5 Ways To Keep People On Your Site Longer – Fix Your Bounce Rate

3, 2, 1…

That’s exactly how much time you have to take a visitor on your site and get them interested in what you have to say or what you have to offer. If you miss that 3-second window, BOOM! They’re gone out of there and all the work you spent trying to get him to your site is out the window!

In this video, I’m gonna show you exactly 5 ways that you can start getting more people to stay on your site longer so that you can make more money!

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You are here to learn about how to get people to stay on your site longer so that you can make more money! Let’s talk about those 5 tips right now!


You want to match your headline and your ad copy – the copy on your site, the text that people are going to read to. Whatever your headline said or whatever your search engine ranking says or whatever your title tag is – you want everything to be congruent in flow.

Notice in this video, I came out straight ahead and said here’s 5 things that you need to do to keep people on your site longer. That matches the title of the video and the thumbnail of the video. Everything on your site must match!

  • If your ad says “You’re gonna get a free ebook” – Make sure that your site says right up front – here’s where to get your free ebook.
  • If your ad says “Here’s 10 tips to do whatever” – Make sure that the headline on your site says top 10 tips’ to do whatever.
  • If you’re offering something, make sure they know where to find it

Make sure it’s crystal clear!

Make sure it’s right at the top!

Match your site content to whatever brought them there in the first place! Very very important!

So that they know what they’re expecting and what they’re going to get. This is the most important thing! If they don’t see it in 3 seconds, they’re gone! They’re out of there!




You want to make sure that the promise is delivered upfront, right in front of them within the first 3 seconds on the site. Make sure that their eyes gravitate to what you want them to see. Don’t talk about your company or how long you’ve been doing videos or how long you’ve been writing content or anything like that – people don’t care.

What they care about is what’s in it for them.

You want to show them right up front what is in it for them. You want to go through and immediately show them what’s in it for them.

  • Why am I on your website?
  • Why am I on your page?
  • What is the whole purpose that I’m here?

People come to you with a reason in mind

Whatever reason they came, you want to show that immediately and tell them what it’s going to do for them. We want to go through and say what is this going to do for you. You want to take that #1 match thing and you want to bring it into what it’s going to do for them.

  • You’re gonna lose weight, not just so you lose weight, but so you feel better and so you have more energy and you look your best!

Very simple, very easy but very overlooked! Immediately show them what the giveaway or what the goodie you promised in #1e is going to do for them in real-world terms. Make sure you use descriptive words! Make sure you make it juicy! Have a spicy sentence sandwich! And show them exactly what it’s going to do for them!

  • Here’s ten tips to lose weight so that you can look your best at the next christmas party! Feel great and be the envy of all your friends!

That’s kind of what you want to do if you’re in the money-making kind of thing!

  • Here’s how to make money so that you can quit your job, feel good and have extra money at the end of the month!

Very simple very easy! Use these, no matter what you’re doing.


Using curiosity on your website is getting people interested! Notice how sometimes you’ll go on the web and you’ll see something where it says “Top airline or Top airplanes” but by rich people and it’ll have a picture of a rich person with a busted down airline. You click it – you’re like what the hell?!

We want to look at that and say “Does that evoke curiosity?”

While that example was click bait, we want to do an example that’s in the real world that helps people! For example, instead of saying “Teach people what’s in it for them” – I could say “Hey check this out! I’m gonna teach you my secret method of getting inside your customers’ brain and getting money out right!”

That’s a lot more interesting and piques curiosity more than show your customer what’s in it for them and you’ll make money!

Or perhaps I have some kind of pdf and I’m trying to sell it or give it away.

  • “This pdf is gonna show you how to lose weight”
  • “This download/this video is going to show you how to lose weight”

Instead of saying… “Hey here’s how to lose ten pounds!!”

You could do… “How I lost ten pounds using this method”


Or maybe if you have a pdf you could say…

“Hey check this out! There’s 3 tips on this pdf! Number 2 is really cool! It helped me lose weight!”

