Best Membership Site Software

Choosing the right membership site software is very important for your online business because a better platform gives you enough growth opportunities. You may have heard people embarking themselves into membership sites and earned buckets of money.

Are you thinking about building a membership site?

If yes, you have got several options. With lots of software around, choosing the right one for your exact needs can be challenging. There are some factors that you need to consider to attain a successful membership site. Most of these sites have many things in common, but all of them have something unique in them, too.

Hence, many content creators find it truly confusing and frustrating to get hold of the right platform. In this guide, you would get a clear understanding of some of the best membership platforms, their weaknesses, and strengths. Also, you would get an insight into everything that matters most while you are about to choose the right size for your specific needs.


Also known as membership management software, membership site software is a robust tool used by nonprofits, clubs, and associates to keep in line with all the membership utilities online. Almost every membership site platform helps you to do the following.

* Process online donations, fees, and payments
* Setting up the online member for event reminders, registration pages, and payments
* Communicating with the member through automated newsletter, emails, and invoices
* Creating a website that looks professional filled with a blog, event calendars, member directories, downloadable content, and more
* Build a contact database that should be easy to update filter, and search
* Access analytics, membership summaries, and financial reports in lesser time

Also, a membership site platform eliminates the need for utilizing other software programs such as Mailchimp, Excel, Eventbrite, and so on. That’s because all these functions and utilities are in-built in this platform.

Now that you have got some idea about this platform, let’s discuss why a membership site platform is a smart move for your online presence.


SAVE TIME – Certain things like processing member records, registering them for events, and running checks to banks could be done while you sit back. Imagine you have lots of robots to take care of your administrative work.

That’s how membership site software works. It helps automate almost every administrative task. Many people say that they saved around 20 hours of work a week after setting up the platform for the first time.

SAVE MONEY – When you save time, it saves you money, as well. A membership site program eliminates the need for several software programs. With the time saved due to the automated processes, many managers are able to increase their productivity.

They improve other areas such as increasing marketing activities, hosting better events and create more resources for members. It even allows the clubs to go virtual without the need for a physical office.

REDUCE ERRORS – You may have faced the situation plenty of time where you have emailed members, but you get bounce-backs from them. Not to mention the duplicate event registration, or data lost while transferring from one medium to another.

A membership site platform eliminates these errors by keeping the data in a single database and connects it to your registrations, events, and email platforms. Members can enter and update their information whenever they want.

INCREASE REGISTRANTS – Lots of managers get surprised to see the event registrations and memberships go up after they implement a membership site software. Membership goes up when potential visitors visit your website and sign up.

Also, the event registrants go up because you emailed your members about the upcoming event. They can sign up for the program then and there right from their smartphones.

INCREASE CASH FLOW – With instant payment processing, there is no need to bring cash, or take money to the bank. All the things are processed at the moment when someone pays you for a product online, event ticket, or membership.


VARIOUS PLANS – Providing different plans at different prices is the best way to create a membership community that works better for your audience. When you are able to create various plans, it helps you to build relationships with your users.

They can start with a low priced or free plan if they are interested in you. And, they can go all through whenever they feel ready for an upgrade to the most premium plan.

INTEGRATION ACROSS THE DIFFERENT BUSINESSES – If you sell other kinds of digital products, such as digital downloads or online courses, you would like to operate them from the same store as your membership.

Always look for a site platform that has the facility of integration. Choose membership site software like Amember that lets you similar functionalities for different membership groups.

ALL IN ONE PLACE – You can sign up for separate tools that allow you to host your content, manage your passwords, send emails to your users, and accept payments. But, why you have to go through the hassle? Choose a membership platform that tackles all the administrative tasks for you.

SWIFT PAYMENTS – You don’t need to wait for another 20 to 30 days to get paid for the membership sale. You want to get your payment as early as possible. Or else, you need to wait for something you sold last month.

When you are paid directly, it means all the sales data are in the payment processor. This way, you can keep good track of the financial transactions and carry the data with you whenever you choose to switch platforms.

AFFILIATE MARKETING – Maybe you are a beginner and don’t have affiliates yet. An important aspect of growing your business is hiring others to promote it. Affiliates are quite helpful because often it is seen that they have already joined your membership program.

As such, they can advertise about it and motivate others about it. Managing your affiliate program before you are ready to launch it would save your effort and time. As a result, it assists you to sell more.

