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SEO, a multi hundred billion dollar industry, but this year we’ve been getting mixed messages. Google said, “AI generated content is against their guidelines.” Then a couple months later it says, “Google AI content remains. We will not ban it or mark it as spam.” Since I’ve been doing SEO for over 23 years, I’ve noticed some trends and I’ve seen a lot of things come and go. This reminds me a lot of the old programs that used to spam the search engines and get tons of rankings. Yeah, those actually made a lot of money. Today, what we’re going to do is talk about AI content for SEO purposes.

Since this business is worth hundreds of billions of dollars a year, this is super important to you because you can use AI to turn a profit when done correctly. For example, this guy here generated over $377,000 in one month using AI generated content and super easy search engine rankings. Or, this guy here who tried to do AI made some money, but then got banned a few short weeks later. Or, a press release that I submitted a few days ago that was entirely written by ChatGPT that ranked on Google in less than an hour. So today you need to pay close attention because we’re going to talk about how to use AI to build a search engine empire that’ll put money in your pocket for years to come.

All right, ladies and gentlemen, we got a lot to go over today. We are talking about AI, what’s going on in the news with AI, and everything like that when it comes to search engine rankings. Now, as we know, search engine rankings is a multi hundred billion dollar a year industry. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, those little searches you do on the Google, those are worth money. That’s how Google gets rich. The videos you watch on YouTube, those are worth money. That’s how YouTube gets rich. If we understand what’s going on here and we take a look at the market for what it actually is, we’re going to start to see that there’s a lot going on behind the scenes that can actually put money in your pocket. First, let’s take a look at some of these news reports. If we were to look for AI SEO here in Google, we’re going to see that just yesterday, there’s some new Google guidelines about SEO.

We could see here, the search engine journal is asking, “Will AI kill SEO?” Here we have another one about news and generative AI, Google Bard. How is the SEO game going to change? What we’re going to do is we are going to take a deep dive and look at this from a standpoint of someone who’s been doing this for over 23 years. Now, when we look at this, we’re going to start to understand that all of these searches are worth money, and there’s lots of people that are trying to get a piece of the action because let’s face it, back when I started my SEO company about 23 years ago, I remember when a buddy of mine would sit in this apartment that we rented. Now we have this house that we use for our site, for our videos, but we had this apartment that was a couple hundred yards from where I lived in an apartment, and I was 22 years old or 23 at the time.

We would stay up all night buying websites and ranking them at the top of Google. I remember turning to my buddy and I’m like, “Hey, dude, we are ranking number one for cheap dental insurance.” You might think, “Well, Marcus, what does that mean? You rank for cheap dental insurance, who cares? Get better things to do.” To me and my buddy, that meant $5,000 a day in revenue. We’re talking about stuff here that makes lots and lots of money if you’re paying attention. Now this year we have seen that AI, ChatGPT, Google Bard, the new MSN, all this stuff is coming out where it’s changing the game. Now someone like you can compete with a big site because you can generate content like that. The question is, is this content any good? This is actually a page from a site we’re going to be looking at today where they actually went through, bought a domain name, actually two domains, or they might have hacked them. I’m not sure what they did, but we’re going to talk about how to do this ethically. Not like this.

What they did is they used a website to get rankings super fast in Google. Actually it turns out this article that they had written by AI is an article about mirrorless cameras, Pentex mirrorless cameras. I found a forum where people were talking about that content as being not helpful and being garbage content that doesn’t actually do anything. So the question is, can AI garbage content actually rank? Should it rank? Should you be using this? What is a better way to actually turn a profit? We’re going to look at some examples here. You’re going to want to smash the like button and watch this entire video because even if you can’t stand the way I talk or look, there’s going to be some information in here that could change your life financially if looked at correctly.

We’re taking a look here and we’re seeing the gamut of what’s going on. Now, just yesterday or a couple days ago, I think it was on March 16th, there was this article put out by a Ahrefs, and this article was talking about 10 websites that tried to fail or tried to fool Google and failed. Now, why is this important? This is important because ladies and gentlemen, there is a flaw in the system. There are websites being ranked that should not be ranked. This goes back to the a age old thing. Back when I started SEO years ago. All right? It was a cat and mouse game. You would have Google, Yahoo, AOL, HotBot, and all these other search engines, Lycos, excite and all these search engines, Google skyrocketed to the top because they said, “We are going to give you info that is good.” Right?

We look at the helpful content update that they’re talking about all the time. What that’s about is Google promises to give us helpful content based on what we’re looking for. Keep that in mind. This is very, very important. The idea here was the cat and mouse game, because people like me and other SEO people and some unethical people knew that Google rankings were worth money. If you ranked number one for the word mortgage, you’re making a hundred grand a day. Disclaimer results not typical, implied, or guaranteed, you might actually make more, you might actually make nothing, but that word is worth lots of money. If you don’t believe me, go to Google, type mortgage, and look at the ads. Those ads are paying like $50 to $100 a click or more to be there. Now, when we look at that, if we were to go to Google and look at this and we say, okay, let’s type in mortgage, mortgage refinance, okay?

What you’re going to see here is that there are ads at the top and then down here there’s Rocket Mortgage, Bank of America, credible and other sites that are actually free. These guys up here, the ads are paying like $50, the people below the ads are paying nothing. It’s like if I was able to walk into a bank and be like, “”Hey, you know what? You guys got lots of money and you work really hard and you got high rises and buildings, and I literally have a website and make the same amount of money.” That’s what we’re talking about here. Now, when we look at this and we start to understand what’s going on, we are starting to realize that this stuff actually works. Now, another example I’m going to show you in just a minute is this press release that I put up.

