$100 A Day On Google – Super Simple Method

Hey, guys, it’s Marcus here. The affiliate marketing dude. And today, I’m going to teach you three killer ways to start making one hundred dollars a day or more on Google.

So come on, let’s get started.

Now, you might be wondering why I don’t have a fancy GURU car.

Well, actually, I have two teenage daughters, and I’m lucky if I get to drive anything at all.

Come on inside. Let’s check out how this works. This here is the guard dog.

She guards the backyard office where I’m going to take you to show you the three ways to make one hundred dollars a day for more on Google now making money on the Internet isn’t really that hard. All you got to do is focus on a few key things. And it all has to do with getting people to view content.

That’s all there is to it. Here we are. There is the backyard office out here in Florida. I had this office built in the backyard so that I can make money while walking through trees.

All right. So let’s break this down real simple so that you understand exactly what you need to do to start making one hundred dollars a day or more on the Internet using Google. First and foremost, we’ve got to break this down to you understand what each of these things is so that you can go out there and start making this work for you. First and foremost, we’ve got to understand what Google is. All right. So pretty basic.

Google is a search engine as a search engine. Google gets over 4 million searches every single minute. That’s a lot of searches. That’s billions of searches every single day. And that is searches for anything from how to quit drinking to how to start a motorcycle, to how to tie a tie. Literally, people are looking up everything all day long, every day to the tune of about four million searches a minute. Now, remember how I said earlier that the key to Internet marketing is just putting the right content in front of the right people? Well, that’s exactly what we’re doing here, because Google is a search engine.

Now, if you want to get paid by Google, that’s a different story. Now, in order to get paid by Google, and that’s why we have this in different categories here. This here is the traffic category. And this here is the money category.

But if you want to get paid by Google, the way to get paid is using the Google ad sense platform. This is a software that literally puts ads on your Web sites or your blogs or even your videos and pays you a percentage of whatever the advertiser is paying. So you could go over to the Google ad sense Web site and you could do like a little calculation. They have this little potential earnings calculator. And let’s say you get mostly traffic from North America and you are in the finance niche. Right.

Talking about mortgages or something like that, you can calculate what you’re estimated to earn based on the amount of page views or the traffic you get. So in order to earn 100 hundred dollars a day, we would want to be making that see about thirty six thousand a year. Well rounded. There you would be needing to get one hundred and 5000 visitors a month, which is pretty substantial in that market. So that’s going to be a pretty difficult goal to get unless we do this in a different way. So we’re going to talk to you about that different way as well. Now, ADD since is a good platform. I’ve been using ad sense for many years now.

I think over 16, 17 years since it first came out. I’ve been using it to make money. I’ve made hundreds and hundreds of thousands of dollars with that sense. But that’s not my main revenue source. That’s like less than 5 percent of my income because I believe that if you get the traffic from the Google, you could do a lot better. So let’s talk about how we get that traffic and how it works. Well, first of all, what we could do is we could look at the various types of content that we put out there. Again, remember, this is all about people viewing content. How do we get people to see content? Now, you could do this without having your own Web site. You could put articles, reports.

You could do PDF downloads. You can make lists of tips, you can do forums, you can do reviews. You could use Reddit or Quora and you can put content on other sites that are already ranking. So, for example, let’s say that you go out there and you are in the niche for like how to convert word to PDF with images. Right.

That’s something people do. They want to convert a word document to a PDF. And they want to have images on it. Now, you can see here that there are several different forums like super user dot com is already ranking for this term. That gets a lot of traffic. And all you would have to do is post a comment or post a forum post on that forum, and then you would get the traffic and you don’t even need your own Web site, which is pretty cool. Again, that’s the part where you put in content in front of people so that you can earn money. Now, we can also see here on Google’s home page that there are different videos related to how to do this, as well as answers dot Microsoft, dot com, which is much like Quora and on and on we go. So you could literally find all kinds of things if you were to do like weight loss. Quora. Right.

This is a question answer site where you could go there and you could put different answers to things. Now, what does this have to do with you making money, though? I mean, it’s cool to help people out and give content and everything, but what does this have to do with you making money? Well, what you could do is you could put those articles, reports, PBF downloads, tips, reviews, helpful tips, forums, Reddit and Quora, you could do all that stuff and you could put it on Reddit and Quora and then you could lead people to things that make you money. So, for example, if you want to put links on other sites, you could actually go out there and you can find different things to pay you. Right. Really cool.

This is known as arbitrage. You take links from other sites, you put them to an affiliate offer and you make some money. So let me show you how this works, because there’s lots of ways that you can make money with this traffic and it’s not that hard to get because there’s four million people a minute searching for things and sometimes they search for random ass stuff that no one really thinks about. And you can capitalize on that and make money.

So what you could do is you could link people to click bank. Collect Bank is a popular affiliate marketing program so we can go to click bank like this and we could type something in like software. We could find different things that we can promote.

For example, here’s an e-book compiler software and it pays sixteen dollars a sale. That means if you sold it, you would get sixteen dollars and 67 cents. All you would need to do is sell about six of those every day. Or you could go for stuff like weight loss. Right like this, you could find various weight loss products.

