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When people plan a vacation a lot of them take theme parks into consideration. A lot of the top tourist attractions are places like Disneyworld, Universal Studios and Sea World. But a lot of these places are very expensive and people normally while on vacation get on average a one or two day ticket to these parks. So a great way to plan how to spend those days is to do some research on the theme park before you go. Want to know what the most thrilling coaster is or even what a good tame ride is for the scaredy-cats? Do not worry there are plenty of websites or YouTube channels to tell you. Surprisingly this is also a fantastic way to make money for the people that put out this content. If you are a local to any city with world known theme parks then you are just sitting on a gold mine and need to know about the potential you can uncover.


Theme Park Review is an excellent example of making money through roller coasters point of view videos. Theme Park Review posts mostly ride POV videos from different seats and angles. They have 1.84 million subscribers, and average about 108k views on their most recent POV roller coaster videos. They make an estimated $23.4K  –  $375K yearly, according to Social Blade. They also get invited to media events from many different theme parks which gives them special access to certain rides and attractions that people cannot normally record on/in. For example it is against the rules to record on any attraction at Universal Studios but because of their media pass Theme Park Review has plenty of ride POV videos on Universal attractions!


CoasterForce is another YouTube channel that does roller coaster POV videos. They have 1.28 Million subscribers and average about 3.16k on their most recent videos and make an estimated $6.8K  –  $108.7K yearly according to Social Blade. They go to many different theme parks as well, anywhere from Six Flags to Disneyland. They also have some interviews of people who work with the coasters and on each POV video they on the thumbnail say what the video quality is.


Attraction Source Is a YouTube channel where, you guessed it they do roller coaster POV videos as well! They only have 14.2k subscribers but they are UK based so it would make more sense that their channel is still growing. They have been more over the world recently and have widened their content to more than just England. According to Social Blade they make an estimated $1K  –  $16.4K yearly and average 2.5k views on their recent videos. They have POV videos along with 360° videos.


The next channel is East Coasters, they are another smaller channel but still do great POV videos. They have 6.05k subscribers and an average of 8.12k views on their most recent videos. According to Social Blade they make an estimated $1.1K  –  $18.1K a year. This channel prides themselves on their high quality POV videos. They are a lot newer then some of the other channels on this list which makes their view count more impressive. They also do a lot of YouTube shorts which get a good amount of views as well.


XtremeCoasters Network Is another UK based roller coaster POV YouTube channel. Although they are UK based they have videos of rides all over the world, from Belgium to Orlando they have it all! They have 22.9K subscribers and average 3.72k views on their recent videos. Their most popular videos are the ones from amusement parks in Orlando but their international videos still get a good amount of views. According to Social Blade they make an estimated $810  –  $13K yearly.


Amusementinsider is a POV and roller coaster update channel. They post POV videos of rides and keep people updated with upcoming rides! They have 64.1K subscribers and average 6.5K views on their most recent videos. They make about $1.9K  –  $29.8K yearly according to Social Blade. This channel is native to the United States but do videos on theme parks around the world.

Theme Park POV is a channel that tells you exactly what it is. They have 28K subscribers and average 4.48K views on their most recent videos. They are based in the United States and they have an interesting way of filming. They use either video sunglasses, a spy watch or a go-pro strapped to them if the park allows it. They say that because they want people to know that they do not use any lose articles to keep other guest safe. According to Social Blade they make an estimated  $1.8K  –  $28.2K a year.


Front Seat Media, is the next YouTube channel on our list. They have 42.8K subscribers and average 58.2K views on their most recent videos. They make an estimated $1.2K  –  $18.9K yearly according to Social Blade. They do a lot of top ten videos of rides at parks but within that they show their POV.


Squidge, is another YouTuber that does rollercoaster POV they also do other type of videos but that is the most prominent videos. According to Social Blade they make an estimated $107  –  $1.7K a year. They have 1.47k subscribers and get an average of 133.1K views on their most recent POV videos


Coaster Critic, is a website that has reviews of many different rollercoasters. They have not disclosed their revenue on Similarweb but according to that website they have had 12.5K visits and people usually stay on the site for about 2.5 minutes. They really have not disclosed too much about their website but it is well organized.


Ultimate Rollercoaster is another website that does rollercoaster reviews. According to SimilarWeb They make around $5M-$10M annually and people on average tend to stay on the website for only 47 seconds. The website itself is well organized but it is a little boring, which would explain the short amount of time people stay on the website.


Theme Park Review has a website on top of their youtube channel and they have quite a bit of traffic on there as well. According to SimilarWeb they make an estimated $15M-$25M annually. The average people stay on their website is about 3:46 which at lot compared to other websites. Their website is colorful and fun, it is organized but not in a traditional way like previous websites.


Park Savers, is a website that gives people tips for theme parks and reviews. According to Similarweb they make $5M-$10M annually, the average people stay on the website is only 44 seconds. They have 216.3k visits overall, the website itself is organized and nice to navigate.

