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Top So Called AI Content Detectors



It’s the best overall AI content detection website or tool. The website has algorithms that help to detect content from various AI text generation models, like ChatGPT, GPT-3.5, and GPT-3. uses a combination of machine learning techniques and natural language processing (NLP) algorithms to detect AI-generated content. The platform starts by analyzing the content in question and breaks it down into smaller sentences or phrases.


The website will then compare these segments to a vast database of pre-existing content. The comparison helps to look for similarities or patterns that may indicate plagiarism or AI generation. Besides detecting AI-generated content, helps you scan for plagiarism in the text. Team collaboration is another important feature of this website. You can use the feature to add multiple members to your account, allowing you to share the resources and monitor the previous scans.


Pricing: the website offers a pay-as-you-go pricing model. You must pay $0.1 per credit, which allows you to scan 100 words. The least amount you purchase is $20 for 2000 credits.


2. has a popular and top-choice website for plagiarism detection. Besides plagiarism detection, the website has expanded its capabilities to detect AI content in text. The website or tool has algorithms that help you detect AI-generated text from ChatGPT and the latest GPT 3.5 model.


How does it identify AI-generated content in a text? CopyLeaks has features or algorithms that check the text, comparing the sentence structure and use of phrases to highlight human or AI authorship. It offers a simple and easy interface, allowing you to paste your text and get the AI probability score in a few seconds. The API and LMI integration of food educators or agencies makes it easy to incorporate within your website.


Pricing: Free


3. Hugging Face


It’s a common NLP platform providing various NLP models for multiple tasks. These tasks include named entity recognition, text classification, and language generation. How does it work to detect AI-generated content? The website utilizes AI content detection features to verify the probability of AI presence or authenticity of the content.


Hugging face’s GPT-2 model analyzes specific language structures and patterns to determine the presence of various AI models. These models include Transformer-based models, Sequence-to-sequence models, Language generation models, Masked language models, CNNs, and RNNs. With the website allowing users to fine-tune their data, you can use it to improve the quality and accuracy of your content.


Pricing: it’s an open-source and free AI-generated content detection website.


4. is a popular website that can help you identify AI presence in a specific text. How does the website work? The website compares it to a human-written text dataset before assigning a likelihood of the AI or human authorship. uses language models to analyze text and identify patterns indicating the use of AI-generated language. Thus, it helps users to detect potential cases of machine-generated content.


With the power of the GPT-2 117M language model, the website can easily identify AI-generated text from ChatGPT and other AI models. Most individuals prefer this tool as it allows users to view the specific language patterns in the text. In addition, the histogram feature makes it easy to identify the patterns indicating AI generation.


Pricing: the website is free for all users. You can also get the source code for further development.




This website provides a wide range of comprehensive writing services. These services include backlink analysis, plagiarism detection, support for writing, and quality. You can also use it to detect AI-generated content in your text. You can check for AI-generated content in your text by pasting it on your website. uses a combination of AI algorithms and human reviewers to analyze and detect potentially AI-generated content.


This website can detect potentially AI-generated content, including machine-generated text, spun content, and non-native language writing. These features help content creators to maintain originality and authenticity. In addition, the website ensures that the content comes from humans with genuine expertise. also allows you to add up to five members to scan at most 500000 words monthly.


Pricing: the basic plan allowing you up to 1500 characters per search, is free. However, you’ll pay $18 per user monthly for the team plan, while the Enterprise has custom pricing.




This website offers a specialized and seamless solution for identifying AI-generated content from various models, including ChatGPT, GPT-3, etc. With these features, it’s the best website to monitor your pages or website. works by providing a unified score to show the quantity or percentage of AI-generated content. You can use it to check for AI-generated content on your sites or web pages. Besides helping to detect AI-generated content in your text, the website helps check different factors affecting your domain authority.


Pricing: It has three pricing plans. The free plan allows you to check AI content on two sites, the paid plan offers additional domains, and URL audits are $ 249 per month. The Enterprise plan costs $ 499 per month and includes daily domain auditing.


7. GPTZero


It’s a top website that uses the latest tech advancements in language models to check and identify AI-generated texts. GPTZero uses an innovative approach based on burstiness and perplexity to analyze texts. With this approach, the website delivers accurate results and strategies for detecting AI-generated content. The AI-generated content it can detect includes machine-generated text, paraphrased or spun content, and non-native language writing.


The website’s perplexity-based AI detection approach measures the text’s randomness to provide a perplexity score. A higher perplexity score indicates human touch. The burstiness assessment helps to evaluate the distribution structure and uniformity of the sentence. This assessment helps detect the likelihood of human-written text. You can enjoy the latest update that highlights the AI-generated sentences or phrases in the text.


