27 Sites That Pay You to Proofread

27 Sites That Pay You to Proofread

The average base salary of a proofreader in the United States is $59.250 annually (indeed.com)

#1. Upwork

Up work is an excellent platform to help you make money online as a proofreader. You can set your pay rate on Upwork. It’s possible to work hourly and even project basis. It depends on your preferences.
Upwork lets you work from the comfort of your home. However, they do charge a 20% fee. Plus, you must bid on jobs via connects and win the job. So, you must have excellent writing skills to impress your potential client. You can quickly sign up at Upwork, but you need to verify that you are a real person.

#2. Fiverr

Fiver is another excellent platform to work as a remote proofreader. You can quickly sign up as a seller and start selling for as low as $5.
People look for proofreaders who can sell the sendees cheaply, but you can choose the rates for your gigs. When you are a beginner, Fiverr can help you build a portfolio or get the feel of the work.

#3. LinkedIn

Not many people may know this, but LinkedIn can help you land proofreading jobs or contracts. But, first, you need to make a fantastic profile on the LinkedIn platform.
Fill in the details and complete the bio, provide sample links, or write sample articles showing before and after work. There is a lot that you can do on Linkedln. You can also post concise value-filled information on Linkedln to attract the attention of potential clients. Linkedln is like Facebook, but for professionals.

#4. Indeed

Indeed can help you find proofreading jobs. The best part is searching for remote, contract-based, part- time, and even full-time jobs on Indeed.

Indeed is famous worldwide, and thus, finding a proofreading job, whether online or not, would be easy for you! So, you can check out Indeed and see if it works for you!

#5. Flexjobs

Flexjobs is an online platform that will help you find proofreading jobs. An exciting thing about Flexjobs is that it’s possible to find jobs you can do from the comfort of your home.

Signing up at Flexlobs is easy. It’s also possible to browse the jobs without signing up, but you need to join to apply. You may need to narrow your search to find a proofreading job in your niche (if you have one!).

#6. Gramlee

If you are a beginner, you can try your luck with Gramlee. They hire editors as contractors.

You can fill in the employment application, and if they like it, they will contact you. So, you can fill in the information and see if you find it interesting.

#7. Guru

Guru is another platform to help you find proofreading jobs. You can sign up with your email, Facebook, Linkedln, etc.

You can browse the job listings and narrow down your search to proofreaders. There would be clients looking for proofreaders, and you would bid!

#8. Facebook Groups

Another interesting way to land online proofreading jobs is via Facebook groups. Yes, you heard that right! You can join different groups where your target market hangs. In addition, you can tell people about the sendees you offer!

For example, you can join groups where writers and copywriters hang around. You can advertise your sendees, and thus, you would be able to land potential clients. But it’s best if you have samples and a website.

#9. Freelancer

Freelancer lets you sign up using Facebook or with your email address. Then, you complete the profile on this platform and find proofreading jobs.

You would need to bid for the proofreading jobs like Upwork. Of course, it’s possible to find long-term clients too, but you must be consistent when working on such platforms. Freelancer lets you set the rates per hour or by the project. You can see what’s the market rate for beginners and decide accordingly.

#10. Scribendi

You can become an editor or proofreader at Scribendi. You would first fill out a questionnaire. Then, they will hire you based on the information you provide in the questionnaire.

You need experience and a bachelor’s or master’s degree for the in-house full-time proofreader position.

#11. ProofreadingServices.com

You can apply to become a proofreader on this website. First, they take an online assessment.

Then, the company would gauge your potential as a proofreader through this test.

If you join proofreadinaservices.com. you can earn between 19 and 46 USD. Moreover, you can work flexible hours, so that’s interesting about this online site!

#12. People per Hour

Peopleperhour works like Fiverr and Upwork. You can set up your profile and the rates. You can even browse for similar jobs and see how other proofreaders display their sendees.

Knowing that you will need excellent ratings is vital when working on such platforms. In addition, the reviews and ratings from other customers show your potential for more projects.

#13. Clickworker

You can fill out the relevant details and become a clickworker. Basically, you may work on the microtasks as a proofreader on this online site.
The pay to work as a proofreader varies depending on the job. But, expect to display excellent skills for proofreading.

#14. EditFast

EditFast hires proofreaders and pays them via PayPal. However, they do keep 40% of the project fee. They also require you to have a degree from a recognized university.

You can make a resume. However, you work as a freelancer, so there is no guarantee of whether a potential client will want to work with you or not.

#15. ProofreadingPal

ProofreadingPal hires qualified individuals who have enrolled or are graduate or post-graduate students in the United States. The university or college must be accredited, and these students must have a minimum GPA of 3.5.

They say that the editors on this site earn between $500 to $3000 a month. So, if you fulfill the criteria, you can try your luck here and see if it works for you!

