25 Success Tips with Evan Carmichael Affiliate Marketing Dude

Hey guys it’s Marcus here!


I just got back from video marketing world in Texas and it was really great! It’s first time I’ve been to a video conference and I met some really good people and had some time to sit down with some pinnacle business people in the video marketing space and I wanted to share an interview, kind of like a fireside chat that I had with Evan Carmichael.

If you don’t know Evan, Evan started his YouTube business his channel from nothing and built it to over 1.5. million subscribers hundreds of millions of views. He’s got books. He’s got everything a full-fledged business that he created from his YouTube by simply going after the tactics that I teach you where you go through and you find out what people want. You find out what they’re searching for and you build some content.

Now one of the things I like most about Evans content is the fact that a lot of it is sourced together and pieced from other places. He’s actually creating content based on what other people do.

You’ll see things on his channel like top ten tips from Bill Gates or top seven things an entrepreneur needs to know from Elon Musk or something like that.

In this interview, I had a chance to sit down with them and get kind of real so I hope you guys enjoy it! It’s kind of raw. It’s kind of real we go through the struggles. We go through what it takes to really make it in a business whether it’s YouTube, whether it’s search marketing, affiliate marketing or whatever it is you’re into and I think you’re gonna like it!

You can check it out and if you like this kind of stuff and you want to learn more about how to make money online with affiliate marketing YouTube channels or any business in general, feel free to subscribe and hit the little bell notification icon so you can check out my other videos and join us live every Wednesday at 10 a.m. and now sitback and enjoy my interview with Evan Carmichael. 

I got the Evan Carmichael who is a YouTube legend. He has a lot of subscribers. He’s got a lot of following and he built it all from nothing which is awesome!


MARCUS: That’s a story I really like because I can relate to that, having started mine from nothing and looking at like how do you go from just being a guy who wants to get a following on YouTube or be a guy who wants to get you know business started, or be a guy who wants to go out and start talking to people? How do you build from nothing?

What I brought Evan here to do is say, “Hey what did you do? How did you go through and how did you start and say I’m gonna reach this crowd which by the way his crowd is like success-minded people which is the broadest audience you can get which makes it extra difficult!

So what took you from like I’m gonna go in this success market or the tips to actually implementing and growing? 


Tip #1: Try something.

CARMICHAEL: So I think the first part is just starting. when I first started, I wasn’t trying to be a YouTube famous. It was an experiment. I think people don’t try enough things. I think you should try, you get an idea here well I might be good at YouTube; it might be interesting and go give it a shot  I expect to suck. My first video sucked!

I’m like, “You guys you make your video, it’s gonna suck, you’ll be embarrassed by it.” It’s awesome. That’s always a journey. It’s always a process so just try! You get an idea for it. Just try! So my first videos we’re okay. The first video that I have up, is a profile of Walt Disney.

Modeling success is still what I believed in. I was doing that with my website and having success with that before I moved to YouTube because I’m a visual learner. This is what’s going through my head. I have a successful website. It’s building this growing building the team. We’re making money. I’m a visual learner though like I wish there was video content I wonder if I’d what if I just made a video.

I put a video and we made one on Walt Disney and I put it up on my channel which was nothing you can put on my website. We’ve got a few views on it.

Tip #2: Find something missing in your niche community.

It’s not blowing up but that was kind of fun to make. If I was watching that as a first time entrepreneur I would like that so like you know what that’s kind of cool!

Tip #3: Use your pain to help others and grow your business.

I think your purpose comes from your pain. My pain was struggling as an entrepreneur getting started and not having any money and all the self-doubt and all that stuff we could dive into the pain if you want but I thought like that the 19 year old Evan would love this video.  so I wanted to make more.

I think that’s the starting point like if you’re trying to get married, you’d go on some dates. Your first date you’re not gonna get married. Just do you want to have a second date with that person. So that was the mindset!

Tip # 4: Don’t expect your first TRY to work perfectly.

I had a fun time doing the video. It took a ton of work. I still suck. It was like multiple days of research and editing and filming and all that stuff. The product outcome was not anything to my standards but I like doing it. It’s like I’m gonna go back and do it again.

Tip #5: Continue to make quality content for your market.

And as I as I’m transitioning from hobby to business was continue to make the content I don’t know how often was doing it I took breaks maybe once a week, every couple of weeks and in like a three-month break, and then back on it.