Pricing: Free to all users


8. ContentAtScale


ContentAtScale is a top AI content detection website that gives all solutions for your webpage content issues. Besides helping you increase content production, it ensures the authenticity of your content. It offers one of the best features and strategies to detect AI-generated text content text. This website can detect AI-generated models such as GPT-3, BERT, transformer-based models, and neural machine translation models.


Detecting these AI-generated models ensures original and authentic human-created content. ContentAtScale detects AI-generated content by checking the sentence structures and choice of phrases in your text. Importantly, the site provides an easy scoring that shows AI probability scores without many technical details. Despite not allowing for team collaboration, it remains the best platform for individual users.


Pricing: This AI-generated content tool is free for users. However, you can start enjoying other sophisticated features from $150 per month.




It’s an innovative platform that makes it easy to identify and manage AI-generated content on your webpage. allows you to perform AI detection scans on your individual documents or entire website to check any AI-generated text. It uses machine learning algorithms to analyze text and identify patterns showing the use of AI-generated language.


Instead of detecting AI-generated models, this website helps to identify patterns that indicate machine-generated content. With the AI pattern identification system, you can have control over your content quality. Importantly, the tool allows you to add various URLs and scan them simultaneously to help you save time. After the scan, you can check for AI presence on the detailed AI detection report on its dashboard.


Pricing: the website has three pricing plans. The SEO Lite, SEO Standard, and SEO Advanced cost $129, $229, and $229 per month, respectively.


10. GPTradar


It’s one of the top AI content detection websites for content creators and writers. This site can help you ensure that your text or work complies with the guidelines. GPTradar has sophisticated algorithms that use OpenAI GPT-3 to detect AI-generated content in your text. The algorithms help to detect AI content in your text by running complex calculations to check the probability of a human or machine authorship. Experts reveal that it provides perplexity and accuracy scoring. You can get the results on a visual demonstration that highlights your text to show potential AI-generated phrases or areas.


Pricing: the website offers a pay-as-you-go plan from $ 0.2 per credit. You can use one credit to scan 125 words, or it’s equivalent to 100 tokens.


11. Grover


Grover is a highly technological and revolutionary new model AI website. The website has features and algorithms that allow you to detect fake news and machine-generated text. This machine-generated text includes GPT-2 and GPT-3-generated content. Grover uses Neural Networks to scan and detect AI-generated content in a text or content.


Since a team of researchers developed this website, it has played an important role in spotting machine-written news. Besides detecting AI-generated news, you can use it to create realistic-looking pieces or content. Many individuals consider it as it provides a straightforward commentary on whether the text is human or AI-generated.


Pricing: Free to all users


12. Kazan SEO


Kazan SEO has algorithms that provide AI-generated text detection and other content creation services. The website offers SEO quick scans to deliver the verdict on whether the content is human-written or AI-generated. KazanSEO uses machine learning algorithms to analyze text and identify patterns that may indicate the use of AI-generated language.


Besides detecting AI-generated content from your text, you use the website to optimize the content for search engines. You can use its AI-driven feature to generate relevant and creative content. In addition, the bulk detection feature allows you to scan for URLs and domains, making the process easy and faster.


Pricing: Free and no usage restrictions




It’s a great and top AI content detection website that helps to enhance the authenticity of your content by detecting AI-generated texts in the content. works by helping you identify and differentiate between machine-generated and human-written content. The website can identify ChatGPT, GPT-3, and GPT-2 content in your text.


Its popular option allows you to quickly and easily screen your content to be sure of its generation. You’ll receive an accurate report after typing or pasting 50 or more words. The latest updates show that is adding features to improve the AI-generated text detection experience. The website developers have included features that highlight the AI-generated sections in red.


Pricing: Free to all users and doesn’t have restrictions on the word count


14. CheckForAI


It’s a popular AI detection platform to protect your site from automated content. How does CheckForAI work? The website provides the users with insights into the text to ensure that it’s not AI-generated. CheckForAI has algorithms that make it easy to identify any AI-generated content in your text.


Its analysis leverages and combines the existing Roberta base with Open AI’s to provide a 95% accurate GPT detection. The website’s versatility and numerous models allow you to use it to detect AI-written text in emails, essays, and other documents. Unlike other alternatives, this website allows you to upload your content as attachments. You can then scan the file or attachment for AI content.


Pricing: Free to use for all registered users


15. OpenAI Text Classifier


It’s an AI detection tool from the developers of GPT-3 and ChatGPT, which are highly advanced AI transformer models. OpenAI provides solutions to help marketers, businesses, and content creators to identify if the text is machine-generated or human-written. This machine model analyzes the text before classifying it into various segments. Then, it uses natural language processing algorithms to detect AI-generated content.


Unlike originality and other AI detection tools, the OpenAI text classifier is more cautious while scanning texts for AI-generated content. Besides the high accuracy, the tool makes it easy for you to detect AI-generated content in your text. You only need to paste your text and press submit before receiving the results.


Pricing: Free to all users.

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