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 Hey guys! It’s Marcus here with AffiliateMarketingDude.Com

Today we’re going to talk about Data Driven Results.

  • Far too many people that want to be affiliate marketers, marketers, and successful,
      They look at success.
    They look at failure.
    They look at how they feel.
    They look at how they think about something.
    They look at what they think is going to happen.

You look at some of the most valuable priced property in corporations in America and across the world. What do they have in common? THEY HAVE DATA.

  • They know what’s going to happen
  • They know what their customers want.
  • They know what response to expect.

And you can get better results just by testing 300 clicks to a brand new website, then you can all-day-long go to every marketing conference, reading every marketing book, listening to every YouTube video on marketing!

If you throw 300 clicks on something, you’re going to be lightyears ahead of where you are right now.


Sure it might not work; it might fall flat on its face. You might not get any views on your videos. You might not make any money.
  But the fact of the matter is that THE DATA GIVES YOU RESULTS THAT     YOU CAN LEARN FROM!

For example, if I set up a page, and I drive 300 people to it, then I can gauge what’s going on. I can gauge…
What did they click on?
  What didn’t they click on?
  When did they leave?
  Why did they leave?
  How many opted it?
  How many clicked on the link?
  What link did they clicked on?
   Do they scroll down to the bottom of the page or do they look at the top of the page?

These are the kinds of things that you need to know to be successful online.


In this video, we’re going to talk about testing results so that you can get
the RESULTS you want,
build the BUSINESS that you want,
because nothing is faster than testing your market in the internet marketing world and we’re starting right now!

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Let’s talk about how this works and test your sites, test your videos, test anything online   because testing and tracking and data is the name of the game!

We’re gonna show you how testing works.
We’re gonna show some tools that we use for testing.
We’re gonna show you some of the things that you want to look for.
Some of the things that you don’t want to look for.
What to cut out of your marketing.
What to put into your marketing.
How to build a page that actually works and
How to use your data to actually drive the results to the next level.

When I was a kid, I was really into science. One of the things that I like about science is that there was no success, there was no failure, there was only the idea of results. Thus something worked the way you expected it to work and if not why?

This is one of the things that’s lost in our culture and lost in internet marketing and business.


You see, so many people want to set up just one site and just be rich overnight. That’s cool and that can happen. But the fact is, MOST OF YOU IS THAT YOU’RE GOING TO HAVE TO TEST YOUR WAY TO SUCCESS.

What do I mean by that?

As Thomas Edison have said, “I haven’t failed a thousand times, I only found 999 ways not to build a light bulb.” And you look at it and say, if I built 990 different versions of my website or 999, and I didn’t get the result I wanted, most of us would quit, and I probably would to.

But the fact of the matter is, we need to be testing everything.

For example, if you set up one website, you have to LOOK AT WHAT THE VARIABLES ARE. 

What is it that’s getting the results?

If you’re going for free search engine traffic and your site doesn’t get any traffic, you have to look at it and say:

  1. Is the keyword good?

If the keyword gets no traffic, it doesn’t matter if you ranked for it.

  1. Did I rank for the keyword?
    If you’re not ranking for it then obviously you’re not going to get the traffic.

Or for example, you run paid traffic at it. Let’s say you take 300 clicks. And what I like to do when I test a new site, is I like to start with about 300 clicks. I like to do these clicks with paid traffic.

You have to look at this subjectively.

Let’s say I’m spending anywhere from 10 cents to a dollar per click. If I take 300 clicks, that means that’s gonna cost me anywhere from $30 to $300. I’d like to take 300 visitors and drive them to my landing page.

When these 300 visitors come to our site, if we’re going for an opt-in box which is collecting name and email, I want to take a look at this and say,

  • “Did they opt-in?” and if they did opt-in,
    (2) “How many?”

Throughout this week, I’ve been testing an opt-in page. We tested a new version of a page which was very straightforward. We did a 300-click test on it. It’s actually getting a 60- 65% opt-in. That means 65% of the people who come to the page are putting their name and email.  If you add it up, I got 195 people to opt-in or 195 leads.

If I have this data and I don’t make any money, I have something to work with.

