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Motivation for Affiliate Marketers

Motivation for Affiliate Marketers — Must See: Get Motivated to Make Money — affiliatemarketingmc at



Internet Marketing Works

If someone were to ask me which part of this internet teaching job I hate the most, it would be convincing people that affiliate marketing works. A lot of people out there say it doesn’t work, or that it’s a scam.

Sometimes I get a little light at the end of the tunnel. People tell me that my methods worked for them. There are countless stories of people making money on YouTube. There are people who do reviews about cigars and give out the affiliate link for the cigar shop so people can buy them, and they get paid. There are entire communities of people doing wine videos. In the last year, the amount of YouTubers making over 6 figures a year has more than doubled. Tons of people are making full time livings online with affiliate marketing right now.

As you can see, this stuff works. My job isn’t to convince you. If you need convincing that internet marketing works, you need more help than I can actually give you. But if you’re here to actually learn how it works, then you’ll see some really cool ways to do this business.


Internet Marketing is Not Difficult

So many people think that internet marketing is difficult. This morning, I was talking to someone on live chat for one of my sites. He told me how things weren’t working, and it was so hard, and he felt like giving up. He’d been working at it for four hours.

First of all, four hours isn’t that much. Second of all, it’s not that hard. You sit with a mouse, clicking buttons, looking at a screen. You do all day anyway, on Facebook, on YouTube, on your email. You enjoy posts and content. You click on things and you learn. It’s the same thing with internet marketing. The only difference is how you feel about it. But with internet marketing, you get paid if you do it.

Back in the old days, people worked for their food, they tilled the land and did all kinds of work, and they didn’t think anything of it. They didn’t think about how hard it was; it was just what they did. But somehow in American culture, in our day and age, we look at work as something very difficult. It’s not that difficult. Internet work is easy, but you have to do it. That’s the thing. So many people think that they can buy success. You can’t buy success. You can buy books and learn, but you can’t buy success.

When you try this business, your mindset is going to kick your butt. But the difficulty of the work is in your mind. It’s your mindset telling you something is not working, it’s hard, or it’s not going to happen. Stop thinking about the “normal” way people make money—they go to school, they get a job, they work really hard. Maybe when they retire, their house will be worth more than what they paid in interest and fees, and they’ll be able to sell it and get a few bucks. Maybe they can go on a trip, or a cruise, or something else. This is what society has taught us. It teaches us that work is hard, but it doesn’t have to be hard. We just think it does.


You Could Be Earning Right Now

You could be earning money right now if you really wanted to. You could create a video, create some other content, and get some traffic. It’s easy, and it’s so simple. You can buy a domain name for nine dollars, or you can go to and start a hub site, where you get a free domain name when you get web hosting, free traffic, and more.

It is so easy to make money online right now. I’m sitting here in my 10×14 office in my back yard, with my camera and my air conditioning, where I’ve made hundreds of thousands of dollars over the last few months just by doing the same thing. It’s not that hard to do.

Think about it. People are spending so much money on the internet right now, and it’s only your mindset that is stopping you. Are you going to let it stop you? I’m not. I’m going to sit down and make a video.

People might say, “But Marcus, what if no one likes your video?” Well, that’s tough. “But Marcus, didn’t you see all the haters on your video?” Well, for every one hater, there are 100 people making a difference in their lives and getting value. The Simple Sites Big Profits course has helped thousands of people learn this business.

So let people do their thing. Let them talk, because it’s not about them. It’s about us.

You might be thinking, “Well, Marcus, you’re just trying to sell your Simple Sites course.” You’re right, I am, because I know it’s going to work for you. I know that if you get it, and if you do the things that it says, it will work for you. It will show you how to build a site, how to put up a blog post, how to make little reviews, and maybe sell some cigars or books or whatever else people buy.

“But Marcus, $297 for your product is a lot of money.”

Well, how much is it going to cost you not to get it? How much will it cost you not to get the help that you need? How much will it cost in hours of trying to figure all of this out? Don’t ask how much it will cost. Ask how much it will help you earn.

