18 Tips for Social Media Marketing

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1. Create a plan for each social media channel

What’s your plan? Your plan consists of who you’re going to talk to. Who do you want to reach? Who do you want your followers to be? If you refine your market, who do you want to come to you and see what you’re doing well? You might think you want every follower you can get, but some people don’t want what you have to offer.

Do research on what other people in your market are doing. What do people respond to? If you see a marketer with a bunch of people following him, look at what he’s doing. How is he interacting with his audience? What is he posting? What gets the most engagement?

Find your market based on what you want. Just like doing keyword research, you’re doing the same thing here. You can go to Google and search for Facebook groups. Search your niche on Facebook and see if there are groups out there. Get involved and start talking.


2. Post consistently

Be consistent. People need to anticipate what’s going on. Sometimes you can do your content all in a couple days and then roll it out over time. Some people say to post four or five times a day. No matter what it may be, figure out what your market wants. Give something that’s going to be engaging. Look at what’s going on in your market—what kind of hashtags people are using, what kind of search terms, etc.

A lot of people start and quit too early. They’ll post some things and people won’t seem to care. But realize that marketing is an experiment—you put something out there, you test it, you see if it’s going to work. You never really know until the market speaks, until people you like engage with your content. Consistency is going to make you grow.


3. Don’t be spammy

This is a huge mistake that people make everywhere. People just put content out there for content’s sake. Don’t post a bunch of junk. You want to make valuable stuff that people are going to like or interact with, content that people are interested in.

There are people I follow on Facebook and Instagram, and all they do is post offers. They may make a few dollars a week, but they are alienating their audience, and it’s not really what they want. You have to prime the pump and get people interested in your stuff and get them ready to buy. Focus on your market and give them what they want. Ask yourself, “would I value that post?”


4. Use good images and text

This is another one that so many people get wrong. Many people post things that you can’t read. It’s really hard to look at the text, or it’s something that only makes sense to them. Create posts that people will respond to, that people will get value from, that people are going to engage with. The good posts are really easy to look at, and you can tell right away what they are about. Make sure that your posts stand out (for the right reasons).


5. Measure and analyze

Look at what you’re doing. When you create posts on social media, you can usually see what’s going on. You can see how many likes, how many people looked at it, even where they came from. With these insights, you’re able to see what’s working and what’s not working. That’s really important. What’s giving you the engagement? Look at your stats.


6. Don’t be afraid to jumpstart with paid ads

If you’re new and don’t have a lot of engagement yet, you may be afraid to get into paid ads. But if you want to jumpstart your social media business, or social media group, or whatever it may be, you can do it with paid traffic.

The goal with paid ads isn’t to make money back right away, although you can still do that. You want to get targeted followers that will now watch everything you do. You can do paid ads through Instagram or Facebook itself, or you can go to other people who don’t know the value of their traffic, and you can do something on their channel as well.

Be careful with paid ads where you don’t own traffic. If you spend money to advertise on someone’s page with a lot of followers, don’t tell those people to sign up for something, or send them an affiliate offer, or try to sell to them right off the bat. These people don’t know who you are, and you don’t know who they are or what they’re really interested in. You don’t know what they want to buy. Instead, first go through that advertiser’s feed and see what gets engagement on their page. Then, post something of value.


7. Get in on the community

This is by far one of the most profitable things that I’ve found with social media. How do you get in on the community? On Facebook and Instagram, you have groups of people that are interested in certain topics. You can join Facebook groups and reverse-engineer them to see what the leaders are doing. Their goal is to get engagement, too.

You don’t even have to create your own community. You can just go provide value in others. Now, it’s very good to create your own community. When you have your own following, it leads to exponential growth. But if you’re new, get involved in what’s already going on. Be helpful. Get into groups and start interacting. Communities are already happening. There are big ones, small ones, communities on everything.


8. Start your own community

If you’re wanting to get in on community, you might as well start your own community. Social media groups can be very, very effective. There are millions of people on social media just waiting to engage with your content. A lot of people don’t realize the value of their Facebook groups.

Getting 1,000 people in a Facebook group isn’t a big deal at all. Anyone can get 1,000 people in their group if they do it right. You could trigger it with paid ads, and you can actually get your group to rank in the search engines. Name your group a search keyword—it’s not that hard to do, and it’ll start to get picked up pretty easily. This is a lot like forum marketing, only it’s faster and more interactive. You can branch out and have audiences everywhere, and you’ll own your market.


