I went and devoured all the information that I could find. I started with books, ebooks and courses that show me how to rank on the search engines called Nothing but Net by Michael Campbell.  I went on and I found that there were certain ways that you could make money online fast.

What I learned is that I had a skill that other people wanted. I had something that people desired

What I did is I went out there and I broke my business into different categories.


I broke it up into various little pieces. This is the key of figuring out who else wants what you have to offer. You can do this with affiliate marketing, dropshipping, shopify literally anything by dividing it into who your target market is. Then dividing that even more based on what their wants, needs, desires and what they’re looking for.

Let me give you an example of how this works.

When I started doing my search engine ranking business I was not the greatest search engine ranker but I was able to get people results and so I went out there. Instead of marketing myself as the SEO guy.

 I went for Herbalife people and printed up this flyer and I sent it out to them and said you want some search engine rankings to come on over to me.

I went over to various other people that were in prepaid legal or other network marketing companies. I went and said “Hey, this is what we’re going to do for you.” What we had back then was this little table, we go to the table and we charge people money. When an order would come, we would go through it, ring it up, staple it and it would make this loud noise and I’d get all excited because that noise meant money was going into my bank account tomorrow morning.

This one here for 500 bucks, this guy went on to be one of the biggest cellphone dealers on the internet at that time. He did it all with affiliate marketing.

A guy from cool tech went and he was going for the si silver type words which were a network marketing vitamin company.

A friend of mine he was a dropshipper of tonneau covers which were like covers for your truck bed we helped him out. Got him some search engine rankings and he sold a lot of those from the website that was very simple.

John he was a big-time network marketer you can see his videos on YouTube

So you can see that the name of the game here was to ring people up for stuff.

So what I did is I found this way of marketing called PROACTIVE MARKETING.

We’re going to talk about the difference between PRO ACTIVE MARKETING and HALF-COCKED MARKETING. In the beginning what happened was I had something that..

  • I wanted to sell
  • Something of value
  • Was in a competitive field


  • The SEO market was huge
  • Lots of people that was better than me
  • Lots of people who had more marketing      budgets
  • There were huge companies
  • There was software 

What I did is I found a little edge on what I could do. I paired my keyword selecting methods with the SEO and was able to offer a lower price service for people that were kind of run-of-the-mill not like a huge company.

This is the deal! You got to look at this and say this is where we get money.


The half-cocked marketers..

They write articles and hope that it ranks in Google. They put a banner ad up maybe do something and hope that it works right. Put up a video and hope it works. What  they’re doing is a half-cocked marketing plan

Proactive marketing.

Is like what I did back in 2002 and what I do today. We go and look for the customer who wants what we have.

Go out there and put yourself in front of them.

“When I had my search engine ranking business, I would say, I think this will work for local limousine companies. What I did is I went through the phonebook and started mailing letters to each and every person who had a limousine company ,Aardvark limo, A1 limo, Bob limo.  I’d write them. This is proactive. I go out there to get the customer.”

Now in 2019, as an affiliate marketer if you are proactive and you do it right you will make money.

If you’re out there getting the stuff, if you’re out there saying the right message to the right people, you’re going to get some kind of result.

First of all. Where are they? Where are they online?

That’s a way of proactively going out.

 And it worked like a charm.

So, look where they are hanging out right now. Because if you have a product,  there are people that are willing to buy it right now.

Not wait for your half-cock plan to work, not wait for the search engine gods to rain upon you and hopefully you get a ranking.

I guarantee there are rankings, there are people out there with traffic that you want and they’re getting it right now and they don’t even know how to monetize.

How can you be proactive?

First of all where are they? Where are they at?

Second how can you get in front of them?

These are the questions you have. If you ask these questions these are going to be the key to making this stuff work.

I get paid as an affiliate for it.

Where are they at?

Where are people hanging out? Maybe they’re over on WordPress  forums , or in forums about how to build landing pages or maybe in a weber auto responder forums or maybe they’re watching videos on YouTube. Where are they? Get where they’re at and you’ll get traffic. If you do it right.

How can I get in front of them?

How can I get out there? I’m  not going to be able to go on some kind of trademarked forum, probably not going to work because they don’t want me to advertise on it. But I can go to second-tier ones, where people have the same problem but don’t know what they’re looking for.

Whatever it is you’re doing..

  • You got to close the deal.
  • You got to make it happen.
  • You can’t just rely on content.

Here I am kind of not with that much traffic making good money.  If you do it right, this is what’s going to happen, because you have to ask and answer these questions. Where are they? How do I reach them? What do they want?

  • You’re an affiliate marketer,
  • You’re a dropshipper.

Whatever you’re doing no one handcuffed you and said you must sell this product. No one did.

“I could go out there. I could be in the market of people who want website builders. I want people who want website builders. They say I’m going to promote this one thing.”

As an affiliate marketer you want to say what you want doesn’t matter to me what you want what matters to me is that you go through my link so I get paid.

You sa , you know what?! I’m going to go out there. I’m going to be a proactive marketer. I’m going to reach the people that I want because I know a lot of people out there, are getting the traffic. Making pennies on the dollar and they’ll sell it to me dirt cheap.

You go out there and be direct.  You got to be deliberate. You got to say how do I get in front of my audience right now. Not in ten years, not in five years, not in a month.  NOW..

 I want to get right now in front of them because if you can get in front of them right now you could make money.

I was proactive. I went out there and I found people I know I can help.

  • Who can you help?
  • Who are you holding your knowledge from?  
  • Who are you not finding knowledge for?

You might be sitting there. You might have a great way to save money on credit-card bills or buy a house. If you have no money or a way to change your finances for student loans or

Maybe you have some knowledge in your brain. You don’t know what to do with it. You just got to position it correctly, you got to get it in front of people who you can help. If you’re not doing that.. you’re doing a disservice to the community because your knowledge can be helpful now.

Then what you want to do is you want to become a good researcher, figure out how to learn and compile information. In a way people will read and buy the things that you have to offer. Think about this people have made millions of dollars who wrote a report on something that leads to something else.

Here’s a way to get out of debt.  You write that report and on the bottom, it says hey ..

  • Click here for a mortgage affiliate.
  • Click here for this affiliate link.

half-cock marketers gonna be like…

Go out there!!

Proactively go for the people who want what you have to offer. So that, You can go to the money table and make some money.  I want you look at this. I’m going to make a list over my website at I’m going make a list of all the proactive things that I do in my business and give them to you. Just put your name and email, so that I can give you other cool stuff and you know maybe you could buy some stuff if you like


We’re going to give you the list and help you out.

Show you exactly how this works because I know..

if you can be proactive then you can make money.

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