I’ve made it so easy for you, it’s not even funny. That’s why my product is non-refundable. I know the only reason it wouldn’t work is because you don’t do it and you don’t ask questions about it. All you have to do is say “Marcus, I built this site, what should I do?” “Marcus, this site’s not ranking.” “Marcus, I’m getting traffic, what do I do next?” And we’ll show you what to do next.

Is it guaranteed? No, it’s not guaranteed. You’ll most likely buy my product and do nothing with it. That’s what most people do. Or worse, they set up one blog, and they call it “Money”, and they don’t rank #1 on Google for the word “money”, so they think it doesn’t work.  They don’t try new things. They don’t forge ahead.

Don’t be most people. Do the work and make the change. You can get the Simple Sites course at


Get Started

The path has been paved. Everything is lined up for you to get started. You just need to get over the thought that it’s difficult. You need to get over the thought that I’m just teaching you so I can make money. You’re right, I am teaching you so I can make money—this is how we make a business. And in the process, you’re going to learn something.

If you’re ready to get past all the junk and learn exactly how this works, and you’re ready to start making a difference in your life, as so many people have, then go ahead. If you want to start a site and make $500 a month, $1,000 a month, $100,000 a month, or whatever you want to make, it’s right there in front of you. You just have to reach out and get it.

You have to do the work of getting in there and getting past your fear of failure. How do you get past your fear of failure? You stop caring. Who cares? No one’s going to care if your first site doesn’t make money. Wake up from your feelings of “I can’t do it”, and learn to do it—by doing it.

The fact of the matter is this: You can make a change in your life starting right now. You don’t have to read hundreds of self-help books. All you have to do is change your mindset and look at things for what they are. Stop putting all this weight behind the idea of money. Money is just a measurement. You want more? Be more. You want better finances? Be better. Provide more value to the marketplace. Be smarter. Learn more things.

Test a lot of stuff. Don’t give up. Don’t think that the system doesn’t work because you don’t work the system. It works. There are people out there that are making a living. If you’re sitting there complaining about your life and you want more, go get more. It’s very simple. You set it up, you tell yourself, “I’m going to go for this market, and I’m going to do it well.”

You don’t have to change your entire life. You just need to get started somewhere.

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How to Get More Views on YouTube Live

How to Get More Views on YouTube Live: Increase Your Views – 5 Easy Live Streaming Tips — affiliatemarketingmc at

When you go live, how would you like to have a bunch of people sitting there, waiting for you to push the button, waiting to watch your stream, and have lots of people on that stream? Today we’re going to talk about 5 ways to get more views on your YouTube live stream.  

#1: Look at Your Title / Tags 

Title your stream related to whatever you’ll be going live about. Make sure your title is in line with things that are getting views. More importantly, you need to use keywords based on what people are searching for. Make sure that the title isn’t super competitive. You can do this by searching the title in quotes in the YouTube search bar. If you put your search in quotes, then it will show you how many people are using those search terms. If there are 9 million different results, then it’s pretty competitive. But if there are only 500, then you’ve got a winner. You also want to pay attention to your tags. If you don’t actively choose your tags, then they’ll revert to the default tags from your last video. Make sure the title and the tags match each other so that you have a better chance of ranking highly on the search engine.

#2: Schedule Your Live Stream in Advance

You have the ability to schedule when you’re going to go live. When you schedule your stream, you’re allowed to put your title and your tags in. Your subscribers will get a notification saying when your stream will go live, and when they click on that notification, there will be a countdown, and they can go and wait for your stream. If you’re consistent with this, you’ll get a lot more views.  

#3: Have Good Live Content

Why does content matter? Aren’t we just after the views? If you don’t have good content, people are going to leave. YouTube sends out a notification, and all the people that are subscribed will get a little pop-up that says to go check out the live stream. If they go to the live stream, and they don’t like the content, then those people are going to leave and they’re not going to watch it. This will make your view count and your watch time drop. You want to get your view count and your watch time up really high. 