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Are you prepared to go on an unforgettable family vacation? Stop waiting! This is the place to start if you want a less stressful, more enjoyable holiday.
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3. Disney City Pass $2 – $5 Per Ticket $20 Per Vacation

Join CityPass teams to receive commissions for each booking or ticket sale made through your website. The 30day Park Hopper tickets for Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure, as well as a Magic Morning for Disneyland Park, are available through CityPass.
For those who buy their tickets through CityPass, advantages like line-skipping are available. The price of the tickets is up to 50% less than the standard admission cost.
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4. AttractionTix

In addition to being an official partner of Disney, Universal, and SeaWorld, AttractionTix provides services to millions of individuals worldwide. Their priority is providing exceptional customer service, offering great value, and making it simple to purchase advance tickets that will ensure hassle-free entry to your favorite parks and attractions. Everything we provide, from tickets to Disneyland Paris to Siam Park and Loro Parque, is carefully chosen to make sure your trip is enjoyable, memorable, and cost-effective.
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5. ParkSavers Disneyland Affiliate Program

With the help of this theme park ticket affiliate scheme, you’ll earn money. You’ll provide some of your audience’s preferred theme parks with cheap and wholesale tickets.
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6. Go City Pass

Go City is a travel pass that enables visitors to 28 locations across the world, including London, New York, and Las Vegas, to save up to 55% on the price of going to the main sites, excursions, museums, and other forms of entertainment.
Link: https://gocity.com/en-us/affiliates

7. Merlin Passes Affiliate Programme

Experience the breathtaking new Falconer’s Quest at Warwick Castle by going back in time. On one of our heart-pounding, head-spinning, and jaw-dropping rollercoasters, experience the thrill of adrenaline. Scream your way through the London Dungeons, embark on Shrek’s Adventure, and take in the breathtaking vistas from the Coca-Cola London Eye in one day.
Your passport to amazing adventures at more than 30 of the UK’s finest attractions is a Merlin Annual Pass. Get set to begin a year of fun by selecting a Premium or Standard pass.
Link: https://ui.awin.com/merchant-profile/17236

8. Universal Studios affiliate program

Universal Studios Hollywood is a unique experience that’s enjoyable for the whole family, featuring exhilarating theme park attractions and shows, a real working movie studio, and the best restaurants, shops, and movie theaters in Los Angeles at CityWalk.
Link: https://affi.io/m/universal-studios

9. Six Flags Tickets Affiliate Program

Your website visitors can register to discover if they are eligible for four tickets to Six Flags through the Six Flags Tickets affiliate program.
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10. Cidar Fair Affiliate Program

With resort, hotel, and recreational sites spread across the lower 48 states and close to Ontario, Canada, Cedar Fair is a global leader in owning and managing regional amusement parks and water parks. Our ticker symbol, NYSE: FUN, reflects the fact that we have the market cornered on fun.
Link: https://www.cedarfair.com/partner

11. Planning The Magic

Dedicated to Disney Parks and Resorts, Planning The Magic is a vacation-planning service. Along with free estimate requests for Disney trips, products offered include an e-Book on how to maximize your time at Disney World on a tight budget.
Link: https://www.planningthemagic.net/affiliate/

12. Hersey Park Store Affiliate Program

With the help of the Hershey Park affiliate program, you can take your customers to Hershey Park, a virtual haven for chocolate lovers everywhere. This company offers all customers a delightful and entertaining experience by offering creative gifts in addition to their well-known chocolate goods.
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13. Busch Gardens Tampa Bay Affiliate Program

Busch Gardens Tampa Bay is home to some of Florida’s top roller coasters and thrill attractions, whether you’re a coaster fanatic or want rides that are enjoyable for the whole family.
Link: https://buschgardens.com/tampa/park-info/corporate-partnerships/

14. Knott’s Berry Farm Affiliate Program

Season Passes at Knott’s Berry Farm are the Best Value in Southern California. Every Season Pass includes admission to every Season of Fun throughout the calendar year in which it was purchased, exclusive dining and shopping deals, and season-long access! For the whole season, both Knott’s Berry Farm and Knott’s Soak City are accessible with the Gold Season Pass. With Seasons of Fun activities held all year long at Knott’s Berry Farm, fun is never out of season!
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15. Canada’s Wonderland Affiliate Program

To the modest thrills of Planet Snoopy and KidZville from the large thrills of Yukon Striker, Leviathan, and Behemoth! You can find the kind of pleasure you’re looking for at Canada’s Wonderland.
Additionally, explore Splash Works, a 20-acre sun-paradise lover where you can soar to new heights on Mountain Bay Cliffs or unwind in the sun with your family at the Lakeside Lagoon children’s pool.
Link: https://www.canadaswonderland.com/partners

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