Affiliate Marketing – Launch Jacking Method

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4 Responses to Affiliate Marketing – Launch Jacking Method

  • tunday solomon says:

    Hi Marcus,Av been following all your video tutorial and even installed your toolbar but am lost.You seem to have garnered so much knowledge in this affiliate marketing biz.
    However i would want to start as an affiliate marketer and cpa business.May i know the starting up to all this business.
    What am i supposed to do to get started?send me a link to any of your program i can start with.
    I so much have a lot of confidence in you and your program
    Thanks as am anxiously waiting for you.

  • Ralph says:

    How does a newbie answer the interviewing questionnaires on various “affiliate network” sites, to be accepted? I am not even sure what some of the terminology means in questions. I have to make up answers.

    Also, they want to know your current market and number of subscribers. Well, I don’t have any yet!

    It’s frustrating. Do you have any tips on how to get qualified with any of these networks, so I can get started? Thanks.

  • David says:

    Hey Marcus
    I ilked this, thanks for the info

  • Harry Watson says:

    Marcus Dude! Im on a free stock trading site called Robin Hood! Its actually a great site / phone app.

    I’m so poor my user name is churchmouse. They just offered : refer a friend and my friend and myself get 1 free share of stock randomly chosen by the site.

    Would you just do the referral and take the stock X # of friends? Or would you charge $! per “friend” plus get the stock? If you charged could the site object? I’m not a bottom feeder yet but I’m willing to learn!!