#4: Piggyback Off What is Hot

I found out that there were other people talking about live streaming and how to get more views, so I decided to make a video about it. If I piggyback off this search term, it’s going to work. Look at your niche, find out what people are doing, run searches, and find other category words you can use. You could literally build your entire audience on fads. People say not to go for the fads, but you can build a business on it if you do it right. If you base your live stream on something that’s getting a lot of traffic recently, then you’re going to have a better shot at getting that traffic, and you’ll get a lot more views on your live stream.  

#5: Build a Mailing List and Announce Your Live Stream

You want to own your audience. You want people to go to your site, join your list, and subscribe. Once you own the traffic, you can do whatever you want with it. You can email these people and tell them to check out your live stream. On top of all the emails you send them, they’re also getting the YouTube notifications. So before you even start your live stream, there will be a crowd of people waiting for you. 

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DIY Sales Funnel for Affiliate Marketers and Product Owners

DIY Sales Funnel for Affiliate Marketers and Product Owners: Build You List and Make Profit — affiliatemarketingmc at

Today, we’re talking about the product funnel. How do you get customers in? Where do they come from? Where do they go? What does it look like? We’ll be taking you step-by-step through the process so that you can see exactly how this works.  

Building a Marketing Funnel: The Landing Page 

Everything always starts with a landing page. A landing page is a page someone lands on from your traffic source. If you buy paid traffic from Google AdWords, Bing, Yahoo, or something like that, and you send people to your site, that is now a landing page. If you send people directly to an affiliate offer, you’re sending them to the affiliate offer’s landing page.  

Not everyone who visits your page will buy something, or fill out an affiliate offer, or click on the things that make you money. Most people will do the exact opposite. We find that the average amount of people who buy something strictly from traffic to the page is about 1% to 3%. If you get 100 clicks, that means 1 to 3 of them are going to buy something. It’s usually closer to the 1% number, and even less if you’re a beginner and don’t know what you’re doing. 

That means out of 100 people who come to your website, 99 leave without doing much. And if you’re paying $1 a click, that means you wasted $99 on ineffective traffic that doesn’t convert. It gets worse when you start getting to the big numbers.  


Make Your Landing Page into a Squeeze Page 

You always want to make a landing page, but in this case, for your product sales funnel, you make your landing page into a squeeze page. A squeeze page is a page that allows visitors to enter in their information. The idea is to get people from your squeeze page onto your mailing list, so that you can follow up with them and get more clicks.  

The squeeze page takes those same 100 clicks and offers them something of value. People come to your page and it tells them to put their name and email in the box.  

I’ve been doing this for many years, so we have hundreds of landing pages. If you’re starting out, you may have 5 landing pages and squeeze pages based on the top keywords in your market.  

For example, let’s say you buy traffic for the keyword “Adsense”, and people come to your site. They want to learn how to make money with Adsense. You could have a simple squeeze page that tells visitors to get their free Adsense report. It might have a video that talks about what the report is going to show them. Visitors submit their information, and they go to your mailing list.  


Building a Marketing Funnel: The Mailing List 

You will usually convert about 30% of the visitors that come to your site into your mailing list. So if you have 100 visitors, you will get 30 people on your list. If you do this every day, then at the end of the month, you’ll have 900 people on your mailing list. At the end of the year, you’ll have around 10,000 people.  

Why is this important? Because if you have 10,000 people on your mailing list and you send an email out, chances are that around 10% will open your email. 5% to 7% of them are going to click. These people will go on a new email list. That means that at the drop of a hat, whenever you feel like it, you could generate 500 to 700 warm clicks. That is powerful stuff.  

If you send an email every single day, which a lot of marketers do, that’s around 21,000 clicks a month, for free, from people who have already looked at your content. 

And how do you send so many emails? This is through your email autoresponder. 


Building a Marketing Funnel: The Autoresponder 

Once people come onto your mailing list, now they’re in your marketing funnel. You want to have a follow-up autoresponder. You write the emails ahead of time and you set up a system, so that the autoresponder automatically follows up and sends them out. You could take the new people on your list and have seven emails to send them over the next seven days. You could do it 365 days a year if you like, and you would be making money on autopilot. This is where a lot of the sales are made. Autoresponders often cost around $17 a month. Who wouldn’t do that? 

