Amazon Affiliate Commission Rate Pay Cuts

Dude, Amazon.

What The F$%K?


If you’re an Amazon affiliate.

Today was not a good day.

Amazon has slashed their commission rates, which means you get paid less.

That’s right. If you were to sell a piece of furniture for 100 bucks, you would get eight.

But now you only get three.

Take that affiliate’s.

Some people are calling this the biggest slap in the face to affiliate marketers ever.

But the fact is, most Amazon affiliates have been slapping themselves in the face by leaving money on the table.

And we’re going to show you the new pay rates as per Amazon.

And I’m going to show you exactly how to make even more money than you ever thought possible with your measly little Amazon paycheck.

First up, here is the email that the Amazon affiliates got just recently says, I hope you are staying well during this time. We are writing to inform you of upcoming changes to the Amazon Associates program. These are going to take effect on April 21st. And the changes are pretty drastic.

These are the categories that got changed.

If you’re in furniture, home improvement, garden, pet’s pantry and lawn, the commission rate got slashed from 8 percent down to 3 percent.

Headphones, beauty, music, instrument, business and industrial from 6 percent down to 3 percent.

Outdoor and tools used to be 5.5 percent. Now 3 percent.

Grocery store items was 5 percent. Now a measly 1 percent.

Sports 4.5 percent down to three. Baby items 4.5 down to 3.

Health and personal care 4.5 percent. Down to 1 percent.

And lastly, amazon fresh used to be 3 percent. Now it’s 1 percent.

Some of the categories didn’t get affected like luxury, beauty and coins. That’s still 10 percent. Digital music. Physical music. Handmaid and digital videos. Physical books, kitchen and automotive. Lots of Amazon products. Jewelry, luggage, watches. Handbags. Things of that nature. No changes. Toys and computers. No changes there. Televisions and digital video games. No change. And on physical video games and game consoles, you still gets your 1 percent.

Now, I’ve been doing affiliate marketing for over 20 years and I listen and pay attention to numbers when people speak. I have several friends making over $100,000 with the Amazon affiliate program and I’ve found that through my research…

the average Amazon affiliate averages about 5 cents per click on their link.

which means if I get 100 hundred visitors to my web site and only twenty click on the Amazon link, I’m making less than a penny per visitor and that blows.

So what’s the secret to making this work?

Well, first of all, if you’re making money with Amazon, that means you have traffic. And if all these people are going to your Web site, you need to find out why they’re going there. So the first thing you want to do is run a traffic report, find out where your visitors are coming from and what they’re interested in. Second, this is very important. You want to run an Amazon report. This Amazon report will show you what people are buying.

And if you take your traffic report and your Amazon report and you figure out what people are buying, you have a recipe for making lots of money. Let me show you how it works. Say, for example, I run a health and personal care Web site. I used to make 4.5 percent per sale from Amazon. Now Amazon is only paying me 1 percent. So that means if my site averaged forty five hundred dollars a month, now I’m only making a thousand. But if I’m only averaging five cents per click, that would mean I got over 20,000 visitors to click on my Amazon affiliate link. But now with the new changes, I need to either get one hundred thousand visitors to click on my link or I need to make more than five cents. And making more than five cents a click is actually pretty easy when you focus on your traffic and the right offers.

You see there’s lots of affiliate offers out there that you can use from big stores to different CPA affiliate offers which are cost per action, where you get paid for an action, not necessarily a sale. You don’t get paid for a download, a free trial, someone to subscribe to something an email submit or a zip submit or like a mortgage application. And there’s lots of things that you can use.

For example, if you’re in that beauty market, you can see here there’s this bay box, which they get like a free trial of all kinds of makeup and stuff like that. You get seven dollars and fifty cents when they get the free trial. There’s another one for Allure where you get five dollars on a free trial is another one for makeup samples. This one pays two dollars and 40 cents when they put their email in a box and hit submit.

They don’t even have to buy anything. They just sign up for free samples. You also have radiant teeth whitening, which these beauty people would be all over that. You’ve got to have a good smile if you want to look your best. And this one is eighty dollars. And I think it’s a free trial or like maybe like one hundred dollar product or something. So instead of getting one percent, you’re actually getting like 80 percent, which is insane.

