be about tatoos. If you have mortgages, it should be about mortgages. If it’s audio books, you should have audible stuff like that. The second thing we want to look at this is number one. The second thing we want to look at is Barrier. Of entry. We want to focus on the lowest barrier of entry possible, if you have a visitor and they are interested in mortgages, what is the easiest thing they can do that pays you a reasonable amount of money?

Now, for this example, all they had to do was like fill out a couple of dropdown boxes with no personal information.

So the barrier was pretty much one sided. It’s very simple. It’s very easy. Now, had that form said, well, you need to have Social Security, you need to do a mortgage application, you need to fill out this big, long form. The barrier of entry is going to get bigger, which is going to make the payout bigger.

You’ll probably get like a hundred dollars on that lead, but it’s going to take a lot more work for your customer to go through it. So where I was getting one out of five people to do the drop downs, you might only get like one out of every 50 or one out of every hundred to fill out the big mortgage quote.

So promoting this offer with a low barrier of entry is probably going to make me more money. And what we want to do is look at our sliding scale of the barrier of entry. On the easy side over here, we have stuff like dropdown boxes, and over here we have stuff like buying things. And for most beginner affiliate marketers, the stuff over here is going to be a lot easier. This is going to be stuff like toolbar downloads, email. And Zip submits easy lead offers. Free trials. Software downloads, giveaways and more, and one of my favorite places to find these types of offers is using the offer vault search engine. You can find it offer Volcom. Now, remember, offervault is just a search engine.

They’re not an affiliate network. They’re just a place that shows you all the offers that are available within their networks and everything like that. So what you’re going to see here is the offer name. That’s the name of the offer. You’re going to see the payout, how much the offer pays you as an affiliate. You’re going to see the countries that is allowed to get traffic in. So obviously, this one here, they want U.S. traffic. They’re not going to accept traffic from all over the place. They just want us. And then you’re going to see the network.

Now, in order to run this offer, I need to go over to this affiliate network. I need to sign up and I need to get this offer, get the link, and then I can promote it and make my dollar fifty seven per lead. And as you can see here, the example of this offer is an email or zipp submit, which usually means you’re paid when they put their email in a box. Now make sure you do your research because some of them do require a lot more than just an email.

And one of the little tricks you can use to find these types of offers is using the categories tab and then go down to different categories like credit card submit. That’s like free trial offers. You can do coupons, you can do CPL, which would be cost per lead, which means they’re going to pay you on a lead. You can do email, submit free trial. Leadgen Sweepstakes usually have quite a few. And of course, you can always search for browser extensions. This is going to show you some browser extensions, like a little map browser, a little flash browser movies, memories, computer speed PDF and all of these pay you when someone downloads a free tool, they don’t have to put their name email nothing. They just download the tool and you get the money shown here. These are some of my favorite offers.

You can see here is one that pays 70 cents for a lead for You got Cannava free trial. You got shot Academi, where people can learn all kinds of different things. Herries free trial for people to get a shaving razor free with shipping. I think it is very simple. You got some kind of free trial here for how to help people save money. And of course, you have simple offers like as seen on TV products like this icebox air cooler that pays fifty six dollars on a ninety nine dollars sale.

And of course, since this one’s an actual sale, the barrier of entry is a lot higher. But I’m still going to promote stuff like this because I’m getting more than 50 percent of the amount the customer pays, which I think is a pretty sweet deal. Some other offers you can check out are like the similar Web affiliate program that pays ten dollars per lead, the ginger chrome extension that only pays twenty cents a lead. But this traffic’s probably pretty easy to get since these people are just looking for like grammar correction and stuff like that. We also have one password, dotcom, that pays two dollars for each sign up. You can find that one over on Commission Junction.

We also have a system that pays ten dollars for a new trial activation. Now, again, remember, for them to activate, they have to put their credit card in. But as you can see here, I’m actually making money with this type of stuff. Some other examples are the Honi app. I’ve seen the Honi app pay as much as four dollars per download, but sometimes it’s a little difficult to find that one. We also have audible that pays up to ten dollars for a free trial. And on and on we go. Now, if you want to complete full list of a ton of offers that I’ve found, we’re actually going to have a webinar and some notes and cool stuff about this topic coming up this week. If you want to get the info for that, go to download my notes. Dotcom, put your name and email in the box. When the notes are ready and the webinar is out, we’re going to send you an email and tell you all about it. Lots of good stuff there. Again, that’s a download my notes dotcom. Now, next, what we’re going to want to do is we’re going to find the offers that we want to run.

So maybe we’ll want to run a mortgage offer or maybe we want to run a free trial or something like a download or whatever it is. All right. We’re going to take those offers. So let’s say we’re going to go for like a PDF download tool. The first thing we want to do is make sure the offer is legit. All right. Sometimes after doing this for many years, some of the download offers are junky and spammy. We don’t want to promote that. So make sure it’s good, maybe tested on an old computer or something and make sure that the offer is actually legit and decent. Once we find out that it’s a legit and decent, we want to take a look at what it pays. In this example. I believe it was two dollars and fifty cents per download. Now, I need to do is find people who want like a PDF tool or a PDF editor.

I could go use my keyword tools, I can find some traffic. I could run traffic to the offer. And the key is to make the. Barrier of entry to get to the offer, very easy, right? So if they’re looking for like how do I copy and paste a PDF, we would have a big button here that says copy paste PDF.

And that button would lead them straight to the offer page where we get paid when they download it. All right. If you’re doing something like make money on surveys or whatever and it’s an email submit, then we want to tell them, hey, check it out. I found the best survey thing. Put your name and email on the next page, put like a little button there and send them directly to the page. Now, the way you can get traffic is actually extremely easy.

If the numbers make sense, you can do paid traffic. That means you go out there to the search engines, you pay for traffic, for words that are about your topic. You send them to your landing page. Right. You need to make a landing page in a Web site to do this properly. And then that landing page is going to take them to the offer where you get paid. Very simple. If you’re going to be using free traffic, then what you would want to do is make a site or a blog, preferably a blog, which you can learn to do over at Go Hub site dotcom. In like ten minutes, you could set up a blog around all the keywords that you think you can get.

For example, if we were doing page traffic on the Internet speed test one, take a look at all these people looking up Internet speed test. Very simple, very easy. I can get in front of them if we’re doing something like PDF convert for the PDF converter. If I was going for free traffic, all I would need to do is isolate the keywords that I think I can get, which are ones that have like a competition of three or less, start making little tools, articles, videos or whatever about how to convert a PDF, send them to my Web page, then send them to the offer and I get paid when they download it. Or if we’re going for audible, we could do best audio books. Very simple, actually, quite a bit is not that competitive, you can make an entire audio book, review website and make lots of money with this.

For example, my favorite genre is philosophical novels. And even though there’s only one hundred people a month searching for it, I could probably get a few sign ups for audible using this specific term, giving specific information. Heck, you can even do best novel and see tons of people are searching for best novels. So as you could see, the sky is the limit and the key is definitely to focus on the right offer, focus on relevancy and focus on offers that have a low barrier of entry. And you could do this and make some decent money again. Remember, the average person trying to make money online makes zero. This takes work. This takes effort. You got to do it ethically and really focus on helping these people out.

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