How to Get More Views on YouTube Live and Increase Your Views; Easy Live Streaming Tips

Hi there it’s Marcus!

Today we’re going to talk about how to get more views on your YouTube live stream!

You might want to know that I’m a bit of a stats junkie. I always like to look at stats. I always like to look at numbers and I always like to compare these things. So when I see a guy with like a hundred thousand subscribers or five hundred thousand subscribers go and do a live stream, only has about a hundred people on there and then I’m sitting here with a little tiny channel of about twenty-five thousand subscribers and I blow them out of the water with the amount of people I have on my live stream, I got to ask myself why?

We’re gonna answer that question so that you can start getting more views on your YouTube live stream starting right now!

Hey guys it’s Marcus again and welcome into the backyard office!

This is where I’ve done live streams for hundreds of thousands of people over the last few months. What I want to talk to you about today and if you like this stuff, you want to make sure you subscribe, click the little bell notification icon so that you get all the notifications when I go live and when I get new videos to teach you how to make more money with YouTube and get more views and blow up and all that good stuff.

Today what we’re gonna be talking about is how to get more views on your YouTube live stream.

That’s right!

When you go live, how would you like to have a bunch of people sitting there waiting for you to push the button, waiting to watch your stream and have lots of people on that stream instead of just like three people.

We’re gonna talk about that and the examples that I used in the beginning are actual real live examples. I go out there and I watch what people are doing I look at it I say ok this guy has a lot of subscribers and I know that he gets all the subscribers get notifications when he goes live so why is he only getting like 50 people or people or maybe a hundred and fifty people on the high end to watch his live stream?

We’re gonna talk about that because I’ve actually crushed it with my live stream numbers with just a small channel so we’re gonna show you how that works and I’m gonna show you five steps, five ways to boost the amount of people and increase the view time and viewers on your YouTube live stream. Let’s get started right now!


What you want to do is you want to look at your title. Your title is very important alright what do you title your live stream? If it’s just like hey Marcus goes live, no one gives a rip about that this is just like your videos and you need to use keywords based on what people are searching for!

So instead of just “Marcus goes live” how about titling your video or your live stream something like “how to get more views to your YouTube live” or “how to bake a potato or whatever it is you’re going to go live about” Do the research, make sure your title is in line with things that are getting views and more importantly make sure that that title isn’t super competitive and you could do that by searching the title in the YouTube search box in quotes. Put it in quotes and I’ll show you how many people if there’s like million different results then you know it’s pretty competitive, but if there’s only like 500, boom you got a winner. We’ll show you how to gauge that as well so you want to do your title.

Also you want to do your tags. When you tag your livestream right when you do those little tags you’re gonna build your live stream out and then you’re gonna click the advanced button and it’ll take you to the tags. If you don’t do this, it’s going to use the default tags from your last video so pay attention. Make sure the title and the tags match each other so that you have a better chance of ranking high on the search engines.


Schedule your stream! Now this is very very important because you have the ability to schedule when you’re gonna go live for me on this channel you’re gonna want to subscribe because we go live at 10 a.m. on Wednesday and 10 a.m. Friday.  We do live streams to help you with all this stuff so make sure you subscribe and click the bell.

When you schedule it, here’s the key.

When you schedule it you’re allowed to put your title in and your tags in and as this thing starts to rank your video is gonna rank and it’s gonna say this one’s gonna be live at this time and then when they click it it’s going to go to a little thing that counts down so they could be sitting there waiting for your live stream and if you’re consistent you’re gonna get a lot more views very very important.

Now again when you’re scheduling, make sure your title your description and your tags match the keyword that you want so if it’s based on like something that’s getting a lot of traffic recently boom you’re gonna have a better shot at getting that traffic and you’re gonna get a lot more views on your live stream.


Now let’s go over to number three. It doesn’t really need to be said but it does and that is have good content.  Why does good content Matter? Aren’t we just after the Views? Well if you have good content people aren’t going to leave because what happens is YouTube sends out a notification and boom all your people that are subscribed are gonna get a little pop up that says go check out the livestream.

When they go to livestream and if you’re sitting there going well you know people are gonna leave and they’re not gonna watch it which is gonna make your view count drop and your watch time drop. What we want to do is want to get a view count up and our watch time up really really high.


Number four piggy back on what’s hot. Right now I’m making this video in my backyard office. I am set to jump on a plane and go across the country which by the way these are Eastern time okay I’m getting on a plane to go across the country again I did it last week too and I came in here to do a video even though we’re on a crunch for time because I found out that there was other people talking about live-streaming and top thinking about how to get more views so if I piggyback this on that search term boom it’s gonna work.

You’re gonna learn something here and I’m actually gonna show you a real time example of how that works so you can piggyback on what’s hot, look at your niche, find out what people are doing do searches find out that other category words the other things you can do because you could literally build your entire audience on fads.

People tell you don’t go for the Fads, don’t go for the quick stuff but you can build a business on it if you do it right. You can build your audience on it if you do it right and we’re gonna talk about that more on some other videos as well as I said I got a jet pretty soon.


Number five, build a list and announce it. The big important thing you want to do is you want to own your audience. The reason you want to own your audience is because when these people go to your site and they join your list they subscribe all of this stuff and we’re talking about a mailing list here it’s because once you own them you could do whatever you want with them.

So I could actually email these people and say hey check it out here’s a live stream, two more days till the live stream boom were alive right now and on top of all the emails they’re getting from YouTube and all the little notifications they’re also getting emails me and boom before I even start my livestream there is a crowd of people waiting saying dude Marcus where are you why didn’t you start yet it’s 10:01.  It’s10:02 now why haven’t you started yet, alright we try to start on time but you know sometimes stuff happens so that’s the big thing here. We’re going to talk more about this in a detailed way and we’re gonna talk about it on a live stream.

That’s right on Friday November 10th at 10 a.m. Eastern Standard Time on my channel here on the YouTube, we are going to have a two-hour live stream about live streams, how to build up your audience, how to make money, how to build a crowd and do stuff with that crowd so that you are not stuck with two viewers and 19 cents. At any rate we’re gonna talk to you about how this works so Friday November 10th, 10 a.m. Eastern.

We are gonna go, we’re gonna hash this out and here is a cool bonus. If you register for this live training at, not only are you gonna get some cool PDFs but we’re actually gonna hook you up with a software that I use to make all this stuff happen.

This software cost me a small fortune to build but we’re actually gonna give you a version of it free but you can only get it if you go right now to, attend the webinar and if you’re on the list and you attend the webinar boom we’re gonna give you this thing free of charge! It’s gonna be a demo version but it’s actually really really cool. It’s the same one that I use on mine.

So Friday November 10, it’s 10 a.m. Eastern.

We’re gonna be hashing this stuff out make sure you’re subscribed here on the channel make sure you go to

That’s, get all the details get the PDFs

and we’re going to talk to you about

how to make more money with your YouTube channel,

 how to get more subscribers how to get more views and

how to have a big crowd of people waiting to hear what you got to say on your next livestream. 

My name is Marcus. Thanks for checking out the Channel. I appreciate you subscribing and clicking that bell and I will see you Friday November 10th 10 a.m. Eastern Standard Time live. Thanks again see you on the livestream!



How to Create WordPress Squeeze Pages The Right Way

Hey guys! It’s Marcus here back at you from

Before you go to and put your name and email in the box to get my other videos and everything,

I want to show you how to create a squeeze page with your blog.

Now the number one problem that I find with all the plugins that create squeeze pages and everything like that is they defeat the whole purpose of having a blog by taking your blog and making it a static page that the search engines just look at as a generic squeeze page.

So what I did is, I set out to create a plug-in or find something that would allow me to show the search engines that I am in fact providing good relevant content, show my visitors that they’re getting good content and of course all while maintaining a very good opt-in conversion rate.

Because if I get a hundred visitors to my site I want to have at least 30, 40, or 50 of them or more to put their name and email in because that becomes part of my list and I make lots of money!

So you could see here on, on the main page we have the opt-in box. I have my live chat just because I like to talk to you guys and answer your questions so you can hit me up on their own as well right and nothing else except for my privacy policy and all that other stuff.

Naturally all the pages are relevant to what people want. So if I was going to say “hey learn how to pick flowers”

I’d say number one video would be like where to find the flowers.

Then my second video might be “how to get away from the thorns.”

And the third video might “how to know if a flower is ready to be picked.”

It’s all relevant to what they want. Very, very important that we follow that model.

And of course my last video again following the theme of what they want to learn is getting paid. So they watch the video and at the end of the video I say hey opt-in over here. Now you could do this with text. You could do it with content and I’ll actually show you some tips to increase your opt-in rate as well in the next video which you can get at

In addition to that I also have posts because I want the search engines to get value and rank my post and see that I have a lot of content that they can use so on my posts I have a completely different set of widgets and I also have links to all my other posts and all my other pages and everything like that. So the search engine looks at this and says “wow this is a lot of good information” The visitor looks at it and says “hey this is pretty cool but I have to opt-in to get what I want.” so they opt-in and everyone’s happy. Everything works. It’s all fun and it’s all good and it even works for bringing people back to your site.

Now I’d like to show you how you can do this on your blog and the best ways to go about it.

So first up, download a plugin that I have called the opt-in control basic. It basically allows you to control your site the way that I’m showing you.

You can get this as a member of blog profit Network. Just go there sign up for the blog profit network. Become a paid member and I’ll give you this for free as my way of saying thanks for checking out my videos.

After you install the plug-in, click on manage. Click on manage and you get the basic three tabs which is Opt-in Widget 1, Thank You Widget, and Recent Posts Widget.

Very important because there’s three different aspectsyou want your opt-in pages, you want your thank-you page, and you want your recent host because obviously we know that on earth Thank You page we could sell stuff, we can get them to do other things, we can promote stuff whatever right that’s a very very important page it takes us.

To start off we’re going to go to:

  • Hide widget title.
  • Show in home page- yes
  • Show in pages- yes
  • That’s gonna do exactly what I have where all the pages now have this opt-in box on it.
  • Then we go down, here you could put your content like “Hey opt-in here”
  • You can Center it. You put arrows like I have.