Now, I put this press release up on a press release website,, which is my favorite place to put them. Now it is a little bit pricey. I paid about $600 for this because I have no patience and I wanted to get fast results. You can do this for like 90 bucks or you can even do it free. Now, that’s not the point. The point is this press release was 100% written by AI. Wait a minute, Marcus, what are you telling me? That this press release that you wrote or didn’t write was written by AI? Are you also telling me that this press release actually started to rank in Google? Again, remember, Ahrefs is a little bit behind the game. The rankings will start to pop up, usually in about seven days. It’ll catch up with what’s actually ranking. Look at this, we’re ranking number 20 for YouTuber exposed and all these keyword related to the YouTuber lawsuit.

Now, the reason I did a press release is because this stuff happens fast. Boom, I can get ranked. Now, this press release was actually ranked one hour from the time I submitted it, and it was AI driven. Now, I have some other press releases. I’ve talked about how this works in a different way, but I want you to understand this because you might be saying, “Well, what does that have to do with anything, Marcus. You got people over here that rank on Google and make money. You got a press release. You got AI. Where are you going with this?” Well, what I want you to understand here, I want you to understand that when it comes to SEO, what we are talking about is something big. Okay? Something big, all right? We have, which is a very, very big site. If we look PRweb up, it’s got tons of back links. It’s got all kinds of things that make that site powerful.

Now, by me submitting a press release on this site, even though I’m amongst hundreds of thousands and millions of press releases, what is happening is this now has power. Okay? Very important. Now, there’s a couple of secrets we’re going to look at here. Number one, this site has power. Number two, we can actually go through and take a look here at what is going to rank. I could see what the power of the site is by what’s ranking. If I go here and say, Hey, it ranks for this word or that word, now I know I can rank for something better because here you could see, seven hours ago I started ranking for a popular YouTuber’s name, Graham Stephen. Now Graham Stephen or Stephen or however you say it gets 22,000 searches a month in Google.

He’s a finance YouTuber that makes a lot of money, and he was part of this thing that we talked about. Now, without even trying having his name in the title, the AI written content ranked for his name. All right? Now think about this for a second because if I know without trying, I can be number 94, that what would happen if we actually tried? Now we’re going to talk about how this works. I wouldn’t recommend ranking for people’s names unless you have something newsworthy or good to talk about. What we are going to talk about here is why and how this stuff works, because we’re going to see some examples of people making more money than you ever thought possible. I remember back when I was 23 years old, I thought to myself, well, you know what? This is insane. Here I am 23 years old, I have a website that’s making three to $5,000 a day with a couple of rankings.

How does this even work? Is this even legit? If you’re asking yourself questions, don’t worry. A lot of people ask questions. We’re going to take a look here. We see that Google is talking about AI generated content first back in April of last year, they said, “Hey, AI, no get away. We don’t want any AI content.” Then they start to change their tune a little bit and they’re like, “Wait a minute. We might have spoke too soon. Maybe we do like AI content, maybe it is good, but maybe it needs to be helpful.” Today we’re going to talk about what helpful content is so that you can understand exactly what you need to do if you want to make a living at that. How many of you guys, let me know in the comments below, let me know by smashing the like button. Let me know in the chat box if you want to make a living doing this. If you’re like, Marcus, yes, I want to make a living doing this stuff. Show me how it works. Show me solid proof.

We’re going to dive in and show that. Okay? First site we want to look at. Now, this site, I would highly, highly recommend that you do not learn from this website how to do the shady stuff. Okay? This was a website that we looked at a couple of months ago here on the channel. It was It was some foundation website, and whoever it was got control of the domain either by buying it on auction or whatever it is. They went through and they’re like, “Okay, let’s put this thing up.” Within days, I’m talking hours and days. They went from nothing to hundreds of thousands of dollars a month worth of free traffic.

We went through and we took a look at it in the keyword tool right here, and it’s got all kinds of crazy, crazy rankings. Now, this was the old site. What we saw here was that this site, okay, the PDRE site, here’s my trusty pen, the PDRE site, PDHRE or whatever it was, okay? We saw this thing skyrocket. The rankings went through the roof. They ranked for all kinds of stuff At the heyday, they were getting, I think it was a million dollars a month worth of traffic. You might be saying, “Marcus, are you seriously saying a million dollars a month? I’ve never even seen a million dollars in my life, but you’re telling me some of these guys are making a million a month?” Yes, some are making more. Again, results not typical, implied, or guaranteed, but I want you to look at it.

Where is he getting his million dollars from? Free Google rankings, literally by making a website that ranks on Google, which costs next to nothing. If you’re doing the expired domains or auction domains, you can get a domain for $40, a hundred dollars or whatever. If you understand, wait a minute, this is how this works. If you were to take a look at this site since then, they converted the site to this Everything Pantry site over here. Let’s see, where do we go? Let me pull up Everything Pantry over here so you guys could see, because I want you guys to see how this works. Again, this is, Everything Pantry, this is a crazy example, which I don’t recommend utilizing because they’re basically spammers. Okay? What we’re going to do is we are going to take a look over here at Everything Pantry.

Everything Pantry. What I want to do is take a look at this. It’s like how to keep spices from clumping, how to tell if onions are bad, popcorn, blah, blah, blah. They’re literally taking keywords that get searches on Google and bada bang, bada boom. They’re having AI write content. You might say, “Well, Marcus, how do you know it’s AI?” Well, if you go to their terms of use here, here we go. Most of the items mentioned are not handpicked. This list was generated by AI. They’re using AI to create this content. Okay, follow with me because this is actually right now, still ranking. Now, is it helpful? It’s in the eye of the beholder. What I think might be helpful might not necessarily be helpful for the searcher. We’re going to talk about this in a minute. We’re going to talk about how to use AI to have this created and figure this out. Because if you can learn from someone like …

… figure this out. Because if you can learn from someone like Everything Pantry and you can learn exactly what’s going on, then we can do this in an ethical way that’s going to work. How many of you guys are with me? Type ethical of you’re like, “I want to do this in an ethical way,” because why would I want to chase the game like this guy every three months? Every three months, I got to come up with a new site, new content. No, I want to do something that works every time. So what we’re going to do here is we’re going to take a look and say, okay, Everything Pantry, we got this.