EVERYTHING UNLIMITED – You don’t know about the file size, members, plans, and content will you have until you have launched. Also, it is important that you don’t get unnecessary plan allotment. A membership site where everything is unlimited gives you peace of mind. And, it saves time from looking for a new service provider if you have outgrown your current stage.

DIFFERENT TYPES OF FILES ARE ACCEPTED – Whether you have content in different formats such as text, PDFs, MP3s. or other types of files, you need to make sure that all those files work well with the membership site platform.

You may not have added an audio post, but you never know whether you need to add one in the next six months. Hence, it is important to have that flexibility from the beginning.

EASE OF ACCESS – These days, people are more into using their phones rather than computers. So, it is crucial that your membership site software runs smoothly on mobile web browsers like Chrome and Safari.

Not every purchase is made through mobile devices. But, your users may want to take your content while they were on the go so that they won’t have to wait until they have their computers to work with.


Here are some evaluation criteria that help you decide on your choice.


Almost every provider has a data security service that covers more than what is required. Yet, if you need additional security, like enabling two-factor authentication, you may contact the service provider and find whether they are giving it or not.


Some membership site platforms can be set up in no time, whereas some others might require time and guidance from a specialist. Knowing when you need the system up and running before handed can save you from undesirable surprises.


When you have existing systems such as WordPress or QuickBooks and you plan on keeping them for future use, check with your membership site software provider whether they are providing integration with them. Many platforms provide an app market, built-in integration, or personalize a solution for your specific needs.


Every software has a learning curve. Therefore, having access to live support and online help resources is a crucial consideration. While you are looking at the reviews, check out how other users have found the setup. Sometimes you need people from your team who are good with tech.


Most service providers have a price tag between $30 per month and $450 per month. It greatly depends on the size of your organization, like members and contacts, as well. Also, you have to check if there are additional costs for setup.


Simply put, membership sites are a blazing way to improve and monetize your blog. Now, how is that exactly? Well, money flows through your website because of three reasons.

1. LEVERAGE – The best membership sites help you leverage your content and time in two different ways. You can create your content and sell it to plenty of users in the near future. That makes your content a reusable content.

Membership sites are totally automated. It is indeed mesmerizing to imagine running a hands-off campaign where you invite your users to buy the program while you are enjoying on the beach somewhere.

2. VALUE – Interestingly, most people tend to value things for which they have paid for rather than value freebies. Hence, according to them, your paid membership site holds more value than any kind of free information.

After the cash is exchanged, people are more likely to take action and achieve satisfying results that help you get rave reviews. This way, you can have even more sales. You may have noticed something interesting about the money-credibility thing hovering on the internet.

It is quite easy for anyone to get live on Facebook and create online these days. This led to something unusual, which can be called redibility-gap’. That means trust in online content is falling down in spite of the rise in content volume.

Hence, you can make full utilization of the situation. Wondering how? Here it is. People attribute the highest credit level and trust paid content. This implies people would assign to all kinds of content that are locked behind your membership site.

Most importantly, existing members would upsell from inside the membership site. When they trust you, they rely on your content. Now, let’s flip it to the prospect’s perspective. When you pack everything and present it with a road-map, it becomes easy on part of the members.

Lots of time are getting saved. They don’t have to go through the internet and bring pieces together. You have provided them a single place to access everything, and they would pay for that kind of act.

4. TRIBE – Almost every people like to be around a tribe of people like them, with the same kind of worries and problems. And, memberships tend to build tribes. It is the perfect place for people to hang out and consider themselves as a part of something bigger.

It is the vibe that compels people to pay, stay, and play. Remember that every tribe consists of a leader, one with a distinguished character. From one angle it appears that people are buying your content, but in reality, they are buying your personality and character.

They are impressed with you and desire to be like you. They would connect with you through the personality you have in your videos or the tone of your writing. And, because of this, they would return frequently with money in their hand.


THE FIXED MODEL – This kind of membership sites lay stress on one thing, which is they try to solve a distinct problem. It could be a specific fix, like how can you write a novel. Also, they can solve a long-term problem like how you can scale a business. They are solved through twelve, six, or three-month program.

THE MOTIVATE LEVEL – Certain types of goals that people are likely to struggle alone, such as new diet, fitness goals, or weight loss regime, having a source of motivation often makes a great difference to one’s life. Paid access to different kind of challenges with motivational communities that shares their piece of struggle is perfect for this type of membership model.

THE HANGOUT MODEL – Popularly known as the community model, this kind of membership site provides people a commonplace to connect. Members are united towards a passion or cause such as freelance writing, cooking, or gardening.