Everything like that. Super super super easy! 

  • Next up we’re gonna go to our aweber list. So if you have an aweber account which you should, if not we can show you where to get that. But basically you have a list name.
  • Let’s say I’m going to use my list called “simplemarcus” okay and the cool thing about this is you don’t even have o login to into your Aweber. You just type the stuff in here super easy.
  • You have your Thank You page. Now your Thank You page very important what I want to do in this case we’re working on seven day blog profits. So let’s say our Thank You page is actually one of the posts on our blog which is post 28 in this example.
  • Bullet 1: “Get Cool Videos”
  • Bullet 2: Free plugins
  • Bullet 3: and weekly webinars
  • You also have a privacy policy if you use this as default it’ll just bring up aweber’s basic privacy policy so that’s all taken care of and everything like that.

Once you’re done you just hit save opt-in widget settings. It’s only going to put this opt-in box on the pages and the home page.

Next step after we save that is we go to the Thank You page widget.

This is going to coincide with the Thank You page that we put in the other area. I think it was Post 28.

  • We’re gonna show in posts.
  • We’re just gonna put 28 here because this is the only one that we want it to show in. Very very important!
  • You can put your contents could say you know you can have a banner ad you can have different links or whatever and this is only going to show up on your posts and to do all posts you could just leave that blank and it’ll show on all your post which is usually what I like to do because you want to optimize that search engine traffic as well.
  • So we’re gonna save the Thank You widget settings.
  • and up here we go we got to put some content in there- type in “buy some stuff” or you could do like “here’s your free bonus” and put a little arrow.

Next up we have our recent posts widget. This is important because what it’s gonna do is it’s going to show all of your posts on the pages.

The reason you want this is because you want the search engines to pick it up and you want the people who just opted in to get some cool content but very important:

You do not want it on your homepage.

You do not want it on your pages

You only want it on your post and I put it on all the post

And we’re just gonna go ahead and say we’ll just do unlimited. That way it lists all the stuff that I do.

You put some content here– “cool free stuff”

You get save and you are done!

 Basically what’s going to happen is you will have a complete blog just like I have on blog profit network where it’s going to hide all your other posts on the pages.

It’s gonna make them opt-in and then it’ll give them all the cool stuff on the other things all well while making these search engines happy!

So click the link below this video.

Go to

Sign up become a paid member.


Get this for free and we’ll work together. We’ll make money with online blogging.

See you in the next video!



Finding Niches with Google Keyword Planner and Google Trends

 Hey guys it’s Marcus here from!

Download Your Trigger Word List Here

Today what I’d like to do is talk to you about the four little words that will make you rich.

This is a tactic that I’ve used for quite some time now but it really became real to me this week when the government had their shut down.

The United States government shut down because they can’t figure anything out and basically what’s going on is they have a shutdown and that’s in the news, you could see it everywhere.

The government shutdown, you go to sites like White House or any government site the FTC’s even down, everything’s down. People are freaking out, they got the news and they’re like okay well what do we do about this shutdown what do we do, how does this affect us?

That leads us to the four words that can make you absolutely rich!

Those four words are basically a comfort or a guide to people that are freaking out!

Like this dude is reading the news and he’s like how does this affect me? Those my friends are the four words that will make you rich.

How _______ affects you! 

Very very very very important.


One, how does the government shutdown affect you?

  • How do changes to Obamacare affect you?
  • How do changes to mortgage rates affect you?
  • How does it change to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac affect you?
  • How does something affect you?

What’s happening you’ve seen it time and time again is the Internet is taking over the news.

A lot of people are getting their news online a lot of people are looking for information online. That gives us little guys a chance to be in the big playing field by providing good information that people really really really want.

So we take a look at this and we say how does whatever effect you.

If we were to go to like the AdWords tool here and this is the new Google Keyword planner.

I’ll put a link to this below and basically you just logged into a Google account which you can get a gmail address and that’ll allow you to use the Google planner.

  • What we want to do is we want to search for a new keyword and ad group ideas.
  • When we do this we want to keep in mind how_______ affects you, how does something affect you! 
  • When we do this, we have our content basically writing itself because now all you have to do is do research.

So if you were to do research if you were to say you know what kind of content do I make about how does the government shutdown affect you.

Well that’s actually pretty easy you say okay if your government worker here’s how it affects you. If you’re a regular civilian here’s how it affects you. If you’re in the military here’s how it affects you.

What’s happening is you can now lead these people to very very very expensive traffic or expensive clicks that pay you big money based on giving them information. How does this affect you well you need to go get a new mortgage or you need to do this or you need to do that.

Very very very very very important!

So if we were to go to Google and we say well let’s let’s look up Obamacare.

So we’re going we’ll hit get ideas all right and we’re gonna say okay health care reform Obamacare all kinds of different things here.

Obamacare is getting an average of 368, 000 monthly searches. That’s like insane right that’s a lot! That’s like more than 10,000 a day probably close to 12 to 15 000 a day.

So we have that was okay how does Obamacare affect you.

Now look at this, if we were gonna take and do Obamacare in Google we have ready for Obamacare facts personal health plans.

What if you had a little ad here with these three guys which means this is non-competitive okay very non-competitive, totally non-competitive.

A little bit more competitive on this page but not that bad right okay and we look at this so he says okay well what do we do with this?

What if we had an ad that said how Obamacare affects you?

Free report reveals ten ways that Obamacare affects the average American even if you already have a health plan.

We take that, we say here’s our word and we use to how _________ effects you.

What we want to do is we want to use this in a way that gets them to something that makes us a lot of money.

So we see that Obamacare is not that expensive. It’s not that competitive.

Let’s also take a look at healthcare reform.

That’s a blanket bidder which means that this is very very non-competitive. How health care reform affects you.

Let’s take a look at another one government shutdown.

We’re headed how did government shutdown affects you right no one bidding on it. Now I want you to look at who’s on the top news, news very important.

So we have this here government shutdown okay no one bidding on a one guy bidding who’s this guy something about Freedom Works and some other thing right so you could be here for like ten cents a click or less.


Very easy to do! You could be up here in minutes.

Bidding on the government shutdown saying how does the federal government shutdown affect you.You can say things like okay well let’s do some research and does it affect us with healthcare great okay if it affects us with healthcare now we say “health insurance”.

Now watch what happens so we’re taking this click from 10 cents and now we are flipping it to a market that is worth $20 a click.

So he’d say how does the health care reform affect you, well it’s really bad and you need to get health insurance right now! If you want to get health insurance right now go to my site right and get information about health insurance plans.

So now on or whatever it is that you get you’re gonna be showing $20 ads or something close to it.

So this is the key and this is how you do it right and you say how does __________ affect you.

All you’re doing is providing a blog or a site that shows people how something is affecting them and you can literally go and look at the top news items of each day and you can start to get this stuff going.

Another one is if you were to do a press release on how something affects you.

You can get a press release out there submits it to like the whole planet right and you say how Obamacare affects you, how the government shutdown affects you right and you say government shutdown.

Now it’s probably getting a lot more because it is in fact on Google Trends right if you go to Google Trends and just kind of make this like your homepage instead of whatever you have as your homepage and you’ll be able to see what’s going on right like this, okay we’ll go to hot searches.

Let’s see what we have here. So we have Fox News is the first one for this, we’ve got sports something about a GT I don’t know what that is another Fox News Battlefield I think that’s some kind of game or something, NASA about the government shutdown, you have Blackhawks NHL so a lot of people are looking at news, SunTrust you can do how the SunTrust settlement affects you of all the people with SunTrust mortgages are gonna be freaking out about that alright you say well you need to refine.

So SunTrust flip into refinance, look at that $52 a click.

Right so you say okay how SunTrust whatever affects you and you know that this is getting a lot of searches it’s got 50000 searches per day. Suntrust settles with Freddie Mac blah blah blah blah blah right and you say here’s how it affects you.

Government shutdown 50,000 searches.

What does government shutdown mean?

They are looking for answers, they are looking for solutions and you say how _______ affects you?

If you answer this question how ________ affects you, you will get insanely rich.

How _____ affects you, how the current whatever affects you?

The contents are written for you. You just find information about how it affects you. You can run webinars, you can run videos, you can give information whatever you want to do, you can take and say how does this affect you teach them how it affects them and make lots of money.


Again I’m Marcus from!

If you like this kind of stuff, if you want to get rich with these four words,

I urge you click the link below get,

ask me to help you guys!

It comes with 90 days personal support. I’ll help you with this.

 I’ll show you how to get press releases out there.

Get free traffic. Get super cheap paid traffic and make money by showing people how certain things affect them because we are seeing this as a trend online people are going online to get their news and you can hijack that traffic in a good way teach them some cool stuff and make money in the process

Thanks again for watching! Go by and let’s make money online together.



What Is a Squeeze Page? How Squeeze Pages Work

Hey guys! It’s Marcus here with!

Today, what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna talk about working with squeeze pages.

I want to let you know that if at any time you feel like you need some more Information, some tips, and tools and anything that I’ve put together for you to learn how to make money as an affiliate marketer, feel free to go to!

 You can get all the cool stuff there! Make sure you opt in on that page because you’re gonna get tons of cool stuff, live webinars, live trainings, and things like that.

Today, what we’re gonna do is we’re going to talk about working with squeeze pages.

Basically I’d like to start by telling you what a squeeze page is.

In all internet marketing we start with our traffic.

This is our audience. This is our traffic.

The idea of internet marketing as a whole is to take this traffic and put them to something. There are several options of what you can do to put them to something. There is an option of like a direct link. So a direct link would mean that you’re sending them right to the affiliate offer and you’re hoping that the affiliate offer converts them because if it doesn’t convert them, then you’re not going to make any money!

There’s also like a landing page. A landing page is basically something where instead of a direct link, you’d make a simple page and you’d say, “Hi, welcome to my page! I really like this product,” and you’d send them to the affiliate link after, after they hit your page.