Now, you’re going to take a look at other sites. Now, the 10 sites that were listed in this report, which this was actually a really good report, thank you AHREFS for that report. It’s fantastic. We can take a look at some of the sites, so we have Find This Best, MCE Zone. What we’re going to notice is that some of these sites completely dropped off the radar, like this bike one, off the radar. We go over to Similarweb, we can take a look and we can see what happened to his traffic. Now, he had a heyday. He did okay for a while, but because he’s gaming the system, it’s not really working. And if you understand this and you start to say, “Hey, wait a minute. Okay, his traffic tanked.” Why did it tank? Well, if we look at his rankings, we can probably see what he used to rank for. We can go to the calendar and see what he used to rank for, which is probably all kinds of keywords. Let me do this off-screen so that we can see. Hopefully it’s clean. All right, let’s see here.

Okay. So yes, we do see here, it looks like it’s clean. It looks like it’s about battery, distance to Chattanooga, Coleman Bikes, all kinds of stuff like that. Some kind of backpack, shoes. So what he is doing is he is like, “Hey, you know what? I got this site that has power or this domain that has power.” He’s taking that domain and he’s doing a, let’s throw all the spaghetti against the wall and hopefully a couple of noodles stick, and hopefully Google doesn’t find out that we’re actually just spamming. Now, what’s happening here is there’s nothing really helpful. It’s all just junk content.

But what if we could do this in a real world way? What if I had the bike site and I made it just about bikes, and I looked at the content and I asked the search engine, okay, what are people searching for and how do I help them? This is very important. Now, when we look at Everything Pantry, again, the guy is just doing everything. PDHRE, he’s doing everything. But again, literally, AI content that probably is auto-generated in a couple of hours skyrocketed this thing to an estimated value of a million dollars a month. So we’re starting to understand, and if you get it, type get it and say, “Yes, I get it.” The key is getting these rankings. If we could get these rankings, that’s where this is going to happen.

Now, when we look at this, we start to understand, okay, these sites are getting it. Look at the spike here. When you look at this spike, it’s literally a couple of days ago, boom, the thing spiked. Now, when we look at this, we’re going to start to see, okay, this may or may not be helpful, but you know what? It’s actually working for a time. Now, disclaimer. Ladies and gentlemen, always, always focus on helpful content. At the end of the day, if you want a business that’s going to last, we’re going to use this in helpful stuff.

Now, I’m also going to say that if someone out there is using the spaghetti concept and they’re like, “Hey, I just want to write for everything. I don’t care. I just want to see what fits.” I don’t want to do that. What I want to do is I want to pick one thing and get one spaghetti noodle and I’m going to do a good job of it, because as I mentioned earlier, a ranking for the word mortgage refinance is game-changing income, I don’t care who you are. There’s a lot of money at stake with that keyword. Now, are you going to rank for mortgage refinance? Probably not. I doubt you’re going to rank for that. But could you rank for something like what are the best e-bikes for smaller riders, for me?

Think about this. I was a searcher a couple of months ago. I got a little e-bike so that I could get some exercise riding to work, and I’m about five foot one and all the bikes are made for people that are very tall, not me. And so I had to do this research and look at all this stuff, and so helpful content was indeed helpful. What if you focused on that? Because here’s my thinking. How many people every day are buying e-bikes online? How many people every day are doing this stuff and looking for this kind of stuff? And if I stop taking… Hopefully my sign works. Let’s see here. I don’t know if we can turn that sign off or not. There we go.

If we can take one of these and say, “Well, wait a minute. Maybe e-bikes for shorter riders, maybe there’s something there.” If we go to our keyword tool and we do e-bike, short. Let’s see, e-bike for short riders. Best e-bike for short female, e-bike for short person. And we see here, wait a minute. Okay, so our traffic volume on this keyword, which is one of the ones that the spammer guy was trying to get, our search volume’s about 600 a month. That’s 600 actual people like me, and I went and dropped 2,700 bucks on my e-bike and all the accessories and the fancy helmet and all that stuff because I do like my head. But we look at that and we’re like, wait a minute. Of these 600 people, what is the average person spending? This to an e-bike company could be worth the entire amount that the spam site is making.

Wait a minute. Does that make sense? Let me know if you caught that, because this one thing… Now, is it? Maybe, maybe not. We’re going to talk about how that works in a minute. But if you understand, hey, I could go out there and I can use this. Now, can I use AI to create this kind of stuff? And that’s where the magic comes in because if I can say, well, wait a minute. Now I can go to ChatGPT or AI or whatever program we’re using, and hopefully it’ll load here in a second, and I can actually ask it to help me with certain stuff.

I could go through, and now ChatGPT, even number four is behind the game a little bit, but we can go through and say, what are the best e-bikes for smaller people under $1,500 and why? What are the features of each? Boom, and measurements. It’ll go through and it’ll do the research for me. Now, what I would recommend is actually figure out something that you work on. And see, it saying, okay, it’s only up to 2021, but we can use other AI and unlock this stuff. We’ll talk about that in a different video so smash the like button and watch that. But here, we have Rad Power Bikes. It’s going to go through, it’s going to show us the price, and then it’ll probably show us the measurements because I know for me, it was measured by your inseam or something like that, and now it’s doing some content that’s actually, this can actually be helpful.