MARCUS: and the model was always get other content compiled it in a way that works which is cool because I look at that and I’ve always been fascinated with quotes.

Like those sites that have just tons of quotes and the sites are boring as hell you’re like I don’t want to scroll through a thousand quotes the you know something good and so I would look at that and I’d be like well I can rank for you know some author and quotes really easily  you know and you compile the video and that that’s why I like that model so much and it just it works!

Now when you went through it were you looking at like okay people are searching for this therefore I’m gonna make this?

Tip #6: Start before having a perfect strategy.

CARMICHEAL: Not yet, just start!

 I think you need to start before having a strategy like you get an idea just start and try it and just see. I think too many people think about affiliate marketing for two years and then they need to have a perfect plan and the perfect launch strategy and then they still don’t do it because they make this big huge thing like just start! Be a part of anybody’s launch campaign and just see!

Did you like the process? Did you make one sale to your brother?  Did you like the process that you’d like going through the launch sequence? Did you like trying to create content? A few days like you know what this affiliate market thing if you love it and you keep going on anything, you win!

Tip #7: If you love it and keep going, you win!

MARCUS: I totally agree and it’s interesting because people get so stuck and they’re like okay well I need to have this decision. I need to know this. I gotta have a business name and you know when I started I don’t know how it was for you but when I started it was like well I need to make money because we were broke I had kids on the way it’s like I had nothing to do no education no nothing and I was just like okay well I guess I’ll learn how to make websites for limo companies because they need them.

I just tried it and I could have gone and I went down the yellow pages and I was like aardvark limo abacus limo and  went down there you go that’d be something like Louisiana oh  but I would call him and you know like I didn’t wait until I had this huge structure I just like hey let’s call this guy and if he says yes I’ll go get a check and I’ll build a site or whatever and  that seems to be like the advice that you’re giving is like get started somewhere. Put a post up. Put video up. get a webpage up get something out there and get a feedback. It might suck but you know you’re gonna go from there.

CARMICHAEL: I think it’s just every person that you look up to, like any of you guys watch any of your heroes they had a lot of pain and building their business like the struggle leads to the success and I’m a huge believer that your purpose comes from your pain so whatever was the most painful moments, it could be childhood, could be something with her recently then humans I think are built to serve and you gain happiness by serving others if you’re not happy in life you haven’t you’re not serving other people enough and so the best businesses are serving customers like you’re selling this. If it’s affiliate marketing you’re selling a product that you believe in that will help the customer get any result not just yet trying to get a commission.

Tip #8: Focus on serving your market.

CARMICHAEL: I struggled so much as an entrepreneur. I was making 300 bucks a month I turned down dream jobs that all my friends wanted to do this and the worst moments were you know my friends want to go out for pizza beer and they’re all investment bankers making six figures and like I can’t afford 20 bucks to go have pizza I’m eating the same chickpea salad every day because it was cheap and would fill me up. I was too embarrassed and ashamed to tell people that I was sucking. I’m living the entrepreneur, I’m hustling working hard, let’s go if it’s like I got nothing. I don’t get few hundred bucks a month and I told him it’s better that I quit at one point that was like the worst day of my life and then and then got back up the next day and said you know Mike I can’t quit I can deal with failing but I can’t deal with not knowing so I have to I have to know I have to feel like I gave everything I had if I still in a feeling that’s okay but I’m not going to leave without fully knowing.

Because I struggled so much as an entrepreneur and now I want to help other entrepreneurs that was my pain and so I still feel the suffering of 300 bucks a month and being embarrassed and ashamed and not getting results and putting work like work.

Tip #9: Let the struggle motivate you.

CARMICHAEL: Real effort. Not like I think it’s gonna be easy and put up an ad and you were working your butt off. Like real work and just not getting results so was the first time in my life that any time if I didn’t if I worked at anything athletics sports, music like I would practice and I would get better and here was practicing is like I’m not getting better where the results is not happening and so I feel that frustration. I know that most people most entrepreneurs don’t make it and so that became my purpose to help entrepreneurs kind of get through those early days.

That’s what I do and I I got saved by Bill Gates. I never met him but by researching his company based on my worst day I said somebody else has figured this out like we’re a software company, he’s tech software but there’s another company, let’s figure this out.