You also have stuff like dermo correct. For skin correction and stuff like that. Again this looks like a free trial or a discounted product. The sixty five dollars you get per sale on that is actually more than it costs to get the product, which is pretty cool. You also have stuff like this aqua radiant skin, $42 a sale, Another one at $40 a trial, beauty by design, some kind of product there as well. And then you can even go direct if there’s products that you want to pitch direct, like on L’Oreal on their home page. They actually have an affiliate program that pays eight to 15 percent, which right off the bat you’re already doing better than Amazon.

Now, the difference is, is Amazon’s an easy converter because I don’t have to go find my credit card. I just click the button and order.

However, if you could pitch these good enough, you can make quite a bit of sales. And since they’re direct, it’s going to get a lot more conversion because these people are like, OK, I want to get it from the source. I want to get what you recommend.

And remember, people are coming to you for the content on your Web site. They just happen to be ordering at Amazon because that’s where you’re linking them. You can link them to Best Buy or to Bass Pro Shops or any of these other companies that pay a lot more affiliate commission. You can also do the various things on offer vault. You can use the affiliate toolbars that I provide for you over at affiliate marketing dude dot com and lots of stuff. Here’s estee lauder, they have a 10 percent commission. Here’s Bass Pro Shops. They have 5 percent across the board and they give you lots of creatives and stuff.

Now, this is something Amazon doesn’t give you. They just give you a little link. These shops actually give you an affiliate program manager if you start doing volume and they’re going to help you make sales. They’re going to make custom links, custom banners, all kinds of things. And you can make a lot more money or let’s say maybe you’re doing like pet stuff, right?

Here’s one where it’s a pet insurance program. One hundred and twenty bucks when they sign up for a pet insurance thing. And that’s not a hard sell. If I have a pet site where I’m selling pet food and stuff. You can say, hey, you know what? You know, if your dog gets sick, the average vet bills are about $5000. Do you have that? No. Well, then why don’t you pay 70 dollars a year for a pet plan? And boom. I get one hundred and twenty bucks when they sign up for the seventy dollars a year or whatever it is. And it’s actually good product. They had it on my dog in the past and worked out pretty well.

Lots of different things that you can use. You can find all kinds of offers in offervault. Or you could go over to and you can actually use my power search tool to find offers that work for you. So if you’re in the fishing niche, it’s actually going to go through and it’s going to find you offers for the fishing niche, whether it’s bass, pro shops or whatever.

All kinds of things you can promote and make lots of money. And again, we don’t even have to sell stuff. Some of this is for a free subscription, someone to put their name and email in, someone to download a tool. And don’t underestimate this. I have made thousands of dollars daily using little downloads, using little offers like the teeth whitener and different things like that.

All you’ve got to do is make sure that it fits your market. Put the banners front and center where you want people to click them, put some text, maybe review the product and then you’re off to the races. You can also use various other affiliate networks. I’ll have a list for you over at Put a big list of the affiliate networks you can use. You have Commission Junction Link Share which is also Rakuten or CJ.

One of those and many, many other places that you can find affiliate links.

So don’t be discouraged by Amazon cutting their affiliate rates. Go out there and do what you got to do.

Back in the day when I had a bunch of traffic for gas powered scooters and the people would only pay me 2 percent.

What did I do? I went and I found a dropped shipping company. And instead of making one hundred and thirty dollars a month, I was now making sixteen thousand dollars a month. Why? Because this is my traffic and I need to focus on it. And I did. And I need to make the most possible with every visitor that comes to my site.

If I rely on a big company to do all the work for me. I get paid peanuts and Im going to be subject to their commission changes and all that stuff. Because guess what?

Amazon makes plenty of money without you.

What you’ve got to do is find people that need your traffic and want your traffic.

And there is lots of people out there. So I hope you enjoyed this video. And I hope you really look into your traffic and understand what the reports say. What are people ordering? How can I go direct dropship? How can I go out there and find an affiliate offer form? What can I do to make this better for my visitor and make more money for myself? If you want to learn more about affiliate marketing, make sure you subscribe and click the bell. Check out my other videos on CPA affiliate marketing and find out how I’ve made lots of money over the last 20 years doing exactly what I’m teaching you here.

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