10 Legit Ways To Make Money Online In 2019 With 3 Passive Income Methods You Can Set Up Fast

What’s up!  It’s Marcus

“I’ve been making a living online for the last 19 years from the comfort of my backyard office. I’m going to show you 10 Completely Legit Ways To Start Making Money On The Internet Fast.”


The top 5 are going to be pertaining to things that you have to do every day.

  • I have to do something every day in order to get a check.

The next three are things that will build you an income over time or create passive income.

The last ones are the hit the ball out of the park ways to make a full-time living and sustain it for a long time.

#1 is the GRUNT WORK.

This is where you go out there you get paid to view ads.

  • You can go to sites and get paid to view ads on a per ad basis.
  • You can go to rewards sites.
  • You can go to different giveaway sites and things like that.
  • You could look at ads check out the ads view them and you get paid.

Now the downside is you’re only gonna make a penny or two pennies per view, which means you would have to work 8000 hours a day in order to make anything worth writing home about.

#2 is TO BUY AND SELL THINGS ON EBAY OR AMAZON. (This would also include Dropshipping)

Where people buy different products at garage sales or on Craigslist and they sell it on eBay or Amazon for a profit.  They even go and buy what’s known as a haul that’s where you buy a bulk of returns from Amazon or something like that and you part it out and sell  each individual item at a profit.

Sometimes you can buy an entire hull for a couple hundred bucks and sell it for a couple thousand, but that’s kind of rareAnd of course you got to have the money to buy the stuff in the first place.


 Now you can go on sites like hire writers, Fiverr and various other content sites. You can write reports write content for other people’s websites.

Now, I buy content for my websites all the time…

and I  pay somewhere between five to thirty dollars for an article. The five dollar article is going to be like 500 words and the thirty dollar article is going to be like a couple thousand words.

But that’s a great way to get started if you want to make like three to ten dollars an hour depending on which site you’re using.

 #4 You can be a BROKER

Be a middleman between a website owner or an influencer and an advertiser. You can actually go find influencers who don’t know how to make money you can contact them and then have a database of advertisers to go to and sell ads at a profit. This is a very easy thing to do because a lot of influencers and  a lot of site owners don’t know the value of their traffic, so oftentimes you can broker a deal they think they’re getting paid a ton and you shave off a little bit for yourself.

Very great way to make income!


There are people right now selling gigs on Fiverr. Fiverr is a site where you go and you pay five bucks hence the name Fiverr. You pay five bucks for a skill.

Put a skill let’s say design a logo. You can sell logos for $5 $10 $20. Just imagine if you’re able to sell 10,15, 20 logos a day.

The list goes on from people making little videos to taking pictures. Doing various website work on all kinds of things are listed on Fiverr.

You could even do voice recordings, I got a voice recording a couple  of weeks ago for 300 bucks and it only took the lady a couple hours to set up so imagine how much she can make selling these gigs

Fiverr is a great way to make money. Build a database of customers who are interested in a certain thing. You can sell them other gigs, same gig for different things and build a great income.

#6  You build an asset once and you leverage it over to make money.


Some have Facebook groups and they make thousands of  dollars every week just sending different offers.

  • Listening to the questions they have.
  • Commenting
  • Providing answers
  • Providing help.
  • You could build these groups by answering things and other groups.

Advertising your group, putting it on the search engines or writing a press release.

Get it out there and start providing value by answering people’s questions.

You can have a group from anything from video cameras, to how to build websites, to how to put ads on the internet, to ways to make money on the internet. The sky is the limit here. You can make a group about anything you want and send them to things that make you money.

#7 START A YOUTUBE CHANNEL with a specific focused audience.

Just pick a topic and you stick with it.

“Too many people make YouTube channels about everything or YouTube channels about jokes or gags, that’s all fine and good.”

The closer knit your audience is, the more specific, the more you’re gonna make on the ads.

If you have a general audience that just come in to you to watch  everything and be entertained it’s gonna be a lot smaller of an income you make.


Marketing tips for doctors then that’s gonna make a lot more per view, not to mention it’s a lot easier to get involved in that market.


There are tons of people that do not have websites.

You can learn how to set up a website using WordPress.

You can actually go and give these websites away.

The web hosting affiliate companies pay anywhere from 65 to $300 when someone signs up for hosting.

This is a great way to make money. Just imagine if you can give away two sites a day. You’re gonna be making yourself around fifty thousand dollars a year with very little work.


You make a little review show whether it’s video based or audio based. Post that show on either YouTube or Facebook. Make that show about certain things in your market.

Anyone can do this you go into your niche, you talk about the topic and you drive people to things that pay you money.

For example..

  • If you’re talking about various different website tasks you could lead them all to web hosting.
  • If you’re talking about how to build logos for your business you could lead them to Fiverr gigs.

As of the time, Fiverr actually pays $100 for a new customer to sign up and buy a gig for just 5 bucks. You could literally host a weekly show about different things that people can buy on Fiverr to help their business grow or whatever they need on the internet and you can get paid every time they sign up.


Affiliate marketing is where I set up a website or an ad or go on forums and help people and drive people to an affiliate link. All I have to do is drive people to a custom affiliate link whether it’s Amazon, Best Buy, CPA affiliate marketing or whatever it is.

I can drive people to that affiliate link and get paid every time they

  • Buy something.
  • Fill out a form.
  • Download.
  • Click on an ad.
  • Call a phone number and more.

There’s lots of ways that I can get paid as an affiliate marketer. It really is as simple as GETTING PEOPLE TO CLICK ON A LINK. 

You’d like to learn more about any of these 10 legit ways to make money online


I have a custom report written for you. About how to do each of these things.

You just go to the page, follow the instructions and hopefully you’ll make a little money.

Just like our friend did a couple weeks ago when she watched a video about how to set up a site for Black Friday she set up a site in about 45 minutes and by the time she woke up in the morning she had made money.

So you can see that this stuff works like a charm and if you want to learn more about that make sure you subscribe


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