Why am I failing so much, somebody has the answers and so I looked at Bill Gates and Microsoft and like how did Bill Gates go from zero to one. He had lots of ways I’m sure to make an extra million at  great  but like zoo don’t want. How did that happen and what can I learn from it and I learned from him when I put it to work in my business and within a couple months had my first check for $13,000, and that was that was money like whole ridiculous it.

Sounds crazy talking about doesn’t seem like a big amount now but that was that was ridiculous and more important than that I had a strategy that can keep using more than just a one-off sales like this can keep working and so that’s why I also love while in success because my modeling Bill Gates I built my business.

Tip # 10: Model something that works.

CARMICHAEL: So purpose from your pain is helping entrepreneurs the how was by modeling success and so that’s all I’ve done for the past 16 years.

MARCUS: It’s cool because I look at it and you know a lot of us have that drive of the why like for me my dream is to do. I’d like the affiliate thing but my main dream is like I want to change the narrative of alcoholism in America because that’s what I went through, that was my pain point personally. You know it was a very difficult thing because for me I was an entrepreneur I was successful I had money people routed me on.

No one knew what I went through but it was absolute utter hell and I look at the narrative and I like the model you have because I look at it and I’m like okay I can do a mix of content because a lot of your contents kind of like you have a lot of people outsource it it’s kind of builds itself. It’s not like I got to go if I’m gonna do eight videos I got to go in front of the camera you know eight times it’s like boom here’s the content.

CARMICHAEL: How did you get out of the alcoholism? How did you get sober?

MARCUS: I went insane. So alcoholism, really bad you get to a point where you’re living on alcohol. You don’t sleep so you’re never really really sleeping and lack of sleep will make you insane on top of booze it will make you and saying I have like a textbook everything in the textbook of mental issues and childhood stuff I mean I didn’t have it as bad as some people right but for me it was “how did you fix it?” It fixed itself so when I went insane ‘cause I was like four years ago I was drinking I was like I can’t do this my identity was business I was like no I am Marcus the money guy Martin and I would literally look at my numbers and I’m like shoot we only made you know six grand today. I’m a loser . I’m a total loser I only made this I made a lot I’m good and it would just like that and depression set in and then when I went insane I was actually taken out of my house non voluntarily. They were like we’ll get your pants for you sir because I don’t I’m like I don’t wear sweats outside the house. It’s just my thing and they’re like we’ll get your pants okay and I go to the hospital and then they take me to a mental hospital okay I’m sitting there and I watch this lady and she’s like having conversation with every blade of grass okay and I think I’m Marcus entrepreneur I don’t belong here.

Then something goes off in my head and I go is exactly where you belong okay you’re insane okay and me being the control freak that I was really shattered because here I am I’m like I control everything I make the money. I do this. I do that. I do this. this is my world. I get my own pants. you know and having that stripped  even though I talk to myself I was supposed to be in there for 72-hour psych hold.

I talked them out of it and I realized that there is so little in my life that I control okay I got a business I got to I could think about oh I could get plane ticket here I could do that I can move here but you really can’t control much

I can’t control what happens with my kid I can try I could teach them the best but I can’t control it.

Okay like things can happen I can’t control what happens to me.

CARMICHAEL: So how did that did you just did you realize that? Did you read a book that somebody like?

MARCUS: It came slowly so at first I went into rehab and for me I’m anxious I’m totally get these meetings half the time I’m totally anxiousness so I smoke so I can get away and kind of you know digress but for me I got the anxiety and I got everything and I forgot where I was going with that

CARMICHAEL: How did you get the Mindset?

MARCUS:  I had that and I would just be a wreck and so I went into rehab and Here I am in rehab and I shelled out a bunch of money to go to this rehab  and I can’t even shower when I want  I don’t have my own shower I don’t have my own room I don’t get up what I want and to me that experience was like all bets are off Here I am little OCD guy got to wash my hand  you can’t do it  so that was the first realization of I have no way to control my environment and then when I got out I started listening to Rahm das that guy if I could ever like tell him thank you like change in my life Alan Watts loved Alan Watts and I started listening to them and everything changed because I came I used to be a street preacher  and I came from that background and it was here’s how it is we know what God is and it’s like no you don’t but you think you do so  you and I came from that and then I listened to these guys and it just shook my world it’s like money’s not real.

