Best CBD Affiliate Programs

Top CBD Affiliate Programs 2o22

With the legalization of cannabidiol products in most states, there is a spike in growth in the global CBD market. Experts predict it may be worth more than $13 billion [] by 2028 due to the 10% annual growth. This significant increase in the market value will be essential to provide a goldmine opportunity for making passive income. Working as an affiliate marketer, you’ll earn by promoting these products on your website, blog, and even YouTube channel.

CBD affiliate programs offer the best option to enhance your income if you’ve got good traffic on any health niche website. Being the most attractive affiliate marketing niches, you can make a great source of your passive income and significantly increase the traffic on your site. With the numerous programs available, it’ll be essential to take time and choose the best and highest paying one to get maximum benefits.

When choosing suitable CBD affiliate programs, it’ll be imperative to consider those with lengthy cookie duration and offering generous commissions. If you’re looking for the best affiliate program for your site or social media platform, you’re in the right place. We’ve put down the 13 best highest paying CBD affiliate programs in 2021 you can consider when choosing.

1. CBD BioCare

CBD commodities are in high demand in most markets due to their beneficial effects, increasing the number of buyers. The CBD BioCare producers incorporate the hemp plant, which they grow and manufacture naturally in the United States to achieve top-quality commodities. The company produces a wide range of CBD oils produced for different markets, such as beauty care and the sector.

You can use the full-spectrum CBD oil productions on your beauty niche site or website. The company allows you to use CBD stem cell representation cream, CBD under eye cream, full-spectrum CBD oil, and many more on your blog. When working as a CBD Biocare sales representative, the company pays a 40% commission on every sale you make.

In addition, you’ll be privileged to get free training on the best way to advertise the products and attract more customers and traffic quickly. After signing up on these affiliate marketing programs, you can get high revenues by developing a marketing strategy or locating the products.

● Commission rate: 40%

● Cookie duration: 90days

2. CBDPure

When looking for the best and highest paying CBD affiliate programs, CBDPure is usually a familiar name on the list. This company comes with the best certified non-GMO hemp commodities ranging from CBD oil, pet products, soft liquid gel, which they manufacture locally in Colorado and Washington. Most individuals know this company for its gel, which has numerous medicinal benefits due to its psychoactive ingredients.

The company has been in the market long enough, offering the services and marketing programs to most blogs, YouTube, or site owners. It has the best terms and pays for its commission, which entices most marketers. You can sign in easily for this program by filling a simple, one-page form on their official website, and the company reviews them within 24 hours. After signing in for their affiliate programs, all you need is to have good traffic on medical niche sites, YouTube channels, or blogs.

Once you start marketing and making sales on your platform, you’ll be entitled to a 40% commission on the sale of each good. Importantly, the company pays all the affiliates without numerous restrictions or targets you need to hit before getting the commission. Thus, you have a real opportunity to make a lot of money from selling their products on your site. Lastly, the program allows for a monthly collection of your commission.

● Cookie duration: 90 days

● Commission rate: 40%

3. Savage CBD

Savage CBD is one of the most popular companies in the United States market due to the quality of its products. This company has got a variety of goods at an affordable price; thus, you’re sure to attract more customers. These natural products range from drink powder, light source, wellness shots, and a wide range of specialized vape products like disposable pens, tinctures, and edibles.

The company offers the best and generous terms in the affiliate marketing programs. If you have a medical site or pet blog, you’re sure to make more sales from their affordable prices on medicinal and pet commodities. After signing in for your affiliate program, the company entitles you to a 35% commission on every sale you make from their products. Their pretty solid cookie window makes it the most attractive affiliate program.

Apart from the generous commission rates, affordable commodities, and solid cookie windows, the companies come with additional benefits. Savage provides regular updates on its offers and coupons, which enhances the promotion of new deals weekly. Therefore, signing for this program through the refreshing site will be a great way to enhance your passive income.

● Cookies duration: 60days

● Commission rate: up to 35%

4. HempMy Pet

HempMy Pet is the appropriate option when seeking to make cash from your pet blog with high traffic. This brand is popular for making quality pet CBD products. The company manages all its operations under one roof, from manufacturing, promotion to selling. You can get different organic pet commodities, such as CBD place oil, hemp-infused coconut oil, hemp dog biscuits, and many more for your blog.

The brand allows you to earn handsomely from its affiliate marketing program on your site. You’re entitled to a 30% commission on each sale you make on their behalf, which you collect every month. In addition, you can enjoy a solid cookie window duration of 90 days. After signing up, you’ll enjoy massive traffic and sales as the company is widespread to over fifty states. Your customers can enjoy offers, such as free delivery, which leads to more retention and referrals, driving your traffic up.

● Cookie duration: 90days

● Commission rate: 30%

5. CBD Essence

Most users prefer this company because of the best extraction techniques for cannabidiols and their high customer satisfaction rates. In most ratings and surveys, it has got more than 4.7-star ratings and more positive reviews. CBD Essense is a one-stop shop for most of your cannabidiol needs and products like pet treats, vape liquids, oil tinctures, edible oils, and many more.

