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Today we’re talking about how to create a blog post the right way. This is an important part of affiliate marketing. If you can do this successfully, you can start making money, getting rankings, and driving what puts money in your pocket. So let’s begin.



Find a Reason for Your Post

You want to take into consideration the niche market you’re in, the keywords you’re using, and the reason you’re doing your blog post in the first place. You don’t want to just blindly set something up and hope it will work. You want work with a purpose, and you want to decide that purpose right up front. So take a look at your niche market and find a reason for your blog post. Here are several reasons why you might be creating a post.

  1. You want to bond with your readers. Perhaps you could tell your visitors to check out a cool video you found. Or perhaps you can make a top ten list, or tell them the five tools you use to build a mailing list, or five ways to get traffic. There are a lot of different things you can do to bond with your readers.
  2. You want to rank on the search engines. Perhaps you found a good keyword, and you want to pick up some extra traffic or some extra rankings.
  3. You want to syndicate content with other sites. For example, you could put up a blog post and drive a bunch of press-release traffic or pay-per-click traffic. Or, perhaps I could share it with other people’s lists, such as sharing it on Facebook.
  4. You want to create a backlink or opt-in bait. You may want to create something that other sites are going to link back to. You could also make other sites that are linked back to your post, or you could try and get people to opt-in.

No matter what, you want to add value every step of the way. The idea is to get people used to your content, get them to like what you’re putting out, get them to click on other things, and get them back to your site.


Types of Blog Posts

Once you decide the reason for your post, you can choose the type of post you’ll make.

  1. Straight content with ads. On your website, you could have content written by other writers or content that you write yourself. Then you would go in and add some affiliate links.
  2. Teaser copy with a call to action. You could have some teaser content on your website, inviting visitors to get more custom content by putting their name and email into an opt-in box.
  3. Opt-in bait. This is much like number two, but it’s structured without the teaser copy. You could give your visitors half of a report, and then tell them to opt in if they want the other half.
  4. Step by step with affiliate offers. This works really well when you’re trying to rank on the search engines. You create some sort of tutorial, and with each step, you send your visitors to an affiliate offer. You show them exactly what they want to do.
  5. Hybrid post. This is a combination of all the above. You can include videos, sales links, whatever you like, and it’s another good way to get ranked in the search engines.

Don’t overthink this. Just make content that not only fits the needs of your headlines, but also gives value and makes your visitors want to read more. You don’t want to just put content on your blog to in order to have a blog post. You want to do it with a specific method in mind.


Create a Title for Your Post

This title is going to depend on what you did in the first steps. You’ll want to take into consideration the reason for your post and the post type. For example, if you’re going for ranking on the search engines and you’re going to do a step-by-step type post, then you’d want a title that has your keyword in it.

When you’re creating a title, remember these three points.

  1. Curiosity drives clicks. If you get your visitors to be curious about something, if you get them wanting to know more, then they will be more likely to click.
  2. Keywords trigger rankings. When you have your keyword as a title and it matches the content of your site, that is a big plus.
  3. Promises create the desire to consume. If you make a promise that a visitor will get something or learn how to do something, that will make them want to read further.


Create Your Post

There are three different ways you might want to create your post.

  1. Use keywords (but not too much). When you’re creating your post, you want to see what people are searching for and use keywords related to your content. If you try a word that isn’t targeted or doesn’t get you many results, then you’ll want to deliberately make your post fit one of the higher-ranking keywords.
  2. Link to other stuff on your blog. You can add links on your blog that send readers to more of your content, such as other blog posts or videos.
  3. Do a good job – or outsource it. Once you’ve decided what you’re doing, you can do some research and create your own content, or you can have your content created by someone else.


Submit Your Post and Syndicate

Once you’ve created your blog post, you can submit it to other blogs and start to syndicate your content. If you do this every day, or once a week, or even once a month, you’ll start to grow your income big time.

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