It’s man-made totally man-made is a figment of your imagination it’s an all-day stop agreement so I was like so everything I’ve been working for everything that my identity was built on is a total sham a lie fake there is no Markus and I just came to this point where I was like it doesn’t matter.

From that it can either be like I look at it like there’s billion people on this earth what makes me so special.

I’d like in my life I deserve what the least person on earth has so to me I look at it I’m like I wake up I don’t know why I was born in America I don’t know why affluence Whatever but the guy in India that’s a little kid in India that’s like going through the copper to get food that’s what I deserve or less if there’s someone less than that and looking at that of I’m not special.

Marcus Campbell’s like people are you do this YouTube you do that I’m not special living you know I’m just like everyone else that was really freeing because you can look at that as like a depressing downer though I’m not special or you could be like holy I’m not special nothing matters.

I could go do whatever I want because I’m not living to some fake facade some think I’m not living to what you think I am or what you want me to be or what I want me to be.

That really works for me because I look at it and there’s so many people who go through alcoholism and they come out and they’re basically just pissed off people they can’t drink and they’re like I can’t drink I hate my life  and for me I don’t even I don’t even care anymore I got down at the the bar area last night friends you drink oh my god care I don’t need it you know I don’t need that because one I can sit and I can live with my anxiety I can live with all my weird at ease I can accept myself because another life philosophy is that if I had your upbringing and I was like you and I ended up in life where you are at 38 where I am at 38 I would make the decisions you make  that would be you if I had that exact path I would be you therefore I can’t judge you therefore I can’t you know look at it oh you should do this it’s like but they can’t you know because if you were to take someone and this is a study that I’ve always looked into  if you were to take someone  if you were to take someone to be like hey you know I’m gonna put you in a concentration camp or a different situation it’s gonna change the way they think or the way they believe you know and  you won’t even recognize a person afterward. So it’s kind of interesting  hopefully that helps someone.

Tip # 11: Find the feeling in your pain that others want to avoid in life.

CARMICHAEL: Then it’s like how do you bring that into the business whether it’s strictly alcoholism or lots of people have things that they may not be really they may not be liberal at exactly alcoholism but the sense of being out of control the sense of having some kind of addiction yeh that they feel is beyond them and like how to have hope and I think I think even that transition from what you first said like I just changed to well here’s what I actually did to change like I went and sought help a couple times  I’d listen to Alan Watts and I listened to XYZ and I smoked and like whatever like that that’s what you did and so you can that process helps break down for the people even even then like and then I became an entrepreneur again and I started up affiliate marketing  I want to teach people all of that then like gives real purpose to what you’re doing  and people can relate to it even if they’re not alcoholic.

Tip # 12: Find the model of what you did to get the result others want.

MARCUS: I think it’s cool because you can you can do that with anything and internet marketing it’s really at the core I think about just helping people like you got a guy he’s asking Google a question he’s asking you to back question and what does he want and I look at like how do you predict the search you know because I did a test years ago where I was like could you predict it I would be an alcoholic based on my search history okay you could have totally100 % now if you could reverse engineer that and be like well now I want to reach all the people who are going to become this  you know or like with yours you can take a look at the videos you have and be like okay well these people are looking up this particular person for this reason or something do you ever do.

Tip #13: Have integrity in your business.

CARMICHAEL: I mean my goal honestly for people who are in it for the long term is to build a brand and even I think if you love marketing even anybody in affiliate marketing my goal would be to first only recommend products that I use and like and would want to recommend to my mother a lot of people don’t do that and that’s why I think I feel like marketing gets a bad rap sometimes because people thank you very little  right and you’re gonna make tons of money seven step process but you haven’t done it yourself mm-hmm or buy this coffee it’ll change cancer you know but that’s that’s fine like quality always rises to the top and then what I would want to do is build the brand so that whatever I recommend people will want to go and give it a shot okay so I’m not always trying to find a new audience each time based off of search and intent there’s a direct marketing method works but you can make more money as a brand.

MARCUS: That’s what I kind of look at it and tell me if this is how you see it too because I’d like your perspective I look at it as you use the little stuff to build what’s going to build the brand so like if I want to go in and be like you know I’m gonna do quotes or I’m gonna do trainings on whatever I’m gonna do the little tiny bits because those are gonna build up into the brand.

Tip # 14: Have laser focus and intent in everything you do.