#16. Start Your Own Business

You can start your own proofreading business from the comfort of your home. You can create a website showcasing your skills. You can even write informative blogs on proofreading to capture the attention of potential customers.

Starting your proofreading business would be much easier once you have the experience and expertise. Then, it comes down to finding the clients, but networking can help!

#17. ZipRecruiter

ZipRecruiter can help you find proofreading jobs.

You can search for proofreading jobs on this site, and it can also give you an idea about the salary and the steps to land a potential job.
You can enter your email address and set alerts for the proofreading jobs available. Doing so will make the job search easy for you!

#18. Glassdoor

Glassdoor is like Indeed and ZipRecruiter. You can search for potential proofreading jobs, and it’s also possible to read reviews about companies and employers.

You can also create an account on Glassdoor and leave your reviews on a company. It will also help you give an idea about the salary when you search for it!

#19. Get Editing Jobs

You can find proofreading jobs at Get Editing lobs. You can search for proofreader jobs by entering proofreader in the keywords section.

You can browse the available positions and see if anything sparks your interest. However, when finding proofreading jobs, you need to know what you prefer the most. Plus, it’s always best to read the job description to see if you match the qualifications or not.

#20. Reedsy

You can join Reedsv and complete your profile. Then, as a freelancer, you can help a writer proofread their work.

They charge 10% sendee fees, and clients can contact five professionals at a time.

If this platform sounds interesting, you can try it and see if it works. For example, there are automated contracts and secure payments.

#21. The Editorial Freelancers Association

Another interesting but less common way to find proofreading jobs is via The Editorial Freelancers Association. You would need to pay the
membership fee here.

You can set up a profile, and a potential client can find you. You can also bid on jobs and a lot more. On top of all that, there are courses
available to help you improve your skills. So it could be worth the investment.

#22. Craigslist

Not many people may know this, but Craigslist can also turn out to be a hidden gem. Some potential clients will be looking for Craigslist proofreaders; thus, you can try your luck here.

You can also check out the gigs section and see if there are any proofreading jobs. You may need to research, but you can land local clients. However, when using this site, go with your gut feeling too!

#23. Polished Paper
You can try your luck at Polished Paper. Then, when you fill out the relevant information and provide a resume, a 35-question editor test can
help you move forward!

You can use outside resources to complete the test, but you must clear it.

#24. Writer’s Relief

Writer’s Relief considers proofreaders from the United States. You can fill out the proofreader application and see if it’s interesting.

When applying for such sites, you can also check the online reviews to understand what to expect. Then, when you see what other freelancers share about their experiences, it will be easy for you to move on.

#25. Media Bistro

Media Bistro can help you search for proofreading jobs. You can also create job alerts to know when an exciting job is available!
The job boards can help you land long-term clients. You need to be on the hunt. It’s a numbers game, but you must be consistent in searching for a potential gig or project!

#26. Managed Editing
Managed Editing provides proofreading and copyediting sendees to their clients. Their clients would be government agencies and more!
They have been around since 1996. You can check out the independent contractor application and see if it interests you.

#27. OneSpace Freelancers

One Space Freelancers pav you via PayPal. You can fill out the relevant information and specify that you are a proofreader.
They will take assessments, and you can get work based on your qualifications. You will also paste your resume while applying.

7 Tips On How to Make Money As A Freelance Proofreader Online

When you are a freelance proofreader, it’s wise to know the tips and tricks to help you earn online!
Consider the following:

#1. Take An Online Proofreading Course
It’s best if you can take an online proofreading course. Doing so can help you prepare for the projects. You can even land higher-paying projects when you learn from a professional. So, it’s best to find the best course providers.

#2. Build A Portfolio
When you build a portfolio for proofreading jobs, it can help you find better clients. The potential clients would know that you understand the project. You can showcase the samples and even include the client testimonials.

#3. Build An Online Presence
You may find yourself on the go while working as a freelance proofreader. Thus, it’s best to build an online presence. When potential clients can see you active on social media, it will be easy to trust you and hire you. It’s all about creating credibility.

#4. Never Underestimate The Power of Word of Mouth
Even though you live in the information technology age, you can’t underestimate the power of word of mouth. You can get referrals when people trust your work and understand your high potential.

#5. Volunteer
You can start volunteering when nothing works in your favor, and you are a beginner. Help someone free of charge with good intentions and ask them to spread the word about your senders. Once you have established your name, it will be easy for you to land potential clients.

#6. Add Value
Join social media platforms and add value to other people’s lives through your knowledge. Teach what you know through your posts or

comments. Adding value to someone’s life can help you in many ways!

#7. Join Online Platforms
You can join different online platforms that hire proofreaders and editors when you have excellent proofreading skills. The sky is the limit if you are great at your work! You can work from the comfort of your home through hard work and consistency.

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