On the surface, they may want to join because they want a solution to their problem. But, they are hobbyists at heart and that drives them to be around other people who know their language.


Let’s discuss the best membership site platform available today.


One of the common and popular WordPress plugins is undoubtedly MemberPress. It is quite easy to use MemberPress and consists of many important features. It works brilliantly with any kind of business, small, midsize, or large, who like to roll out membership sites for their users.

MemberPress tends to cover only the basic needs of a membership site such as creating different levels of the membership program, handling subscription payments, and content protection. This software installs on your site and starts to charge for access. With this software, you can protect your posts and pages and restrict access to them depending on the kind of membership plan purchased.

With MemberPress, you can easily set up a membership site. It can set up an account, log in, thank you pages, and pricing for your users. Further inclusion of membership plans is quite easy and straightforward. MemberPress comes equipped with strong access control that allows restriction on any kind of content.

These may include, pages, tags, categories, files, posts, and so on. Content dripping allows the viewing of restricted content to users after a definite time. Now, that’s pretty useful when it is about selling courses online or learning materials. MemberPress integrates with MailChimp, GetResponse, Aweber, and MadMini email services.

Also, it integrates smoothly with BluBrry and Amazon Web Services. When it is about pricing, you have lots of flexibility. It is capable of setting custom time periods intended for recurring payments, limiting the number of payments, create paid or free trials of whatever length.

Last but not the least, MemberPress provides some handy features used for membership management and reporting. With payment gateways, MemberPress has inbuilt support for Stripe and PayPal payment gateways. In the eveloper Plan’, you can get the support of So far the pricing of the plugin is concerned, it is a lot cheaper than other solutions.

The Basic Plan costs around $149 per year and you can have 1 site license. And, the Plus Plan costs about $249 per year and delivers you 2 site licenses. MemberPress won’t be the perfect choice if you are looking to create a full-fledged membership site because you need to patch plenty of third-party plugins.

Here are some of its features.

* Unlimited membership level
* Easy setup
* Content dripping
* Detailed reporting
* Personalized pricing pages, coupons, and access to all kinds of content
* Subscription management choices for users
* Can create subscriptions for paid content


Creating a robust membership site with Infusionsoft and WordPress was a daunting task before Memberium came into existence. Memberium is developed as a premium plugin that assists in creating a powerful membership site. The more you learn about this wonderful software, you would be impressed with its features.

Memberium is easy to install and if you are finding it difficult, they provide their users with instructions, guides, and video tutorials. With amazing features that are capable of handling your membership website, there is no chance for you to face hurdles because this software is very easy to use.

Even beginners can use this plugin effectively. This software has lots of integrations under its sleeve. When you use these integrations you are able to use different features of popular plugins such as Ninjaforms, BBpress, Yoast, Gravityforms, WooCommerce, and many more. Memberium provides free trial and unlimited membership options to its valued users.

With free trials, users can see for themselves whether they can rely on their services. On top of that, it allows its users to buy more than one membership level. The software provides the installation of different membership sites on different subdomains under a member’s registered domain.

With Memberium, you can perform one-click upgrades. Also, it allows you to downgrade or upgrade your account. Apart from rich features, Memberium faces some challenges. The company is managed by a small team, and it is relatively new.

Many people fear the uncertainty of the product. Another matter of concern is that the plugin code is not completely 100% GPL. However, it came to the knowledge that they are digging into the issue to find a remedy.

Memberium protects posts, pages, and even some portions of pages or posts. An interesting aspect about the software is that it lets you choose those options on how you want them to be protected. This membership site platform is developed to work effectively with certain CRM systems so that you can run a membership or automated course.

This way, it helps you grow, thrive, and function on your own. They have got three different kinds of plans for your needs. The Standard Plan is priced at $47 per month, the Pro Plan is available at $87 per month, and you can get the Advanced Plan in $177 per month.

Some of the features include the following.

* Pre-renewal emails
* Membership directories
* Google indexing posts
* One-click upgrade
* Prebuilt page templates free of cost


If you are in the online marketing arena for some time, you might have stumbled upon ClickFunnels. It aims to be the one-stop solution for designing and running your business online. The package lets you create sales funnels, run an affiliate program, build email marketing campaigns, and design a membership site to provide online courses or other content.

ClickFunnels is one of the famous online sales funnel that allows you to build highly converting landing pages, sales pages, membership sites, and webinar pages. ClickFunnels comes along with innovative drag and drop features and bears a responsive design. However, the interface is not flexible compared to aMember (discussed later).