CARMICHAEL: So as long as those bits are part of the foundation you’re not building bits in different pieces that don’t they’re not from the same tree right they’re all over the place and then  if you have the intent to build a brand then it’s getting in front of it so like making videos like having a face here’s Marcus you know not just landing pages behind the scenes the XYZ shell corporation and like they don’t know who you are where you’re from so telling your story throw out everything telling me why you’re using this product and how it ties into the bigger mission so that my goal would be whenever you come up with a new product or you’re repping a new product people want to buy it because it’s you  and they’ll give it they’ll look at it just because it’s you you think they don’t have the interest or need they’ll look at it doesn’t mean they’ll buy it because of you every time.

Tip #15: YOU are the value!

Some people will  some people hardcore superfans like if Marcus is good I’m in easy  but at least it they’ll have a shot like the look I wasn’t thinking about trees but huh trees okay cool when why does markets like tree so much trees are the purpose plant the tree and this reminder of whatever right like  if that actually helped you or maybe you maybe you start to maybe you acquire all of Alan Watts as digital content mm-hmm and now you’re like you want it like people know who Alan Watts is I mean they know him but it’s no like he’s not blowing up anymore like other people are that’s great stuff too that’s like maybe you buy all the digital rights to Alan Watts and like this main saved your life and you’re gonna you’re gonna push it hard you couldn’t affiliate model for people  somebody who’s used to selling coffee machines but love you they’ll like okay what’s his Alan Watts opportunity it’s coming from Marcus so maybe it’s a good thing  so that’s the building the brain part where people are attached to you and your story and the reason why you’re doing things more than just only like search and intent direct marketing is still amazing it still works I just think it’s a small game and covered to build a brand agree.

Tip #16: Play the big long term game now for those that are looking for a small game too.

MARCUS: I look up to that because I’m not that great at it what are the what can we glean from that like a viewer to say dude Marcus if you want to put out a videos a day this is what you need to do

CARMICHAEL: So I think it starts with the decision do I want to be like a how-to kind of person or do I want to build a brand there’s nothing wrong with being how to to by the way just what are the size of your ambition  if you’re doing a how-to channel then you could talk about how to like if you’re selling cleaning products an affiliate cleaning products organic all-natural whatever then it’s like how to clean a lamp or how to clean this chair with these cleaning products and it’s a short you know linear  I’d like two minute video whether you’re in it or your hire actors or whatever and you’re you’re reaping the product and here we go and just people will not subscribe to that channel like if I’m coming to a YouTube channel because my toilet is clogged and I want to know klog  I’m not subscribing to your unclogging toilet  I know  right that’s the problems fixes I don’t like that Bailey I don’t want your daily unclogging toilets in my feet but some but then but don’t don’t judge yourself based off of subscribers because that’s not your model   you’re trying to rank and search for those keywords you’re trying to get views on the video and then you trying to put them into your funnel to get a free sample or make a phone order or call in or whatever

Tip #17: Focus on a goal that fits your model.

That’s one way and that can work and so that you’re very heavy on what’s trending you know what products you’re reaping what are the keywords that would make sense where can you stand the chance of ranking it has it was competitive a little bit but has lots of search volume is it worth taking out ads and what market to make it works as very like direct marketing focus but then don’t freak out when you’re not getting subscribers for your channel  don’t freak out if you’re not getting tons of comments it’s just not the business you’re building that’s okay if you’re building the separate business you want to build a brand then how do you tell a story while long clogging the toilet that’s okay I’ll tell you other stuff about their house you know right like but in that video of doing a how-to this story as well so not only coming for the how-to they come back for an emotion so people come back to my content because they want believe believe is the theme through everything that I do and this profiles of successful people will do lots of tribute as a day times of different content but believe is still the central theme so it’s always positive  there’s never this person sucks there’s never the ten stupidest things Kanye West has ever said  you know it’s always positive.

Tip #18: Stick to your mission statement or value proposition.