The commodities from this brand come in different flavors, such as tangy, sweet, or natural, depending on the customers’ choice. Apart from the best services and goods for the customers, you can also get great benefits when seeking its affiliate marketing program. The company offers different commission rates and terms for its products.

After joining the affiliate program through the brand’s official website, you’ll be entitled to a commission averaging between 20 and 40%, depending on the items you wish to promote. Importantly, you can earn even without making a sale, but as long as you refer the customers through your link. This company pays your commission every 15th of every month, a $100 minimum payout for customer referrals. Lastly, it comes with a great and solid cookie window duration of up to 180 days.

● Cookie duration: 180days

● Commission rate: up to 40%

6. PuraHemp

PuraHemp Company comes with numerous hemp products, which aim to improve the users’ wellbeing and health. It offers one the best and top-quality pharmaceutical and nutraceutical manufacturers in most states. With the certified raw materials and manufacturing processes, medical experts approve these products. Thus, you’ll have an easy time marketing them on your platform.

This company offers one of the best affiliate programs, where you can have their products on your site and earn up to 30% commission on each sale. Additionally, the company provides you with a 10% straight discount on the commodities for all your first sales. You can also attract more traffic to your site through customer retention or referrals as the company offers free and instant delivery to customers in the United States.

When joining this program, you can use their official website, where you’ll have to fill a simple form, and the company reviews it after a few days. After your application goes through, you’ll get some personal links for advertising the products on your blog or website and start earning. Lastly, the company allows you to enjoy a cookie session of up to 90days.

● Cookie duration: 90days

● Commission rate: up to 30%

7. Vape Bright

It’s a company that has been in the industry for some decades now, producing different and high-quality CBD products. Due to the quality and affordable commodities, the demand for their products keeps increasing each day; thus, establishing a strong customer base. Vape Bright produces a different variety of CBD vape products, such as vape cartridges and tinctures.

Importantly, most of these products are legal in most states, approximately more than 50 countries worldwide. They have some traces of tetrahydrocannabinol, which is a legal substance in most cannabinoid products. For affiliate marketers, it’s the appropriate option to choose from all the available options due to their best commission rates & terms and a solid cookie window duration.

Vape Bright allows you to make up to 30 % commission on each sale you make from your website or blog. You’ll earn a 20% commission for the retainer customers, but it offers a huge commission of up to 30 % for all the new customers. Lastly, when registering for the Vape Bright CBD affiliate programs, you’ll get a solid cookie window of 30 days. Nevertheless, before signing in for the program, you need to be sure of your traffic. The company will look after your secondary and primary traffic sources when reviewing your application.

● Cookie duration: 30days

● Commission rate: up to 30 %

8. CBD Sky

When looking for the right company or brand to suit your affiliate marketing goals and plans, it’ll be important to check a company offering the best products and good terms. CBD Sky offers the right option as it comes with a wide variety of top-notch quality commodities, such as cannabidiols drops, sprays, and capsules.

These top-quality products are essential for building a professional fan base and help your blog or website grow by increasing the traffic. The high traffic will be beneficial for social media influencers and help drive your funds as it increases the number of customers on your site. In addition, the company offers the best and generous affiliate marketing terms and commissions.

After signing through its official site, the system allows you to earn up to 30% commission on all your converted sales. The products will also drive more traffic to your site, which later increases the chances of increased revenue as you’ll have more potential sales from the traffic. Importantly, CBD Sky offers lifetime compensation for all the affiliates who go through the registration process. You’ll receive all your dues every month conveniently through a working PayPal account. Lastly, you’ll be excited about the 30-day cookie period the company offers to its affiliate marketers.

● Cookie duration: 30days

● Commission rate: 30%

9. Specktra

Most users know this company due to its wide range of quality therapeutic relief products. You can easily get their organic oils and other productions to enhance various reliefs like anxiety or pain. The company infuses most of its products with terpenes to enhance the quality. The quality products from the brand have helped build a strong customer base for customers in the United States locally or online. When looking for CBD products like vapes, tinctures, and transdermal patches for your blog, you’ll get lab-tested products from this manufacturer.

When working as an affiliate marketer, the brand pays you commission according to the performance and number of sales. You can earn an unlimited amount from your sales, as Specktra offers a 30% commission for every sale you make without any limitation. You can make as much as $2400 monthly if you hit a target of making 100 conversions.

Additionally, apart from the generous commission rate on the sale or conversion of their products, you can also get other benefits. The brand can provide up to a 15% discount on the product’s price for your traffic, thus helping to build your site and blog. As an affiliate marketer, you’ll be getting your commission payment every month as you get your 30-day cookie window.