Here’s an example. Let’s say you were helping people buy cars online.  

  • Squeeze page“Want to learn the dealer invoice price? Put your name and email.”  Your traffic opts in, and they get your follow-up autoresponder.  
  • Autoresponderday 1: “Hey, did you find the price of that car yet? Here, let me help you out. It sends them to a video.  
  • Autoresponder, day 2“Hey, did you learn this yet? Here, check this out.” It sends them another resource. 
  • Autoresponder, day 5: “Here’s a tip. When is the best time to buy a car?” It sends them to the information.  
  • Autoresponder, day 7“Do you want me to look up the invoice car price? It’s $17.” That’s your tripwire.  
  • Autoresponder, day 14“Do you want to learn how to negotiate prices? It’s $197.” 
  • Autoresponder, day 21“Do you want me to do all the work and find you the best deal? That’s $997, and I guarantee I’ll save you at least 3 times on your car.”  

Everything goes back to your sales, and all you have to do is focus on the funnel.  

Building a Marketing Funnel:  

Learning About Your Traffic and Selling the Product 

When you send your traffic emails with product offers, then you can start to learn about them. You watch what they click on. You start to see what they’re interested in, and you can figure out what you want to sell. You can send them all kinds of product offers.  


Selling the Product: The Tripwire 

When trying to get someone onto their mailing list, a lot people like to go for what’s called an SLO, or a self-liquidating offer. This is also called the tripwire, and it’s used to get someone to buy something right away. You make it so easy that it’s simple for people to sign up. Since this offer is self-liquidating, it pays for all your traffic. But it’s not about making a bunch of money—it’s just to get people into your funnel have already bought your products.  


Selling the Product: The Upgrade 

Tripwires aren’t so much about the money as they are about the ability to upgrade. People naturally want to go through a process. They naturally want more of you and the products you have to offer. They naturally want better things.  

Keep this in mind when you’re thinking about making money and you don’t have a lot to start. In the beginning, if you do a lot of work to build something of value, then boom. You have something to sell over and over again. 

Think about this in terms of what your market wants, not what you think they want. The idea is to have something for the majority of people on your list. Don’t focus on the ones who can’t afford it—focus on the ones who can. As you go down your list, you’re going to graduate people into the next thing. This works with affiliate offers, with your own products, with resell rights, everything. You want to gradually get your traffic down into the next offer. 

Remember that in your market, at any time, there are people willing to spend lots of money. This can be difficult to grasp, because many of us don’t think that way. We look for things that are inexpensive and we want good deals. But there are people in this world who don’t care about price. You might not spend $1,000 or $10,000 on something, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t tons of people lined up to buy it. So many people miss out on sales because they’re not psychologically preconditioned to think that expensive stuff is hard to sell. It’s not. 

If you’ve got something good, don’t be bashful. Don’t not push it because you think it’s too expensive There are people out there ready to get what you have to offer. If you’re doing a good job, if you’ve got a following, if you’ve got people listening and you’ve got their attention, you can sell pretty much whatever you want, as long as they’re interested in it.  



You can take your traffic through all kinds of different lists, but the goal is to beef it up.  

If you can get 700 visitors to your site every day, that’s $21,000 visitors a month, or roughly 250,000 per year. If you’re only making 50 cents a click, you’re still making $125,000 a year. 

But you can do a lot better than that. You can make a dollar a click, or three dollars a click. The sky is the limit, but you have to focus on the funnel. You’ve got to do it the right way, be clear, and be concise. You drive people through the process, get them into the funnel and keep their interest. You want to give them valuable stuff, and you want to graduate them down the chain of command to the things that cost a lot but also benefit them a lot.  

No matter if you’re an affiliate marketer or if you’re creating your own product—this is how this works, and it works in any niche. As always, it’s important to provide value. You give lots of value, and then you sell. 

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Affiliate Marketing with PPC: 300 Click Testing and Tracking

Affiliate Marketing with PPC –  Fast Results: 300 Click Testing and Tracking — affiliatemarketingmc at

There is no failure, nor success. Only data. Today, we’re gonna talk about data driven results.  