To craft a membership site with ClickFunnels is very simple and easy. The best option that you get over ClickFunnels is the ability to create very simple and effective membership sites, and merge it to your sales funnel. It helps to create beautiful landing pages and allows you to combine it with other payment processors.

What’s more interesting is the fact that the ClickFunnels membership site is quite easy to get. And, you don’t need to have a coder for that. After you have logged in to your account, you would find a pre-made membership site.

ClickFunnels has a variety of payment gateways so that you can collect the payment made by members through your membership site. Some of the payment gateways include Stripe, PayPal, Warrior Plus, Apple Pay, ClickBank, JV Zoo, and so on. There are dozens of pre-made funnel templates when you sign up.

There are some advantages when you use the ClickFunnels membership site platform. It is easy to integrate with different types of payment processors, integrated affiliate center, capable of sending email broadcasts, page builder with drag and drop functions, and many more. However, there are a few reasons why many people dislike this membership site.

First of all, it doesn’t allow you to track member progress. The end-user experience is not a good one and even worse on mobile devices. Users can’t manage their subscriptions and change their payment information. Also, it doesn’t have support for audio or video hosting.

You can try ClickFunnels by signing a 14-day free trial. The normal plan costs around $97 per month and for $297 you can have the Platinum Plan. Some of the alternatives you can try would be aMember, Kajabi, and Teachable. Here are some important features of the software.

* Drag and drop utility
* Smart affiliate programs
* Connects with many domains
* Easy to advertise and sell your content


From enterprise to solopreneur companies looking for a robust marketing platform, Kartra might be your all in one solution. Kartra is quite popular among people because they tend to give you the best experience of membership site platform that very few software can deliver.

With the presence of its WYSIWYG editor, you can develop beautiful membership sites and personalize them to fit your specific needs. With the different membership tiers that Kartra provides, your users can access different levels. You can even set your own pricing for each of the categories.

You can use any kind of content such as text, video, audio, or even a combination of these things and classify them into several categories for quick and easy navigation. Pretty much similar to that of other popular membership site software, Kartra has the ability to drip your content to your users over time.

This way, you can keep all your users engaged with you. You can keep track of the progress of every user, active subscriptions, active members, un-subscriptions, and many more under the software’s analytical section. Keeping the security parameter in mind, Kartra comes along with password management.

With password management, you can provide content with password protection, or free access to the content. Your users will be entitled to a single password for signing in the platform or make use of different membership tiers alongside different access levels such as platinum, gold, silver, and bronze.

Whenever consumers register for the membership site, the Company send them login credentials and personalized emails. You can personalize those emails by adding your own brand name. As you can track the progress of your members, you can shift them to higher levels when they are engaging nicely with your content.

You can send your users’ congratulation emails and reward them, give them exclusive access to the next tier of content, alter their positions in your mailing lists, and many more. As such, all your users stay motivated and encouraged.

There are different kinds of plans in Kartra and you can opt one depending on your needs. The Starter Plan comes in $99 per month and the Platinum Plan, which is the highest of them is available at $499 per month.

Here are some important features of Kartra.

* Drip campaigns
* Web forms or landing pages
* ROI tracking
* Lead scoring
* Dynamic content


It is another great membership site platform intended to give positive outcomes to parent organizations such as PTAs, Associations, Clubs, HOAs, PTOs & Booster Clubs, and Nonprofits. Also, membership Toolkit works wonders for small businesses as well. More and more professionals are upgrading to this personalized platform to grow their businesses and earn more revenue.

Membership Toolkit is a web-based solution that delivers managed communications, donations, directory, membership, website, sales, and events to your organization. The software provides training through live online, webinars, and documentation. This membership management software includes important features such as event management, donor database, donation tracking, online donations, and many more.

Membership Toolkit is a great business management software that runs your organization effectively. This platform has all the necessary equipment making it easy and effective to organize your business. It is capable of growing your users by scheduling campaigns, check-ins, and billing.

When it is about running an online business effectively, the software that you would need to take care of your business needs should be equipped with all the crucial things that can tackle all your tasks and improve your brand awareness. Membership Toolkit is able to deliver a personalized experience in different ways.

With Membership Toolkit, members can get access to lots of features that are required to run organizations, groups, and businesses in a smooth way. This software works great for personalized apps, scheduling events, memberships, emailing, and so on. Although Membership Toolkit is new in this industry, they have earned a good name.