9. Interact

Interact with your market. If you have a community, interact with them. Make them feel special. Welcome them and say hello. Make them want to contribute. Because when they do, they contribute to your society, and that makes you money. You get value and your followers get value. If you interact with your audience and get involved, you can figure out what they’re interested in. People will literally tell you what they want to buy, and you can go and sell it to them. You can find the right people that can say yes to your offer.


10. Collaborate

Collaborate with other people. You could say to someone, “Hey, I want to feature you on my channel,” or, “I want you to feature me on your channel,” and maybe pay them for it, or do it for free once you get a bigger following. Nothing is as powerful as an endorsement from someone that other people like. If you tell people to go follow you, it’s not as powerful. But if someone endorses you and tells their audience to go follow you, that is very powerful.


11. Use keywords and hashtags

Keywords and hashtags tell you what people are searching for. What are people hashtagging? What are they looking up? What do they want? Be careful with how many hashtags you use in your content. Some people frown upon using a whole bunch in a single post. Also be careful with how many words you use per single hashtag. Your words have to be something that is searched for, and there are search tools you can use to help with that.

Don’t use hashtags that aren’t related to your market—make sure they match what you’re doing. Some people use hashtags to try and show their audience things that they don’t necessarily like. Just stick to your market, and you’ll get a die-hard fan base that is totally into your stuff, and you can sell like crazy.


12. Syndicate your content

Make some content, and then make it different for different platforms. You might make a video, then write an article about it. That article can go on your blog and get you traffic. Then you can take that article and break it up into a little image quote for Instagram. These things can take you literally only minutes to do. You can use one piece of content, like a webinar, and have people watch it, then read it, and have people look at tips on your social media channel.

Right here, I have 18 tips that I’m showing you. These can be turned into 18 different posts helping people with social media marketing. If you don’t want to repurpose your content yourself, you can have someone else do it for you. They can transcribe your content or make a PDF. They can make notes for you, and do a blog post, and make images about different quotes that you use in the content. You’ll have content everywhere.


13. Sell while providing value

If you make content and sell while you’re doing it, you can do it casually and be authentic, because you know that it only benefits the user. In my webinars, I sell to you guys all the time. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that if people get the Simple Sites course, they can learn to do this and they can make it work. People do it all the time. People tell me that they bought my course and they found a lot of success in it. I know that if you use it, it’ll work for you too. If you want to learn this stuff and learn how to do affiliate marketing and social media marketing, go to SimpleSitesBonus.com and get it.

Remember, the results are not guaranteed. I don’t know how the results are for most people. Most people actually do nothing with my course, and they don’t make any money. I don’t know what you’ll make, but if you want to learn, this is where you want to go. So just as I’ve done here, sell to your audience while you’re providing value to them.


14. Create a purpose for each post

This is very important. What are you posting? Why are you posting? Before you create a post, or make a video, or build a website, figure out what you want to do with it. Maybe with one post, you want people to engage. With another post, you want to get more followers. With another, you want to sell. There should be a purpose for everything you do.

You’ll want to mix it up to give some real value. Give some tips, give some cool stuff, focus on getting more followers, and then sell. Don’t try to do it all in one post.


15. Make fun contests and challenges

I did a contest recently on my Instagram that was really fun, and I also put it on my Facebook and it worked really well. The idea was to show my audience two mobile ad pages, and to see if people could guess which page would get the most clicks. Now, I knew what most people were going to choose. It was pretty obvious which one was going to get more clicks.

But when people answer, they feel good. They feel like a marketing expert. People love this kind of stuff. Then, you can go and reward those people who participated. You can give some money away, and it’s well worth it. Or, if you don’t have money to give away, you can give away other stuff. You can do a shout out in a video, or recognize people some other way. People love to be recognized.


16. Watch what others do 

Look at other influencers’ engagement. Look at how many followers they have, and how many people view their videos, and how many people interact. These are important things to know. You might see that people are usually certain kinds of ads, so instead of doing that, you’ll do something else that will work for you.


17. Research good and helpful content for your market

Do good research. You don’t have to know a lot about anything up front. There is a guy I collaborate with who has over a million subscribers. All he goes is research what other people says and posts it. You want to be careful, because you don’t want to get into legal trouble with copyright issues. But you can do research and share with your audience, and you can bring your own value to it.


18. Build momentum

Go for momentum. Go out there and figure out what people want. Get right in front of them and get them into your stuff. Get them to interact and build some momentum. If you do that, it will spiral, and you’ll start to grow. You’ll get engagement. When you post, people will look at your content, and you’ll get followers. Then the next time, you’ll get a little more. And the next time, you’ll get more. You’ll still be getting some traffic from the old followers, and it will start to spiral and work really well.

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