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There is no failure, nor success. Only data. Today, we’re gonna talk about data driven results.  

Too many people that want to be successful affiliate marketers don’t look at data. They look at success, failure, how they feel, how they think about something, or what they think is going to happen. But the fact of the matter is that numbers and data do not lie.  

If you look at some of most valuable prized property in corporations in America and across the world, and what do they have in common? They have data and know how to use data. They know what’s going to happen. They know what their customers want and what response to expect.  

Knowing how to use data = big profits.  

You can get better results just by testing 300 clicks to a brand new website than you can all day long going to every marketing conference, reading every marketing book, and listening to every Youtube video on marketing.  

If you throw 300 clicks at something, you’ll be lightyears ahead of where you are right now. It’s all about being able to have the guts to go out there and test something. Sure, it might not work. It might fall flat on its face. You might not get any views on your video. You might not make any money. But the data gives you results that you can learn from. 

For example, if I set up a page and I drive 300 people to it, then I can gage what’s going on. I can see what they clicked on, what they didn’t click on, when they left, why they left, how many opted in, how many clicked on the link, what link they clicked on, if they scrolled down to the bottom of the page or if they looked at the top of the page. 

And these are the kinds of things that you need to know to be successful online.  

When I was a kid, I was really into science. One of the things I really liked about science was that there was no success, there was no failure, there was only the idea of results. Does something work the way you expected it to work? And if not, why? And this is one of the things that is lost in internet marketing and business.  

You see, so many people want to set up one site and be rich overnight. That can happen, but for most of you, you’ll have to test your way to success.   

For example, if you set up one website, you have to look at what the variables are. If you’re going for free search engine traffic and you’re not getting any traffic, you have to look at it and ask, 

  • Is the keyword good?  
  • Did I rank for the keyword? 

If the keyword gets no traffic, then it doesn’t matter if you ranked for it. And if you’re not ranking for it, then you’re not going to get the traffic. 

When I test a new site, I like to start with about 300 clicks. I like to do these with paid traffic. Before you say you don’t have money for paid traffic, you have to look at this objectively. Let’s say I’m spending anywhere from 10 cents to a dollar per click (a dollar is usually on the high end. Most of the traffic I buy is much less than that.) If I take 300 clicks, that means it will cost me anywhere from 30 dollars to 300 dollars.  The goal is to break even while getting the data. 

A lot of people look at this and think, will I just take the 300 dollars and pour it down the drain? I certainly hope not. I certainly hope you go through my course and figure out how this works so that you have a better chance of making it work.  

I like to take 300 visitors and drive them to my landing page. This is the page that they land on. When these 300 visitors come to my site, if I’m going for an opt-in box, which is collecting names and emails, I want to find out: Did they opt in? If they did, how many? 

Throughout this week, I’ve been testing an opt-in page. It’s a new version of a page where it’s really straightforward and to the point. It had a background of a man and dog at the beach, and then it had an opt-in box. We did a 300 click test on this page, and at one point it was getting 65% opt-in rate. That means that 65% of the people that came to the page were putting their name and email in. There were 65 for every 100 people, so if you dd it up, that was 195 people to opt-in, or 195 leads. That’s good data.  

If I have this data and don’t make any money, I still have something to work with.  

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Let’s say you’re doing affiliate marketing, and you do the 300 click test. You build your page the way you think it will work (and if you’re in my course, you can submit them for review), you focus on why the people came to you in the first place. You have an affiliate Bible toolbar, and you want users to download the toolbar so you can get 3 dollars. Off of this, if you drive 300 people to the site, how many are going to click on the download button?  

In my testing, I’ve seen that I can get 90 – 95% of people who come to my page to actually click on “download the Bible.” They don’t download it, but they do click it. Let’s say I get 95%, which is perhaps 280. Out of those 280 people, how many downloaded? If 10% downloaded, that means I get 28 downloads. Multiply that by 3 dollars, and now I’m making 84 dollars. If I’m spending less than that for the traffic, then I know it works. 

In this example, the effective EPC (earnings per click) = 0.28% per click.  You have to look at the variables. So many people set something up and say, it didn’t work, so whatever. They don’t go back and look at it.  

If I did this test, and only 10% click on the Bible toolbar download, then that means I have 30 people and 3 downloads. This means instead of 84 dollars, I’m making 9 dollars. That wouldn’t work. I’d have to look at it and ask, why did only 10% click? How do I get more to click?  

Affiliate marketing is all about the testing. Personally, I like to do it in my head and I like to use some of the tracking software that I have, which we give you as part of the Simple Sites course, like the Affiliate Tracker, Smart Affiliate Ads, and the Squeeze Blogs Pro. All of these tools we give you as part of the course so that you can test this stuff  and find out, how many are clicking? How do you get more to click? How do you get more to do things on your site? If they’re watching a video, how can you get more people to the video?  

For example, we just did a video as part of a Youtube collaboration. It didn’t cost me anything. My collaborator published his video and got about 4200 views. Out of those 4200 views, we had about 420 that went to my site. And of those 420, we were getting roughly a 50-60% opt-in rate, which means I got about 200 – 220 leads. That means 220 people came to my site, put their name and email in and said yes, I want more information from you. If I know those stats, now I can go anywhere.  

Know your stats!

This is how you crush it in any market. And this is why affiliate companies are able to pay you so much money.  

Am I telling you to take 300 bucks and go blow it on traffic? No. Do it calculated, do it right, look at it, and ask yourself, is this something I would click on if I clicked this ad? And remember, do not test blind. Know what to expect and why.  

Most people in internet marketing would rather buy courses than actually test things out stuff out. But you have to get out there and test.  

Internet marketing is unparalleled to anything else in history because where you’re sitting right now, whether it’s in sweats or a 3-piece suit, it doesn’t matter. You can reach the world.  

We’ve had over 8 million impressions on our ads, and hundreds of millions of views on our sites. We’ve tested this stuff extensively. And if you look at some of the biggest companies in the world, they are constantly testing at lightning speed. You have to do this if you want to make money.  

This works whether you’re paying for traffic, whether you’re making Youtube videos to get views or people to your site, or whether you’re doing search traffic. Everything comes down to data. What worked and why? What didn’t work and why?  

Do more of what works. Do less of what doesn’t. And don’t cry that you’ve failed, because you’ve only  failed when you give up.  

You have to look at this stuff through the eyes of the visitor. Remember, you’re testing to find out what people do. There’ are people looking at your website and asking, what should I do? Why should I click, and how is it going to work? The key is knowing what’s going to work. Knowing what people click on, what people respond to, what buttons get more clicks, what downloads people like, knowing what words people are looking for on the site. 

The market tells you what they want. As an affiliate, you can figure out what they want, you can write your page based on that, and you can sell the product as an affiliate. If you can learn what people tell you through the form of stats on your website, then you can make a lot of money online.  

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