● Cookie duration: 30days

● Commission rate: up to 30%

10. Joy Organics

It’s one of the fastest-growing and leading CBD companies worldwide. The company specializes in producing USDA-certified full spectrum and organic CBD oil tinctures. You can get a broad range of high-quality and affordable products at various openings across the globe. These products include tinctures, topicals, skin care, THC-free soft gels, and many more. The use of recyclable raw material plays an important role in enticing most customers and maybe traffic to your site.

If you have a website or blog related to this niche, you can earn massively from this company’s handsome commission. After registering on their official website or through ShareAsale, you’ll be entitled to a 25% commission on every sale you make using your personal links. The company pays the commission twice a month on your official PayPal account or other viable options.

Apart from the good commission, you can also have some additional benefits as a marketer. The company provides an unlimited referral period, aggressive bonus programs, and appropriate coupon codes. These features help increase the purchases and clicks, thus helping to double your income. Lastly, the program also offers you the luxury of having a 60-day cookie duration. If you have any issues, you can get help through their dedicated management team in the resource centers or official online communication center.

● Cookie duration: 60days

● Commission rate: 25%

11. CBDMedic

CBDMedic is one of the most popular CBD products suppliers due to its sophisticated marketing tools. The company makes partnerships with high-profile individuals like sportspeople to market its commodities. The cannabidiol products from this supplier have numerous health benefits, such as the different pain relief gels and ointments helping to enhance the health of your skin.

If you’re an affiliate marketer with a dedicated medicinal purpose blog, this company offers the best terms for your affiliate marketing needs. It provides a commission rate of between 20 to 30% of every sale you make or drive. The commission comes with no monthly limits or targets. After making your sales, you won’t need to wait for long as the company offers a bi-monthly payment.

In addition, CBDMedic offers appropriate promotions that entice more customers and traffic to your websites, such as discounts on the goods and free delivery. The brand will also provide you with some training and marketing materials, which aim at helping you understand the best strategies for displaying the products. Lastly, the company offers a 30-day cookie session for all its marketers.

● Cookie duration: 30days

● Commission rate: up to 30%

12. Honey Stem

When you have a website or blog with a global audience, the Honey stem affiliate program offers an appropriate choice for your affiliate marketing plans. The company produces numerous high-quality carbanions products that attract most of the younger generation. With increased technological changes, you’ll make more sales online if you have products for the younger generations, as they’re most internet users.

Besides offering the best chances to sell the products and make more cash from your site, they also have educational benefits. When looking for the best paying affiliate programs, most experts advise the Honey stem program. It has a commission rate of 50 % per every sale you drive, which makes it the highest-paying CBD affiliate program.

In addition, after signing for the affiliate program, you’ll also benefit from the train their team provides on affiliate marketing. You’ll learn more about affiliate marketing, how to arrange and plan your products, and strategies to achieve more sales and revenue. Lastly, you’ll get your commission every month, and the company entitles you to a 30-day cookie window duration.

● Cookie duration: 30days

● Commission rate: 50%

13. CBD FX

This company promises and delivers top-quality and certified CBD products for its users. They produce these commodities from an organic hemp plant and come with a 60-days guarantee. The products include gummies, CBD capsules, chill shots, tinctures, and many other cruelties and solvent-free products. In the United States, CBD FX has gained more positive reviews, thus building a huge customer base worldwide.

Having a huge customer base and delivering quality products is essential for providing more advanced linking opportunities for your CBD commodities marketing needs. After signing in on their official website, the program grants you up to 25% commission on each sale you make. Importantly, if you’re new to the field, their affiliate manager can guide you through the process and show you the tricks of making profits easily. You can also enjoy a generous 90-day referral window and a 10% custom coupon code for incentivizing your traffic.

The affiliate program plays a vital role in enhancing customer referral and retention as they have a free shipping property for the customers in the United States. When working as the company’s affiliate marketer, you’ll enjoy a 30-day cookie session. In addition, the program provides one of the most secure payment methods, where you receive your bi-monthly commissions via cheque, square, and wire.

● Cookie duration: 30days

● Commission rate: 25%


Ultimately, the CBD niche is one of the top gold mines for all affiliates despite their experience. You can make a lot of income and boost the traffic on your site through advertising and initiating sales for the different CBD products. The wide variety of quality goods will be essential for enabling you to grow your website for monetary or recreational purposes.

However, with the numerous affiliate programs available, it’ll be essential to consider choosing the best high-paying programs to achieve your objectives. You can consider the commission rates, cookie duration, and other affiliate benefits that come with the program you’re choosing. The list provides the 13 best highest paying CBD affiliate programs in 2021, which you can choose for your affiliate needs.

Importantly before choosing the programs, ensure you’ve got a functional website with good traffic. Good traffic is essential for increasing your chances of getting more monetary value, as getting a proper CBD affiliate program won’t be the only license to getting more money. Ensure you optimize your content, have high-authority backlinks, provide relevant keywords and build your authority site.

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