There’s also something called a squeeze page. A squeeze page is where the goal is to get them to opt-in. That means join your newsletter, become part of your mailing list so that you can market to them over and over, because as you’ve heard it said I’m sure in sales, the key to making money is that the fortune is in the follow up. So the more that you follow up with your visitors, your students, whatever, the more money you’re going to make.

I mean hands down! The cool thing about this is once you have a list, you can literally send an email and get money in your account within seconds, which is really cool for minutes depending on how fast it is; but the idea of the squeeze page is to take your traffic to a page. This page has one goal. The goal of that page is to get people to subscribe.

The idea here is you want to have an offer, an email, and a name box. Then of course they hit submit. So you would say, “Get free cats.” or whatever you’re giving away. Maybe you have a video or some text here that explains what they’re getting; but the goal is to get them to opt-in.

Once you take them and they opt-in, now they go into your database and you have permission to email them. You could say, “Hey man, now I hope you like the free cats we gave you. Here’s some cat food. Here’s some pet insurance. Here’s whatever.” So they go on your database and the cool thing is, now they come back to you over and over and over. So that one click that you got is now coming back to you over and over because you used the squeeze page.


Now, there’s several ways that you can build a squeeze page.

You could build a squeeze page with HTML, just like this one, or you could build a squeeze page with WordPress. but this video is just a short little video giving you an overview of how to work with squeeze pages. Again, remember the goal of your squeeze page is to get them to opt-in get them to be part of your mailing list so that you can make money over and over.

Once you have this database you could send them directly to affiliates offers. You can send them to your landing pages or other landing pages. You can even send them to a sales page.




Again, I’m Marcus Campbell from!

Go to my site, opt-in, just like I’m showing you how to do.

I’m gonna give you tons of cool free stuff.

Check out my channel.


We got other videos on how to make WordPress squeeze pages, how to make HTML squeeze pages and I even have some cool templates for you!


Thanks again for watching!

I’m Marcus. Go to!

How To Make Money Giving Away And Selling Pdf Files

NOTE: This Weeks Webinar Is As 10AM EST On Wednesday And Will Be Showing You How I Have Made A TON Of Profits With Simple Little Sites And HIGH Converting Maxbounty Style affiliate Offers.

Report Coming Soon

What Is Internet Marketing? How Does Internet Marketing Work?

Hey guys it’s Marcus here with!

Today I’d like to talk to you about what internet marketing is.

Lately there’s been a lot of heat around this term like “Is internet marketing a scam?”, “What does an internet marketer do?” and things like that.

So I’m making this video to show you what it is and how it works and how you could get involved and how it’s definitely not a scam. Marketing is just a way of getting a message across to a certain group of people and hopefully sell them a few things along the way.


So here’s what we’re gonna do. First up you can see we have these lovely pictures that’s what happens when the kids play in here right we’ve even got a picture of the dog here and everything like that.


Let’s say that we are an affiliate marketer and obviously this is my attempt at making a nice picture but this is the affiliate marketer here right and what he does let’s say he’s an internet marketer okay and he’s got bell-bottoms on because I think bell-bottoms are awesome and they should definitely come back in style so really cool.

So now this guy, he has a bell-bottoms store right we’ll call it bell bottom or whatever okay and his goal is to sell these bell-bottoms.

Now as an internet marketer he can use many different means to sell them.

He could use email, write email. He could use search engines. He could use Facebook. He can use just about anything that is online related.

So he’s got his stuff here. He could use email search, Facebook, he can use any type of online advertising and his goal obviously is to sell the bell-bottoms so he would go on if he does email. He can go to like 80s easy nor 70s blogs or whatever and and tap into email lists or he can create his own list.

If he does search engines he would get people that are searching for bell-bottoms and seventies clothing and retro gear and everything like that right or he can go on Facebook and go to everyone who likes a certain type of music everyone who likes bell-bottoms or some kind of fashion or something like that he can even do any kind of online advertising.

He can do YouTube right and do all kinds of stuff where you show people dancing and the bell-bottoms. Really cool stuff right alright.

So that is the essence of how internet marketing works.

So his goal is to reach miss Sally Hayes here and Sally Hayes wants to get all of the bell-bottoms right and when she buys them okay he gets money and he can reach her using all of these methods alright that’s the basis of internet marketing.

Now there’s other things that go on here as well.

Let’s say we want to do email marketing or affiliate marketing okay affiliate marketing would be okay here’s Mrs. Jane whatever right and Jane whatever wants to market these because she has a fashion blog that’s all about 70s fashion alright she says I got this fashion blog, this is really cool and I get a lot of traffic but I want to make money on it alright so she goes to Mr. Internet Marketer and says Internet Marketer do you have an affiliate program? Internet marketer says yes we do okay so now instead of going direct reaching, these people searching for everything and selling the bell-bottoms now Jane has her blog all right it’s called like retro Jane or whatever right and retro Jane has all these things on here and what she does is she now puts an ad on her site this could be a banner ad, it could be a link, it could be a picture of a product or anything it could even be a video.

What happens is now Jane takes her people to her site okay and now once they purchase or click on this link they click on the ad what happens is they now go to Mr. Bell-bottom site, our internet marketer right and Jane gets a commission for referring them.

So Jane gets that commission for referring them now all of this is part of internet marketing it works really well right and what happens is the end user the person that Jane got here will call her retro Jenny right.

Retro Jenny likes bell-bottoms right and she’s like okay cool I’m gonna buy these bell-bottoms and when she buys them right both Mr. internet marketer and our affiliate marketer Jane get the money.

That’s how it works and unfortunately this girl needs job here so we’ll make something up right so here’s what we got and this is how it works.


INTERNET MARKETING by nature is a STORE TRYING TO SELL STUFF right and then of course you have affiliate marketing which is all part of internet marketing as well where you could have a site you can do direct linking you can do banner ads you can do YouTube you can do all this stuff where you’re making money.

Now there’s also affiliate marketing where basically you have a site and all you do is put an ad code on it.

The ad code will call her Adsense Abby. Adsense Abby, she’s got a blog just like Jane does and she says you know I really don’t want to go to Mr. bell-bottom guy for whatever reason right or maybe she doesn’t know bell-bottom guy says she says my sites getting a lot of traffic what if I put Adsense on it right so Adsense Abby has her site called whatever right seventies digs or whatever.

Her blogs got all this content and all these people come to watch all her seventies fashion stuff and over here she’s got a little code from Adsense or from Chitika or some other ad serving network maybe buy sell ads or whatever right and all that happens is this code automatically puts ads on the site.

The cool thing about this at first is that you don’t have to sell anything so sell know sell right so YOU DON’T HAVE TO SELL ANYTHING AND YOU GET PAID WHEN PEOPLE CLICK ON THE AD right now when people click on retro James ad as an affiliate right she has to sell something to get paid but when people click on Adsense on Abby’s site right she gets paid just for the click.

So click click right click click click she gets paid for the click now it is good to do that but the problem with Adsense and other networks like that is they don’t know your market as well as you do. Because here is retro Jane out here and she knows that all her people are interested in certain stuff so she knows what’s going to sell plus there’s another way of doing this where you can go through CPA networks or affiliate networks.

CPA Networks: are affiliate “houses” that broker offers. In these networkds you can get paid per click, paid per lead, paid per sale, and even paid per download.

And these CPA networks and affiliate networks basically what they do is they have tons of offers right so offers right and these offers come from they go out and they find all the internet marketers that want to sell stuff.

So they’ll be like okay we got the bell-bottom offer we’ll just put BB right we got the bell-bottom offer, we have an offer for like a download, we have an offer for mortgage right and so on and so forth.

Now what happens is the CPA affiliate network acts as a middleman right you can have stuff like commission junction never blew the anything like that anything pure fly there’s tons of them out there and what they do is they broker with these people to get the ads that you need and get the creatives which are advertisements. This would be called a creative.


Creative: A general marketing term used for the material used to generate leads and sell advertising developed and designed by art directors and/ or copywriters in an ad agency.

Okay and you would put that on your site and you get paid for an action hence the name cost per action affiliate Network CPA right or cost per acquisition and what they’re doing is they’re basically buying a customer and you can get paid per click, per sale per download, per lead when people fill out forms and all kinds of stuff even paid on free trials as seen on TV offers and everything like that.


So really good stuff.

This is what internet marketing is all about.

This is what internet marketers do.

This is how it works in a broad scale I hope you enjoyed this video.


If you did check out,

get all the tools, get all the tips and I’ll show you how to make money online.

Thanks again for watching

All in One SEO Pack Plug-in Tutorial

Hey guys it’s Marcus here from

What I’m going to do is I’m going to teach you how to use the all-in-one SEO pack plug-in. I’m gonna show you how to use this plug-in to actually rank on Google instantly! This is a really cool process and I want to talk to you about some of the flaws and issues people have when trying to rank their site.

Don’t you want your wordpress blog to have as much exposure as possible? Woudn’t it be nice that you’re drawing in hundreds to thousands of people into your blog and bringing yourself a lot of revenue from advertisements?

Then look no further! With our All-in-one SEO Pack Plug-in, you won’t have to waste your time having to research all the important keywords and data that you have to place into your blog! For this tutorial, we’ll show you how to use the SEO pack plug-in so that you’ll get instant website rankings for your wordpress blog.

  • So the first thing that you’ll see in each new post that you’ll be making on wordpress is that there’s a UI (user interface) for the All-in-one SEO Pack Plugin on the bottom of the page that you’ll be using.

You’re going to see this here and it’s going to have title, descriptions, and everything.

This is similar to the old days when we used to rank sites using what were known as meta tags. It’s the same kind of thing, we’re just using it on a wordpress base. Basically, it works the same way as how you’d be using tags which is one of the important parts of getting your page to the front of the search engine’s results.

  • So next, you’ll have to go to the Google analytics section and see how many results are there for that specific word that you’ll be using. You’ll have to do this so you’ll know how many search results pop up so you can forecast how many competing results you’re going to be competing with.

First and foremost, you want to pick a keyword that you can actually rank for.

We’re actually going to rank this video live before it even is live. We’re going to try to do that. 