Everybody has flaws and faults and arguments and beefs and we probably could have grown faster if I was saying Trump versus whoever people love eating up the negativity  but it’s not why I’m doing what I do so everything is only on the positive side and believe is a common theme so if you know what the message is then you find ways to inject that into the story cool so it starts with that strategic decision do I want to build a brand for the long-term forever like if you want to end alcoholism amazing it’s never gonna happen right but like that’s that’s the best because every day you wake up and there’s a there’s a there’s a big you know ocean or whatever in front of us here not an ocean the lake every day wake up and you’re like you’re trying to empty the lake but you only have a spoon and it’s still getting filmed  and so like but you took a spoon out today and you take a spoon out tomorrow and like you if you help ten people not go down the alcoholism path it’s a good day tomorrow you’re trying to you’re gonna try to get eleven and twelve and so you’re always gonna do the best you can do but you’ll never solve it it’s like having a goal so big that you can never do it mm-hmm that’s awesome you you never want to stop climbing a mountain  when you get to the top of the mountain you hate your life  exactly want to keep climbing so it’s great so you have a goal so big but then how do we tell the story throughout if you have a big ambition like that then then building a brand is a better way to do it if you’re just trying to give you make even faster sales like building a brand is slow ‘you want to you want to bring in sales faster do direct marketing.

One can lead to the other you can transition you can like if you’re in the videos it’s better than some actor if you say hey it’s Markus and I believe in freedom or whatever it’s like a quick thing they start to get to know you a little bit and then you can transition more building the brand as you start building the base. Sost people don’t have like three years to wait to build a brain to make three videos a day and then then you pop right like you got to make money in the meantime.

MARCUS: Although I see a lot of people that are youtubers that have been waiting a long time and it’s like you know they’re getting there and that’s why I like mixing the approach like with the talk sober one that I have I really go in and I’m like okay let’s reach everyone and build the brand as we go which is cool.

Tip #19: Consistency 

It’s just consistency  you know tom bill you know Tom bill you has a he started quest nutrition bars okay for billing or raise the billion market cap billion I forget whatever and then he started a YouTube channel called impact Theory  okay so that’s Tom bill you okay mostly interview style you just crossed half million subscribers  when he first started doing it he’s doing almost daily content multiple times per week at least when he first started doing it people asked can we profile him as a top  10 on my channel mmm like I can’t never heard of this guy tom bill you okay check him out I think I’d mispronounce his name – I said Tom bill you yet because it’s why you E or something I thought it was French bill  I think I called him anyway I looked at this content I’m like I really like this guy mm-hmm but nobody knows him I just I really hope that he keeps going mm-hmm because if he keeps going he’ll build the brand people will get familiar with him and and he could be a huge source of inspiration and me being in the entrepreneur world I I want more voices I want more people to be creating content because they may not be able to hear it how I say it  right like if you come in and share your story and say it even if I have the same point but you say it better with your story awesome right like the goals that get to figure out a mission die not like I have to win  so I want more voices saying similar things in their own ways and so he kept going thankfully and now he’s that half million subs and he’s gonna it’ll keep build up and growing but there’s a lot of people who have genuine talent that’s a pop when you know it you know if you think you’re good and then you’re not winning you feel like it’s a waste of time  but it’s it just it takes consistent work every day putting it in I don’t consider myself talented at this.

I did 350 videos public before I was was I was not completely embarrassed by my videos mm-hmm embarrassed like I couldn’t watch it cringe and like before I was I inspired myself like I watched a video like huh that’s a fire that day that was pretty good I’m proud of myself and I’m seven hundred something videos

Tip #20: Progress always beats perfection.

I think that’s more than most people have on their channel period  people quit after –

MARCUS: I still don’t I mean I watch mine and it’s funny ‘cause I’ll be like whatever that’s I don’t think it’s good and then of people love it.

CARMICHAEL:  Well you’re the mural your own worst critic right we always look judge ourselves the hardest which I think is good as long as it’s a kick forward not down like okay I can do better see that like.

I stumbled there I messed up the words or people couldn’t understand me okay I can do better next time I’m gonna get better not like oh my god I suck like now I can never take another video they’re all the video camera right like you do suck it’s amazing don’t have crazy high expectations for yourself you will suck and you’re getting better every day.

A  I think a lot of people miss that because it’s just our culture is so much on let’s just get successful now let’s get the end result it’s like one of the things I learned from Ram Dass and Alan Watts is you know life’s about the journey and not about just getting there like you can get there you know I think he said something like you don’t go to the music show to hear the last note you go to hear the whole thing you know so why do we live life where we’re like let’s go to the last note let’s get the fun thing or let’s get the the life we want and they don’t enjoy because I mean even though I’ve had struggles and I don’t know if it’s same for you but I wouldn’t trade it for anything then going through it growing through it living through the stuff is like why would I change that that was all part of the journey.