Does it make sense how we’re getting helpful content, rather than looking at these big sites that are trying to game the system that eventually will not work. So like this one, suitable for writers from 4’10” to 6’4″. All right, that’s probably not going to work, but you can kind of gauge them and look at what’s going on.

So we start to understand, hey, what if I took this site over, used AI in an ethical way and answered questions people had about e-bikes instead of just doing all this other stuff. Does that make sense? Let me know if it makes sense. I want you to get this. And some people are like, “Hey, you take too long to get to the point.” That’s because you don’t know the point yet. I’m getting to the point based on what we’re looking at, and there is magic in the details if you pay attention. I’ve been doing this for a long time. I know what works, I know why it works, and I know how to get you to where you need to be. And if you understand that, smash the like button and keep watching because we’re going to look at this and say, “Oh, now I get it,” and it’s going to come full circle.

Because by looking at these sites here, by looking at these sites and seeing what is ranking, board game tips. The guy probably just threw up a bunch of junk, waffled it and didn’t do very good. Or find this best. Now, this is one that is still ranking. This one has all kinds of controversy around it because it’s got all kinds of stuff, from the best Orbeez to lunch bags to air fryers to all kinds of stuff. Now, when we’re looking at this, take a look at the search volume. There’s a lot of stuff here. HDMI modulator, fabric softener, so there’s everything. Now, while you can do that, what’s going to happen is if you’re doing AI, it’s going to be less helpful.

The more you try to do… This is the whole jack of all trades. Jack of all trades is like, “Hey, I’m going to be an expert in everything and we’re be okay in some stuff.” What’s going to happen is it’s going to be diluted. This is where AI fails. AI is going to fail if you’re trying to buck the system, if you’re trying to shortcut in some ways. There are some ways short-cutting can work good, but what we’re going to do is we’re going to take a look and say, okay, we don’t want to be diluted. What we want to do is be focused. What is this going to do? Well, for one, if I’m buying a domain at auction, it’s going to be a lot cheaper because I can get domains for $100, $200, $300, instead of like PDHRE was like a $15,000 domain. So now, I’m cheaper. Now, I am more focused. Now, instead of needing a million pieces of AI content, which okay, apparently we need 10 million, which I don’t care who you are, that’s going to take some work. Very important. Very, very important to look at.

Now, Max says you can rank number one in Google and no one buys. Well, that’s because you don’t know how to convert your traffic. I’ve ranked in Google for many years. I’ve made lots of money with it because what we have to do is we have to understand search intent. We have to understand exactly what’s going on because here’s the deal, Amazon ranks in Google and that’s why Amazon’s big. You take a look at this and you’re like, “Well, Marcus. Amazon’s Jeff Bezos and it’s the richest guy in the world and everything like that.” Okay, fine, good, but how did it start? How did it start? Well, Amazon started because Jeff Bezos said, “Hey, you know what? We could be everything store, but if I start out trying to be the everything store, I’m going to be the nothing store, because I’m going to be the jack of all trades. I’m going to be out there trying to get everything and nothing’s going to work.”

How many guys are with me and you’re like, nothing seems to work? “I try everything and it doesn’t work.” We had a guy commenting the other day and he is like, “Nothing works online.” And I’m like, well, I looked at his stuff and I’m like, “I could see why it doesn’t work. Because you’re not focusing on the people. You’re not focusing on the people.” Now, Amazon said, “I’m going to focus on the people,” and what I’m going to do? Well, I know that there’s a bazillion different books that are out there, and I know that books are cheap and easy to ship and easy to get. Not a big problem there. So what I’m going to do is I’m going to rank in Google for book names and author names. Why? Because if a book is a bestseller, people go to Google and look it up.

Wait a minute. So old Jeff was like, “Hey, I think I’m onto something here. What if I ranked for Think and Grow Rich? What if I ranked for the Encyclopedia of Cats? What if I ranked for this book or that book or this dieting book or that?” Because there’s so many books, it’s going to rank. Try it. Go out there, try some rankings. You will get something. What this is is focused. So he said, “I’m going to focus.” That’s what we need to do. We need to go out there and pick a direction and focus.

Now, when we look at this, we’re looking at AI and it’s saying, yes, AI can be part of search, it will be part of search. It’s here, it’s going to stay. I know there’s a lot of hype around AI news and game changing softwares and all these tools, but what we need to do is we need to look at where it’s going to thrive. Because here’s the deal. What’s going to happen, ladies and gentlemen, is you are going to be one of three people. One, you’re going to look at it and you’re going to be like, “Okay, 2023 was the year AI came out, and I watched it from the sidelines and nothing happened. And now, maybe my car drives me via AI but I didn’t really bank on it, didn’t really make much money.”

Or you’re going to be two, which is you’re going to do everything everyone else does, and you might get some results but probably not, because the more easy something is to do, the closer it’s going to gravitate to not making money. Let me say that again. The more easy and simple something is to do, the less likely it is to make money. If everyone can make these sites and Google turns a blind eye to it, which they won’t, but if they could, everyone would do it. No one would rank.

Number three is going to be, “I’m going to use AI to help me make a living.” I’m not going to use AI to make a living for me because it’s not going to do that. Years ago, and you have to remember, when you’ve been in the industry as long as I have – I’ve been doing this for a long time, I was 19 years old when I started my first business in SEO marketing. And when you’re in this business, you notice lots of things and you notice lots of trends, and you see people get excited about everything. And I remember years ago, there was this Traffic Geyser software, and then there was splash pages and squeeze pages and doorway pages and all this stuff, and everyone got super, super happy about it. But you know who wasn’t happy about it? Google wasn’t happy about it, because what happened is it allowed people to generate content that was garbage, and eventually, it tanked. Eventually, their money dried up.