What you can see here is what lot of people are looking up. This is a Google keyword tool and what I would recommend you do is to use the trigger words that I use to find your niche.

You can find those trigger words at

Put your name and email in the box and we’ll send those to you right away for free!

For right now, we’re going to try to rank for all in one SEO tutorial or plugin tutorial.

You can see on Google that there are only nine results for this in exact match which means our chances of getting a top ten are pretty much 100%

  • Next step is you have to fill out the title of the SEO plugin with the same title with your blog post (IMPORTANT – you’ll also need to place it on your keywords and your description as well)  and then fill-out the description with the important keywords as well. Make sure that your keywords aren’t repetitive since this will put people off.

We’re going to add a new post and we’re going to use our title. We’ll Just copy it in there – all in one SEO pack tutorial. Let’s put that in here:

Now, notice the use of the keywords. We don’t want to keep repeating and repeating and repeating and keyword stuffing. We actually want to mix it up so we have keywords like:

  • All-in-one
  • SEO pack
  • Plug-in
  • Tutorial video
  • Instant website rankings
  • WordPress blog

That’s pretty much what we need and I’m just going to duplicate this up here and then, we’re going to scrape our youtube video and put it right down here.

Our keyword is all-in-one SEO pack plug-in tutorial which does get some traffic. It looks like a lot of traffic and the other words will get it as well.

Next, we’re going to add a category for all-in-one SEO pack. Add that on there and that’s going to give us some extra link juice.

We got this!

Let’s go ahead and put our keywords.

I’ll hit publish and now, we are published and you can actually view the post.

  • Finally, you just have to post your blog post and everything should be good to go in at least a minute or two! The KEY to making this succeed to by using the right keywords!

 There’s our little post. It’s got the SEO plug-in and everything like that and we’re actually gonna put this video on it as well. Let’s take a look and see if anything changed in Google. 

10 results for this actual keyword and you can see that we are number six in 35 seconds in Google! That is how to use this!

Again, remember: You need to use the right keywords! That is the key to making this work and this will start to get traffic!

If you want the trigger words and my keyword method,


Put your name and email in the box


Got a lot of cool videos and everything else for you! 

Check it out and I’ll see you on the inside


How to Buy and Sell Domain Names for Profit

Hey guys it’s Marcus here from!

Today I wanted to talk to you about a little tactic, but first I’ll tell you how I came up with this.

Yesterday I got up and I was ready to work but for some reason I just couldn’t get myself to work. I was tired. I was lazy. I just didn’t want to do anything. So I kind of got sidetracked. And what I did is I said to myself something that I said years ago but I never really dove into.

Have you ever been in that kind of situation where you knew that you could do something?

You knew it would work but you didn’t give it your all or give it all the potential that you wanted?

A couple years ago what I did was I would go and look at my trigger words, obviously my trigger words are the words that you guys have gone through on my sites that I use to find niches.


Now when I’d look for niches usually what I would do is I would take these niches here like subject to change or define climate change or something like that.

Let’s say we wanted to go quote about change. We could see here that this has 8100 searches per month.

Usually what I would do is I would go over to Google.

Let’s just go to regular old Google here. We’ll go to regular Google here and we look for quotes about change and we’d see what the competition is.

Okay but years ago I thought about looking up domain names that were really cool based on these trigger words.

For example, I’d go to Namecheap or whatever and take a look and see if was available.

So I could nab that domain name, I could put up some content and I can you know get traffic from quotes about change.  Then maybe I could put them to like some kind of self-help program or whatever it is and you could see I can get the domain name fairly cheaply.

Now what I find is that there is a certain art to being able to find these.

Obviously the ones that I got yesterday, you could see I bought tons and tons of different domain names. Now these are a lot like the name that I found using the trigger word “fix” a couple of years ago.

I will disclaimer this by saying the results are not typical and this usually doesn’t happen but there are a lot of good domain names available.

What I did is I used my trigger word “fix” and I found a domain name.

I purchased this domain for $15 and within the same year that I purchased it, I didn’t put any site on it or anything like that, but within the same year that I purchased it I was able to sell that domain for $25, 000!

That means I had a net profit of over $24, 000 dollars or something like over $24, 985  ended up as my NET PROFIT.

So what I did is I purchased a hundred domain names or I’m in the process of it.

We have 87 domains that I’ve purchased so far. Some of them I am going to sell to customers and students like you.

Some of them are very good and very very selective that I think I can sell like debt report org is a really good one or

But there are some that I am going to let go to you guys!

All you would have to do to find out if those are available is go to my site and click on the live chat. If I’m available ask me what we got and we might be able to hook you up with something.

I want you guys to look at this tip and take a look at some of them. For the pricing I’ll tell you how that’s going to work.

So let’s say for example one of the domains I have is camera review.

See that in fact a lot of the domains that ranked YOU’LL NOTICE ACTUALLY HAVE THE EXACT MATCH DOMAIN NAME AS WELL.

So these do work extremely well at getting ranked!

You can see for this one you have 10000 searches and you have to ask yourself, with searches with

an exact domain name in this niche would you be able to sell a couple of cameras per month?

and the idea of course is YES.

We have tons of them from you know camera review to bacon recipes.

These are very very very selective.

What we’re going to do for those of you that get these you can see bacon recipes as 18 000 searches a month and the question is with an exact match domain if you were able to get this traffic, how many how many recipe toolbars do you think you can give away and get like $2.50 every time you give one away?

The money’s there. It works. The traffic’s there.

The money’s there. The niche is there.



So if we go in and we say okay well we’re going to get you the domain name “common tax deductions” with an average monthly searches of a thousand.

I’m going to show you the offers that are available.

I’m going to show you how to get paid when people sign up for accountants or whatever.

I’m going to show you the Adsense potential.

If we do “Accountant Vacaville”, you could see that you can turn this into profit just using Adsense alone.

For some reason it doesn’t want to work with me but you could see like accountant type words or like four bucks a click.

Certified public accountant is ten dollars a click.

Six dollars for this kind of accountant.

So there’s a lot of different accountant stuff here that gets a lot a lot of money!

So they’re making money and you have the traffic available.

So here’s what you’re going to be getting today when youcontact me on live chat or use the links below.

We have three different categories of domain names.

Obviously the higher priced ones are ones that have a given affiliate program or a really high priced keyword.  

The ones that are a little bit less obviously are middle of the run.

Then the lower ones which are moderately priced are available for you and you know obviously less traffic, less profit potential but they will get you going.

We do have some really really good ones AVAILABLE FOR YOU!

I’ll put those links below and again I want you to contact me on live chat if you are interested in getting these!

Again we have tons of killer ones like

All the domains for the most part are either com, net or org which means they are top-level domain names.

You’ll notice on Namecheap when you go to get these domains like if we were to do something like debt, here you’re going to see that the domains that are available, they’ll have suggestions which are regular ones like LIVE DEBT NET.

But you’re going to notice that these other ones like or debt repair. You’re going to see debt repair, this thing’s going to skyrocket. You’re going to see like 1200, bucks for debt repair which isn’t even that great of a domain name. Debt repair CPU six thousand dollars for that one right and on and on.

Alright so I’m going to go ahead and buy that one now but you’re going to see that there’s a lot of cool stuff there and a lot of it is expensive.

WORST-CASE SCENARIO you turn around and sell these domains for more than you paid for them.

BEST CASE SCENARIO is you go through it and you build these domains out and you actually start to make money with them.

Go ahead check it out!

Go ahead and use your trigger words with your domain tool.

I’ll have some instructions on that below for you but if you want the easy road you want TO START MAKING MONEY ALMOST INSTANTLY go ahead and hit me up on live chat.

We’ll go through what’s available and we’ll get you a good domain name and get you started so see you on live chat. Let’s get you guys go and use the links below and the tools below to check out this cool idea of using your trigger words with your domain names.

So I’ll see you on live chat.

I’ll see you in the next video.

Use this tool. Make some money.

Get your domain name and let’s profit online together.

Thanks again for watching!

Again you can get me on live chat at


17 SEO Hacks For 2019

Hello and welcome!

What we’re gonna be doing today is talking about the 17 killer SEO hacks for 2019.

If you’re ready to learn how to SEO your site – Search engine optimization

We’re gonna go over some things that I’ve been using for a long time

I’ve been doing SEO since about the year 2000 when I built my first website for a company that sold cigars and they sold cigars over in the orange county area and in Arizona and everything like that.


I got a job building websites and I found out that when I built this website it started getting ranked on the search engines

That’s right, I didn’t even try anything, I just got ranked like boom!

They got traffic and one of the things that I noticed cuz the site was doing good and we’re getting lots of traffic. We want to fly you out to Arizona and have you look at what’s going on and we went out to Arizona and I looked at what was going on and they were getting printed orders. They had this thing where they had to print them and then go to the credit-card machine before we had online merchant account services and they actually were selling cigars every single day.

Everyday, they got orders so I was looking at it and I was like okay the power of this SEO stuff is…

I get rankedpeople come to the site people buy stuff!

It was crazy!

Wow! This is insane!


I literally put a page out there in cyberspace, it gets picked up and now I get traffic and money comes in!



Now, let’s talk about how this all began

I’m gonna talk to you about the story behind it because you’re gonna get a lot of information out there…

  • You can watch all these Youtube videos
  • You can watch all these training courses
  • You can do all this stuff about SEO and everything


I’ve been at this almost 20 years now and what I’ve noticed over the years is you’re gonna have flash-in-the-pan things that come and go.


A lot of you guys might have heard of the tactic that I used in 2003 that worked really really well for a while but then it kind of phased out. That’s a tactic. What you have in internet marketing is people that do a tactic and then teach the tactic without any lunge and longevity to it. They don’t have the proof of the pudding! They’re just teaching your tactic that might be a flash in the pan, that might work now but might not work a couple years from now

Maybe, it’ll be dead by the time you actually learn it!

Sometimes, that is the case!