Now you could go through and you could sort these by keyword relevance or you could sort them by popularity or the average amount for sale. Now, if you do popularity, you know that, hey, this stuff does actually sell. For example, this Cinderella’s solution, one is saying that the gravity is 395, which means that affiliates have made three hundred ninety five affiliates have made at least one sale in the last one month. Right. Which is pretty cool. Or 60 days or something like that. Right. That’s a lot of people making sales, a lot of affiliates that are getting thirty seven dollars per sale. Here’s another one where we have sixty eight dollars a sale. Another one seventy five a sale. And on and on we go. So you could get paid to promote these products in a really easy way and put them in front of the people that are out there searching for this stuff on Google and going to sites like Quora and YouTube and things like that. So you could use other sites like Quora forums, answer sites, Reddit, all different things like that, even blogs. You can even be a guest blogger or you could put comments on a blog and lead people back to your stuff. Very simple. Very easy to do. All you would need to do is go to your click bank or wherever you’re at.

Click on the word promote and then it’s going to generate a link. So you would go through you put your lesson, you put your nickname in here. Right. Like this. And then it’s going to generate a link. And then you can run this through like a link shortened or like bitterly or something like that. You get a small, nice little link or you could use the affiliate marketing tracker, which I’ll put a link in the description and you can have a nice link on a domain that you own. Right. You go out there and you put these links out there and people are going to come from Google search and stuff. They’ll look at the red. It’s the cause, the blogs and they’ll find your link and hopefully sign up and buy stuff and you will make money, which is pretty cool, right. All you’ve got to do is put that there and make sure that you do have an affiliate disclosure saying, hey, I am an affiliate. So this review is a little bit biased because I’m an affiliate and I get paid. Right. Pretty simple. Doesn’t hurt sales. You got to be on the up and up with the legal crap. Right.

So really, really cool. Now, you can also go through and find other ways to make money. You got Click Bank, you got Commission Junction, which is a big affiliate network commission. Junction works like this. They have some of the bigger brands and some other stuff like Visa Grant or Vista Print Varieties and all kinds of things. Trip Advisor, Travelocity, T.J., Max, all kinds of stuff. They’re Staples and you can see exactly what you’re going to be making. Now you can even go in there and you can find stuff for various other things like let’s say you go in and you say, oh, well, I want web hosting if you want to sell Web hosting. And you could see that some of these web hosting companies pay a lot of money per sale. And people are making a ton of cash, which is really, really cool, like host gator here. Seventy five dollars of sale and everything like that. Yahoo! Small business, you get up to a thousand dollars to sell stuff, which is pretty cool. You only need to make a sale every 10 days to make your hundred dollars a day. Right.

Pretty cool there. We can also look at Amazon. Amazon has an affiliate program as well. Amazon does pay a little lower. They’re one of the lower tiered ones. But obviously, since everyone knows Amazon, it’s very easy to get sales. So you could literally go out there and make a YouTube video about a video camera or a tool or, you know, something, maybe a phone or something like that, or maybe these lights that I use for my videos. Right. Maybe you want to go in and get those lights and sell those or something and get a portion. I have friends that make a lot of money with the Amazon affiliate program. But again, with the Amazon affiliate program, like with ad sense, you need lots and lots and lots of traffic to make it work as to where using Click Bank or commission junction. You don’t need that much traffic to make sales because it’s more direct, targeted and you’re making a lot more money, which is pretty cool. OK. Another way you can make money is using CPA networks. CPA networks are affiliate programs, but they’re kind of like affiliate programs on steroids. Right. So if you’re going to go in there instead of selling a program like the example I showed earlier with how to convert word to PDF. Right. You would have to go in there and find a software or something. I’d click bank that they’d have to buy to convert that. Instead of that, you could actually find something like the DOCS converter or PDF converter.

Now, this pays two dollars and 40 cents every time it’s downloaded. Don’t you have to sell it? I just get people to download it and I get paid, which is pretty darn goal. And all I would need to do to make one hundred dollars a day is give away like one, download an hour and boom, I’m off to the races. I can make all kinds of money. And again, you could do this without even having your own Web site. This is known as arbitrage, where you’re buying the traffic low or getting it free and selling it high through an affiliate program or an affiliate network. Right now, the Google ad sense thing, you can put those, but you would need your own site. Now, the way that I recommend doing this is either with video on YouTube and you could do other sites. You could just a link directly in the YouTube description to affiliate offers and things like that. But the way that I really recommend doing this is by having your own Web site, right. That way, everything you do is going to point back to you. And everyone’s going to start to get to know your website and you’re going to be able to make a lot more money, which is pretty cool because you’re going to own it. OK. You can also do this, which is known as the business builder method. Now, the business builder method is much like the same thing as doing the arbitrage. Instead of using other sites, you’re going to use your own site. OK. So now when you post other content, other places, you link them back to your own site and you can build a mailing list or you could get people to subscribe or you can get people to view other content. And you’re gonna make a heck of a lot more money doing it this way.

Now, all of these methods will work very, very well. If you do them and you focus on the right thing, which is getting people to view the content. And once you have your own site, you can put Google ads on your site and you could put affiliate offers on your site and kind of double dip and make even more money, which is really cool. Once you have your own site, you can test different offers and stuff like that. Whereas when you’re doing things on other sites, once it’s up there, it’s kind of set in stone and you hope for the best. Right. So you’re going to look at this. You can make lots of money doing it. Disclaimer I don’t know how much you’ll make. The average person who tries to do anything related to make money online makes nothing. The average person who buys courses make nothing. But I think you could see that this actually does work if you use it. And if you want to learn more about this method, make sure you subscribe. Click the bell. Check out our live trainings every Wednesday and also go to my site, download my notes dot com to get the notes from this video that is going to walk you through how to do this in a real world way and give you videos and tips on how to do even more. So if you like this video, make sure you subscribe and click the bell and then check out the next video that’s going to pop up around here somewhere.

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