Case in point, a guy who worked for me off and on for years, we met in 2003. We both were on this journey together. He tried to do SEO. He tried to fool the system. He made about 400 grand the year that we worked together. I’d made about I think 500 that year or something like that. And where is he now? Well, now, I’m doing pretty good and he’s completely broke. He worked for me last year and he wouldn’t even do his job. I’m like, “Do you just look for shortcuts in everything? Do you not realize that looking for shortcuts is harder than actually doing the work?”

Do you not realize that looking for shortcuts is harder than actually doing the work? What if you just did the work? What if you went out there and you’re like, “Hey, I’m going to use AI to help me with this”?

Now, when we look at this, we’re going to start to understand, okay, what about this site? So here’s a site I mentioned earlier. Take a look at this. Just a month ago, the site skyrocketed, and it ranks for over 16 million keywords. But wait a minute. The back links are 46, and 45 of them are new? What you talking about? We start to look at this and we’re like, “Is this kind of against all odds?” Then we look at this site,, it’s got a snippet in Bing, it’s ranking in Google, and everything seems good.

Now, there’s going to be a lot of hype about AI. What we got to do, if you want to make money with AI, you need to stop listening to the hype. Stop it. What is the hype there for? It’s to sell stuff, right? If I want to hype you up on something, it’s like, “Go buy my course,” or whatever. All right? What I want to do is I want to bring you back down to earth, and I want you to look at where this is going to have a place in our lives. When we look at this and we’re like, “Okay, search stuff here,” we see people making stuff like Everything Pantry. Apparently you’re supposed to have a camera in your pantry, right? And we start to look at this and we’re like, “Okay, well it is ranking.” That’s the site we’re looking at here, but people don’t like the content.

Okay. Interesting. What if we can pair this together and get past the hype? Right now, there’s all this hype about AI image generators. And I remember yesterday, I was watching a video, and this guy was like, “Oh, hey, this AI video generator is the future.” And I watched it and it had some greenish, tinted character that didn’t move and didn’t speak well. And I’m like, “Okay, so you’re telling me I need to buy this AI tool that’s going to make videos, but science has showed us that 90% of communication is non-verbal. I don’t want to watch a robot tell me something that it doesn’t know about.” Case in point, people are talking about AI image generators, and they’re like, “Oh, Marcus, AI image generation is the key.” Yeah. So were NFTs. How’d that work out for you? Right? And we start to look at it and so we’re like, okay.

AI, I had it try to generate an image for me for my new Pinterest challenge we’re doing, which you got to check out. We start to look at this and we’re like, I said, “Why don’t you make me an image about people making money with the yodeling pickle?” The yodeling pickle makes a fortune. I wanted an image. And this is what AI came up with. So we got the lady with the Joker smile with three hands, and some kind of weird … And it looks like an eggplant. I don’t know. Or this guy who’s a little bit too happy about the pickle. Don’t know what’s going on there. I mean, it’s literally nothing. Here’s a relaxing pickle. Apparently the police got the pickle. I don’t know. But in this instance, AI is miserably failing at that stuff.

Now, will it be good eventually? It might be, but again, we need to look at what we’re going to use it for. Get away from the hype. Get away from the junk. Look at how this is going to assist you in your daily work. “Can I have it create me notes for a video?” “Can I have it create this?” “Can I have it do a voiceover?” “Can I have it make content for a blog?” And one of the things that’s going to be good is if you can create something of value, and we’re going to talk about that, and put it in front of people, that’s going to help them. Whether you’re using AI or not, Google has spoken. They sounded the alarm. They said, “I don’t care. If a robot keeps your attention better than me, then the robot wins.” That’s the key. If the robot writes the article and people want to read that article written by AI, then the AI wins, and we start to understand that.

Now, here are some examples here where we see sponsored results, and then find this best. Here’s another example where people are using these sites and AI to just generate garbage all day every day, and we start to understand, “Okay, how is this going to work? What are we going to do? How are we going to make money with this?” Well, first of all, we need to understand what helpful content is. All right. Helpful content. Let’s talk about this in a real world way.

Helpful content is based on what? Okay? Everyone, let me know your thoughts in the comments there. What do you think helpful content is based on? Okay. This is super, super important, because helpful content is based on one word, and if you get this one word right, you are going to win. So let’s see here. Let me zoom out this camera a little bit. Am I on the right one? I think I might be on the wrong one. There we go. Okay. So when we look at helpful content, it has to do with one word. Someone says “once,” someone says “solutions.” A lot of people are saying “solutions.” Let’s get a couple others in there, and if you guys are watching the replay, put it in the comments below, and we’re going to start to understand exactly how this works. Because it comes down to one word. Someone says “value,” “progress.” Okay. No one got it yet, but those are pretty good answers. Someone says, “pain point.” “Content that helps you move forward on your idea journey.” “Problems.”

Okay. Here’s what it has to do with: Intent. Intent. When we are talking about SEO content, we are talking about intent. What is the intent of someone searching? Okay. This is super important. If you get this, it’s game over. Now, back in 2022, or I’m sorry, 2002, 2001, when I was first starting my SEO empire, I didn’t understand this. I flushed a lot of money down the drain because I didn’t get this. It didn’t make sense. I didn’t understand it. Intent has to do with why people are searching. When we understand that someone here, looking for the best e-bikes for smaller riders, “best e-bike short,” “best e-bike smaller,” when we understand what’s going on, “e-bike small,” okay? When we understand what’s going on here, and we understand this person wants a bike they can fit on that has an electric component, that’s it.