What I want to do is I want to teach you how all this stuff fits together and the things that I’ve learned over 20 years of doing this,


Of what works,what stands the test of time, and what’s consistently going to get you results that get people to your site because if you don’t have people watching your videos, looking at your content, reading your website, visiting your blog you’re not gonna make any money. I don’t care what you do if no one comes and visits, it’s not gonna work!


If no one watches the superbowl, then no advertisers are gonna pay for ads! Pretty simple! Because they want the eyeballs and that’s what this is all about! It is getting people to our site!


Back in 2000, this is where I lived.

You could notice the beer box here, I actually don’t drink anymore or don’t do anything anymore – I’m five years sober, almost be five years in May. I have my old computer, I had my phone here, I had my little prop stand for my mhousagic stuff – I was a magician moonlighting as an internet marketer and I lived in this mobile home


That actually was so messed up. I lived in the living room and my bed was in the living room so if I wanted to go to sleep, everyone was piling up to watch tv and it drove me nuts because I worked all night trying to figure this stuff out and so there I was in this mobile home that eventually got bulldozed because it was just messed up and I lived there with my brother and some other roommates and I was trying to learn this SEO stuff and I was grinding day and night to try to figure it out.


At the beginning, it was kind of difficult. I read different things, I tried to learn different things,i put different sites up, tried things and some of them would get picked up but it took 6-8 months for the search engines to see me. It was kind of difficult but I’ll never forget the fact that I started this business from that spot.


No matter where you’re at,

You can start from a rundown mobile home

You could start from anywhere!


You could start if you’re watching these videos in the library, we actually have people who have done that! They go to the library, they build a site, they make money!


And then they’re able to get a house with actual internet and stuff like that! So this stuff can work and you really really have to focus on it!


We’re gonna look at that and we’re gonna say

Yes. this is where I started in 2000 when I first really focused.


And we’re gonna look at that and we’re gonna talk about

  • Why the SEO stuff worked then
  • What works now
  • What has worked throughout the entire time


Now, in 2003 I started doing search engine ranking, check this out:

I’m in this mobile home. Finally, we were able to move out. I rented a house with with a couple other guys, my wife and my daughter at the time and we went there and we were renting this house


I got to learn this SEO stuff. I got to figure this out. I tried to figure it out, tried to learn it and I actually did!


I found out that certain things – the 17 things that I’m gonna teach you here are things that made this work!


These are the things that I went out and I was like..

Okay, I can now get a ranking! I can now get ranked for a keyword and get traffic overnight! Or get ranked for a keyword and get focused on something!


Very very very important! You gotta look at that and you gotta focus! Because here’s the deal: Right now, people are searching. You might feel like SEO is kind of difficult, you might feel like maybe the search engines are not wanting what I have, maybe I’m doing it wrong, maybe whatever’s going on…


No matter what you’re looking at it, you’re like…

It doesn’t seem fair! And maybe you feel like Bernie Sanders


Bernie Sanders is awesome by the way. I like him.


But what you’re gonna notice is that yesterday, Bernie Sanders broke all kinds of records for fundraising campaigns.


Check it out, you go to CNN Today – not a mention anywhere.

He got a couple minutes of fame on there.

You go to yahoo…

No mention, Nothing! Actually being censored!

Maybe you feel like him!


but check this out…

You go to Google trendsHe’s actually the top third search ranked!

This is talking about how the search engines work.


Maybe, you feel like this. Maybe, you feel like you’re being censored… Maybe, you feel like the search engines don’t like what you have to put down…

So there I was, back in the year 2003, I was like

“okay, I can get these rankings”


But I couldn’t rank for big words. If someone came to me and they’re like

Marcus, I want to pay $50,000 and I want to rank for the word dental insurance.”

I couldn’t do that! Okay, I don’t know how to do that!

But what I was able to do is I was able to focus on search engine words that got traffic but didn’t have competition. That’s a very important thing that I learned throughout the years focusing on words that get traffic but don’t have a lot of competition because there’s a lot of them out there. I think there was a study that said like 30% of internet searches are actually brand new.


For the top 10 search engine rankings, I had to find the right keyword. I had to focus on the right keyword – I had to do everything around a keyword that I know will work. Very important to look at.

Now, over time, I moved from that mobile home to an apartment to a house and then to an apartment in Oregon. Now, in this apartment in Oregon, we actually rented this top part here. We had this whole top floor area here and then about maybe 300 yards away, I had another apartment that I called the office. This was before I actually got offices and stuff like that and so I got this office and I started working there. I need to get away from the kids and actually hunker down and work for a while because when the kids are young, you want to play with them all the day

I go to this office and work and I’d learn all the SEO tactics and at One time, a friend of mine named Chris and we actually went through and he came to me to get rankings for his prepaid legal business and he’s like “Narcus, I want to get ranked for prepaid legal.”


I’m like – okay, here’s how it works. I went over and I was like okay we’re gonna rank you for prepaid legal and we’re gonna focus on prepaid legal and we’re gonna get you traffic. I didn’t rank for the word prepaid legal – we ranked for other words like:

  • What to do for certain legal issues
  • How to fill out certain legal forms
  • And different things like that which is very important!

I focused on these words and he noticed that he skyrocketed to doing really well in the company he was making all kinds of money

He wanted to learn this tactic that I learned

He wanted to focus on this

He wanted to make this work because doing his prepaid legal thing is pretty cool but he could promote lots of other stuff that’s going to work!

We got to focus on them.

We’re gonna look at that and say what was it that did that. He came over to me and he’s like “okay! Let’s do this! He would come down – he lived in Seattle at the time and there was one of the books that we we used to read – this is by a guy named Michael Campbell (no relation just happens to be Michael Campbell)

This book was out 2000 or 2001 it was called

Nothing But Net

And it taught you how to do search engine rankings and taught you how to build a site

This guy actually built sites based on cell phones which I got into later as well and so he would make these sites based around cell phones and he would make a network of sites and he would get them ranked and he go for all kinds of search terms and he was talking about how one year with his methods he was able to do $750,000 in cellphone commissions which is pretty cool!

And so Chris was there and we were studying this book and learning about expired domains and rankings and on site optimization, off-site optimization and everything like that and they found this method where we could actually go and purchase old domain names, put our sites up and by the time we woke up the next day – we’d like stay up till 4:00 ranking these sites and the next day, we’d wake up and be like… Holy cow! We’re getting to 3,000 visitors a day! I remember some days we’d wake up and i’d be like wow! This one’s going to a loan program and you know, we’re making 3,000 bucks a day! Or $1,000 a day! Or this one’s doing a dental insurance program and boom I’m getting $500 a day! $300 a day!

We’re gonna talk about this we’re gonna make it work!

There I was, I was ranking these sites and everything and I was like… Okay! This is working! This is good! I moved to california, I bought a big house!

Houses in California are not cheap!

Especially if you bought them back in 2006. I think we bought this one in 2004 when they were really really really really really expensive!

Now, months after buying the house, this little tactic that I had for SEO stuff went down the toilet and I lost a bunch of rankings! Lost a bunch of money! I went from making about $1,200 to $2,000 a day down to making like $200 a day.

Now, $200 a day might sound good unless you’re used to living on $1000 a day, then it’s not very good, right?

Take your income, chop it by 20% and see how you’d feel about that.

Wasn’t really fun at all

So we still stayed in the house

I still learned some things

I tried some pay-per-click stuff

Got back into blogging and everything like that

Built the business back up pretty fast because of what I’ve learned. These are the things this is why I say when you look at SEO stuff, don’t go to the guy who’s like I’ve been doing SEO ranking for five minutes and I made a bunch of money we got to look at it and we got to focus!

So there I was, I was going through we got ranking, but because of what I learned right because of what I’ve done for a long time with affiliate marketing and internet marketing, I knew the backbone of how this worked right. I was going through and I know the backbone and this is what I want to teach you. I want to teach you guys the backbone of how it works because the internet doesn’t really change all that much it just evolves…

Back then, we had what was called BBS boards and and forums and bulletin boards. Now, we have Facebook. It’s the same concept and if you guys can get that it’s the same concept everything becomes easy to you!

People come up to me and they’re like…

Marcus how do you make this stuff so easy?

How do you go in and just like… ???

I didn’t know Facebook yesterday but now I can make money with it or I didn’t know this ad platform yesterday – now I can do this or I didn’t know how to SEO or you know there’s a new search engine in town, how do I get involved or whatever?

The way to do it is by learning the backbone of how this works.

The backbone is what’s going to work, no matter what you do. No matter how the internet changes because it’s all based on computers trying to find the best information for you. Facebook’s algorithm is the same. They’re looking at what do people look at? What’s related to it?

Same kind of thing!

And when you look at this with SEO, it works the same way!

I was able to build it back up and in 2009, we bought this big house in California. Luckily, we got this one cheaper than the first one.

We still had the first one as a rental and we got the big one for less and it was way bigger and it went up in value and we sold it before we moved to florida

Now fast-forward to the 2019 Marcus,

Here we are in Florida with my wonderful puppy, Gwen. She is a pain in the butt. She likes to dig up the internet cord as a lot of you guys saw and she likes to sit here under my desk and and rummage around and move me around in my chair because she’s not a little puppy anymore – she’s now big and she takes up like half the office. Somehow she finds a way to take up half the office!

I don’t know but any right here we are we’re doing this stuff and I still do SEO today. A lot of people ask me how much traffic is from search engine ranking? Usually. About 50 60%

Now, we might be running 70% because I have a lot of stuff out there and we’re gonna show you how it works.


Let’s dive in and let’s talk about

The 17 Things That Are Going To Help You With SEO.

We’re gonna talk about these 17 things. You can use these 17 things, you can combine them, you can use one of them, you can do three of them – whatever you want to do, but these things are what’s going to make it work


I’m gonna show you how to get the old free traffic.

All right! and You guys can go get it!


Here’s what we got, these are in no particular orderthey’re just the 17 things that I know work.

At the end of this video, I’m gonna have someone take notes of it and if you guys do want to get notes from the video, go to


Fill out the form and you’ll get notes from the video!