CARMICHAEL:  I mean it’s a hard message to hear for someone who’s struggling and doesn’t have money and it’s like having a hard time paying the bills and everything so so Hacket it’s like like looking for hacks is great.

Tip #21: Look for shortcuts and hacks to get out of a rut.

If Marcus gives you advice on how to get your way through affiliate marketing faster you just learned something great like you want to look for shortcuts you want to look for hacks you want to you want to get there fast as possible but it’s still the journey that you’re going on so you’re trying to climb a mountain you could you could use special gear to climb faster and you can go with a Sherpa to get you up the hill and like know the pie is great  but you’re still climbing a mountain  and it’s very like having the Internet is is unparalleled to anything because you could look at what people did like exactly what they did and follow it you could just I mean there’s people there are copycats that make money there’s people that copycat their way to get big you know and I’m not an advocate of copycatting but you can look at it like Richard Bandler says success leaves Clues.

I know he got his he learned a lot of his stuff.

CARMICHAEL: I think copying is great but it only takes you so far people copy my stuff all the time exactly like same font same copied all the time. Awesome like I copy people when I got started but if all you do is copy you’ll be a junior version of that person forever  I spend zero time looking up people who copy me I’m worried about the people who are innovating mm-hm so copy and get you so far you can get maybe you get to the point where you’re breaking even paying your bills just by copying as long as it’s ethical you’re not like  stealing like selling to somebody else right.

Tip #22: Play by the rules.

I mean there’s rules you got to play within the rules but copying formats is a great idea to start and then you you you adjust and you figure it out and you have to inject your own specialness to it otherwise you just stay a copy of somebody else cool.

MARCUS: Alright cool any last-minute things to people that are struggling it like let’s say there’s this guy and he’s just he’s not getting it for whatever reason or she’s not getting it for whatever reason and you just got to get him over that that hump to like okay I need to I mean I know I need to do something but where do i what do i do do I like think of my wife first do I think of my how do I make a plan so Make your actions match your ambitions.

CARMICHAEL: I think you need to make sure that your actions map to your ambitions okay so what I would say is if you want to what are your ambitions what do you want what is the life that you want not just I feel that marketing their business but your life like do you want spend more time with your wife or your married kids no parents you love boating like whatever what is what is your life like who cares what I do where Marcus does you love spending two hours watching The Smurfs every Saturday morning like like that’s a particle thing like awesome right and you’re like own it like I love the Smurfs right  I don’t want the service but if you love the Smurfs like then don’t have to hide this thing so what does don’t worry about our schedules what is your schedule like what is what is that perfect looking week look like for you ambition like where do you want to go and then you start filling out your calendar the problem is people who have big ambitions are doing a lot of talking and I’m not doing the work is not being put into their schedules.

Tip #24: Put in the work.

I look at what you’re doing time on I want to see you like ask yourself look at your calendar year look at your Sunday all the way to the next Sunday if you did that if you did what’s in your calendar would you get closer to your goals and for two people to know mm-hmm like you’re not doing the work  and the work then becomes okay if it’s affiliate marketing great like then massive action what are you doing  like rocking watch every single video Marcus has ever made thank you for the plug but how many goodies you have  500  videos like Doc through it when he says do something do it try it stop thinking about it and work for Marcus see if it works for you if if you go through  videos and Marcus gives you advice and all of it is garbage go find somebody else but like but work like do it stop thinking about it and do.

I’m a big believer in 5-95 rule which is like 5% of time planning thinking and 95% doing cool.

Tip #25: Spend 5% on planning, 95% on doing.

People spend too much time planning. Planning is important but they spend too much time thinking and planning it doesn’t count as doing percent of time has to be doing even a poor plain executed well we’ll crush even some like startup newbie I feel it marketing who do like is ripping off Marcus’s stuff and getting the half right even if you followed that guy’s plan you could still win if you follow it just do it! People aren’t doing enough and so making sure your actions map to your ambitions I think is really important.

MARCUS: Cool I like that well thanks for being here I like this where can they find you if they need you.

CARMICHAEL: Evan Carmichael everywhere on YouTube. I think it’s pretty easy if it feels like search for any person who’s ever set a quote in their life you will find this channel.

Thank you and we’ll see you guys in next video.


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