Tutorial: 2017 Best Keyword Research Tools

2017 Best Keyword Research Tools Tutorial — Which Keyword Research Planner is Best? — affiliatemarketingmc at YouTube.com

Some of you often ask, “Which ones do I need? Which ones work best? How do I navigate these keyword tools to get to the niche that will make me profit?” 

Today we’re going to talk about keyword tools. We’ll show you which ones to use, how to use them, and how to start making money online in your niche.   

We’ll be going over these keyword planners: 

  • Google Keyword Planner 
  • Bing Keyword Tool 
  • Keyword.io 
  • Wordtracker 
  • KeywordSniffer 


Google Keyword Planner 

Nine out of ten times, I resort to this keyword planner. This is a great tool because it gives you statistics. It tells you exactly how much traffic each word gets, how much people are paying, and more. When you normally research a keyword, you get a range of searches. For search marketers, that’s not good enough. You need to know the exact amount.  

The way around this is to have an account with Google and have an ad running. If you have an account with an active ad and check the same keyword, it gives you a more accurate range. You can see how many times your keywords are searched per month on Google, what the competition is like, and how much Google thinks the bids should go for.  

When you’re using this tool, remember that the suggested bid is just a suggestion. The lower the competition, the cheaper the traffic. To help you determine how much you should actually bid on a keyword, you can take the term and searching for it in Google yourself. This will tell you everything you need to know.  


Bing Keyword Tool 

This tool is similar to Google’s, but it shows you results from MSN, Bing, and Yahoo.  

So if you’re only going to advertise on MSN (which you can do and be successful), you would use this tool to see what the search terms are like here. You can get suggestions for keywords and see the difference in traffic. This is important because the traffic will be different than what it would be using Google Keyword Planner.  

This is a great tool to use if you’re a beginner and looking to get into pay-per-click marketing.  


Word Tracker Tool 

This tool pulls from a different group of search engines, but you can also toggle the Wordtracker tool to show Google, Amazon, and Youtube. It shows you the competition, the KEI (Keyword Effectiveness Index, which is basically the competition vs. the popularity), and the cost per click.  



This is a lot like Wordtracker. It’s a little bit on the expensive side—if you don’t have a paid account, then the information for a keyword won’t show up, and it will be a pain. When you have an account, you can see the different types of words, different sub category words, different kinds of competition reports, related keywords, questions, and more. It’s easy to see everything at a glance.  

You can also analyze your competitors if you search a URL. You can see how a word ranks for Youtube, Bing, Amazon, and the App Store, although this isn’t always so accurate.  


Keyword Sniffer Tool 

This is a tool I created that allows you to look at a lot of competition at once.  

You can see competition, different search engines, and pay-per-click competition indirectly. You can see what ads are out there for a keyword, what advertisers are doing, how much they’re paying, what the ultimate search volume is, and more.  

You can also see  Google Trends, check domain names, affiliate programs, OfferVault affiliate programs, ClickBank affiliate programs, PDFs, documents, and more. It’s very easy.  

Another feature of the Keyword Sniffer is the Click to Research button, where it will do research for you. You get 3 free a day. Then there’s an upgrade where you can do hundreds of keywords per day.  

You will want to use this in conjunction with other tools.  

This program is also included in my toolbar, which you can get at www.AffiliateMarketingDude.com. 

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