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Let’s dive right in

#1 Keyword Research Is Key

You can’t go out there and rank for whatever term you want. You have to rank for terms that you think you can get so if I go out and I say I want to rank on Google for the word gas prices.

I’m probably not gonna rank, you look at this and there’s 4 billion or 2 billion, if you do gas prices – 2 billion sites that are ranking for this word. I’m not going to compete with triple-a I’m not gonna compete with gas buddy because obviously he’s got 5 different rankings. Although, check it out there’s some local rankings in there. Let’s keep that in mind

We’re not going to compete with mapquest, we’re not going to compete with fuel economy, cnbc or even the pages on the second one… I can’t compete with geico – I think they have a little bit more money than I do. I can’t compete with usa today, cnn, howstuffworks, or any of these.

There’s no way to compete! It’s crazy!


Let’s isolate it and see what the real competition is…

23 million! Still pretty ridiculous! I’m not gonna be able to do this!

This is gonna be very difficult!


It’s not gonna work! I’m not gonna be able to rank so what we have to do is we have to find keywords that people want! The same thing like who wants cheap gas but we have to say who else wants it? What else are they searching for?

Now, what I like to use is my keyword tools and I could use keyword tools like the Adwords tool, let me pull that open for you guys here…


Adwords keyword planner and keyword research is everything this is what made or broke me back in 2003. This is what makes or breaks me today, this Is the crux of how everything works! If you don’t focus on the right keywords, you are not going to get the rankings. Far too many people focus on the wrong thing. Instead of trying to go for the number one, right off the bat, what I like to do is I like to do by my major in the minor system


The major in the minors means

Let’s major on the little ones first!

Let’s get some traffic!

Let’s get some income!

And over time, we can grow it into something big.

Does that make sense to everyone?


I’ll just log in here to my Adwords tool and I’ll show you kind of how it works

So we want to look at that


Let’s see we’re gonna go here and we’re gonna look at our Google Adwords keyword planner, and we could type something in like gas prices.

You’re gonna know several different things here.

We’re gonna take a look at this with major in the minors and we’re gonna say what could we get for gas prices?

Now, there’s a certain term that you might hear throwing a lot around or thrown around a lot when it comes to SEO. That’s called longtail keywords.


What’s a long tailed keyword?

A long tail keyword is derived from a short tail keyword. If there was a dog here and I had this tail he’d be short. Right now, if there was a dog over here and he had this tail. It’d be long if he had something even bigger than that, it’d be like sam’s club gas prices near me”. That would be a longtail keyword. Now, the reason people talk about longtail keywords is because of the fact that the competition is lower. If I do gas prices, I got 23 million competition.


If I do “sam’s club prices near me”

I could see that there’s realistically only 9 people competing.

We got a look at that and say sam’s club prices near me got three million but again in the quotes we’re seeingit’s not as bad now. It could be elusive because again, we’re seeing we got some videos here, we got business on the street.

It’s still a little competitive but I think we might be able to do it right

Sam’s club gas prices near me

We look at that and we’re like boom! Here we go so this might be something we can get. I mean I could guarantee you that if your site is titled sam’s club gas prices and your mate which by the way be careful when you have trademarks, if your webpage was titled sam’s club prices near me you would show up in quotes!


I can guarantee you that because there’s only 9 results. You’re gonna show up on the top page because there’s only 10 results. If there’s only 5 people competing! Your chances of being top 10 are pretty much 100%


We want to major in the minors – you want to go for things that we know we could get right. I can’t go for gas prices but I might be able to do this one. Now, you know what markets – not one – only gets 20 900 searches a month

Because if I get 29 000 searches a month from that one and ten others I got 30000 views right now. If I go up here and try to get one that’s 30,000 views.


Like this cheap gas station near me, it’s probably gonna be a lot more different.

Cheap gas station near me39,000 results! In quotes!

Now, important: I want you guys to pay attention. I want you to pay attention

Isolating it, so we know the competition. We’re not trying to rank for the quotes, we’re trying to isolate it to see what is specific.

I want you to pay attention here because we’re seeing things that are clues. There’s little clues that are going on that you guys are gonna see in a little bit like gas station near me

Kind of interesting that there are keyword loaded domains there. I know a lot of people don’t think those are important but they kind of are.

When a major in the minors and look at what we can get.

Can we go for something like this or sam’s club or whatever?

Again, watch out for trademarks and do your due diligence, but there’s a lot of things that you can focus on gas prices, sam’s club gas cheapest gas and again, look at all this traffic…

There’s a lot of traffic, you don’t even need to pay for it,

it’s actually pretty easy to get.


Number 1, first and foremost is



If you have the wrong keyword, I don’t care how good you are at SEO, it’s probably not gonna work…


So we’ve got to focus on that:

Keyword research is the key.

Gotta get the right keywords, especially if you’re new if you’ve never ranked a keyword and gotten traffic and you’re new. Then, you got to get the right keyword, otherwise, you’re gonna get burned out. You’re gonna get tired of this stuff and you’re just gonna think it doesn’t work because you’re doing it the wrong way. If they’re censoring something or if they’re looking at something on the news, or whatever.


You got to focus and be like, how do I get around that? And one thing, I will say good about trump, even though I didn’t really – I don’t care

For his politics at all.


He did play the media, right – he didn’t know how to do that. Right, this is the same kind of thing, you got to play to what the audience, once you got a plate to what the platform wants. Unfortunately, our news is all about dramas and all kinds of bs.


We got to focus and be like okay



Now, the cool thing is the search engines actually tell you what they want. All right, if I search for a cheap gas station near me, it’s gonna tell me – I check it out at once

It wants these things, it shows you on the first page like an app. Boom! You want free traffic, make an app about gas stuff, that’s not hard to do!


All right, there you go!

You’ll just show up. Right there, it’ll probably have related apps on the app store. Apps you might also like. You would literally be hijacking a part of the ranking from the number 1 or from the number 9 site here and right there…

It’s like make an app, boom! You’re gonna show up there as long as you do it!


Getting showed up here, it’s probably, a lot easier than showing up for the word  Gas station near me


Does that make sense?

Those little subtleties are what’s gonna make it work


Number 1: Keyword research is the key that’s the first thing you want to do. Don’t go for the top word, go for a word you know you can get. If I was going from this list,

I would probably try to find something like…

I probably make a site showing all the places to get gas

And I try to use all the different words

Like cheapest premium gas near me

That might be a good one


Cheapest premium gas near me might be a good word to go for cuz they are okay for 98. This is actually a pretty decent one. It’s got a lot of searches. It doesn’t have too much competition and we’re looking at…

It’s like there’s reddit there, I could get involved in the reddit and boom! I show up! Which is pretty easy!

Let’s see what cheapest guest near me is


If you had a related one here, probably show up as well. Here’s some related, right and notice how there’s our related as well…

Like petrol spy, fuel map, gas guru, stuff like this which is really cool!


We’re gonna dive in and show you how this works

And how to put it all together because literally, like the guy who’s like I want to get traffic now and I want to make money now…


You can do it if you do it the right way because sites are ranking that allow you to post on them. Sites are ranking that allow you to interact on them like this. If you had a gas app, you could pretty much be able to show up here. I doubt there’s that many gas apps


Let’s see…

Gps fuel map gas prices, not a whole ton of them. There’s like some calculators and stuff but it’s not overly crowded so important, we got to look at that.


Let’s take a look, let’s keep going The keyword stuff is important.

You got to focus on the long tail, the short tail – what you think you can get. Don’t go for stuff just because you want it.


I want to rank for the word  Make money

That’s not gonna happen. I’ve been doing this for 19 years – I can’t rank for the word make money. It’s not gonna happenit was just way too competitive!

We look at this and it’s super competitive and we’re like…

Make money. How to make money


Type that in Google

It’s gonna be so competitive. Your heads gonna spin make money

6.9 billion websites

If we do it in quotes, we got 150 million websites

I mean that’s insane! That’s just way too much!


Now, we could use Youtube which we’ll talk about a little bit later as well okay.


#1 is Keyword research is the key

If you have the wrong keyword this is not going to work!



#2 Create a List Of All Possible Related Topics And Subcategory Words.

What are the topics and subcategory words?

A subcategory word, would be your big list down here.

So if we have like how to make money from home and I wanted to find subcategory words for this, I would be like how to make money from home.

This would be my list of subcategory of keywords and notice how they get really really specific and really long tail…

This one here is a lot easier to get.

We got 150 million versus 160 thousand! way better!


We’re gonna take the results and we’re gonna make this a list. I would just take the results and make a list of all these words, this would be my list of related words. I could put it into an excel file and make it look pretty and everything!


Now, when you go into your related stuff or your related topics, we’re gonna look at what are the related topics?


Related topics to how to make money would be something like…

Side hustle

It would be very similar to making money from home.


We can see here there is not very much competition

Side hustles from home – 17,000

Now, you can also use what I call the timeout method. The timeout method is when you search in quotes and you see a number like this. Then, what you’re gonna do is scroll down to the bottom of the page. You’re going to click the ten, then you’re gonna keep clicking it until it times out


Then it says…

what they’re saying is like everything’s pretty much the same except for these 90 and what does that mean?

That means maybe the word side hustle appears on one website like 50 bazillion times like this! There’s a lot and that’s all pinterest!


What they’re doing is they’re weeding out all the stuff like that. Weeding out all the duplicate things and saying that this is what’s really going on. The real competition is actually a whole lot lower!


Now, side hustles would be a good example of a related type category. You could also go for things like…  Work at home jobs


You’re going to put these in your portfolio of what you’re going to make because as you grow and branch out this is what you’re gonna do. You’re gonna go there. You’ll be like okay now we’re going to tackle work from home stuff and we’re going home jobs. You can isolate it and say I want it to include the word job.

Work at home job opportunities

We look at this and we got all kinds of different words here looking for a job I can do from home.


A part-time job work from home packing

That would be something you can make a blog post about and get traffic on. 34 results in quotes! Not that hard to do!


Those would be your other categories – your related categories. You’re gonna make a list of your related categories.


This is what’s going on. We’re gonna make it work.