So now we know, okay, does this article help them? Will this article help them? Okay. 5’1″, 5’3″, 5’3″, 5’1″, 4’10”. So these bikes more or less are not exactly what we want. Maybe we could go through and have AI do a better job. So now I could say, “Find some e-bikes that have a seat height of 24 inches or less.” Okay? This will go through, and now we can start to think the people. And what’s cool here is AI is doing this, and I don’t have to do the work, right? It’s going out there, it’s finding this stuff. Now, what can I do? I can brush this up. I can fix it. I can make it work. I can look at this and understand, “Okay, how do I help these people?” Here’s this one. “Seat height can go as low as 24 inches.” Now, to me, this would have been important, okay? Now, there were no websites that had the answers for me, which is why I went to the store and bought the bike, but what if I can take what I learned and do this?

This is very important, because if we go through and we understand what helpful content is, how it focuses on an intent, then we can use AI to ethically make money with SEO. Because, ladies and gentlemen, people complicate the heck out of SEO. They’re like, “Oh, you know, SEO is about this. It’s about that. It’s about how many words you have on the page. It’s about your title tag. It’s about your meta tag. It’s about this.” Yeah. Back in 2003, it might have been about that. But today, what it’s about is having the right keyword, okay? What are the odds of ranking if there’s only nine other websites? 100%. You’re going to be top 10, because you’re the 10th website.

So what we’re going to do is, we’re going to focus on words that people search for. We’re going to focus on words that we can help people with, and words that have low competition. When you look at these big, giant sites here, like PDHRE, or this site here, what you are going to notice, watch. So we have 218,000 keywords it’s ranking for in Google according to AHREFS. What if we said, “I only want keywords with a KD five or less”? KD is the competition. Five would be super easy. 100 would be super hard. Zero would be easier than super easy. Okay? So let’s go five. So right now we have 218,000. Let’s knock this down to five. This means that of his keywords, over two-thirds have a KD less than five. So 149,000 of his keywords that are generating most of his traffic are non-competitive. Now again, he’s doing the, “Throw everything at the wall, see if it fits. Who cares about good quality content?” What if you said, “Forget about that. I’m going to find a niche and I’m going to drill down”?

So number one, if you’re taking notes, all right, hopefully you guys enjoy this. Smash the like button. Here’s how to use AI ethically to make money. Number one is to choose your domain or niche. Now, I like to go domain-based. So if I do like GoDaddy Auctions, right, like this, I can see what’s available, all right? So if I go here to GoDaddy Auctions, and I do the classic, because classic is better than the other one, I’m going to get rid of the featured domains, I’m going to go to time left, and I’m going to find something that ranks in Google already. So if I go here and I use my trusty tool, which we’re going to have this tool available when it’s ready over at, and we’re going to do this.

So what this tool does is it just gets all the domains for me. That way I could put all these domains in my keyword tool, batch analysis, right, like this, and I could see which domains actually have some rankings. Because if I could start with something that’s already ranking, that’s what these guys are doing that are doing it unethically, but we’re going to do it in a good way. Like, “I’m going to find a site that’s about e-bikes, I’m going to buy it, and I’m going to make that my niche.” And what we’re going to do here is we’re going to go keywords, and we’re going to see what ranks.

So we have all this stuff here that ranks, like this one. has 431 rankings in Google for different pet supplies. So I’m like, “Okay, cool.” This ranks for pet stuff, so all I would need to do is say, “Okay, cool. Now what I’m going to do, I like pets, I like fish, and dogs, and cats, and whatever else it is. So we got our pet site. It already ranks. I’m already there. I put new content up, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom. It’s going to get picked up super fast.” I know. I do this all the time.

And you ask yourself, “Is this going to last?” Well, take a look at one of our high ticket niche owners who got the high ticket niche for, I think it was Dog Allergy Advisor. All right? She’s been up for six months. She hasn’t done anything. If it decides to load that, that would be good, right? But we could see here, she’s got all kinds of rankings, and it’s ranking, and it’s doing good, and she’s ranking, okay? Lots of other people that are doing the same thing. Nerd Getting Fit I just sold, but the rankings has lasted over a year and a half. Boom, there you go. And all we got to do is build these up.

So if we’re looking at this, number one, we are going to choose a domain or niche. I say domain or niche because if you choose a domain in the pet thing, that’s going to put you in the pet niche. So you don’t have to choose a domain or a niche, because it’s already there. Or a domain. If you’re new, you don’t have money to buy a fancy domain, you can do this on a blog or a Google site or whatever. Then what we are going to do is we’re going to go through and we’re going to research how people search. So we’re not just going to take our domain and put spam up like these guys are doing. It doesn’t last long. It might make you money quickly, but you might not even get paid, because once they find out you’re spamming, they’re probably not going to want that traffic.

So when we look at this, we’re going to research, “How do people search? What are they looking for?” I’m going to be the expert on the pet stuff or the e-bikes. That’s what I’m going to do. And I’m going to start to look at things, instead of just going for e-bike or whatever, I’m going to start with the way people search. So I’ll go through and I’ll say, Keywords Explorer, “best e-bikes for.” Okay. What do they want? “Best e-bikes for.” “Best e-bikes for.” “Best racks for e-bikes.” “Best e-bikes for seniors.” So looking at this, you can take the approach of just spam, garbage, junk, you’re gone, or you could say, “What if I used AI to find the best e-bikes for seniors?” So I could go to ChatGPT or whatever AI. We’re going to talk about Bard and MSN Bing. You can go to Bing, and you can use ChatGPT without even having an account. But I could go through and say, “What are the best e-bikes?” So, “What are the best,” give it a number, “seven e-bikes for seniors and why?”

If you can learn how to jog ChatGPT to give you that extra thing based on the intent, boom. Ladies and gentlemen, that is where the money is made. Not in just getting junk content, all right? Junk content, it’s been a cat and mouse game for years, but if we start to understand, “Hey, now I can ask why,” then it’s going to help me think on a different level. What we want to do here, and the people that get it, if you get it, here’s the deal. Let’s see. Let’s get back to this thing. If you get it, you’re going to be one of these three people, okay? There’s actually a fourth person here, and the fourth person is going to take this.