Too many people that want to be successful affiliate marketers don’t look at data. They look at success, failure, how they feel, how they think about something, or what they think is going to happen. But the fact of the matter is that numbers and data do not lie.  

If you look at some of most valuable prized property in corporations in America and across the world, and what do they have in common? They have data and know how to use data. They know what’s going to happen. They know what their customers want and what response to expect.  

Knowing how to use data = big profits.  

You can get better results just by testing 300 clicks to a brand new website than you can all day long going to every marketing conference, reading every marketing book, and listening to every Youtube video on marketing.  

If you throw 300 clicks at something, you’ll be lightyears ahead of where you are right now. It’s all about being able to have the guts to go out there and test something. Sure, it might not work. It might fall flat on its face. You might not get any views on your video. You might not make any money. But the data gives you results that you can learn from. 

For example, if I set up a page and I drive 300 people to it, then I can gage what’s going on. I can see what they clicked on, what they didn’t click on, when they left, why they left, how many opted in, how many clicked on the link, what link they clicked on, if they scrolled down to the bottom of the page or if they looked at the top of the page. 

And these are the kinds of things that you need to know to be successful online.  

When I was a kid, I was really into science. One of the things I really liked about science was that there was no success, there was no failure, there was only the idea of results. Does something work the way you expected it to work? And if not, why? And this is one of the things that is lost in internet marketing and business.  

You see, so many people want to set up one site and be rich overnight. That can happen, but for most of you, you’ll have to test your way to success.   

For example, if you set up one website, you have to look at what the variables are. If you’re going for free search engine traffic and you’re not getting any traffic, you have to look at it and ask, 

  • Is the keyword good?  
  • Did I rank for the keyword? 

If the keyword gets no traffic, then it doesn’t matter if you ranked for it. And if you’re not ranking for it, then you’re not going to get the traffic. 

When I test a new site, I like to start with about 300 clicks. I like to do these with paid traffic. Before you say you don’t have money for paid traffic, you have to look at this objectively. Let’s say I’m spending anywhere from 10 cents to a dollar per click (a dollar is usually on the high end. Most of the traffic I buy is much less than that.) If I take 300 clicks, that means it will cost me anywhere from 30 dollars to 300 dollars.  The goal is to break even while getting the data. 

A lot of people look at this and think, will I just take the 300 dollars and pour it down the drain? I certainly hope not. I certainly hope you go through my course and figure out how this works so that you have a better chance of making it work.  

I like to take 300 visitors and drive them to my landing page. This is the page that they land on. When these 300 visitors come to my site, if I’m going for an opt-in box, which is collecting names and emails, I want to find out: Did they opt in? If they did, how many? 

Throughout this week, I’ve been testing an opt-in page. It’s a new version of a page where it’s really straightforward and to the point. It had a background of a man and dog at the beach, and then it had an opt-in box. We did a 300 click test on this page, and at one point it was getting 65% opt-in rate. That means that 65% of the people that came to the page were putting their name and email in. There were 65 for every 100 people, so if you dd it up, that was 195 people to opt-in, or 195 leads. That’s good data.  

If I have this data and don’t make any money, I still have something to work with.  

[smart-affiliate-ads group=”5″ position=”random” limit=”3″]

Let’s say you’re doing affiliate marketing, and you do the 300 click test. You build your page the way you think it will work (and if you’re in my course, you can submit them for review), you focus on why the people came to you in the first place. You have an affiliate Bible toolbar, and you want users to download the toolbar so you can get 3 dollars. Off of this, if you drive 300 people to the site, how many are going to click on the download button?  

In my testing, I’ve seen that I can get 90 – 95% of people who come to my page to actually click on “download the Bible.” They don’t download it, but they do click it. Let’s say I get 95%, which is perhaps 280. Out of those 280 people, how many downloaded? If 10% downloaded, that means I get 28 downloads. Multiply that by 3 dollars, and now I’m making 84 dollars. If I’m spending less than that for the traffic, then I know it works. 