That’s enticing them to say hey check out… I gotta read this cuz I gotta read the page number 2.


Remember that your customers are going to read bullet points and they’re gonna look at this stuff and they’ll say “Wow! This is going to help me!” or maybe they’ll say “It’s not gonna help me and I’m gonna leave…”

We want to get them to say “Yes! It’s gonna help me!” so that THEY STAY.


Curiosity is huge. Learn about curiosity! Use curiosity in your writing and focus on

How can I get them interested? How can I get them to see something?


It’s basic but it’s gonna get their curiosity and keep them reading!



You want to break up your content in a way that makes sense. Instead of having a bunch of paragraphs and a bunch of text – think about how that looks to your visitor. They look at it and they want to learn how to lose ten pounds! They don’t want to read 19 pages of stuff that’s not formatted. That’s all just a bunch of paragraphs! We want to break up our content into bite-sized pieces that deliberately start on a piece that makes sense! Instead of just having a big old paragraph, maybe your paragraph says “Here’s How To Lose Weight Fast”

You could bold that and then you can go into your next one which is your next bullet point. Make it bold and then break up the copy even more! It’s a lot easier to read! This is something in copywriting known as the dual readership path! What’s gonna happen is…

On your website, you’re gonna have two kinds of people.

  1. The very rare kind of person who reads every word of the copy
  2. The people who skim

You want to make the bold headlines! You’re gonna make them bold so that when people come to your site and they skim, they are gonna learn this! You’re gonna have these headlines and this big stuff with little copy and they’re gonna go through and then you’ll have little bullet points and it’s gonna break it up for them and make sense – make it easy to read! Use different colors but don’t overdo it!

They’re gonna look at this and say this is a site that I want to stay on. This is content I want to read because it’s not just a big long list of words or a big paragraph or a big novel all in one.

It’s actually something that I can use!

Something I can get behind and something I can learn from quick!

And actually, a lot of people print this kind of stuff! They’ll print it out and they’ll read it which is important.



You want your visitor to say “MORE MORE MORE!!”. You don’t want to just have content out there to help visitors. You want to have content that helps them want more. Notice in this, I give you the tips but I also go through and I’m like “Hey check it out! We’re gonna show you how to use one of these tips in a real world example with a plugin that we developed that’s gonna help you make it work in 3 seconds flat!”

Notice how you’re like.. “Wow! Man, I really want more of that. I really want to understand more. I want to see what that plugin is. I want to see what the tool is – how it works and how Marcus uses it to get lots of people to stay on his site and do the things that make him money!”

You want to keep them wanting more! It’s very important to keep them wanting more and to keep them reading!

In most cases, if you’re having content and you have a lot of content, you want to say “Hey check this out! The next tip is going to be this! Go and put your name and email For the next tip or click this button or purchase something for the other tips!”

Get them to want more!



Also leads them to affiliate offers to sign up!

And then, also, maybe you want them to opt-in.

You want to use the images and videos to drive them to that because people are visual and that’s what we’re gonna look at!

  • If you see a big picture of a face here, you’re gonna look at it.
  • If you see a big button here, chances are – if it’s what you want – you’re gonna click it!

You can see that I add video at the top, showing them what to do, how to sign up… and then down below, we have little steps. A little image and then we have content with links embedded. Also, we have little images showing them what to do. Notice how the content is a lot more easy to go through when you break it up with images and with the links and videos. It’s very important to make it easy on the visitors’ eyes and also embed those things that are gonna make you money!


Whoever gets you to stay on their site is getting you to stay there and the name of the game is getting people to stay. Let me show you one thing that I like to do to get people to stay and get people to consume the content and also drive them to the affiliate offers.

We have a plugin called Slide Voodoo.

This is my newest plugin that I just came out with that has all the tools that you can use to make this happen. To drive lots of affiliate sales!

Imagine the potential here. Let me show you how it works.