When we have that: Keyword research is key

Then, after I do my keyword research, I’m going to go through and create a list of possible related topics and the subcategory keywords and everything like that. We’re gonna focus this.



Next tip that I want to do is…

#3 Install An Seo Plugin On My Blog


If you have a blog, you can install an SEO plugin. Now these are very very easy to do. If I was to log into one of my blogs here and shrink this down a bit – if I was to log into one of my blogs, we can go in here and we can go to plugins and we can go to add new and we could use some of the plugins that are around.

You can do stuff like all-in-one SEO plugin. Actually, we’re going to go search All-In-One SEO

This is one that I’ve used quite a bit that works well. We could use the all-in-one SEO pack if you want to install that, you just install. Very simple!

When it’s installed, we activate it and then that’ll show up. It just makes it a little bit easier to do SEO stuff. Changes your links and stuff like that and you’ll notice that when I go to do a post, it’s now gonna have various things on it that tell me what to do. It’ll be like a recipe book and then it’ll say


here’s what its gonna look like in the search engine.”

Put your title here and it’ll make the title all SEO friendly. Put your description and it tells you how to do it and then obviously make sure that none of these are clicked and then that’ll fix it for you and also go through and evaluate.


It’ll say

  • You need a new title
  • You need a description here


That’s gonna help you rank!


All in one SEO is definitely one of the ones that I use. You can set your urls the way you want so that it actually uses urls that are friendly. You could go through and add a home page title, you can do little title settings and things like that.It just helps you do SEO and it’ll help you get rankings and stuff like that!



Okay it’s not like the be-all, end-all. You don’t install this and then shoot to the top of Google tomorrow. It’s something that’s going to help!

Definitely something that’ll help!


Next, we can go through another plugin that is good.

Let’s go add new

We can use SEO by Yoast

This is a good one. You can see it’s very popular. You can install this one and it’ll do the same kind of thing. Whichever one you like, use it!

Just try it out! See if you get results!


I don’t think that these will make or break you but they’re definitely gonna help you! They’re definitely gonna help you!

Now, let’s take a look at some other stuff here…

Install a SEO plugin on your blog!



#4 Do Your First Page Research


This is extremely important. When you find a keyword you want to go for…

Let’s say we’re gonna go for part-time work at home job packing. We want to search the first page without quotes


The reason we want to do this is that we want to see what’s out there. Now, what we could possibly get involved in, we could look at it and we see


  • Zipper
  • Cooter
  • Indeed
  • com
  • Glassdoor
  • Xerox
  • com
  • Single moms income



We can go and we can look at this and see if there’s a way that we

Can get involved in the conversation. Why do we want to do that?

Google cares more about what other people say about your site than what you say about your site!


You can look for some kind of things at Google, for let’s say…

Effects of alcohol on the brain

What you’re gonna see is scholarly articles

It should be able to come up with some scholar type articles and on those articles, what they’re gonna have is a reference. This is where the Google search engine algorithm came from. It’s not a mistake that these people were like very smart college people but what you’re gonna see is references on all these pages. You’re gonna have references!


Now, in the old days they would have the paper and they’d reference certain books and those would go to certain books and things like that

Now, what happened is the that if I have a thousand different articles that all reference this guy’s article, then that means this guy’s article is pretty darn important!

That’s how it works!

These are called backlinks! Backlinks link back to you and if every site on the internet says

Marcus is the greatest guy in the world.

I’m gonna start ranking for

Marcus is the greatest guy in the world


This was also done with a test. On this page, nowhere does it say PDF – doesn’t say it anywhere so you would think from normal SEO logic that this page should not rank for the word PDF. Why does it rank for the word PDF?

It ranks for the word PDF because everyone goes out there and says hey click here to download the PDF reader.

I think pretty much how it works! You go through and that’s kind of how it works! If you look at that based on the scholarly article type thing. That’s how it’s working – it’s like a reference! There’s little references out there!

Now, you can actually go out there and get the references!

You can go to other sites and when you’re on other sites and you’re doing your first page research, you’re gonna go through and want to rank for gas prices?

I would do my first page research. Number 1, what do I see?

First thing you notice?

Check this out. The first thing is NEWS STORIES.

If I want to rank for gas prices, what do I want to do? I want to make a news story! And I could go to like and I can buy a press release and I can focus on all these gas related keywords! I just make a post it, get gas related keywords and it works!

It works! Excellent! Actually did this on a site and I got 600,000 visitors from one press release! Guess what!?

Here’s the key the key to press releases is you!


You’re not looking to show up on the news.

That’s not why you do the Press release.

If you do show up on the news,

YAY! Go you!

We go through and you can make these news posts because they’re gonna give me those backlinks! If all these different press release websites are saying   “hey! Marcus’s site is about gas prices!”

All of a sudden, the search engines are gonna go…

“wait. Wait a minute! I think marcus might be talked about gas prices over there! Somewhere I think he might!”

We got a look at that so that’s the first page research!

Again, do your keyword research! When you do the press release, you show up, I actually have a buddy who makes a living just doing press releases and some of them are short-lived but he makes a lot of money! It’s like if I show up number one for gas prices, I could build a mailing list or maybe get people to download a toolbar. I can make a lot of money that day! And then you get some residual overtime but again it’s a good way to spike and build really really fast and really good!

You would submit a press release for your site. You would go to PR web or wherever your favorite press release place is and I would order a press release! You can do free ones or you could do 90 bucks or whatever. If you’re gonna do a big site, you maybe get the $200 one or whatever but you don’t have to! You could use a free one if you want to. That’s what we’re gonna look at.

What you want is one that’s gonna show up on their home page for a long time because if you show up

On their page, you’re gonna get picked up!

This is a tip that I learned years ago when I started a page. I always wanted to advertise on the clickbank login page, that was a goal of mine. I wanted to be on the login page of clickbank.

They used to put in the raw links like this:

I knew back then that the pagerank of the clickbank login page was really high so I put a link there to my site and then whatever I put on that site just boom! Got picked up in Google in minutes which was cool and actually started a little company on that called Google fest and we just basically sold people links on the site so they can get ranked!

It looked like we had a snail on it at one point and all I did was put little links to my other pages and those would get picked up really really quick and then you can see like the little links and stuff like this…

Now, you don’t want to do this kind of stuff as much now but you do want to get the links and you do want to focus on the keywords.

I learned that because if I advertise here, I now have a backlink and backlinks are are important! If you do them right! I would rather have a directory listing over 50 junk links so you have to get good links not all backlinks are created equal.

Don’t go to backlink farms, they don’t work. Focus on the stuff that’s working! I can go there and instead of trying to buy links or whatever, I could actually be like “is there a way I could get listed on the indeed page?”

Maybe there’s some kind of link or there’s a commenting area or whatever it is and you want to look for it and say                      “is there a way to get involved?” and I guarantee on everything, there’s probably a way to get involved!

Like here, she’s got comments. You put a comment and it links back to your site. See how that links to his site?

Boom! It’ll link to your site and you just get in there and you comment and now you have a link of one of the guys who’s there and you can hire some to do this. You can outsource it! Very very very easy to do!

Also, some of the things you want to look out for

You want to look out for news stories sites. I can piggyback on things like that. Look at Youtube, you could quite simply – we showed yesterday on a live training, how to convert your blog post into a video so that you can get in there! It’s like boom! There you go! Very important!

Youtube’s another good one and we can look at what’s there – the first page of Google‘s gonna tell you everything!

Got to look at this and say what’s going on?!

How can we get involved in what’s going on?!


#5 Make An Seo Plan Based On What’s Already Ranking

You know, I got that person there with the blog. One of my plans is, I’m gonna post something on their blog – is there a forum? I’m gonna get an account at the forum and I’m gonna make this work. I’m gonna go through and I’m gonna make it happen! And then boom! There you go!

If there’s a Youtube video, I’m gonna make a Youtube strategy. Will link it back to my site, put the videos on my site, very important that we make a plan based on what’s already ranking! You got to look!

What’s ranking for affiliate wordpress plugins?


So if I wanted to go and be on which is always going to be here all, I would need to do is create a simple little affiliate plugin and then put it on the wordpress and boom! It’ll start showing up here and then it’s going to link back to my site! You can have a little spot that’s like…

hey! Go to my site to get the full version!”


They’re actually linking to the site – WP affiliate manager is their site and I guarantee because wordpress has backlinks on one of the top pages and it links to their site – wordpress affiliate plugin,


It’s gonna start to rank!


It’s probably up here somewhere! You got to look at that and be like okay we’re gonna start getting rankings, we’re gonna start building this.

It’s gonna start working for us in a really really really easy way!


There he is there! Boom!

Not that hard to do! It’s not rocket science, you just have to follow along. You have to have the right keyword. You have to really get involved in what’s already going on. Let’s go!



#6 Create Your Content For What’s Already Ranking


If there’s videos ranking, what do you want to do?

Make a video!


If there’s news releases ranking, what do you want to do?

Make a news release!


If there’s blogs ranking, what do you want? Clickfunnels or a blog?

You probably want a blog!



Very simple!


You got to look at this and you got to focus and you got to remember that when you do your backlinks, make sure you use your keyword in the link. Very important!


If I’m on a forum, one of the things I did early on with my talk sober site is that I actually went to anxiety forums and I just started talking to people because what better way to learn about my market than to go into the anxiety forums. I actually went in and made posts.

I was able to put a footer on all my posts and now, all the posts I had on one of the top anxiety forums now link back to my site! Easy way to get backlinks, not that hard to do! Again, you can outsource it!


If you don’t want to do this, you could totally outsource this stuff!

It’s not that hard to do! And then you can see how people start linking to you!


We can find the forum that went there.

On this forum, I was able to share stuff and then I had a footer and the footer would show this thing here which has your link in it and then this here which actually had my video in it and I actually use this to build these up to get lots of views to get lots of stuff and make sure you do it in a cool way.

Make sure everyone’s cool with it and make sure the site allows it and you can share your stuff. You could share your content and you can get lots of traffic! That way, you guys can see I linked to various sites and everything like that! You can outsource this in eight hours a day, an outsourcer could probably do like a bazillion posts and boom! There you go!