In this example, the effective EPC (earnings per click) = 0.28% per click.  You have to look at the variables. So many people set something up and say, it didn’t work, so whatever. They don’t go back and look at it.  

If I did this test, and only 10% click on the Bible toolbar download, then that means I have 30 people and 3 downloads. This means instead of 84 dollars, I’m making 9 dollars. That wouldn’t work. I’d have to look at it and ask, why did only 10% click? How do I get more to click?  

Affiliate marketing is all about the testing. Personally, I like to do it in my head and I like to use some of the tracking software that I have, which we give you as part of the Simple Sites course, like the Affiliate Tracker, Smart Affiliate Ads, and the Squeeze Blogs Pro. All of these tools we give you as part of the course so that you can test this stuff  and find out, how many are clicking? How do you get more to click? How do you get more to do things on your site? If they’re watching a video, how can you get more people to the video?  

For example, we just did a video as part of a Youtube collaboration. It didn’t cost me anything. My collaborator published his video and got about 4200 views. Out of those 4200 views, we had about 420 that went to my site. And of those 420, we were getting roughly a 50-60% opt-in rate, which means I got about 200 – 220 leads. That means 220 people came to my site, put their name and email in and said yes, I want more information from you. If I know those stats, now I can go anywhere.  

Know your stats!

This is how you crush it in any market. And this is why affiliate companies are able to pay you so much money.  

Am I telling you to take 300 bucks and go blow it on traffic? No. Do it calculated, do it right, look at it, and ask yourself, is this something I would click on if I clicked this ad? And remember, do not test blind. Know what to expect and why.  

Most people in internet marketing would rather buy courses than actually test things out stuff out. But you have to get out there and test.  

Internet marketing is unparalleled to anything else in history because where you’re sitting right now, whether it’s in sweats or a 3-piece suit, it doesn’t matter. You can reach the world.  

We’ve had over 8 million impressions on our ads, and hundreds of millions of views on our sites. We’ve tested this stuff extensively. And if you look at some of the biggest companies in the world, they are constantly testing at lightning speed. You have to do this if you want to make money.  

This works whether you’re paying for traffic, whether you’re making Youtube videos to get views or people to your site, or whether you’re doing search traffic. Everything comes down to data. What worked and why? What didn’t work and why?  

Do more of what works. Do less of what doesn’t. And don’t cry that you’ve failed, because you’ve only  failed when you give up.  

You have to look at this stuff through the eyes of the visitor. Remember, you’re testing to find out what people do. There’ are people looking at your website and asking, what should I do? Why should I click, and how is it going to work? The key is knowing what’s going to work. Knowing what people click on, what people respond to, what buttons get more clicks, what downloads people like, knowing what words people are looking for on the site. 

The market tells you what they want. As an affiliate, you can figure out what they want, you can write your page based on that, and you can sell the product as an affiliate. If you can learn what people tell you through the form of stats on your website, then you can make a lot of money online.  

To get the course, go to 

The One Thing You Must Have to Make Money Online

The One Thing You Must Have to Make Money Online: It’s Not Just What You Know — affiliatemarketingmc at

From the millions of people that I’ve coached into how to make money online, I often hear that they don’t want to work for themselves. They want to make money, and they don’t want to have to listen to anyone. This is a bold-faced lie.  

We’re going to talk about this today, and we’re also going to talk about what it takes to be an internet entrepreneur.  


Working For Yourself 


Do you have what it takes to be an internet entrepreneur? The answers might surprise you. The number of people who want to make money online and the amount of people who actually do what it takes is very wide of a gap.  

Who doesn’t want to make money online and do whatever they want? People want this, but they’re lying to themselves about wanting to work for themselves and not having to listen to anyone.  

You might want to run your own business and call your own shots, but you come onto my YouTube channel and watch my videos because you want me to tell you what to do. Isn’t that counter-intuitive to calling your own shots?  

No one is calling me and telling me what I have to do. Every day I wake up and think about what I have to do to make my business grow. There’s no set-in-stone philosophy or formula. No one will tell you exactly what to do every single day. If they do, then you have a job.