First of all, you go into manage slides. It’s very easy because you’re gonna go click new slide you can upload your image here. We’re gonna use this for the affiliate marketing crowd and we’re gonna go ahead and insert it into the post and then we put a description.

You have the little images to keep them going through the content and they’re clicking every step of the way. This is going to do light years for your retention of your visitors.

Now, notice also, that within these you can actually put affiliate links

Make sure all the stuff you say is true

In my case, this actually is!


  • This is a little web site average to 72 or 87 a day and it made money with super cheap paid traffic! – A simple tattoo offer from tattoo johnny – a clickbank offer and a giveaway!

Notice how this is going to pique their curiosity!


You can have whatever you want in here. We’ll try to make it short for the video. Lastly, what you want to do is what happens at the end. I could go ahead and I can add a slide if I’m doing an opt-in okay. I can add a slide where it says

“Hey, go ahead and opt-in!

What’s gonna happen here is that, now, instead of having a big long content about

  • Here are all my sites
  • Here’s how they made money

They’re gonna go to my site and they’re gonna go to the page. On the page, when they go here, it’s gonna be like…

“How to become a super affiliate”

And then it’s got the site and it says this little website made me over $137 today!!

You can have your affiliate links down here in the stuff. You’re gonna have a banner ad and you can have a link to your affiliate offer.

They’re gonna go through and they’re gonna be curious and they’ll be like…

“Wow! This site made this! What about the next one?”

Notice how it’s piquing curiosity and it’s getting them to engage with the site!

Then they go to the last one, and it says…

“Want to see more of Marcus’s profitable sites? Enter your name and email to get the top secret traffic or profit report!”

Really easy!

Imagine what this is gonna do for your opt-in rate! Some of the cool stuff about this one also is that it’s gonna track how far people get down the line. It’s actually going to track your clicks – it’s gonna track where people go!

Another cool feature we added in this is the ability to decide what happens on the next page. If they get done with all the slides, and you want them to go to a page – you could send them to an affiliate offer!

  • Or you want them to see an html code? Maybe it’ll play a video or something!
  • Or you want nothing to happen…

If you want to redirect you would just go in and redirect them. You can redirect them to Get A High Ticket Niche at HighTicketNiches.com.

And then what would happen there is that they would go to the page and then when they get to the last slide, it’s going to redirect them. It opens a new window and redirects them to wherever I want them to go.

  • You can have HTML in here, if you just go to your HTML code, you could put whatever you want. You can make a little image and you can make a little description.
  • You could put a code for a video if you want a video to play!

It’s super easy to customize! It’s really cool so imagine being able to use this in your marketing! Using this in your content to get people to engage! It works with literally anything from books to diets to making money to whatever you want!

If you like this and you want to get this plug-in, we’ve made this plug-in available for you in 2 different ways:

  1. You can go get it on my site for $47 which is a steal! I spent way more than that in making the plugin but we’re gonna give it to you cheap!
  2. You can get it through our MarcusMentor.me plugin. Not only are you gonna get this plugin worth $47 but you’re also going to get 12 other awesome plugins! A bunch of videos! A bunch of PDFs on all my videos! You get little-handwritten notes and everything like that! And tons of other stuff as well! Tons of tools! Lots of stuff and personal coaching! For a little bit more than the plugin, you get all of that and you get an affiliate dude t-shirt and a copy of my brand new book

Making money on the internet is not a big deal, I sit at home and drive ads to little sites that I built pretty cool right?

It’s got a little screenshot, so you’re gonna get that! You’re gonna get the shirt! Everything!

Check that out at MarcusMentor.me

At the bottom of the page, if you just want the plugin, we’ll have a link there for you as well.


You could just get this plugin but I think you’ll find that it’s a way better deal if you get the whole thing and you can cancel anytime that you want! I know you’re probably going to want to stay for a long time because of all the awesome stuff we have for you!

Those are the 7 tips on how to keep people engaged and responsive on your website so that you can make more money!


Thanks again! I’m Marcus aka the Affiliate Marketing Dude

I’ll see you in the next video!

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