Let’s say you’re doing affiliate marketing. Same kind of thing. You take your page the way you think it’s going to work. You focus on why did the people come to you in the first place you make your page. 

You know I got an affiliate offer, and I would want to download a tool bar, for example, a Bible toolbar. If I drive 300 people to the site, “how many are going to click on the download button or the bible?” That’s variable number 1.

In my testing, I have seen that I have been able to get 90-95% of the people who come to my page to actually click to download it. They don’t necessarily download it but they click it.

So if I take those 95%, and let’s say that’s 280 people.

Out of those 280 people, how many downloaded it?

If 10% download, that means I get 28 downloads.

Take the 28 and multiply it by 3 dollars, I made $84.

If I’m spending less than that for the traffic, otherwise something’s wrong, then I know it works.

You got to look at the variables. This is crucial to get in the results that you want.

In this example, let’s say only 10% clicked on the bible tool bar download instead of 95%, that means I got 30 people (10% of 300), only got 3 downloads, instead of $84, I am now making only $9. That means it wouldn’t work. So you have to know why only 10% clicked and how do I get more to click?

If they’re watching a video, how can I get more people to the video?

For example, I did a YouTube video collaboration which didn’t cost me anything. It got 4200 views. Out of those 4200 views, we had approximately 420 people that actually went to my site. That’s 420 clicks. Out of those 420, we’re getting roughly 50-60% opt-in rate, which means I got about 200-220 leads.


Know your stats!

This is why affiliate companies are able to pay us so much money.

Why am I paid 3 bucks to get a free bible toolbar?
This works because for every toolbar user, it’s gonna make $10 or $20 a year.

You should know the value. The only way to know is by testing. Do not test blind.   Know what you expect and why.  What does the people want to see after clicking? For example, pictures are to use instead of paragraphs.

You have to look at the way people search and you have to test it and see what works best.

Did you know that changing a simple button, could mean a difference between making lots of money and little money?

Did you also know that when I do webinars and I show you what the order form looks like that you’re gonna fill out, like on, when I show you how to fill that format, my convergence skyrocket? And NOTHING COST ME TO TEST IT.

Most people in internet marketing would rather buy courses than actually test them out. They would rather learn about stuff than actually testing.

 I gotta tell you, you gotta GET OUT THERE AND TEST! 



“From this office, I can reach the world.”

Even the biggest companies in the world are constantly testing at lightning speed.

I’m gonna have some other videos as part of this playlist.

We’re gonna talk about…

Some of the tools you can use to test
How to read the data
How to look at things and make it work better.

This works whether you’re paying for traffic, whether you’re making YouTube videos to get people to your site, whether you’re doing search traffic.

Everything comes down to data.
You say,
  What worked, why?
What didn’t work, why?
Do more of what works, do less of what doesn’t!

Do not cry that you have failed, because you have only failed when you give up. 

This can happen extremely fast!

You can test the site just like the lottery website that I put up one morning and by the end of the day we have made over $1600 from downloads of toolbar for the lottery. It worked because I tested it.

If I was there and no one downloaded it for the first hundred clicks, I’d be worried.
If they didn’t download by the first 200 clicks, I’d be worried.
If they didn’t download by the first 300 clicks, I’d stop running the ad.

We got to look at this subjectively and we have to test things and we have to look at it through the eyes of your visitors because remember, you’re testing to find out what people do.

There’s people behind your website looking at it saying, why should I click, what should I do, how is it going to work.

The key here is knowing what’s going to work.

Knowing what people click on.
Knowing what people respond to.
Knowing what buttons get more click.
Knowing what downloads people like.
Knowing what words people are looking for on the site.

This is explained extensively in your course at

The beauty of internet marketing, video marketing, affiliate marketing, and everything online is that THE MARKET TELLS YOU WHAT THEY WANT.

If you can learn to read what people tell you through the form of stats on your website, then YOU CAN MAKE A LOT OF MONEY ONLINE. 

But do not ignore this!

So many of my students get stuck on building websites and everything that’s not making money. What’s making money is testing the market, knowing what they want, doing better next time you test it, and making even more money. If you can do this, you’ll be on the path to making lots of money.


I hope enjoyed this!

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