Still, the software has to cover many grounds before becoming one of the most popular membership sites platforms available on the market. The platform is available as SaaS software. The Company provides the pricing of the product in four different levels to serve their users better.

The base plan of Membership Toolkit, which is called the Essential Plan comes at $450 per year. He Company doesn’t have a free version. However, they provide a free trial. According to online reviews, this software needs several improvements, and some users are offended by the system.

Despite their quality management features, the Membership Toolkit is yet to cover many grounds. One of the effective alternative products to Membership Toolkit in aMember. The following are some features of this software.

* Event management
* Membership management
* Email marketing
* Online donations
* Member portal


If you are looking for a one-stop solution for your online business, Kajabi is sure to deliver what you are expecting. It doesn’t just let you create a membership site to deliver your content, but it can build a strong website for your brand to take care of the entire marketing and sales on the same platform.

When it is about creating a membership site, Kajabi has plenty of things to provide for a hosted platform. With Kajabi on board, you can create surveys and quizzes, host your videos, arrange pre-requisite lessons, and drip feed all your content.

On top of that, the site provides more than ten beautiful product themes that work wonders regardless of whether you want to distribute an online course or just have some kind of standalone training. The platform has great support for both Android and iOS devices. Hence, if your users are using content on mobile, they’ll have a better experience in learning.

Another membership feature that the software provides is Community. This feature lets you create a specialized private area for all your users. If you are thinking how easy it would be to set up the tiered memberships, you would be happy to learn that building membership levels along with disbursing content to them are quite straightforward.

With the marketing automation feature in Kajabi, you can tag your users depending on their behavior, cart abandoning emails, and send follow-up sequences automatically. When it is about a different kind of analytics found in the software, it has an in-built subscription metrics report.

All these analytics greatly helps you to track your membership site’s churn rate, ARPU (average revenue per user), and MMR (monthly recurring revenue). Analytics is very important for growing your online business. You can find out the user retention of your website and the steps you have taken to boast off your sales.

Kajabi takes online business to the next level with the help of their marketing features and inbuilt sales. This innovative software provides a detailed sales pipeline builder, which gives you a clear picture of your user’s journey and create marketing funnels end-to-end.

As far as the pricing of Kajabi goes, it is one of the expensive choices you can get. Pricing starts at $149 per month, but the most popular plan opted by many professionals costs $199 per month. Let’s have a look at some of its features.

* Personalized email marketing
* Assignments, quizzes, and memberships
* Landing pages that convert
* Great analytics


Teachable is an amazing online course creator that allows you to create memberships and online courses right under your own brand. With teachable, you can create amazing online courses that include texts, audio files, videos, quizzes, and many more. You can deliver the course professionally through the course player build inside the system, and through the iOS devices.

In short, Teachable is a great online course builder. It houses a membership website, email marketing, discussion forum, LMS, and analytics all under the same roof. The platform is easy to install and doesn’t even need technical education. Creating content is a breeze.

Moreover, Teachable has support for dripping the content, grading quizzes, course compliance, and creating certificates. But, all your content would be delivered as online courses. That’s because you don’t have the liberty to build individual pages or posts. Also, Teachable does not provide you with the option of building an area for your community within the platform.

If you want to create different membership tiers on this software, it is not simple and straightforward. For that, you need to create many course bundles in order to create different membership levels. Now, that’s a lot of workarounds. Other platforms like aMember or Kajabi provide simple ways.

Unlike other software, the membership pricing options for Teachable aren’t much flexible. Although you can create monthly and annual subscriptions, you can’t charge your user for an upfront payment in the name of the installation fee or create a free trial. This is quite awkward because you don’t get to see these things on other platforms.

Teachable is not available for WordPress. But, you can integrate the software to your site by adding sub-domains or links. Teachable provides many useful tools that are important for your membership. This includes a sale page builder, EU VAT support, well-personalized checkout pages, affiliate marketing tools, and many more.

Teachable provides three plans, which are Basic, Professional, and Business. The Basic Plan costs you $29 per month, the Professional Plan is priced at $99 per month, and the Business plan can cost you about $249 per month.

Teachable provides a variety of features that most small businesses and solo entrepreneurs need most. Below are some of its important features.

* Basic quizzes
* EU VAT included
* Integrated payment processing
* Free courses


If you want to quickly create and deliver amazing courses on your own branded website, Thinkific is another great online course platform that you should try. Unlike Kajabi, this software is more focused on delivering the core features that include the capability to host your site and deliver content alongside processing payments.