What sources do I use for outsourcing?

There’s several different ones. I hire on my own which we teach in the simple sites course. If you want to learn that, go to and you’ll learn about that!



Moving right along,

#7 Push Your Content In Front Of Channels Already Out There!

If there’s a channel out there like press releases or whatever, get involved in it. If you’re looking at Youtube stuff, go out there!

Piggyback on what other people are doing!

Don’t hijack it or mess around. Do it in a really cool way that shares

Goodwill with the marketplace! Do it in a way that’s going to help people!


#8 Get Involved In Your Market

This is important! If you really want to make money on the internet, get involved in your market. Go on forums. Watch videos. See what’s going on. Involve yourself! Comment on things! Listen to people! Join some facebook groups!

There is traffic everywhere! You can get it free, like right now, I know people that have facebook groups that are making six figures a year on them. I know people have Facebook groups that are making 7 figures a year on them, I know people that are making tons with this stuff and it’s not that hard to do! They did it free!

People just woke up one day and we’re like I’m gonna start doing this and they just plucked away and went in the right places!

The problem is as far too many people want to make one page one time. Spend 5 minutes and get ranked at the top of the search engine and it’s not gonna happen!

You have to deliberately go for what you want! Now, can it be fast? Yes! If you get involved in your market, those people are looking at the forums. Right now, those people are watching the videos.

Right now, those people are searching on Google.

Right now, those people are doing all this stuff.

Right now, if you get in front of them, you’re gonna get traffic



#9 List On Other Sites As Helpful Info

You can do forums

You can do quora

You can do comments

You can do facebook!!

If there’s quora ranking,

If you do how many people work for amazon?

You’re probably gonna see Geekwire or Quora come up


You can actually go in here and you can comment

Hey, you know in 2019, they actually have 6,000 employee

That’s not that hard to do.


You go in there and you’re gonna answer this question and I’m gonna say… Here’s the update for 2019 and you just link it back to your site and boom!

There you go!


Not that hard to do!

You can get in there and you could do this stuff instantly!

If you focus!


You could do forums, you can do quora, you can do comments, you can do facebook. Sometimes facebook groups rank! You could do sober support group. There’s probably a facebook group here – smart recovery health line.  It’s probably one showing up somewhere might not be number one for this.  We had the word facebook, it’s probably talk sober facebook support group.

There you go!


You got all kinds of different groups that you can get in and and you can see that you can go to facebook and see actually how many people these groups have. Facebook groups offer recovery support and this guy’s actually showing the ones that offer recovery support and stuff like that and I mean that’s crazy and check it out! You can comment on this page! Not that hard to do!


Very good! Let’s dive right in! Let’s go even more!



#10 Produce Your Content For

Multiple Types Of Media


When you create your content make it into a video, make it into a blog post, make it into a PDF!


Guys, you could get ranked for a PDF and people search for PDFs all the time! You could do SEO ranking PDF!

Look what’s gonna show up if you do affiliate marketing or affiliate marketing trigger words or something like that!

You’re gonna see a bunch of PDFs show up!

Ours needs to show up there!

you can look that up if you want to!


Here’s people looking up trigger word PDF and ours does show in here somewhere. You go in and you’ll actually rank! You rank your post and you rank your PDF!

Look! That’s not that big of a blog post!

Really! That’s not that hard at all!


You look at that and you can go and look at the Google keyword tool and if you want to rank PDFs or toolbars or software or whatever, you can list them on other sites. You can go and look at PDF download directory. There’s probably some kind of PDF download directory and you can go in and do that,


You could do video, PDF, everything! Infographics!


You want to use infographics if you do something like stock market chart – 100 years! There’s probably gonna be some pinterest kind of stuff on here somewhere or like barbeque cooking or can see the images will show up. If it’s image heavy, use that! You could do barbecue recipes and usually for recipe words, you have pinterest showing up like this. And boom! There you go!


If you want to do barbecue,

That word was barbecue recipesgets a lot of searches! Boom!

You can start ranking on pinterest with little images and little things and they link back to your site!  This here visit goes to his site. It’s a link! Boom! There you go!


This is how they’re doing it. It’s not that hard to do. You just have to really focus! Again, you can outsource all this if you want! Usually, you can get this kind of service for $300-$400 a month and they’ll just go nuts! They’ll start building all this stuff and make everything!



Let’s keep on going!

#11 Become a Guest Blogger


This is a really good one. If you want your content out there, put it out there! Become a guest blogger on other blogs and focus on what’s working and focus on what’s getting ranked! Don’t blog on bob’s blog that’s ranked at the back of the search. Go for one that’s actually ranking!


  • You can also be a guest facebook poster
  • You could also go out there and teach things live
  • You could do all kinds of stuff to get traffic and it’s not that hard!



#12 Use My Search Glossary Method For Writing Topics And Keywords!


What you want to do with the glossary method is that you go to Google and you type your topic in mortgage glossary. Boom! You go in mortgage glossary and here’s our directory of terms.


You look at the directory of terms and you just start punching these in your keyword tool! You will find so many niches, it’s not even funny!

Adjustable rate mortgage

Boom! A whole other can of whup-ass of keywords!



Boom! Whole other can!


Keep going down the list and you’re gonna find lots of good stuff!


Assumable mortgage – that’s pretty specific

Boom! Alright!


You guys get it?

You will never run out of content ideas if you use this. You’re not gonna run out of content ideas at all for the rest of your life. You can make content every day! You can hire 10 people to make content every day and you still won’t run out!


Commitment letter

Boom! Traffic!


A mortgage commitment letter. I didn’t even know it was a thing!

Google it in quotes:

Not too competitive!


Look at the homepage…

What’s going on in the homepage?

Movado budgeting the nest. See if there’s places that we can get involved… There’s images! Mortgage commitment letter images…

These are good!

You could just make a bunch of letters and start putting Them on your site. They’ll start to rank! People start coming back to you and they’ll buy your stuff.

Hey! Look! There’s a doc.

Even word docs get ranked which is cool.


I’ll bet this would be great for PDF!

Make a PDF and start linking back to it everywhere! Go on different mortgage sites and help them with your question. Put

hey if you want my mortgage commitment letter, click here!”


It’ll start backlinking. The PDF will start to grow and jump and boom!

There you go! Just make sure you always focus on good user experience. Giving people the content that they want and focusing on what they need! Very simple!



Moving right along

#13 Add Bonuses To Words,

Titles, And Content


This is a good one. What does it mean? Bonuses to words?

Back in the day, when I was learning SEO, we had a tactic where if we were doing a geographically focused site like mortgage, we would actually

Just put a list of all 50 states on the bottom of the site.


Then it’d be like, okay… Mortgage:

  • Alabama mortgage
  • Alaska mortgage
  • Arizona mortgage
  • Arkansas…


You have all the states and it starts to ping against each other. You’re

Gonna be like…

“oh well, now I’m ranking for a mortgage refinance sample letter in california and alabama and all these”

Right now, what you want to do is add the bonus words to the titles and

Content like:

  • Tips
  • Best
  • Learn
  • Cheaper
  • Fastest

Things like that are going to get traffic!


If I was going for a mortgage commitment letter, a bonus word would be loan, bank, financial, real estate!

See how those bonus words are picking up this other traffic, right?


Those are your bonus words. If you’re doing something like coin tricks,

Disappearing, Flipper, Vanish

I’d put all these kinds of keywords in there as bonus!


Now, you don’t want it to be huge! I don’t want to be like…

Learn the magic coin trick! Easy, fast, flipper, whatever!


I want to just have and throw a couple of them in there. And then on your next post, you’d go for something else!

But if you just go down the list, you’re gonna start to grow!

You just got to do it! You got to be persistent!

You got to really focus on boosting it!

It’s not just gonna get picked up and ranked right away! If it does, yay! But most of the time, it doesn’t! You have to force it to get ranked by getting those backlinks and getting involved in the market. If you get involved in the market, you’re gonna make sales along the way, which is cool!



#14 Look At Your Stats And

Go For Rankings You Can Improve


This is important. Your stats are gold. They will show you what you’re ranking for and what you can rank better for. This is what it’s gonna do – just rank better! I noticed the other day, my wix ranking actually ranked for the word – wixsite! so I just put the word wix site in my title and boom! We started getting more traffic within a day! It’s really easy! You want to look at your stats and go for rankings you can improve because if you can improve on something that’s easier than trying to get something new!


You got to focus on that and say  What can we do?”


Also, look for words that you might inadvertently get because you might

Inadvertently get a sleight of hand for the coin trick one. You might

Inadvertently rank for that on page 60 and if they think I’m important and I don’t even have it on the page, then let’s make a page about sleight of hand. Does that make sense?



#15 Have a Good Link Structure


Basically, link all the posts that are about coin tricks to a directory about coin tricks. Like a directory on your site about your coin trick post – very important! If you have a section of your site about card tricks then link to that one and make it very very very easy!



#16 Put Permalinks On Your Blog


This is where you have the domain name and your post name. If I go and search Affiliate marketing wix website, you’re gonna see my ranking.


See that? Boom!

There you go!

What I mean by the permalinks, see how this link says “can you make money with a free wix site?” Like the keywords are actually in the post headliner!


So you put that there if you want free traffic and try to post alongside of something. They’ll put some other stuff there which is cool. I could put images – they’re not that hard to do but you could see how that url works which is very important! Have a good link structure and permalinks.



#17 Get a Good Keyword Domain Name


I know that a lot of people think this is all so 2006. If you look at stuff, go back and watch the replay. Look at all the stuff I searched for and look how a lot of the ones that came up top 10 were keyword loaded domains!


The proof is in the pudding!

Google tells you what they want on their own page!

That’s how they do it!

All right! Here’s what I’m gonna do

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Marcus has been doing this 20 years. He’s made a lot of money with free traffic, I think I could probably get a ranking up and probably sell a $47 dollar ebook!

I had a guy who comes to me and he’s like…

“Marcus, I need to make money.

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