5 Affiliate Marketing Tips – How to Increase Your Affiliate Sales Almost Instantly

What if you could start making more money from your affiliate offers?

That’s right! if you’re doing affiliate marketing with Clickbank or any other affiliate program like a CPA Network or a hosting company. We’re going to show you 5 ways that you can start making money with no extra traffic.

Now, this is just on one affiliate offer. It’s not just from one day; this is from the sales that I made in September. So it took a while to get paid.

We’re going to show you how to get results.  

You’re going to learn what it takes to make money online with affiliate marketing and we’re going to start with those five tips on how to improve your conversions and make more money.

We’re going to show you how to make more money in five easy little tips.



Tip #1 Get a domain name.

What do I mean by this?  Get a domain name for the niche you are going after. So if you’re going for something like a weight loss program, you would want to do like weight loss tips

Marcus’s weight loss tips or how to lose 10 pounds in a week. You want to be as close to the keyword, you’re going after.

So, like a domain I got was learnPPConline.com for learn pay per click marketing online or

If you’re going for affiliate marketing you would get like affiliatemarketingdude.com

  • Something easy to remember.
  • Something that says your title in it.
  • Something that has to do with your niche.

You don’t want to go for trademark stuff if you are doing something like a click funnels you don’t want to use the word click funnels, clickbank or the word Facebook in your domain.

Don’t use trademarks, use your keywords,

Use your niche. Get a domain people

 Will remember that’s easy to type.

The reason you want to have your own domain name is

You want to send people back to you.


You never ever want to promote a raw affiliate link on your page. If you promote an affiliate link raw, you are promoting that link and that link will actually get picked up in the search engines.

Have your own domain and put my affiliate link tracker on your domain that way you could put whatever you want and it tracks it all. At the end of the day you own the links, you can change them whenever you want.


Tip #2 Have a landing page.

  • A landing page is a page that people land on.

This could be a presales page where

You say…

A landing page could be very simple. It tells

What they’re going to get when they sign up.

Our landing page is going to increase conversions, because this is your chance to pre-sell the offer. You could pre sell it and say this is what you’re going to get.

Tip #3 Add a bonus or a giveaway.

Visitors are coming to you because

  • They like your content,
  • They like your page,
  • They like what you said.

Now they’re on your landing page. And says,

and you might say 

You can give them something of value that is going to complement the affiliate offer.

So if you’re doing like a weight loss thing,

You could say well get my guide on how I use their book to lose weight or get my cheat sheet of the notes that I took while I was reading the book.

Or if you’re selling a course that has lots and lots of videos

Hey get my guide on what to go through first and how to get the most out of the course.

That’s going to add value and get you more sales. You’re going to spread goodwill in the marketplace by doing that. You can purchase bonuses, you can find bonuses; get the resell rights of whatever you want to make a bonus. If you make it yourself you’re going to convert a lot better.

Tip#4 Build a mailing list.

So when you make your landing page instead of just saying go to this offer you buy the thing, you

Say, “put your name and email” in so I can send you the bonus.  They put their name and emails then you get a mailing list whether they buy or not. You can send those messages and say,

Check this out

I got this new thing for you

I got this for you

We’re going to give you tips on how to use this.

You can actually add value with your mailing list and get more traffic.

Make more sales and at the end of the day you’re going to have a list of people that you can mail stuff and by having that little landing page with the opt-in to intersect between your link and offer. You’re going to do really well.

Tip #5 Show them how to Order.

This is very important when you get people to your page. Make sure you tell them how to sign up. This is simple but it works. Oftentimes on my webinars I will say,

Hey welcome to my page, make sure that you sign up on this page.

Here’s what the order form is going to look like.

Put your name where it say name, put your email.


I do this, so that in their mind they’re preconditioned to see it and when they get to the page it’s going to be a lot easier.

You can tell them what’s going to happen after they order.

You can say after you order you’re going to get this.

Make sure you choose your logins or download or purchase the product


So that they’re ready to go and buy the thing that you are recommending.


These are five easy tips that you can use right away to start getting more results.



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