Hence, it doesn’t provide you with email marketing, funnel builder, or built-in blogging feature. You need to make use of third-party tools to enjoy these functionalities. However, Thinkific is one of the popular options for building online courses and membership sites. You can create engaging courses with different content types.

These may include PDFs, assignments, quizzes, and videos. Now, you can release your content by creating learning paths or drip schedule. Talking about the course player, you may have a single theme. Yet, it is very well-designed and works wonders for all kinds of courses. With Thinkific, you can have the liberty to create personalized pages.

And, you can have restriction to access them depending on the user’s membership plan. This feature comes really handy when you have to deliver content on a regular basis. When it comes to the mobile learning experience, the course player is very responsive. Your users would be able to watch your exclusive content on a mobile device.

Another interesting and useful feature that Thinkific provides for creating memberships is that you can create a separate community area on this platform itself. You can get this feature on Kajabi. When it is about pricing your memberships, you can have annual or monthly subscriptions. Also, you can charge a separate setup fee and a free trial.

Creating membership tier levels is pretty simple and straightforward in Thinkific. Last but not the least, Thinkific provides handy selling tools such as the ability to build a sales page, one-click upsells, process payments, affiliate marketing, coupons, etc. Like other platforms, they do have some drawbacks.

So far the pricing of Thinkific goes, you can get started free of cost. But, if you need to make use of important features necessary for memberships such as Communities, subscription price, bundles, etc., you need to have the Pro Plan, which costs $79 per month. Here are some of its features.

* Inbuilt course authoring
* Mobile learning
* Template management
* Video management
* Blended learning


aMember is quite different from all the platforms that have been discussed until now. It is one of the robust software in its class and they have been in this business for over 18 years. Now, you can deliver great content, manage your subscriptions, maintain your users’ profile, and accept payments including the recurring ones.

You can even integrate it into your blog, send the newsletter, or run your affiliate program. Everything is now possible with this software. aMember Pro is a membership site software that membership, online-based organizations can integrate into their websites to manage eCommerce sales, members, and keep track of product inventory and payments.

Remember that aMember Pro is not a WordPress plugin. It is nothing but a membership site platform created with PHP. However, it allows you to integrate with WordPress. You have to download the PHP script and install it on your Webhosting server. You would get a complete source-code application and you can fully personalize it to your specific needs.

The popularity of aMember Pro lies in its integrations. This software has the ability to integrate with several CMSs such as Joomla, XenForo, vBulletin, Drupal, and WordPress. It is specially optimized for WordPress with theme integration and free add-on to control the footer, header, and CSS styling of WordPress websites from within the aMember Pro.

The membership site software is developed for different kinds of activities as discussed above. And, compared to other products in this detailed review, aMember seems to have all the basic requirements that are required for delivering growth to your online business.

You can create your content in any kind of blogging platform or WordPress. aMember Pro provides the membership and sign-up pages on the site alongside an eCommerce store to sell your products, or different types of memberships, sponsorship, or real merchandise.

Ecommerce is where the platform provides more functionalities. This kind of detailed information about each and every aspect of the product cannot be found on other platforms.

aMember Pro is a unique kind of membership management solution in many aspects. This kind of uniqueness is reflected in its pricing, as well. Rather than pricing monthly like other subscription models mentioned in this guide, aMember Pro charges for a one time purchase.

You would be spared from the troubles of monthly payments after you buy aMember Pro. All you have to do is purchase the script once, and you can use it throughout your life. When you purchase the script for $149.36, you get free to support upgrades for the next six months.

Some of the important features include the following.

* Ease of use
* Drip feed content
* Email autoresponders
* Unlimited membership levels
* Content protection
* Drag and drop feature
* Affiliate module included
* Inventory control
* Source code non-encrypted
* Experience of over 18 years


There are lots of options available when it comes to choosing the right membership site platform. And, the number of choices could only make it hard for you to select the right platform for your specific needs. This is why you need to keep things simple and easy.

When you are looking for a membership site platform to take care of your entire business, you can check out Kajabi or MemberPress. If you are looking to host and deliver your content, you can opt for Thinkific.

However, if you are looking for something that is pretty easy to operate, have loads of important features required for growing an online business, and have a one-time license price, aMember Pro is what you should choose.

All you have to do is integrate the service and leave your worries behind. Buy with confidence because you have the 30-days money-back guarantee. And if you are not satisfied, you can call in for a refund.

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