Seven Lessons Learned from “The Loudest Voice”

Seven Lessons Learned from “The Loudest Voice”

Today, I want to show you seven crucial business lessons that you can learn from “The Loudest Voice”, the new TV show on Showtime.


These seven lessons will fundamentally change the way you look at making money online or offline, with anything you want to do.


1. Everyone Has a Reason Why Something Won’t Work


There are all these reasons why things won’t work.


Back when I started my business and internet marketing, everyone looked around and told me, “Hey, this isn’t going to work.”


And I said, “You know what? Get away from me. I’m doing this because I know it’s going to work. And all I need is one reason why it will.”


And after teaching entrepreneurs for years, everyone comes to me with their excuses of why things won’t work.

People say that a one-page website doesn’t work, and it can’t happen in the real world. But you know what? It actually does.


And the people that make it happen are the people who believe it will happen, and take the action to make it happen, and educate themselves on the things that they need to make these things happen.


So you have to look at that and say no to excuses. Say that you’re going to focus on what does work.


2. Cater to an Underserved, Unheard Market

This lesson is very important. What’s in your market? How can you go into your market and look for something that’s underserved?


If you’re going into the weight loss market, instead of doing what everyone else does, why don’t you go where people feel unheard? Maybe there’s a group of people that want to lose 100 pounds or more, and there’s nothing serving their needs.


Maybe there’s a group of people that only want to lose five pounds.


Whatever it is, find that portion of your market that’s not being heard.


I would rather dominate a small market than flounder around and try to make something happen in a big market. Hands down, no questions asked.


3. Focus on Getting Shit Done Fast


This is like number one, where most people have a lot of excuses.


You have to look at this and say that you’re going to focus on getting things done.


How can you get your website done? How can you get something for sale? How can you get something ready for the market now? Instead of delaying and waiting and putting all that tape on everything, why don’t you put it out there and see what the market has to say?


There’s nothing that’s going to give you a better business lesson than putting something in front of the market and seeing what they have to say.


4. Focus on the Right Stuff

When you’re getting things done, you need to make sure you’re getting the right things done.


What kind of things are you doing? Are you doing the right stuff in your business? Are you doing the right stuff in your education? Or are you constantly struggling, going from thing to thing to thing, and never getting anything worthwhile or meaningful done?


You have to focus on getting the right things done, and getting them done now.


5. Execute


You have to be executing on your plans. And you have to remember that not everything is going to be perfect the first run, but you still have to get things out.


You have to test them in your market.


That’s not to say you should put something out that’s unethical, or shady, or weird. But if you constantly wait for everything to be perfect, you’re going to constantly be waiting.


Remember that this is a growth process. You start with something small, and you grow, and you learn, and you roll with the punches, and you keep on going.

Now, there are a couple of negative lessons that you’re going to get from this show as well.


-1. Don’t Be a Jerk and Misuse Money, Power, and Influence


As you can see, there’s a lot of misuse of money and power and politics out there. A lot of people playing in this field are not good people.


You never want to misuse your power. You never want to misuse your trust.


You always want to live an authentic, ethical life. It’s going to make you seep better at night, and probably live longer, too.


-2. Don’t Put Profits Over Lifestyle

I have a lot of friends in the industry, and when they put profits over lifestyle, their lifestyle suffers.


But we forget that the reason we got into this was to create a lifestyle.


I set out 20 years ago, and I said I want to make enough money for my kids to be home, and me to be home with them, and to live at home. That’s what I wanted to do. I didn’t want to have to go to work.


And 20 years ago, when I set that goal, I never thought I would make eight figures or more on the internet, which I’ve done now, which is really cool. I never thought that would happen.


But I can look back at those time when I put profit over lifestyle, and I focused on dollars in the bank rather than the life it provided, and that’s when I got off base.


You guys have probably heard the story where I became an alcoholic, and all kinds of crazy stuff happened, and that was because I was putting profits over lifestyle.


Remember why you’re getting in the business.


Maybe it’s so you can spend time with your grandkids, or get your wife home from work, or stay at home, or whatever it is. Focus on that first, because numbers in the bank don’t matter. The way you live matters.


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