So the first guy is like, “Hey, what happened?” The second guy is like, “Okay, I tried using AI but I didn’t really focus, so it didn’t really work.” And then you’re like, “Damn, I wasted 2023, and I could have made a bunch of money.” All right? Third guy, he’s going to use AI to maybe do content. The fourth guy is going to go out there. So the third guy’s like, “Hey, write a bunch of articles about e-bikes. Yay, cool.” Put them on the site, you might do pretty good, hopefully. Fourth guy is going to use AI to 100X … Yeah, Cardone, we’re 100Xing, not 10Xing. We 100X our brain power.

What this is going to do is it’s going to help you think in a different way. I learned this year, this year we got this office house here, and I got a bunch of employees. We got Brandon sitting over here, who just started with us a couple weeks ago. We got other people, and I learned that working with employees does two things. One: You got people to help you with stuff, which is cool. So if that camera shuts off, you can help me with it, or if you need any film, or edit, or ideas. But-

… shuts off, you can help me with it. Or if we need any film or edit or ideas. But one of the other things I learned is the power of working with other people. This is about, one, humility and, two, masterminding. Now, when you look at Think and Grow Rich and stuff like that which, to be honest with you, I thought the book was weird. My dad gave it to me when I was 15 and I’m like, “Dude, some of these chapters, no. This is weird.” I don’t know. Apparently success has to do with all that stuff.

But what we learned was mastermind. And they said, “Get a bunch of people that do business and talk to each other.” What this does is it helps increase your brain power. But if you’re not fortunate enough to be able to afford employees or fortunate enough to be able to have a mastermind or people that do this business, what you could do is use ChatGPT to take you to the next level. Let me show you what I mean, because if you get this you’ll be the fourth guy and you’ll be like, “Oh my gosh, this is game changer.” Can we see Brandon? That’s up to him. I don’t know. What’s that? Yeah, they want to say hi to you. I don’t know. Let’s see which camera we go to.

There we go, chalkboard. So right here. He’s probably way taller than me, so maybe we’ll have to go to a different screen. Let’s see. There he is, yeah. See, he’s way taller than me. He would be able to get a normal sized e-bike, unlike… he might even need a bigger one. There you go. But at any rate, we look at this and we’re like… did that show? Did you guys see Brandon? I think so. I think I was on the right screen. Yeah, he’s there. Okay, cool. So we’re looking at that. We’re like, okay, the fourth type of person is going to go out there and they’re going to let ChatGPT and AI help them with what their brain can’t do on its own. And this is where humility comes in, because it’s like, okay, I have to have a level of humility because I come here and I’m like, hey, I got this stuff. I’ve been doing this 23 years. And Brandon will come in and be like, “I got some ideas.”

And the normal reaction would be, “Well, you haven’t been doing this 23 years.” But I have to be able to listen. And I have to be able to say, “Well, you know what? He’s got an insight on a group of people that I might not.” He’s got the younger crowd. I’m an older crowd. And I talk differently, and I speak differently. And what we start to understand, that ChatGPT and AI can help us get to that level by understanding why. My e-bike, I don’t know what kind of e-bike a senior would need. Maybe stabilizers. I don’t know. Maybe one that beeps if you’re going into traffic. I don’t know. So what this is going to do is it’s going to tell me why. Why the ultra low step-through design makes it one of the most accessible. Okay, great. So we could do this on a different level.

So we’re going to do e-bikes. E-bike low step. And what you are going to see is this starts to generate. Hey, wait a minute. There’s 300, 400 people looking for a low step e-bike. I wouldn’t have known that that that keyword existed. And now I know, hey, this is what seniors would want. How many of you guys are digging this? Smash that like button. Or we have compact design, upright riding position. Okay, good. Upright e-bike. Okay.

There we go. Upright e-bike. Check it out. Now we got more people. How many of you guys are getting this? This should be an a-ha moment that’s like, “Oh, I get it.” So I’m going to go out there. I’m going to choose a domain or niche, preferably a domain which, if you guys want, I have them all the time at Or you could join Blog Profit Network. We’ll show you how to buy them. Then you research how people search. Then you’re going to use AI to help you compile information. Let it expand your thinking. Have a conversation.

But not one of those weird ones that people have about, “Hey AI, what do you think about the world?” Nah, we’re not going there. We’re going to use this to make money. Then number four, we’re going to create content based on the information that we find. Now, Eric says this is like a drill-down method. But what we’re going to do is we’re going to go and look at this and say, “Hey, not so much drill-down. We’re going sideways.” This is allowing us to see stuff that we wouldn’t see before, and then it’s going to make the content on it.

And AI content ranks. The press release ranked, the sites are ranking. This stuff is working very, very, very, very well. Now, there will be some shifts because, again, it’s going to have to do with helpful, which ChatGPT, AI, all these things is going to help us make helpful SEO content. So we’re going to look at this and be like, “Okay, cool.” Then we are going to add direct ads and offers. Now, someone earlier said, “Hey, wait a minute. I get rankings and I don’t sell anything.” That’s because your intent is not matching your offer. What we need to do is we need a direct offer.

So what you’re going to do is you’re going to say, “Hey, I’m going to find the best one.” Hey, that’s my bike. Cool. I like that one. And hey, that’s why I can only go 20 on my way home. There’s a speed thing. And I always try to get it to go above 20. No matter how hard I pedal, it does not go above 20, and now I know why. But at any rate, we’re going to look at this and say, “Okay, now this is helping me utilize this in a very, very good way.” And I would highly advise, pick a niche, a domain in a market that you kind of know about or don’t mind researching, because we’re going to research this alongside the AI and we’re going to make it fit for humans.

