Affiliate Marketing Mindset “Intent Based Marketing” For Search Engine Traffic

So, let’s get started. Okay, first of, I’d like to get you started with what kind of mindset it takes to build a simple site. Now, a lot of people think that a simple site is simply just something slapped together. Uh, you know, a bunch of junk, a bunch of banners, uh, but it’s not. There’s a lot more thought put into ’em. And later on, we’re gonna show you some examples of simple sites. But see, the reason the simple sites work like I said before, is because you’re targeting what the user wants.


So, based on whatever search term they’re using, you need to focus your page to that, and to getting ’em to what they want fast. For example, I, uh, recently ran a site under the word “mortgage calculator.” I found out this word was really cheap. It was about 20 to 30 cents per click, uh, for the traffic that I got. And I was able to market, uh, refinance quotes, expensive AdSense clicks, and things of this nature.


And what I did is I took them in for mortgage calculator, and a lot of other affiliate marketers out there will take someone from a word like “mortgage calculator.” And they’ll just bring them to a site and say, “Fill out a mortgage quote.” While that can work and you can make money, it doesn’t provide a good user experience, because the user is not getting what they came for. They’re not getting a mortgage calculator.


So, what I did is I went and purchased the resell rights, and the reprint rights to a mortgage calculator that was in JavaScript. And you don’t need to be a programming genius to be able to figure out how to cut and paste a code. Actually, they even gave me the instructions and some sample pages, so I can just build mine right over top of theirs. But I use these mortgage calculators, there was about I think 15 or 20 of them. And I put them on the site, so that the people looking for mortgage calculators would come and see instantly what they wanted.


Now, this did two things. One, it provided a good user experience. And two, as they messed around with the calculators, each person visited an average of 12 different pages on my website. So for every click that I was bringing into my page, I was now multiplying them the eyeballs on my ads by 12. So, this added up really quick into a lot of profit, because I have so many people looking at so many different parts of the site, and each time they do, they get the AdSense, and they’re getting a view of my affiliate programs, and the refinance quotes they could fill out where sometimes I’ve been paid as much as you know, $40 to $65 per quote. And that doesn’t even ask for their social security number or anything. It’s just a, you know, name, address, how much do you think your house is worth, something like that.


Now, as a side note, make sure that the companies you work with are, uh, of good reputation so that you’re not getting in a position where your users are being funneled to junk, or spyware, or something like that. Make sure they’re going to a good legitimate, um, mortgage quote, or whatever it is that you’re offering. And in the bonus CD-ROM, you have various companies you can use that we’ve tested, uh, for years and years. And you can get started with them right away, and start building your simple sites with those companies that will pay you for you know, they’ll pay you per download, per click, per sale, per lead, uh, many different ways to get.


But again, the mindset, you need to focus on what the user wants. You have to care more about the user than yourself, because that’s how you’re gonna make money. You need to care about what it looks like to them, how it works for them. And this is really where the internet is headed is a good user experience. You know, a lot of people would just slap up junk, and you know, it might work because you know, clicks are cheap and things like that. But you really wanna give the user what they want. If they’re looking for mortgage calculators, give them mortgage calculators. If they’re looking for pet grooming tips, give them pet grooming tips.


Now, you can use these to market your stuff as well, um, and you can market many different things to them, but just make sure that it’s good, and honest, and then you’re gonna win. Let me give you another example of how this can work. Um, and that is a rebate site I built for cars. People were looking for rebates for Ford cars, Dodge’s, you know all these different car makes they were looking for rebates on them. And what I did is I made a page based on what rebates were out. And I led them through our process where they can read a sales letter about how I save money on my car, and how they can do the same thing.


So as a mindset, think in terms of the customer, think of what they would want. Think of how you can please them the most, and you’re gonna do very well. And really pay attention to what they search for, because the searches will tell you exactly what they want. And if they’re kind of … if it’s kind of a shady market where you can’t figure out what they want, you can even ask them like on my main site, I had a question form where I was offering $10 for everyone who asks me a valid question about internet marketing, and they got the $10 if I decided to use that in one of my DVD products.


And as a result, I paid you know, couple hundred dollars, but I got invaluable information that told me what the people who are going to my site were looking for. Now, you can do the same thing without giving away $10. You can have you know, four, five different lengths and track the traffic to them. But again, the mindset, make sure that it’s all about the customer.


A little note that I’d like to add on the subject of internet moneymaking mindset is that I see a lot of people out there who really want to just do anything they can and make a million bucks tomorrow. That’s probably not gonna happen. So, what I would say to you is get the mindset of how can I find little markets, niche markets with you know, maybe 5 to 800 searches a day, and use those to make money and then duplicate it, and keep duplicating, and keep building.


Uh, for example, recently, I was looking to, uh, get people into my sales funnel for this DVD. And I found out that 35 people a day were looking up the word “press release, uh, or press release optimization.” Coming from a background of search engine optimization, and having written a few press releases that have gotten over a 160, uh, thousand visitors each for 200 bucks, uh, pretty good deal. But having done that, I wrote an article about press release optimization and gave them some free advice.


At the end of that article, I put an opt-in form for a free video about, um, press release optimization and they watch that video, and get funneled into this video. But also, I’m funneling ’em into click bank products that pay me anywhere from $50 to $70 for press release software. And the big huge package by a marketer who has a press release traffic series, and that one pays like 400 bucks.


So, off of this little tiny market, you can make a couple hundred bucks a day if done right. Now, I’m not saying that you know, you slap it up and tomorrow you’re gonna make a couple hundred bucks, but, uh, what I am saying is this is a business just like any other business, and you have to work at it, and you have to do things slow, and deliberate, and really focus on what the user wants and how you can bring them into something that is going to make you money.


For example, the mortgage calculator site, that’s something people are paying a lot of money for. I mean, mortgages are probably the most expensive thing people ever buy. And, um, so you want to get those people and, and you could sell them something big if it promises that they’re gonna save money. Uh, same with cars. If, if you have something that, that’s gonna save ’em a couple thousand dollars, there’s no problem charging you know, anywhere from 40 bucks to 200 bucks and up, depending on what it is.


Uh, same thing with press releases. If you have the press release, um, software you know, that people will pay a lot, because they’re already gonna pay 2, 300 bucks just to submit the thing, and they will pay more to learn how to submit it right and not waste their money. So, with that in mind, build slow sites deliberately, and focus on what the people want. And don’t make your goal to make a million bucks tomorrow. Make it, “Hey! How can I spend today my eight hours of work today to generate $5 or $10 every day?” Because if you could take today and sit down and say, “How can I generate $10 a day?” At the end of the year, that’s $3600 in your pocket from eight hours of work.


Now, I’m not saying you’re going to do that. What … What I am saying is test it, and try it, and try new methods, and start slow, and set your daily, uh, click limits low. You know, just try stuff out. Test it out. Do it deliberate. And you know, tra- track the results, become a tracking and junky like me. I love to see you know, the different results, but start slow and deliberate.

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