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What if you could get paid every time someone clicks an ad on your website?  

What if you could get 10 cents, 30 cents, a dollar, 3 dollars, or even more? 

You can with Google Adsense.  


How it Works 

Adsense is a pay per click affiliate-type program. Google gives you a code and you put that code on your site. Google uses that code to run ads. When people click the ads on your site, you get money for generating the click.  

These ads come from the Content Network. This is Google’s network of sites built by people who are using the Adsense program—content creators, blog owners, site developers, etc.  

The amount of money you get is based on the search term you use. Some search terms have few advertisers, so the amount you get per click is very little. The more advertisers pay for a click, the more money you make. You can use the Adwords Keyword Planner to guestimate the value of the clicks. 

Adsense is best used as a “supplement” to affiliate offers and other profit methods.  


How to Increase Revenue 

Here are three tips that will increase the amount of revenue you make on Google Adsense:  

  1. Make your ads look like content. It is against the Google Adsense rules to say “click these ads”. We want people to click them naturally. The worst thing you can do is have a banner that looks like a banner, because no one wants to click a banner. And it has to be relevant. Tip: Make the title of the ad blue and make the link blue. Use text ads because they are clicked on more than image ads.
  2.  Multiply traffic.  You want to make as much money as you can off of each individual visitor. Get each person to click multiple pages on your site. Get them to engage. They more pages they visit, the more times they see the ads, and the more chances you have to make money.  Tip: Make your traffic more valuable by sending them to other interesting topics with more advertisers.  
  3. Flip the click. Take whatever traffic you have and assume people are interested in lots of other things. People are eventually going to want something else based on the intent of your keyword. The intent is key.  Tip: Search terms with low competition have a low bid price. Terms with high competition have a higher bid price. Search volume is irrelevant here because we are generating the traffic from other sources.  

Create good content, play by the rules, and you can make a great living with Google Adsense. 

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