And that’s where this is going to come in. And when we add direct offers, I would say… so in this example, if I had the e-bike site I would say, “As a shorter man riding the e-bike, I have found that the Giant Lafree is the best one. Okay, why is it the best one? Because the seat goes low enough that I can touch the ground, which is good. And so we start to understand, hey, this is where it’s going. This is what’s going on. And we start to look at this in a real world way.

And instead of like Jiu-Jitsu says, he’s up to 108 websites. What if instead of 108 you focused on three or four? And what if you did those three or four right? Now, I get it. Back when I was doing this stuff, back when I first started my business in SEO I just wanted everything and anything. And I went, tried to rank and tried to get by with whatever I could. And I had 300 sites and we were making a lot of money, but at the end of the day I had to look at, hey, I wasn’t really providing value. And that’s not what the search engines want. And that’s why those sites no longer exist.

Now, did I pocket a bunch of money? Sure. But if we can focus… and one of the things I didn’t know back then was the power of the search engine rankings to drive sales, because I was putting everything out there. I would put random affiliate offers. I’d try to fit,, and we’d do okay. But now I realize after doing paid traffic and realizing, hey, if I’m paying for traffic, I need to convert these people. Then I started to realize, oh, there’s some things we can do to make this worth a lot more.

And then once we understand our person and we’re like, “Okay, let me find the most helpful offer that pays me the most.” So if I was going to sell the Lafree bike or whatever it is, I’m going to go find the guy who pays me the most, that has the best deal that I can sell. Or maybe I’ll dropship it. In that example, if I get the traffic and I dropship it, I’ll make $500 instead of like $50 as an affiliate. That’s what we’re looking at. That’s what we want to start to understand. And also understanding ads that generate lots of money. Because if we compare this with all the stuff that you learn on this channel, which if you’ve been watching, you want to pay attention.

Because the stuff you learn on this channel, we’re going to talk about flipping the market. If I can go out there and flip the market from a e-bike or maybe something else to something that’s expensive. Because e-bikes are going to generate expensive ads. Why? E-bikes are expensive. So if I could get all these words about best e-bike or whatever, drive them to AdSense or other paid clicking affiliate programs, then I can make lots of money.

Or if I’m in the mortgage market, as we talked about a couple weeks ago, how can I use ChatGPT to find keywords in that mortgage market and make it work in the right way? And when you start to understand that this can help you, we can go here and say, “What are bottom of the funnel keywords for people looking to get a mortgage?” This will actually show us. And this is what I’m talking about when we’re going to expanding your brain to a different way.

So now we could do mortgage pre-approval. So I could go and say, “Okay, well I didn’t think about that.” Maybe we’ll do mortgage approval. And then we could find stuff that has low competition. There they are. How long is a mortgage pre-approval good for? That’s a good one. Does anyone know why I think, how long is a mortgage pre-approval good for? Is a good keyword? Why do you think I can monetize that so good? And you look at this and it’s like, hey, these people here, look at how much they’re paying per click. You got 30, 350, 25, 50, 40, and on and on we go.

But the reason I like this is because I could go through and say, “Hey, wait a minute. This guy’s wondering how long a pre-approvals good for?” I could say… okay, I can go to ChatGPT and I could say, “How long is the average mortgage pre-approval good for?” Okay. Now I can do this. And again, this is about expanding our mind and letting it do more. So we’re looking at this and we’re like, “Okay, depends on the guy.” So 60 to 90 days. Okay. So I could talk about how the mortgage pre-approval, which we saw was a low competition keyword… so we’re like, “How long is the pre-approval good for?” Okay, great. We write our article and we’re like, “60 to 90 days but you should have backup offers. Click here to get another approval.” Boom. Those offers pay a fortune.

Or we could just have a page that talks about pre-approval and have ads on it. And when we start to understand how this works and we’re like, “Oh, I get it,” AI is going to help me go to the next level, find things that otherwise would’ve taken me months to find. And if you’re geared with a good keyword tool, which if you haven’t seen my video on free and paid keyword tools, watch it. If you are geared with that and you’re geared with content and all the stuff that you learn on this channel, this will show you how to make money with AI. What we want to do is we want to get away from junky content.

We want to focus on making good stuff based on what people want. We want to focus on that guy there. He’s got a mortgage approval letter in his hand and he’s like, “What am I going to do with this? How long does it last? Is it good?” Oh, well maybe you should see if your credit changed. Here’s a link for a credit approval. Maybe you should see about getting a backup lender. I’ve done that several times on buying houses because it’s like, hey, you should always have a backup. Come on. You don’t know if the guy’s going to do the best job for you. And you might get down to the wire and not have a mortgage.

And so we go through and we look at that and start to understand, okay, this is about people. And when you understand you can use AI to help people and you can use AI to make helpful content, then, ladies and gentlemen, that is where the rubber meets the road. And if you guys like this stuff, smash the like button. If you ever decide that, “Hey, this guy knows what he’s talking about, I want to work with Marcus,” check out That’s where we build you a site. We work with you for over a year to help you make it work. We’ll show you how to do AI, we’ll get you some content, we’ll get you a good domain name at auction, and we’ll send you on your merry way with help to make it work.

Or if you’re on a budget, you can join me every week. Every Tuesday we have a call in, and we just hang out. It is literally you come on the call, you show me your sites, like that guy there who says, “Should I sell my domains?” We have people every week who give me a list of domains, we go on Blog Profit Network, I tell you what I’d do, what I think they’re worth, and how I would sell them. This is real world stuff. It might not be as entertaining as other stuff, but this is the stuff that is going to get you where you want to go if you want to make money in an ethical, good way.

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