7 Killer Landing Page Hacks For Affiliate Marketers – Make More Money J

Hey guys, Marcus here from affiliatemarketingdude.com

In today’s discussion, I’ll be showing you some landing pages that will definitely bring in some traffic and make you profit big time!

What matters the most is what your market says!

Here are some tips on making really killer landing pages that will have your customers persuaded in no time!

  1. Have a natural look– Go native and show others that you have a welcoming and inviting look. This means that you have to catch their attention as soon as they get to your site.
    1. Use dropdowns
    2. Use image advertisements and teasers
    3. Enumerate with checkboxes, quizzes, etc.
  2. Give your Visitors choices– The best way to entice your customers into staying in your page is to give them as much options as possible. Some customers are usually looking for a remedy to their problems, by giving them options AND solutions, you’ll make them more interested!
    1. Giving customers options is one of the best ways to entice them
    2. Have an option grid – this gets more people to click on your offers.
    3. Create customizable sales pages with different options built it.
  3. Use Video Instructions – In most cases, customers and business owners are too busy and are in a hurry, by explaining to your demographic everything in audio and video form, you’re getting their attention pretty quickly.
    1. Be simple and concise with your instructions and information
    2. Hold their hand through the learning process
    3. Show them what’s going to work and what to expect
  4. Replicate Offer Page Layouts – You need to have a page that’s aesthetically pleasing while also removing all the clutter around the page so that the customer can focus on what’s important – which are your offers.
    1. Harmonize colors on your offer page
    2. How do each of the buttons look?
    3. What are you asking the customer to do for you to profit?

Everything’s pretty simple and straightforward!

  1. Use Eye Mapping Tracking – In terms of marketing, you have to know where your visitors are looking at when they come to your site. In this instance, they might be looking at certain areas of your site while some areas are overlooked. You have to keep this in mind when you’re setting up your website since your customers might overlook some offers that you are offering.

There are certain programs and plugins that will help you know what your visitors are clicking on.

  1. Test the famous F pattern when reading
  2. Test your site out by noticing the first 3 things that you see when you open your page
  3. Observe what your visitors are clicking on, learn and improve from this data

  1. Re-affirm why they came to your page in the first place – Know what is the intent of your customers and why they are in your page. Are they trying to find solutions to their problems? Are they trying to buy something? Are they trying look for a service? Re-affirm them that you can definitely deliver on your promise.
    1. Look at the data on how they got to your site
    2. Where were they when they clicked?
    3. What is the current situation that your customers are in?
    4. What is their ultimate goal?
  1. Have a One Track Focus
    1. Have them opt in
    2. Let them click your links
    3. Have them download your toolbar
    4. Let them buy something

When you use these 7 hacks, you will improve your conversion rate! We have lots of tools, themes, tips, and advice for your landing pages in just mere seconds! Be sure to visit www.Landingpagedude.com

That’s it! That’s all there is to it!

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