10 Websites For Making Money Online + Best CPA Affiliate Networks

Hey guys, Marcus here from affiliatemarketingdude.com.

I’m going to show you the top 10 websites that you need to know about if you want to make money with affiliate marketing! This is a list that I’ve been using for the last 19 years which I’ve been using to make as close as 8 Figures!

  1. AdSense Platform – Google AdSense has a program that you can embed a code on your site. This code will generate ads on your site on what is relevant to what the user searches. It’s really straightforward since you just have to copy and paste the code and place it on your site. If anyone clicks on those ads, you get paid for it!
  2. Clickbank – Clickbank is an online retrailer for digital products. For the past decade, Clickbank was one of the main platforms that was created for people who created digital products like E-books, videos, documents. This is tied this to an affiliate program, so if you’re an affiliate from the clickbank platform, all you have to do is to let people follow the link and you’ll get paid for it!
  3. Offer Vault – It’s not necessarily an affiliate network. But it is an affiliate offer search engine. You can type in whatever niche that you’re looking up, or maybe you have a traffic that wants a specific kind of product. They got it! It’s going to tell you the network that has the offer, the amount you’re paid and what it takes to get paid.
  4. Commission Junction – I have made a lot of money with Commission Junction (sometimes as much as 600$ worth of fonts).I got 200$ worth of commissions from the different products that I sold. This Commission Junction is great for a one-size-fits-all affiliate network! It might be a little tough at first, but once you get a hang of it, it gets easier!
  5. Link Share/ Rakuten – This has the same function has Commission Junction.This is a bit smaller than Commission Junction. You can definitely sell a plethora of different products through the Link Share program!
  6. Amazon Affiliate Program / Big Box – People see the Amazon affiliate program as the be-all-end-all Holy grail of affiliate programs. Well, there are a few reasons for this:
    1. The barrier of entry is low. Everyone knows amazon!
    2. Whatever they add to their cart and they buy it, you will instantly get your commission and all of it.

Pretty simple and easy!

  1. Maxbounty – This is an affiliate network that has downloads, ZIP submits, E-mail submits and all kinds of offers from mortgage leads to anything. They’re on a CPA (Cost Per Action) basis. So instead of going out there to convince people to buy stuff, you can just let people download a form, or even call a number and you get paid for it!
  2. Globalwide – This is a more advanced form of Maxbounty. There are a lot more download offers and a lot more exclusive offers with better pay-outs.

NOTE – What I suggest is that you start with Maxbounty. Get some numbers on your repertoire, and go to Globalwide. They’re exclusive so you’ll have to apply.

  1. com – You can get links for different credit cards.

If you remember on one of my lessons and videos, you’ll remember that I was discussing about a gas prices website. I grabbed a link from credit.com for a gas rewards credit card. All they had to do was apply for the card and you’ll definitely make lots of money from that!  

  1. Shareasale – This is a lot like LinkShare and Commission Junction, these three would be the trinity of everything. This is where a merchant would sign up and you’d promote them.

It’s a win-win situation!

That’s all there is to it!

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