What It Takes 

Everyone wants money, but they don’t do what it takes to get there. It’s so simple and so easy, but many people don’t actually do it. It takes a specific skill set, and it’s the ability to get people to do things. Internet marketing is all about influence.  


You are paid in direct proportion to  

  1. The amount of people you influence or 
  2. The manner in which you influence people 


Anyone can set up a blog. It’s not about your website, your design, your web hosting company, or what autoresponder you use. It doesn’t matter what you sell. It’s about the way you say things, and knowing what to say. What matters is if you can influence people. 

It takes a special something to be able to do this. Knowing how to write ads is a really important skill to know if you want to make money online. 

If you can influence people with your words, then you can make money online. You need to learn to make your words have an impact. Make someone feel something. Everyone wants a feeling.


The Internet


Look at Facebook. If you’re on Facebook and you have a bunch of friends and you post something, and people respond, congratulations. You’ve influenced people to react. 

The internet has all the secrets. If you want to know what people search for, go to the Google Adwords Planner. If you want to know what’s going on at Facebook, look at what’s getting looked at a lot. If you want to know what works on YouTube, look at who’s getting a lot of views and interactions and subscribers. It’s not rocket science. You have to look at it objectively, because the internet tells you what you need to do. It’s like a step-by-step plan.  

Right now, there are millions of dollars floating around. It’s being spent. It’s being sold. Advertisers are paying it. Google is getting some of it. Twitter is getting some of it. Facebook. Advertisers. I’m getting some of it. Every minute, my website makes money. All day, every day.  

If your website makes one dollar a minute, every minute, you’re making $1,400 a day. That’s about half a million dollars a year.  


   Moving Forward 


Affiliate marketing is very simple. But simple isn’t easy. If you want the good things in life, you have to take a risk for it. It’s easy to influence people when you know the most about them. There are formulas for everything, and they work every time, because people don’t change—and they are easily influenced.  

You can make the money you want to make by simply listening and providing the vehicle to help people better their life in one simple way. The difference is in knowing what you need to do every day. Have a strategy, have a plan to get the right person, influence them in the right way, and take them to what’s going make you money, or what’s going to help them. Hopefully it will be the same thing.  

No one cares what you do. That could either be the most depressing thing in the world or the most liberating.  

As you move forward, ask yourself these questions: 


  • Are you afraid of success? 
  • What’s your risk threshold? 
  • Do you have what it takes to make this business work? 
  • Can you influence people? 
  • Are you going to learn the skill of influence? 
  • What does to take to make money? 
  • What are you willing to do? 
  • What are you going to do today that will add to your income every day? 


Pay attention, take a risk, learn influence, and try something. 

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Affiliate Marketing For Beginners: Basic Three-Step Tutorial

Affiliate Marketing for Beginners ** Basic 3 Step Tutorial — affiliatemarketingmc at

What are the basics that you need to do to make money online? What do you need to have? What kind of skills? We’re breaking this down today.  

1. Start By Finding Your Audience First 

You need to find your audience first. Once you do that, you can make whatever product you promote an instant top seller. You want to own your audience. How do you find your audience? Use tools like the Google Keyword Planner or Facebook groups.  

When you find your audience, you have to learn about them. This is how you build your brand up into something bigger and provide value. 


2. Decide How You Will Reach Your Audience 

In your market, there are forums, groups, all kinds of places where people are talking to each other. They’re basically telling you what they want to buy, what they want to do, and what they’re interested in. We look at it all.

When you’re deciding how to reach your audience, ask yourself: What is the best way to get my audience to come to me? Is it feasible? What is it going to cost? 


3. Find Out How To Get Paid 

When you’re finding your audience, and finding ways to reach them, you are building yourself up as an authority. A lot of people say they don’t want to have their name out in the public. And that’s okay—you can build authority from behind the scenes. You can still build a following of people that will open your emails and check out your site. You can still get people to come back to you.  


If you tackle one group, one specific audience, you’ll make money for a long time with affiliate marketing. Whether you want to just get started, or whatever you’re doing, use this three-step marketing basics plan. 

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